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Image 1 of Daily Louisville Democrat, April 1, 1856

Part of Daily Louisville Democrat

ILd XII. VOLUME , LOUISVILLE, THE DAILY DEMOCRAT, f ilKTID A5D PI IBLIBHID BI HARNEY, HUGHES & CO. O C3 on Third street, between Market W 00 CM o mm & i MILES, BOOKS. w carrier year Paiiy Democrat, country edition, per . TteM3 OF ADVERTISING. - -- I 00 On qaar f It line, one Insertion 4 8$ D each additional iDaemoa C0U one mouth, without alteration I K do two month, do I 10 00 do De three month, do 16M Ob Muar m montii, without alteration 30 00 do Do twelve months, do f0 lach additional tqare for aix month - 10 00 twelve month o ! SO 00 ' square ill months, renewable once a wek va Mare twelve montn, renewable twic --a 0 00 .. . week aqaare twelre months, renewable once 0 00 week li Bach additional quare for twelve months Additional 4rminDf at a proportionate price. Die- iay ana pecil indue advertising extra price. republiihed at interval, r it: weekly, Advertisement or monthly, are charred 1 per square forth ftrau and feveeuw tor every subeeouent C7Theirlviles:eofverlv advertisers isstrlctlyeoa finsd to their own immediate and regular bnalnew, and Cm i not con sidered a the business of an adverts-nl Pda-- i nf tial of it individual member. ' SrN iJmtuitons Advertising. BUSINESS NOTICES. Leander E. Baker, ATTORKEY AT LAW,, -' LOUISVILLE, KY. on hand for spring trade. tyA large stock mr2l Great Western Trunk Manufactory,; WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, MANSION HOUSE; I1ARDSTOWN. KY. . BY D. O'H AR E, 4S6 Market st., one door from Third, Louisville, Ky, Silctr Cup awarded to D. CHare ly the South' soester Agricultural and Jlechmnicvl for the Lett ipteimm of Tntnkt. D- - O'HARE HAS COX- vl- atantly on hand a large aortmentof ' x $ VA tientemeu's solid fole Leather Trunks, jr fin I 11 Ladie' Trunk. Bonnet Boxes. Carpet Bags, Packing Trunk, Sic., wdien are ot the bent quality, made cy experience a wnrtmen, ana ctn be bo u tit tower than in any other houe in thi city. Atto-eiati- I r?rv Val-ce- & BPannounce to MOORE years, O'BRYAN their friends and the public tha they nave lor a term ol the leased, above wei known Hotel ana stage stand. The House has been renovated and and everything putin proper order for the entertain ment of Travelers and Boarders. j aJ ow3m The IVatioiial Hotel, CORNER SITUATED AT THEnow open for theOF street, U of the public. The Building is entirely new, furniture, Bedding, Country merchant will find it to be to their interest to kr., of the latest sty le. gi ve thi house a call before purchasing elsewhere. The entrance to the Hotel ts on Fourth atreet, near nam. inri a li We solicit the patron age of the public, and hope by our exertion to meruit. DICKINSON V SNYDER, oce juuasu.x. makijejn k cu.,fropneiori No. 79 Fourth street, between Main and Market, TBI KATlOWAI II OTB L), LOUISVILLE. KY. OLDHAM (Ilil CHANGED HANDS. HOUSE. iwnnptT wiviTtitPTiTorDc rHOMEL'S ELEMENTS OF V eral Pathology; Simpson's Obstetric Works: Priest t irst series. MORTON JtORISWOU). OWLETT'3 INTERtST ... TA- - hie: sixth edition. Tnrkenn' Wi.rks. comolete I a five volumes ; Illustrated, The Anirel in the II use; the Betrothal. Whittier. Th Panorama and othe poems; by John Q. V hittier. The Three Mftrriase. orLife at a Watering Place, Liberty and glaverr, an Kssayl by Prof. Bledsoe, of university oi Virginia W "xJUAM ' . liara8n AlflCRICAIV HOUSE, Sign Fainter and Brand Cattcr, :L Louis.vIIt: Scale Factory. THIS J. R. WIXTEK, WHOLESALE la J COAL! COAL!! qnllEtheSUBSCRIBER, toTHANKFUL patronage extended for him by hie friends COAL! COAL!! COAL!!! ripHE UNDERSIGNED KEEP on CON- nana the nest quality of Pittsburg stsnuy Coal, at the lowest price Othce at the lower City Coal ccaies, n aier street, rctweea i niri ana rourrn. jalJdinstf BOWSER it f ULTS. a" AM If HAVING ARE BUY i. Piano Fortes, Music, mJTcmios & co., i .;. Smith, ITIaddux ralls City Planing at and DRY GOODS. BY Carter Jo uctt, CLOTHS, t3 ir. FUKiNJLTUKE. Louisville Chair Factory, BEN. FLOOD, VENITIAN BLIND CHAIRS to CARRIAGES. DKIRKPATRICK w Hughes Hutchison, HOLESALE MOORE'S Mammoth Furniture Chair and Bedding Depot, IS A ,t,, LARGE SELLING OFFII GROCERIES, &C. ENFIELD fS FURNITURE EDWARD 8TOKE8, 445, Cor. iTIain and Fifth At Extremely Low Prices, tt., J. T dl CHESTS &hite FINELY FINISHED F U KN ITU REv'AT Wholcsalo and