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Image 3 of The Messenger (Madisonville) January 18, 2012

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The following property transfers were made in Hopkins County in September, October, November and December: Br yan Keith Moore to Hanson E. Massey and Beverly D. Massey, lot on Sixth Vein Road in Dawson Springs, $25,000. C. Wayne Clayton to James A. Hale, tract on Caney Creek, $6,500. Lana K. Benningfield, James D. Benningfield, Lana K. Hibbs Wells, Charles B. Wells Jr., Christa L. Wells and J. Keith Cartwright trustee to J. Keith Cartwright trustee, Charles B. Wells Jr. and Christa L. Wells, lot on Hanson Road, $30,000. Robert E. Adkins to Elmer Millis and Hilda Millis, lot in Mullins Subdivision, $13,260. Edgar L. Denton to Joseph L arkins, Lot 4 Pennyrile Development, $87,900. Mar y Elizabeth Wright estate and Mary H. Hinkle executrix to Joseph J. Crofton and Kimberly S. Crofton, Lot 27 Brentwood Subdivision, $62,000. Freda Mae Doster to Kambra Long, 14 acres, $16,000. Mary R. Almon to Terri L. Crowell and Cody Crowell, lot on Cardwell Avenue, $58,800. David Hagan, Jennifer H agan and Wanda Smith a ttorney in fact to Misty Struck, Lot 5 Comer Hills Subdivision, $91,000. Banterra Bank to Edwin Hyde and Pam Hyde, 74.11 acres, $59,288. First United Bank and Trust Co. to Tommy Fraiser and Debra Kay Doyle, lot on Highland Avenue, $35,000. L. Rush Hunt commissioner, Mary Turner, HBR Campbell Lane LLC and Magnolia Village Care and Rehabilitation to OFB Partners, lot on Grapevine Road, $42,200. L. Rush Hunt commis sioner, Anthony W. Rich mond, Kathy G. Richmond, Integra Bank and PHH Mortgage Corporation to Federal National Mortgage Association, Lot 3 Belmont Subdivision, $151,000. Willodean Cavanaugh, Bruce D. Cavanaugh Jr., Sharon Gail Cavanaugh, Glenda D okupil, Daniel Dokupil, Wilma J. Dugger, Robert E. Dugger, Jeffrey Cavanaugh, Mar y Cavanaugh, Clayton Cavanaugh, Durwood Cavanaugh and Cylinda Cavanaugh to Jenny Creekmur, lot on Bob Poole Road in Nortonville, $130,000. L. Rush Hunt commis sioner, Harold R. Howell, I rene Howell, MERS and Wells Fargo Bank to Federal National Loan Mortgage C orp., lot in Nor tonville, $25,334. Laura L. Brown and Linda Jo Flanagan to Michael L. Smith, Lots 10 and 11 Green Hills Subdivision, $65,000. Rita B. Kopp and John B. Kopp to Rebecca B. Moore and Rebecca B. Scott, lot on Waddill Avenue, $29,300. Dennis Duncan and Marsha Duncan to Daniel H. Robinson, Lots 13 and 14 Wexford Farms Subdivision, $253,000. Darin True and Christina True to Daniel L. Heath, Lot 2 8 Lakewood Subdivision, $115,000. Barry Howard and Claire Kay Howard to Jacob Q. Howard and Jaclyn G. Howard, 2.574 acres on White Plains Road, $130,000. Lawrence Kenneth Tossi and Ava J. Tossi to Lawrence Charles Tossi, two tracts in Dawson Springs, $25,000. Chris McGehee to Howard Wright III and Melody DEATHS RECORDS Weight, two tracts, $63,300. Lionel A. Adams and Anne E. Adams to John W. Gordon, lot on Rush Lane, $125,000. Harper Development Inc. t o Patricia L. Brown, two t racts on East Broadway, $78,500. Sheets Properties LLC to Titus Hollie and Melecia Hollie, lot on Gordon Avenue, $11,700. L. Rush Hunt commis sioner, Brad E. Weaver, Leslie H. Weaver, Commonwealth of Kentucky and Arch Bay Holdings LLC-Series 2008B to Shannon Peyton, Lot 122 N or thhaven Subdivision, $26,000. James T. Tompkins, Kathryn Tompkins, Mary Harris, Robert Harris, Betty Shaw, Lee Shaw, Dora Johnston, M ar tha Holmes, Janada T homas, Glenda Holmes, Andrew Holmes, Carol Peavler, David Peavler, Melissa S chwar tzlose and Joey Schwatrzlose to Betty Shaw and Lee Shaw, Lot 90 Northhaven