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Image 10 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), January 21, 1954

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE. WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY SERVICE ABOVE SELF murmuring, or unwilling matter. Rather, it is service of astounding complete self-- , effacement, outflowing love by H. C. Chiles and utter devotion to the needs of others. The joy deodds x (Excerpts of an address deliver- rived from such service is ed before the Whitesburjr Rotary unlike any other that can Y Club. At present Rev. Chiles is come to the human spirit. if W conducting a revival at the First (In selecting her great, the Baptist Church in Whitesburg.) world usually forgets that U glamor and greatness are not y Selfishness is an undue love synonymous. In the light oi of self. It is characterized this fact, we must ever reby the weakness of the sociai member that the truly great affection and the strength 01 are those who do what their the personal desires. Withouf Creator wants them to do. regard for others and without where and when He directs remorse the selfish man does that it shall be done. (the things which be believes By will further his designs. Con- stages,gradual and successive ideas of what constisequently, he is withered from jeal- tutes aristocracy have been covetousness, pained with ousy and tormented with changing. There was a time envy. He knows nothing of when many thought birt i the sweets of enjoyment, ren- constituted aristocracy. Later, ders himself miserable, and in- others thought money and curs the disrespect, and some- aristocracy were synonymous. times the contempt, of those They thought a large bank around him. A selfish busi- account was the badge ot greatness. In this connection ness man will always consid it has been my observation the losses he may cause otheis Ti?c nwn oains rpcrarHlpss or that the average person who importance pecause A selfish politician will press 'leeis m money obtained it of his his ambitious schemes regard less of the public good. Selfish either through patrimony di ness expresses those undue matrimony, rather preferences of self which dis through his own personal play a manifest indifference efforts. Some still have the greatnes? that money for the interests, desires, and ddeasynonymous, and most peo but feelings of others. But, when are one is selfish and determined ple today are too intelligent to have his own way and to to believe it. Others cling to gratify his own whims and the idea that power means With them the wishes, unhappiness is inevit greatness. coveted thing is to have a able. If a man denies himseif position in which one can merely for his own sake, such dominate others or make hL is only a refined will prevail. form of selfishness. After all, Holding to that ancient, PROPOSED STATE PARK AREA if any man is wrapped up in pagan and mistaken notion himself, he is a very small that a position of power is a parcel. Self ought never be mark of greatness, there arc the center around which one's those who seek places of pre . I little world revolves. It is to eminence for themselves. B&- An agreement with the f e deral government has been si gned by the State for lease of .be regretted that some serve mg selfish, they strive daily others from selfish motives- - It for With an an area on Dewey Lake to be used as a State park- The lease covers 1,800 acres of land and water in Johnson County. Development of the park is to start soon. is recorded of an architect by insatiable desire for attention, the name of Cnidus, that hav- recognition, honor and posi A LETTER Brief History Of ing built a watch-towfor tion, they resort to all sorts and Mrs. Balvia Johnson here. the King of Egypt, to warn of tactics to obtain position- The Mountain Eagle Moses in FFA Training Center Hartley, Johnson visited and mariners of certain dangerous er offices in various organiza Whitesburg, Kentucky Ky., Saturday The Leadership Training Sunday. rocks, he caused his own name tions. Such striving for atYou have probably read in Center is located at Hardmsto be engraved in large letters tention, recogniton, prestige the papers of the state-wid- e Miss Elva June Fouts, on a stone in the wall, and and positions of drive now in progress to raise burg, Kentucky. It was form- Wayne L. Johnson, Miss Audin then, having covered it with fluence is always a mark of $250,000 to be used to com erly a CCC Camp. When the rey Mae Johnson, Carl J. lalaster, he inscribed on the little people. Obviously, it is plete the building program at camp was discontinued, the Johnson, Miss Rose Ann John outside, in golden letters the merely a case of eeotTsm, cop the Future Farmers of Am- - Kentucky Association of Fu son, Miss Lizzie J. Johnson name or tne rLirig ot isgypt, as ceit. arrogance and selfishness, erica .Leadership Iraining ture Farmers of America, by and Mrs. Emma J. Tackitt all assessing each member, pur motored to Neon Friday. though the thing were done Either a consider- - Center at Hardmsburg. chased the camp site. The for his glory. He knew that ation of ones relatives am All Kentucky counties ex Ihe Kentucky and West Vir ere long the waves would wear friends, the least sense of pro- - cept Letcher, Harlan, Knott, barracks and other buildings ginia 'Gas Company are start away the coat of plaster and prity or even a little Chris and Martin have vocational were donated to the FFA. ing to drill a well for