Retail, by t B min, jcw Coal fr F H otic to Contractors. SEALED PROPOSALS WILL BE receired by the underfigaed, at the Engineer's Office of tbe Louisrille and NaahvLle Railroad, in the of Loui'vilie, until Vaturdsy, April li, for the GraduatioB, Bridge and Culvert Masonry of si miles of aid road,xtendujr trots the Rolling fork of t a. t river tt Bacon creek. The letting will eu.braoe some of the Sueaviesl wor u pon the road, a Uwire is incladod in it the accent of aMoldraugh' K Hill, in overcoming which is feet in leagnh, together with neountered tunnel a roek work and SBasonry f tbe beavet character, wark can t pee! ft cations and protle onof theaner marenbe seen at ann the otl ol the company i. t a"d Director: By order of the GKO.MACLKOD, Chief Engine fklldtaplJ CAGES AXD TAP. LOR SWINGS. Just received a fuil sui piy of tie above, and for kit rliur l JtlSCn CiiLNA llutcE, 431 Market rt., BIRD ' jnrlt between Fourth and f ifUu SUXDRIES. Starch; . .dK) do No. 1 and family Soap; , CasUle do doj fi Variegated and Toilet Soap; J(0 do 100 easks Soda Ash, bo per cent; ' Nitons Pig Iron; W cask Knglish Ale, In pint and Quart bott'et; 8 do London Porter, in quart do; Swu btl (elected Rosin; for sale by ' CORNWALL k. BRO. mrtl SUNDRIES. ". New Orleans Sugar: S4 whole and half bbls Plantation aIolltei; Hki Mils New York Refined (Sugars; Uils Tar; to bbls Rotic; . Island ealt; t bag Turk's Burning; . 100 pieces beet W bales Gunny Bags; . 10 coil Rope; ' SS bale Jean; ' .v v da Linsey; "; ' Hi do Cotton ; M. Stokes & Son, , MARK & DOWNS, No. 535 Main St., Main street, 471 471 Orposm Bane op Kintccit: LonariLU, THIS MORNING OPENING nnmnn "ErT OAlJtl, ARE of hew Goods, to which thev respectfully .V Q11P Lr reUil, a large stock of invite attention. Amongst them my be found P wholesale . - . ' : t A A and elefant and fashionable furniture of . .nnr..tiiH - Th.ii. th largest and most splendid assortment of rich and wrgini m urnuure, oi entirely new wiu te be found in any one atabiishment in the W eEt, and at greatly reduced pn.cee,enslMing i Bo$eood, Mahogany, Walnut, and Cherry niuu Also, .' Forsalelow torlieciT)KlgrrnenUbr LL AU.C.ML, It CO., IU Alain . mm J. FURNITURE. Chairs, Clock, spring and shuck Mattresses, A larre assortment ot r rencn urganoie Lawns, Bilk Robes, new styles; - Printed Jaoonet CambrieSI Embroidered Lawn Handkerchiefs; Silk Grenadine Hobes; Purple and lilae Silk Robes; Brilliant; plain colored Bareges Enibroidtred Catnbrio Bands; Chsllie De Laiues; Ballardvale 1 lannels.Jte. ' ... Looking Ulasses. Ave. which, in point of manufacture, frjRJNTS. design, and finish, will compare with similar article JL 80 aenwtyi Amenean Printat angusa ao; a ao ao Manufactured in any part of the Union. 1 casellayle'i'tncat Cabinet makers' such a ManorSDV and do; ' ;;" . a ease black Rosewood Plank, Teneera, Bofa Springs, Hair Seating, do; Pluih, Looking Qlaa 1'lates, Curled Hair, Glue, far. Just received and Ior lale cheap by . .null) ... , I.fcR.SLIYINkCAIN. guh,&e,,ioraaatredaedpric. . , ., ii Office, Iwl Main. and Market. Mining from our own pit. We can furnish dealers and families with Pittsbura l oai oiine best quality. ae4atm cu.a. ai. uita u . Pittsburg and Cannel Coal. A TUEPElCL OF COAL REDUCED. LARGE SUPPLY ON HAND, and will be sold at the lowest cash price, in larse or small lots, to suit purchasers, and we warrant and guarantee the article sold to be as represented, both as to quaaty and quantity, in all cases, at the othce ot de3 dins4m near Main, west Sid's. Wall itret. W2I. S. DAVIS & CO., LUMBER MERCHANTS, ffffAVE FOR; SALE AT THEIR M.ML new Lumber Yard, oa Main itreet,adJoinins;the Woodland Garden, a large and superior stock of White fine Koaras, rme eningies,ana all kinds 61 Lumber snitabiefor building. WM. S. DA V 1 3 will personally atten d the delivery of Lumoer at tne l ara, waere ne wui De pleased to meet ail his former patrons and others in want of Lumber. Orders from the country willbe promptly attendedto, inn me j.umuernippeu viuiuiuucia. on tTXermslowiorcashor WM. short paper. Ac CO., 8. DAVIS JvTdtf Oornrof Main and Wenselntreet. LOUISVILLE Lumber Yard, Planing Mill, and JOINERY, Corner Washington aad Brook3t3.Loci3ville,Ky., 1WHERE CAN BE HAD AT RE V W duced rates Lumber ff anv kind.eitherln the rough or manufactured into flooring, shelving, Base, Casings, Moulding, Aioor ana Window frames, cash, Doors, Blinds, Ate, Ac, as well as ever thing else needed in the erection of any kind of a building. Also, Packing Boxes of every description. Order from abroad promptly attended o, and shipments made with- out delay to any quarter Pricelist will be furnished upon application at met m ctmi no still. 