Subdivision, $49,000. Hulin D. Wagoner Jr. and Kim Wagoner to Jackie R. French and Sandra French, lot on Greasey Creek, $8,000. Pamela Matney to Garry Scott Goodaker, Melissa A. Goodaker and Dillon S. Goodaker, two parcels, $13,500. Dar rel W. Qualls and Linda Sue Qualls to Barr y Crick and Bryan Crick, lot, $16,500. Dar rel W. Qualls and Linda Sue Qualls to Barr y Crick and Bryan Crick, lot, $16,500. Flagstar Bank FSB to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 2.009 acres on University Circle, $10. Matthew S. Enlow and Christy L. Enlow to Chad E. Ramsey and Andrea D. Ramsey, Lot 6 Yorktown Subdivision, $155,000. FBG Proper ties LLC, Salim S. Gowani and Shabana S. Gowani to Quality Quick Petroleum LLC, lot on Noel Avenue, $105,000. Morris W. Hobgood and Gale W. Hobgood to Charles E. Reed and Sydney D. Reed, 2.6 acres, $424,850. Lila M. Fedor and Terri L ynne Whitfield to Sidaris L. Carney, Lot 14 Hickory Hollow Subdivision, $77,000. David Cross to Ricky A. Ramage and Traci L. Ramage, 11 acres, $63,000. Bank of America trustee a nd Ocwen Loan Ser vic ing LLC attorney in fact to US REO Fund XII LLC, lot on Flower Street in Dawson Springs, $15,000. L. Rush Hunt commis sioner, William I. Davis, Roberta Diane Davis, Commonwealth of Kentucky, John A. Roy DMD, Trover Clinic F oundation Inc., Regional Medical Center, Trover Clinic, Jamos Fund I LP, City of Madisonville, Hopkins County, Tax Ease Lien Investments 1 LLC, Hancock Bank and T rust Co and Community First Bank to Hancock Bank and Trust Co. and Community First Bank, lot on North Seminary Street, $32,000. L. Rush Hunt commis sioner, William I. Davis, Roberta Diane Davis, Commonwealth of Kentucky, John A. Roy DMD, Trover Clinic F oundation Inc., Regional Medical Center, Trover Clinic, Jamos Fund I LP, City of Madisonville, Hopkins County, Tax Ease Lien Investments 1 LLC, Hancock Bank and T rust Co and Community First Bank to Hancock Bank and Trust Co. and Community First Bank, two tracts, $24,700. Home Solutions Partners III Reo LLC to Direct Properties LLC, lot on Burris Avenue in Dawson Springs, $500. * Max size 4ft. x 6ft. *Ask for details Kenneth Dupree estate and George Thomas Dupree executor to Kendra Lee Lacy, lot on Lomond Road, $66,000. Mar y C. Whitfield to Sarah E. Almon, lot on Woodlawn Drive, $85,000. Jane B. Meyer, Ann Meyer Stilz attorney in fact, Dorothy Ann Bartlett Earthman and Sharon J. Ruby to Stephen W. Pleasant and Thresa Pleasant, three tracts in Madisonville, $36,500. Helen Elizabeth Hulsey to Tony William Ward and Anna Marie Ward, 40 acres, $55,000. Cathy S. Bretz and Jonathan Paul Bretz to Collin M. Strader, Lot 94 Chickasaw Village Subdivision, $85,000. US Bank tr ustee and Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC attorney in fact to Eh-Pooled 711 LP, lot on Woodson Avenue, $17,500. Kyle D. Gunther and Leon W. Smith to Beth Ann Bullock, two tracts in Nortonville, $6,000. Earl F. Winstead and Joyce A . Winstead to Walter S. Rhew and Angela K. Rhew, L ot 57 Parkwood Avenue, $105,000. Charles R. Mar tin and B everly Mar tin to Allen Wayne Martin and Lisa Martin, 63.5 acres, $10,000. Jonathan C. Wilson and Markida H. Wilson to Gerard P. Rhoades, two tracts, $6,000. Mar vin H. Crick and Debra D. Crick to Joan Shorkey, lot on West North Street, $14,000. Richard W. Legrand and Karen Sue Legrand to Timothy M. Carlisle and Teresa B. Carlisle, Lot 71 Forest Acres Subdivision, $110,000. Rachel Mae Abbott, Edna Freece, Jerry Freece, Billy Harold Abbott, Diane Abbott, James Ray Abbott, Debbie Abbott, Robert Lee Abbott, Pamela Abbott, Frank Joel Abbott, Parlon Ross Abbott, R honda Abbott, Denita Dianne Richardson, Pamela R oxanne Jackson, Lindle