gas on that his own name would ap- tianity would take that spiri1 agriculture departments and Kentucky Future Farmers the Clark Johnson property. pear, and his memory be hand- out of any person. FFA chapters. County Fund are rural boys studying bmith Johnson lagriculture in 222 of ville Saturday onwas in Pike ed down to succeeding gener business. Ureatness is not determined Drive organizations have been ations. I here are many who. by how many one can com set up in all counties except Burke and Farmers JJohnson were in Etty,SKy while doing things' ostensibly mand, but by the number one ,hnsp Tist.pH aVinvp Kpvpral vpnrs an wp had without outside help, hawpnnt L for others, are really seeking can serve- And in this matter Sunday, $100,000 into the Leadership to gratity their own e Lizzie J. Johnson and Mrs of service one does not have an active FFA chapter at Training Center's ImproveMany former If the outer coat of their pre- to seek a place. The door td Whitesburg. Emma J. Tackett were the tenses were removed, we service is never closed. It if; members of the Whitesburg ment Program. This has been Sunday guests of Miss Helen would see them as they really open to the poorest a"nd- th Chapter are now doing fine very difficult for these boys Johnson organization are, desirous of their own wealthiest, to the least intelli- work in Kentucky and other Bince ine Victor Fleming of Etty, was glory. Service is a great gent and the most intellectual, states. Just to mention a Paies e on memDersmp uues here over the week end visit ot thirty-fivcents per boy. word, but a greater thing. It and to the youngest and th few, John Adams, teacher of ing friends. "y icuei in agricuiiure at Nicholas County means "to minister to an oldest. Whoever one may bp. g Violet Fouts and Jean John mausiiy nave visited the son are both patients in the other." We are called upon to wherever he may go, and High, Tommy Gish heads the a put service for others above whatever may be ris resource, United Press News Service in eitef These men because of Virgie Hospital. m tne program, meir personal interests. Pvt. Carl J. Johnson of Fort he may be the means of help Frankfort, William Sailing is set UP merest the Statewide campaign Knox is Assistant Director of Veterans Interdependence is a reality. ing others. Opportunities for spending a ten day $250,000 to complete All of us are formed for so- winning this kind of greatness Training, State Department of igh here with his par e ouiiaing program at tne and ents Mr. and Mrs. Allard ciety, and we are dependent lie all around us. Fortunate is Education, Frankfort, Chad Mullins is a practicing "r. Johnson. upon each other for mental that man who trains his eyes he Leadership Training veterinarian in Mississippi. Richard Hurt was in improvement, happiness, com- to see them. Reedus Bach, a Stuart Robin- - 5,rofram uner way at Thursday. fort, and prosperity. Because If one cannot help others upporiuiuues cf the tragedies, woes, along life's road, it is because son graduate who teaches at c"lr i",v'u u uture uarmers wanderings and wick- he is not tall enough to stoop Butler Hiffh in Pendleton iur. eniucKy g Five Die In State ;uties .?? of this world, we are in nor good enough to serve. The County, has coached the state sibilities mf chapter and edness of officers, to In Traffic Mishaps dairy judging team dire need of genuine service. real test of dignity and greatUP a aPier program oi- Five persons and just last vear had the Star It is only through service that ness is the ability to stoop were killed or a "Y" ies' over gnev and serve. When the Messina Kentucky Future Farmer, is meetings and to Presiae pub- - died of injuries received in wrongs can speak in ances redressed, injustices earthquake took place a few anohter Letcher County bov n.c; traffic accidents n Kentucky lhe Program also corrected, and ignorance dis years ago, the king and queen who is doing outstanding over the week end, a roundThere are many more dest opportunities for wild, up showed today. sipated. of Italy left the throne and Me studv conservation work, Each of us should be willing the palace and hastened to the of these young men. Frday. night James When the Whitesburg Chap- - castlnS. ropework, and photo-te- r cum, 19, and Leonard S. Mar- to forego some things for the scene of the terrible catas Howard, Organized recreation of FFA was active it al-- Fa.Phvsake of others. We need to trophe. Walking amonp the duded m the program, 20, both of Botto, in Clav ways 'received splendid sup- - 1S keep reminding ourselves that sufferers, they literally stooptwenty-fiv- e to thirty boys County, were killed in a we must be considerate of ed and ministered to them port from Letcher County .iaugnt to swim each weeic wreck near Manchester. others and sympathetic with with their own hands and citizens and organizations. I jre Ephrian M. Parriean. 