700,000 FEET LUMBER. HAVE ON HAND ABOUT 700,000 feet Dry Pine L lbcr, comprising a fair proportion of clear, second and third rate, and common, which I am desirous of selling out in large, lots, at much reduced Poplar Lumber, Laths, Shingles, ko. Those in want of large lots oi Aiumoer (orsmaiiiotsior caanj vui save a handsome per cent, by calling on me. seBdtf Jefferson, abovtPrttontreet. LUMBER ! LUMBER I ! LARGE AND COMPLETE A dry Pine Lumber, comprising clear. White and Yellow Pine flooring, Shingles, Cedar Post, and fencing Boards, cheap for cash. Call on Will. W.UU1.1AUB, W. W. enrner Oreen and Campbil st noldfcw second and third rates, and common DYEING & CLOTHING House, Falls City Dye Main and Market. No. 73 Fifth Street, between IT A DIES' AND GENTLEMENS JLi wearing apparel dyed, scoured, and cleaned in a superior style, and at prices to suit the times. Also, Gentlemen' Clothing repaired in style to suit all who mav favor us. All work sent to us will be finished at the time promised. Carpets, ttugs, nano Lovers, taoie covers, ana Aia Gloves, clean- - d in a superior sty le. Esr 1'unctua'ity u our motto. PENNI3 &DAYI3. mrJd!9 1856. Spring:. 1856. MIE DEMANDS OF THE TIMES . are imperative. We must either keep up with them or lag behind. A good spring snd summer trade is expected on every side, and we have provided for a rush in the Clothing Line. The liberal patronage hitherto bestowed en our firm has spurred us on to increased exertions, and we have now the (ratifying satisfaction to bo able to produce a stock of every variety of Sprlujf and summer tiarnicnts, fTnenualedia America. The style of ourworkmanship is amply tested already. We have tried to surpass ourselves this spring; and, feeling fully convinced of our success, we now wait fir the decision of the trading community. L1CD1TEN, L&W ENXUAL at CO., corner oi iuio ana Jiain streets. lelo TO HUBMUG, LIKE OTHER 1 nine-- , fr. Weihe. Silk and fancy Dver. ha re moved his Dying Establishment to fifth street, between Market and jellerson. where he is now prepared acain to do all kinds of Silk and fancy Dying. Th ladies and gentlemen ot Louisvuieana vicinity Are respectfully invited to call at my new store if they wish to have their Dresses, Shawls, Capes, Bonnets, oi Coat. Pants. Vests, ate., dyed and finished in a supe rior stylo and manner. Crape Shawls, Kid Glove, and Sentleuien'i Wearing Apparel cleaned and neatly P. S. Afl work lent to my afore will bedonein the time promised, and attheshortest notice. f. WKIHE, fifth street, BCWMa Market arid Jetffwaow. lalb llv THE GREAT CLOTHING HOUSE OP SPROULE & MANDEVILLE, No. 437, CORNER MAIN AND FOURTH STS. f JLi AHQE AND ELEGANT STOCK of Clothing and gentlemen's furnishing GocV. COATS. 'TUESDAY, AIKILl,lSi. Jewelry and Fancy Goods. Explosion of the Hew Steamer J. R. ESTER LE, Metropolis. N 0. 87, FOURTH STREET. ; HAVING TAKEN THIS LIVES LOS T. E I G II T n establishment. I hope to merit the patron-agof its former friend and customers. My assortment of Jewelry, Ws'chet, CAPTAIN E. C. II AZ LETT KILLED. fancy and Toilet Articles, has been well selected, and made of the be.t matrU!s. We regret to reoord another terrible steamboat I have also on hand the largest and best selection of Extracts, Lubin's Cologne, fee. as accident. 0a Thursday mornir? Luf, t tSo new wen .4 u air Brusnes, comna, sc. sternwheel steamer Metropolis, bound from Pitts-ba- rf Watch-makinami Repairing in aU its branches atto New Orleans, was passing Cwlaaibia, tended to personally by myself. mrJ3 dtf few railej below Pomeroy, Ohi-- , her sUrbcri J. R. Z3TERLX. boiler burst, tearing away tha fl.or of the hall Notice. directly above, and instantly killing three persoc?, " others so causa SHAVE DISPOSED OF MY STOCK and Maidingi fivefew hoar. seriously Cept. a Jewelry, and fanev Goods to J. R. their death Ksterle, who will continue the bus'nes at my old entered th hall a few seconds before the accident stand, No. 87 fourth street, between Main and Marker, oocurred. lie w picked op oa the lower deck and I take this opportunity of recommending my former friends and customer to him a every way near the capstan, and waa so badly injured that worthy of their confidence aad support. ha died in a short time. The porter, a white man, mrJ o. W. WAKRINZR. and resident of Louisville; passenger named Roberts, a jewelor, from Pittsburg-- , and Mr. George Barrett. br-kser- r. wr in tha suti.tinn.