J ackson, Lindel Jackson, Vicky Renee Cates, Kenneth Cates, Joey Vince Suttle, Harlan Dwayne Suttle and Lisa Suttle to Kasey Alexander and Jessica Brandon, 23.41 acres on Menser Road, $24,117.62. Roy Day and Connie Day to Anna McGregor, two tracts on Sycamore Street, $30,000. First United Bank and Trust Co. to Lester L. Good III and Linda R. Good, Lot 25 Abbotts Wood Hills Subdivision, $220,000. Wilson family living trust a nd Roger Martin trustee to Mary C. Whitfield, lot in Cherokee Heights Addition, $84,500. Richard W. Legrand and Karen Sue Legrand to Leslie Owen Byrum and Mary Lue Byrum, lot on McLeod Lane, $25,000. Debra Joan Suttle, Debbie Suttle and Debbie Suttles to Jimmy Allen Cobb, two tracts in St. Charles, $4,000. L. Rush Hunt commissioner, James A. Holt, Patricia A. Holt, Patricia Ipock, Patricia Watts, Hopkins County, Kentucky Lien Holdings LLC, Americredit Financial Services Inc. and Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc., 2.28 acres, $34,000. L. Rush Hunt commis sioner, James Daniel Phillips, Danny Phillips, Cayla Teague Phillips, Hancock Bank and T rust Co. and Community First Bank to Hancock Bank and Trust Co. and Community First Bank, Lot 3 Hunter Estates Subdivision, $70,000. Dannie French and Tammie French to Steven L. P ar rish and Heather G. Parrish, 4.365 acres on Otter Lake Loop, $235,000. Roger Hunter and Sandra Hunter to Scott Hunter, lot on Daniel Boone Road, $10,000. Wendal L. T urley to Arthur Hubbard and Linda Hubbard, lot on Morris Sisk Road, $100. Arthur Hubbard and Linda Hubbard to Wendal L. Hubbard, lot on Morris Sisk Road, $100. William Emerson and Rosemary Emerson to Joseph L ynn Goldman and Elizabeth Yvonne Swick, lot on McLeod Lane, $6,500. Cindy S. Chronister to Joseph Franklin Downey and Jayde Nicole Downey, lot on East Hall Street, $80,000. Margaret F. Noah to Steven L. Reed and Karen L. Reed, 10.033 acres, $8,000. Lillian Renay Rogers and Bruce Scott Rogers to Quentin T. Lomache, two tracts on Ray Cardwell Road, $37,000. Christopher Barber and Whitney M. Barber to Lori Barnes, lot in Hanson, $64,406. Wayne L. Bennett and Sarah Rebecca Bennett to C. Wayne Clayton, lot, $38,000. Jackie M. Clevenger and Beverly Clevenger to Wilma Mayes, lot on Walnut Street in Mortons Gap, $25,450. Russell Wilkes Jr. to Clyde O. Wilkes, lot in Hecla, $600. Jerome Prowse, Ruth Ann Prowse, Dixie Lee Bostick and Lonnie Bostick to Mark C. Larkins and Gina P. Larkins, three tracts, $50,000. Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Bradley Jackson Fowler, lot on Murray Street, $14,500. Lisa Ford and Tony Ford to Becky Laffoon and Robert Laffoon, lot on East Walnut Street in Dawson Springs, $15,000. Jimmy Wayne Wimberly, S heila Ann Wimberly and Sheila Littlepage Winberly to Dale W. Somero and Joy P. Somero, lot, $20,000. Grogan Properties LLC, Joe Don House and Katherine G. House to Stephen J. Miller, 34.57 acres, $41,484. Charles Bradley Utley and Paula Utley to Robert Edward L ee Adcock and Alison Adcock, Lot 38 Brentwood Subdivision, $60,000. Citifinancial Inc. to William L. Davis and Lisa M. Davis, two tracts on Cook L ane in Dawson Springs, $6,500. Mar y Ann Thomas and David A. Thomas to Richard Shane White and Serina L. White, Lot 7 Yorktown Subdivision, $170,000. Daniel H. Robinson to Brett Offutt, Lot 11A Earl Sharp Farm, $114,500. Michael Spears and Penny Spears to Candy S. Schultz and Larry W. Schultz Sr., 4.61 acres, $76,000. Bradley Shaw and Summer Shaw to Harland Pryor a nd Barbara Pr yor, tract, $9,000. Shirley Melton, Wanda Calvert, Jewell Calvert, Deborah Futrell, Debbie Southall and Harold Futrell to Harold Futrell and Deborah Futrell, lot on East Keigan