63, of rm2 tb:e camping season, them. We must try to real hours. Royalty was never am sure that there are indi- complete program stresses Litchfield, in Grayson County, ize in some measure their cir- more royal than then. Only viduals and organizations who leadership, recreation, citizen- - and Bennie Gillispie, 47, of cumstances, their problems those who stoop to serve are will want Letcher County rep- - M"P a"a patriotism. Falmouth, in Pendleton Coun and their limitations. truly great. The depths of a resented in this state-wid- e agreeably ty, were killed in accidents We. haYe eeP All of us exert some in- man s descent in service will drive. Contributions may be urPsea oy tne interest ot the Saturday. fluence upon those around us. determine the extent of his deducted from your income tyuuwz ui mis campaign and Corrme Day. 15. of Owens. We increase or diminish the exaltation in glory. Genuine tax returns.' ere are many more boro, died Saturday of insum total of human happiness. service is life's shining glory A record of each contribu- - lc.ei want to have a part in juries received in an automowho Ition will be included in a Every man is either a blot or and the badge of true bile accident in Daviess Counleather-boun- d book and dis this worthy cause. a blessing, but a blank he canty Friday. played in an appropriate place not be. Because one cannot A pilot plant which can do at the Leadership Training touch the life of another withPICTURING COAL out leaving a mark on it, he for coal in minutes what it Center at Hardinsburg. Any iiiilard Johnson and Carl J. Responsible for one of the should live for others, instead would take nature centuries to contribution will be grateful Johnson were in Pikeville greatest advances in above- of living for self. Man's in- accomplish has been installed ly appreciated by the 12,000 xiuui.uajfuuousuiei!,. ground blasting terWmiPc: Fout3 used in the coal industry is a fluence is permanent in char- at a Colorado coal mine at members of the Kentucky Pscal -acter. It plays its part in Pueblo. The new plant, de- Association of Future Farm and Miss Rose Ann Johnson camera a special machine-gu- n ers of America. were in Virgie, Ky., Thursshaping the character of the signed by a French engineer, type sequence camera Thanking you in advance day. future, it survives the stroke actually is a low temperature that permits engineers to Miss Rose Ann Johnson was study the of death, it outlives the pul- furnace which removes excess for your interest and wishing verizing process of the grave, volatile matter from western for one and all a prosperous the Friday night guest of her progress of a blast and Happy New Year. I am sister, JMrs. Pete Burke of and it will be found working coals to produce a low-voVery truly yours, Neon. when eternity dawns. tile coal or "char" for blend Note Book Filled 30 ct, JERRY MONTGOMERY, aboye self is not a ing with other coals to im Charles W. Tackett was the 3 hole, 10 cenis each at MounService Executive Secretary, Thursday night guest of Mr: tain Eagle office. perfunctory, self - seeking, prove the quality of coke. Ky. Association of FFA. J If" Mff ff" YoU ArC Invit?d To )' JAN. 21, 1954. Attend The CHURCH OF YOUR CHOICE Every Sunday. 9 NW"' fe ) THURSDAY, Kiwanis Committee On Church SUPPOrtJekins,K, than self-deni- - self-exaltati- er ed self-respe- 3 j 'iB Kentucky Photo News Photo by Barney Cowherd NEW ACCOJIKO-i- , iTONS William Landahl, who recently was named superintendent of Pennyrile Forest State Park, and his wife and daughter enjoy one of the type of new cottages that is to be available In the park next spring. This shot was made at Kentucky Lake State Park, and similar accommodations are now open at Lake Cumberland State Park. There will be seven of the cottages plus a new dining room at Pennyrile Forest, located near Dawson Springs, when the park opens for the season Slay 1. Canned Peas Good In Potato Nests ct, na ZT - Psr self-lov- - vo-a- 'sr, won-dering- .e s, " Pres-tonsbu- rg respon-winnin- pro-wor- k. . -- sWJ' second-by-seco- la nd Canned peas, one of the leading vegetable packs, have an established popularity based on their delicate and sweet flavor. This attribute-accountfor their acceptance "as is" and why they can be combined, with so many other vegetables. For a substantial vegetable course serve canned peas atop baked stuffed potatoes. And let the canned food shelf provide other menu suggestions. For the main course have baked luncheon loaf with a peach syrup glaze, accompanied by cling peach halves filled with pickle relish. Peas inPotato Boats: Bake 3 large potatoes in hot oven (450F.) . Cut potatoes in half being careful not to break shell. Scoop potato; mash, season with salt, pepper and butter. Add hot milkout to make iluffy mashed potatoes. Put back in shell heaping the potato at. the sides and leaving large depression in center. Brown under broiler. .Drain a can peas; reduce liquid by boiling to about one half. Add peas, salt, pepper and butter; heat to serving temperature. Fill potato centers with peas. YIELD: 6 servings. Luncheon Loaf with Peach Garnish: Place 2 luncheon meat loaves - top together in baking pan; score and insert cloves. Sprinkle with .3 tablespoons of brown suga- 1 cup syrup drained from canned cling peaches around meat. moderate oven (375F.) 30 min- Mtes, basting several times d. nking with the syrup. During lart ,1& minutes, place peach halves .. cente-r- s ,pickle relish. YIELD: 6 servings. pin with meat and fill s one-hour- ONLY WIS?! aBreaV VICTOR give you Choice of Keyboards Liberal Trade-In- s brrrrrSSrrt "KdRRV j-y Credit Terms Practical for small stores, shops, res- taurants,, farms, homes, officas, stations. Ideal as'a "second" jia chine. Portable, easy to use. Lists 9 999 99; totals 99 999 99. Larger capacity models Gist 999 999 99; total 9 999 999 99) also available for as low qs $000.00. routa-menfilli-ng WRITE OR PHOMI IOR FRH TIUl TODAY Mod.l -0 Full Keyboard $99.95 THE MOUNTAIN Phone 225- 2- Mr e Whitesburg, Kentucky

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