-- i . joining tha hall. The latter wm slightly bruised . . rag uea'j. inn -- .1 GOLD & AVATCUES. uu ,v V J TW oiu-:;- two Qj lea, saonij aitsr- wardj. A Gorman and bis son, pnsser srers, dsun of TO SHOW unknown SAM NOW PREPAREDfound in the city, of Pitteburgkilled. A son A. th Rev. Mr. Urjan', killed. T. stock of Watches to be North, cf Galveston, consisting of Texas killed. Deck hand, tame uc known Chronometer, Duplex, Lever, and killed?. Two firemen are missing, and several other Cylinder Escapements,. passengers slightly scalded. , The accident is attributed At prices varying from 3 to $i for Gold, and from a defect in the iron Hi to toO for Silver. Before purchasing please call aad in the boiler. Two. sheet in tbe centre were torn examine style, quality, and price. mrHl J0H5KITT3. " to atoms. Tha boilers when tested at Pittabursja stood a hydrostatic test of 213 pound, while th was only working 110 pcacda when it exploded. Tbe only damaie to the boat U tha Injury to tb boiler, and tearing away a portion of the floor of tha GRIND hall. She will probably be towed down to dv,by the tof boat Condor. The remaing of Capt. Hai'.ett here last CERTAIN ! politan, reached new boat (eveninw, onhethe MetroCONSUMMATION another of which waa part owner), in charge of h.s son, Mr. II. K. Uazictt. They will be forwarded to PitUburh thU morn11 V 3 ! ing by express. The deceased was an old and respected citizen ef Pittsburgh, and hae built and com minded a number of steamers on our waters. TO BE DISTRIBUTED IN GIFTS! Cin. Com., iOih ult. ISfThe Drawing to come off positivilt at Ma-sa- rt Hall in ninety dajs, or sooner, if all the , for the Louisville Democrat. J Ticket are soli. Meeting in Gallatin County. A FRENTZ BEGS TO ASSURE At a meeting of the citiiens of Gallatin county, TSa-w his friends that under no timmstonc will the Kentucky, held in Napoleon on Saturday, the 29th distribution be postponed beyond the tfme. He hopes, ov energy n.i the of hi day of March, to deliberate on "Kansi Arair?," patrons, to the enterprise to a conclusion at an Doctor William L. Richards was called to theohair earlier ueriod, in. which case due notice will be giren. Only tickets to be sold. Tickets only IX .jr and J. D. LiUori appointed Seuretary. THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTEEN GlfTS. Tho object of the meeting ha7in been explainThe undersigned does not wish to speculate on the ado it d, Enbhc, but wishes on'y to failing, this plan to close up ed by the President, on mtticnot Thomaj iL his is and he wanl to re th reeoluliona drafted and presenter! by L. tire from business. The public r invited to call snd ex amino trie goods, at ilr. frentx's Jewelry Store, No. D. Lillord were read, and nnanimoujly adopted, ojs Market atett, one doer above fifth, ilr. t. refers all who are not acquainted with hint to tho citi-se- which are as fellows : of Louisville, lie has been living in LouisviJe Httoittd, That the MLcsouri restriction Una waa the past twelve years, ana feels no hesitancy in referring to the citizens who he has known during that onconstitn.iosal and nrjja?t,ind oppreisiv to the time, and particularly to those who have had dealings South; and Ita repeal waa demanded by every with him. ' principle r.f justice and ecaliry to both ectkoj The following are the articles to be distributed: 3 trrnu' Gold iteming W atches, each of the Government. U50 00 Eetoittd, That the princrples embraced in the 4 Gents' Hold Watches, learala, one at tsO, Kansas-Ncbmbill, settling and deterTnir.!nj ) 00 one ac $7?, and on at $60 4 Ladies' 1 wold Hunting Watches, two that Congress has no right or power under tho con2S0 00 at ni and two at too stitution of the Federal Government to legisiat 3 Ladies' Uold atchea, one at $oi, one at 4u. 143 00 on the subject of slavery in the tsrritoiiea, and one at t J7...