Street, $2,900. Danny Lee Groves to Wesley H. Rainwater and Christie Rainwater, Lot 12 Shakerag Acres, $140,000. Earl Winstead and Joyce W instead to John A. Hatch a nd Allegia Hatch, lot on Grapevine Road, $58,000. Barret H. McGaw and M ollie D. McGaw to Oak Grove Baptist Church, Lot 20 Castle Heights Addition, $6,000. Stanley Crunk and Anita Crunk to Edward Crunk, two tracts in White Plains Subdivision, $5,700. SEE COURTS/PAGE A4 WELCOME Express Scripts Dorothy Cotton Simons Stum of Louisville and Jake (Merica) Stum of Cleveland, Tenn.; one brother, Dorris Dorothy Cotton Simons, Lovan of Manitou; one sister, Geraldine Lovan 79, of Madisonville of Lexington; seven passed away at 11:26 grandchildren; and two a.m. Saturday, Jan. 14, great-grandchildren. 2012, at Regional Medical A memorial ser vice Center in Madisonville. is at 1 p.m. Thursday at Mrs. Simons was born Covenant Community Jan. 26, 1932, in Caldwell Church in Madisonville County. She retired after with Pastor Jake Stum working many years at officiating. Visitation is the Commercial Bank after 11 a.m. Thursday of Dawson Springs and at the church. Memorial was a member of Dawson Springs Methodist Church. contributions may be made to Door of Hope. She was a 1949 graduate Envelopes are available at of Dawson Springs High Barnett-Strother Funeral School. Preceding Mrs. Home. Online condolences Simons in death were her parents, Garland and Mar y may be made to the family at www.barnettstrother. McChesney Eli Cotton; com. her husband, William Edward Simons on Dec. 17, 2008; brothers John Cotton and Phillip Cotton; and sisters Betty Brown and Mar y Grace Roberts. Mrs. Simons is Geneva “Hanner” sur vived by a daughter W ilson, 82, of Nortonville and son-in-law, Jenna and died Tuesday, Jan. 17, Roger Bell of New Port 2012, at her home. Born Richey, Fla.; a son and in White Plains, she was daughter-in-law, Jed and the daughter of the late L ynn Simons of Cadiz; Ruby and the late Eunice one brother, Joe Cotton (Winsett) Carlton. Mrs. of Safety Harbor, Fla.; a W ilson was a beautician sister and brother-in-law, for many years and also Linda and Gayle Purdy a member of Nortonville of Dawson Springs; four First Christian Church. grandchildren, Shawna She was preceded in death Nicole Backhurst, by her husband, Howard Brittany Lee Simons, W ilson; three brothers, Melissa Katherine Bell James C. Carlton, Arbie and Caroline Elizabeth Carlton and Rodney Bell; and two great-grandCarlton; and a sister, children, Mircea Grace Corinne Murrah. Backhurst and Banks Sur vivors include a Jaxon Backhurst. nephew, Mike (Buffy) Graveside ser vices Murrah of Nortonville; are at 1 p.m. Thursday two sisters-in-law, at Rosedale Cemeter y in Janice Carlton and Ruth Dawson Springs. Elder Jeff Ann Carlton, both of W infrey will conduct the Madisonville; and several ser vice. Beshear Funeral nephews and nieces. Home, Dawson Springs, is Funeral ser vices in charge of the ser vice. are at 11 a.m. Friday at Geneva ‘Hanner’ Wilson Donna Zane Stum Donna Zane Stum, 63, of Manitou passed away at 4 a.m. Monday, Jan. 16, 2012, at her home. She was born Feb. 9, 1948, a daughter of Roy Lovan and Classo Harris Lovan. She also was preceded in death by her husband, Tom Stum. Mrs. Stum attended Hanson Baptist Church, Hanson, and was an executive director for the Door of Hope. She is sur vived by one daughter, Jennifer (Jason) Patterson of Madisonville; two sons, Jeff (Leslie) Bandy Funeral Home, Nortonville, with Brother Kevin Jett officiating. Friends may call after 9 a.m. Friday at the funeral home. Interment is Friday in New Salem Cemeter y, Nortonville. 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