- -. but ft OenU' Silver Lever Watches, four at sis, one leaving to the bona fide citizens thereof the ri;ht Chronometer Balance at Sai Vtl 00 and privilege of regulating and establishing their 1 Music Bwx, i:b, two fcilver Goblets, one at ' US 00 own domestis institutions, meets cur approbation, tioand one atiia;oneTea Pot, li ted Castors, oue at iJi and one at 3 Silver-pi- t and its enforcement should receive the aid and 15; one Cake Stand, le 00 n of every good citizen. Gold Bracelets, one at tt5, two at lit,' 9 Rftoleed, That the act of the Abolitionist. of 186 00 tine at JU, two at 413 and three at 4 W s 7 sets and Breastpins, one at 43, tvo the North, in sending men, arma, and ammunition and four at 413 at lift 00 to the territory of Kansas, lor the express purpose) five at 41U, four at ?, two at . 25 pairs of making it a free State, should receive the rcora one at 46, one at 4o, twelve at 44; one Neos,. 47, lace at 41 5 17i 00 and condemnation of every lover cf order and law. 37 Breastpins for Ladies, one at 415. eighteen at Rttolfd, That if thi jffWgant and diabolical 410, three at 4.--, live t 4i, two at 47, two at 4d, 383 00 scheme of those vileagifrs and wild fanatics of three at to, twenty at SJ, ten at 42 iO 4 bold Extension Pens and Pencils, one at 4 Id. the North, to control ail by fraud and villainy tha or.eat4i.lc0, two at 41.1 U 60 domestic affairs of a territory, is persisted in, ws 12 Uoid t enciis, three at 47, five at o, three at 45, one at si 69 00 deem it our duty as Southern people, to make soma 18 Silver Extension Pens and Pencils, four at 45, effort and exertion to check them in thsir base) two at 43 75, two at 44, two at 44 so, 60 CO four at purpose or design. 33 Gold Lockets, Chains, Bracelets, Clasps, Belt Revolted, That the proceedings of this meeting, Buckles S3 90 13 1 ob Be. is, one at 410. three at 4 50, three at 45, and these resclations, be published in the Louistwo at 4 150, three at S3; six Eeysat4i 73 SO ville Time?, Jccrsat, Democrat, and Courier, and finger King hve Diaruond iwl fourof thaok -- OU at4ii, anniB jajers pabiihJ in Saint Louis. H'J Awcrmd 410, g0 to J. D. Lillord being called on addressed the meetSteal Rinss. four atRuby,four at and Ecfcmoine Rings, ing. Oa motion cf Capt. Jos. S. Lillcrd, th meetCOCO at 46 each 11 Rlcgs Enameled, Box, Glass, Gartetand To-ing adjourned. pas six at 4a 50, eight at 4 73 00 J. D. LILLORD, Sect. 13 assorted Rics Uernet, Opal, and Topaz 77 60 three at $t W, sixteen at 44 30 assorted Rings Garnet, Paste, and Topax for the Louisville Democrat. nine at 43 60, ten at 43, six 43 50, Ave at4J.. 85 SO fleeting in Henry a tjf ticket wul Mluut at lady and gentleman to At a meeting of the DemocracyCounty. tbe Concert. and Ticket to be had at the different hotels, and at CT cf Henry county, held in the Court-Blou- se the store of Air. f rent. in Newcastle, March 2i:h,1335, J. P. Smith We, the undersigned, have kt.own Mr. A. f rests for a number of years, and have always regarded hiiu a a in the chair, and Charles Abrahams secretary, th man of veracity fair and honorabie. following resolations were adopted, via. : WILL. P. THOMASSON. CAPT. SAM'L DILLaII, Retolotd, That we, in neetirg Memblel, do f. M ARC U AND, mr21 dtf concur with the Democracy end JOifU. K. f LINT. of Owen countv. in. a th place, and Maj Sih s the day, upon which off Cost I -- meet to select candidates for ! ship of this (Eighth) the Judgeship and AttorneyJudicial District. un 510,000 Wo i tli of Watches, Clocks, was motion, one delegate for every fifty votej concurred in: the delegates tn m f Jewelry, &c , &c. trammeled. 2,000 PAIRS OF SPECTACLES I Keeolved. That we rMr,mmn,l & FRENTZ, ON ACCOUNT OF sent to the District, as to the time, place, and 4) ill health, has determined! to retire from busi- method, of selecting their deleirates. ness, and otters bis entire stock cf V fine . un motion, tie democrat, Time, anj Yeoman, Jewelry, Jet and fancy Goods, Spectacles, and. in were requested to publish the above. fact, every article usually kept in a trst-cUs- s establishment, at cost rxicg. Dig assortment emoracea ail the J. r. ;Ml rtl, Chairman. latert improvements and sty les.and incomplete in every Cbasxes AbrahaI3, Secretary. articular. Tbe stock of fcpectac e are of tbe very sat, and known as the "?o!omou Spectacle." Thone in want of bargains will had it to tneir alva-tg- e by In Sakch op Hxa Tuee-iaeven-icalling on A. f RENTZ, a ladv reached thi.i i fr,m f. v i 8 aiirket street, on doer above ruth. mrai in pursuit cf her husband, ho had' eloped with another woman. Ti Mn;., . &. Uvrrn down town, and the lady learning tha fact, 31 A.X UFA CT URI N G JEWELERS proceeded thither, and told the landlord the story of her tribulation and her husband ' rascality. AND DEALERS IN oy seme luaguuiy Watcliej, Clocks, & Fine Jewelry, prosenoe inpir, learning, contrived means, of her the tavern, to leave th house without her knowledge, and tart. 1 for Al- So. 72 Third st.,near Market, Louisville, Ej. v.w ci geiiiEg cu m the next wilis TAKEN IN ieB.iuj,Arcornrianieil -- J tha .K j train. r i.m.v,.,su i9VTU in all descriptions of Jewelry, them to the station, but here they gv her tha and done with dispatch. W atchesand J swelry r pairedin a superior maa- - slip again, and, though every exertion waa made VST er. deUdAiw by officer Scott and others to effoct their arres,tha i"j I.UIU.HJ uiu sia f arsmoarweap w. It IS Sep Beaatlfol Christmas Presents at rxired that thev went nn boar.I um. rt tm .f. ers lying at the wharf, and are now en their way JAMES L LEMON'S, down the river. We did not hearth names of tha Main it., above Third,opposite Bank of Kentucky. parties, and, further, than that theman acted as RICH in Washington 1IIAVE ON HAND A VERthe latest and an interpreternoaitinn in, and occupied embrvnsg manv of iv.. mest beautiful styles of Pins, Ear Rinss, Bracelet, reiectabla Rings, and many other articles very suitable for Cb rut- learn any thing about him. in as present. Persons loo king for something neat and 1 Utuburg JJttpahk, 27t. pretty for presents arein vited to ca!l and examine these. JA3- - 1. U1U.1, Lirme in Sttls. Some of th exploit of de21 Main street, between Second an l Third. Wm. H. Garland, tha do'aalung treajurer of Near 6G, 66 Orleans (tha deficit amounting to $105,1.3), are SPLKSDID ASSORTMENT OF indicated by the following, from th Louisiana Courier; At New York Prices. No wonder Garland could spend his thousands At No.CJ Third street.between Main and Market. and tens cf thousands to beat the Dtmxretio party could indulge in the luxuries of newspaper J. HIRSCHBUHL, PRACTICAL proprietorship provide himself with a plantation 4) Watchmaker and Jeweler, wonl.l reanaotfnii. tnnounee to the public that he has j oat received, di- - in Point Coupee hare an interest in a commission house and buy up whole townships of piney land) and f ranee, a lot of splendid Watches end'j clipper and yacht for any vuj . uw ...v..,.c, uoj " liim iun eoaoiea to. Sell wood lands own a .t nnrn that will seenref him th. nin. , - . emergency, and probably have large possessions in publie at large. Cuba. Besides thes properties the frieaJ.ttip of LaJitus'rich and beautifulQold Watches, garniesde many persons is of great vain to persons in Garauu vi uucnii uiuiinui.hue assortment ofsites ana price. Also, a Gold and fcdver f ob,Tf, land's position, and "hooks of gold" are stronger and Neck Chains, Watch Keys, Lockets, Diamond bands of ftiendsbip than Shakspeare's hooks of Pins and Rings, together with a large variety f fin steal. Many worthy partisans and hang-abou- ts Jewelry of every description. axe always wanting a little help. uiugvu.v uit, n llCQIQtltT, dee No.tfoThirdt.,betwe9 Mainand Market. SHOCiisa Cas ok Insasitt. A letter from of Berlin, contains th fallowVienna, in the WBOt.atAI.lAin 1ST AUDI ALZaSl ing : An event has just taken plac her which has "Watches, been much talked of. A clerk in a merchant's "pTMRECT IMPORTERS FROM GE- - tSce, whilst working at his deck, felt a sort of jLF neva, J'sin street, three door above fourth, presentiment of coming danger, which led hint Jacob's Buildings, beg leav to call public &rt.i. in suddenly to return home. He there found his wif their unrivaled assortment of Watches and J.a.i in bed, as she had boon confined ef a son only three days before. Sh waa dressed. Her eyts the whole stock was seieeted by one of th firm. jm negu.iioi, ror noteis, Banking house), erany were haggard, and her looks animated by fever. tberoffi'ViS, at moderate price. She said to him, It i well that yon cam, for y atcn u lasses, Material and Tool for Watchmaker, I will now roast th goose, which wid b ready at Watchesdirectlv imported from laravnmuiihiAM one." At the saoi moment the clerk heard th In Geneva, wholesale and retail, at New fork price. cry of a child in th kitchen. He ru.hed to th wsmu eieanmg ana repairing aene with neatness a spot and found th new-bor- n child tied op, and dispatch. Th mother take sudThe latest styles aad p attains ef Jswslry ,at.recelv4 lying in th frying-paevery week. whitemiik fever, had mistaken her denly with Ca"W e Invite theladUate eall aad ev amine forth. for a goose, and was about to put it to death. eive. No trouble to show goods. AUoar goods war child father happily arrived in time to prevent Th or no sal. ranted fbav dtf such a catastrophe. V't Large Assortment of SILVER A. FRENTZ'S GIFT C0ACERT1! UG ty 15 .'), nt Selling touu... at Positively no Humbug v.v..; n,..;.., A YOGT .n. KLIIVK, GREAT CARE . .nM Watches aud Je.velry, ft CHEAP TERMS AT THE NEW YORK DYE HOUSE, OTO. 101 FOURTH A. V UlSiKC, IBfl .vuutiuu, 1; DAILY DEMOCRAT. WATCHES, J Fine blaek and blue Dress Coats; fine black, blue, brown, and olive frock Coats. PANTS. Black Doeskin CaisimerePants. superfine; fancy Oasaimere Pants, every sty le and quality. CRAY ATS, TIES, fcc.. ' Cravats. Scarfs. and Ties, great variety: Socks. Sus or sue at penders, anu focaet tiaouaercueia. SPROULE Jk MANDKVILLE'S. de) ST., BETWEEN . oicnuui'icisei all other colors on ladies' Dresses dyed black for CJl'TiPl.ll ..l..n.n..l..J of faded or in a superior style. Also, for Dry Goods, please call at my store, No. 101 rtauiaa-eO. REDDERSKN, J. SUkand f curthstrect. fancy Dyer. nolSdilm ..! THOS. S. OLIVER, KEEPS RAISIXS. n" Ocrtli, COAL! COAL!! IN RECEIPT OF ANOTHER Al fleet of barsesbv the steamer Guthrie, loaded with my superior Pittsburg Coal, fresh from the which is for sAtecbeap for cash. deJO , I. L. HYATT, Third street, near Mala. J. Iron Railing ATrks. ! CANNEL OOAC, and a upp!y of NOUTUERN KENTUCKY SANDY COAL inown and commonly called the "Old Coal ' can oe rteommtnatt for wrate or oooking purwnicn poses, and will be kept constantly oa hand and for sMe at reasonable rates, in Urse or small lots to suit the trade, at the office or MILLEK & McMIUHAkL, mrirl dim Wall street, west side, near Main. BOSTON, WITH NEW YORK ConipQf. COAL ARRIVED DECEIVED. A FURTHER SUP At Ringgold's. THE ?RSS rtrt. HAVE JUST RECEIVED, Crescent City.a supply ofthls the tow-bovery supenor coal, which wenowouerat cents per busr.el delivered, and for parlor, kitchen, and Mesa purpose, it Is one b ever offered in this maiket As we are now the only agents fortbe sale oi this coal in tins city, we nave made arranget ments with the owners of the Crescent Cit to furnish lis a constant supply. We shall also soon be prepared to furnish steamboats promptly wUh thi coal, which, far tbeir useris umuipumiI. We also keep constantly on nana xoughioghvny. jrnrseurg, ana uannei coal, or the cest quauty, in large or small joan . titles, and at the lowest prices . . HYATT, LEAVITT& CO., mr26 dtf Wall street, east side, near MaUi. and the public generally, respectfully informs them that he has just opened a Coal Yard: and Office, on the corner fifth and Green- - streota, w here, by strict atten Correspondence of Lord Jeffrey; by Lord tion and punctuality , he still hopes to receive a liberal Life and Cockburn : 30 illustrations. share oi pukiic patronage, lie keep constantly en Republican Landmarks, the Views and Opinions of bandthe bestaualitv of PUtsbura; and Youvhio.henv Coal, warranted to be what it is represented. Be also American statesmen on loreign immigration, a collec keeps the best Pittsburg Nut Coal, delivered to any tion ot statistic oi population, sc.; bv John v. san part of the city for nine cents per bushel; used by some MOKTON at OUI6WOLD. derson. mr2l oi incurs!. laiuiues, unug oeiier ior generating steam. on Marketst., between Sixth and teventh. NEW BOOKSl NEW BOOKS!! JS. f . LKEZER, jaw ail A SPEN COURT, A STORY OF OUR No. 005 Market gtreet, between Brook and Floyd, M. er in all kinds of Mattresses, BeddiDf, Tarpaa-lir.tJa. own Time; by Shirley Brook. 5 COURT PLACE, LOUIS- LOUISVILLE, KY. Flags, Window Shades, Curtain Goods, and Christine, or Woman's Trial and Triumphs; by Lau furnishing Material. 1 xlue,Zw- J. WOULD raTheCurtis. UXDERSIGXED l . wHMnt au. wnrlr . renre.ented. .n fifTejr (t m.t Initials. . announce to tbe traveling pub- D. 8. Spiritualism against Chrirtianity; ly Daniel. low price. Patronage solicited, fmrldly KATE. tic that he ba taken the abore well known Tavern The Physical Geography of the Sea; by Maury. Stand, and that he is now prepared to accommodate all Ernest Linwood; oy Caroline Leeiienti. FOUNDER, GOIKG IT ALONE. ELL AND who may favor him with their patronage, hoping by Rosa Clark; by fanny fern. Beooui. Louis- Water he- tcuuhliiucukiuu ivium, uuci .i to person uuai npHL' PARTXERSHIP OF WEA- - ness. Early Breakfast will be served Bui, ui lug wish' Beauchamp; by Simms. River; by Mrs. E. D. E.N. Tille, Ky. India, the Jt'esrl of Pearl 11 vtR ft NORWOOD Is now disaolred. and the ing to leav by the different railroads. Southworth. the citizens TH0AS HAIMAB. ulcriieT offer his polite bow toand the liberal of Louis-Tr.- -e jm . C. M CHkSKir. EogarA Poe'3 Miscellaneou Works. it. u.uAitaAi i,rropneior. patron.err kind treatment been a tyjournalcopy. Vorest Tragedy and other Tales; by Grace Greenwood, citixen of the ace he has reroired since he has McChrsney fc S. RINGGOLD, foraaleby city in duces him to aik a continuance of the faror he 66 Fourth street, neitr Main. mriij at their hands; and in doing so, eOEXERAL COLLECTING AND has hkdth.t thne who faror him with their he pledge ta!ronare FetMe A rent. . NEW MUSIC 1 -- R! hail be Mtiified. lie is determined to work for refutaUUice No. Court Place. . HTkml of No.l lie has THE ADDITION, IS THE tion a well as money,wishing to a good lot building PUBLISHED BY D. P. FAULDS, commence for those Brick on e and and beat assortment of Brick at land, and tue subscriber arranged Hotel in New Eaar- - No. 539 Main street, opposite Bank of Kentucky. evly,and haU keepon hand anure begs to call attention to w an; muui, ic uupci, it magnificent arrangement leave superior accommoall times no l mienw buiinej iu m,r.r4 .tt.ntinn to and a faithful reirard to dations. Ibe furniture is made andcombine utility and spu- POLKA MILL1TAIRE, Steam Sugar RefiniDg to be liberally patronised. Bis honesty nd ;ntegrity,to Broadway composed by MUs M. P. W., of Lexington, luxurious ease and comfort. The i--land Shelby street, convenience with moat elegantly appointed; the suite Ky ., and dedicated to Miss Louisa B. Carneal, rd is on the corner of be drawing room are DUMCSXIL, RELLfc CO., Agents, found. can at all time of Cincinnati, O. of room wen arranged tor laniiues and large traveling T- - NORWOOD. wLe; "tf bo2T Ko. (58 MAIX CTBEET. Aminie Walts, third edition, by Miss Louisa Gross. parties; the sleeping apartment commodious and well ft lBu Turkish Battle Polka (vignette), by C. Converse, ventilated, and a large proportion of them supplied hhower of Pearls, by Osborne. with CochAuate water and gas. Evrry effort will be A. RANDALL, Gentle Jenny Gray , fifth edition, by Charlie L. Ward. made by the proprietor to contribute to the comfort of Annabel, by Valcolon. his guest while sojourning at bis house. Jennie, fair and Bright, by Webster. . L.& w is itiuis, proprietor. Bright Snnny Isle, by Ritcliffe. . Boston, Feb. 4, 1866 felideodim t AT JOHNfiTOX'S PAINTER S DEPOT). Maggie Walts, by L. Wagner. No. 5S Third Street, Iiueu from Don Giovanni, by Galliarde. BIRD'S PATENT BTEAM-BOILER- 5. Aspiration Walts, by Schults. LOUISVILLE. KY. JaSt dtf Dew of Kvenins; V alts, by Osborne. PLAX OF ARRAXGING In addition to the above, all the most popular Music combines the strength of the present of the day, for sale wholesale or retail, dealers and Boilers in use with tbe economy of the schools supplied on the beat term. .yatem. They have been in use ior ttro years, ard v. jr. r aul.l3. niria (Formerly J. S Winter A Co., Main itxeet), ample certificates in regard to their Cirforuiance can be produced. The Patentee, defcirous of iutroducing TWEW BOOKS! NEW BOOKS!! AXD them on steaniooata, oners one-hainterest in the retail veaier in, ana jnanniacicrer ox, Christine; or Woman's Trials and Triumphs; by Mississippi river and its tributaries to the first one that adopts tli cm. Call and examine the model, in the othce Lsnra J. Curtis. Price $1. bteaaibnat. and Garden Hose. lie.. No. Zaidee, a Reminiscence, from Buckwooc s Magazine. wager At Dawson. The Patentee is at present at of 6 IS fourth street, near Market, LouisrUle.E.y. it3S First issued in America in LitteU's .Living: Ace. Prica the National Hotel, 3ti cents. WILL E. BIRD. cirla deodiui Spiritualism versus Christianity: or. Spiritualism PETER BJkHTH, Thoroughly Exposed; by J. W. Daniels. Price 1. Notice. juuus ana uitier laies, rrom tneuermanjby v.u. Floor and Commisfion merchant, urness. Price 7s No. 154 Main ttreettbetvee Second and Third, or Pearl P. CURTIS WOULD GIVE NO. f India, the Pearl cent. Rive-- ; by amma D.E.N. )uthworth. Piice 91 paper, ant vl at cloth. tice that he has resumed his former occupation, MAXHOUSE LATELY OCCU-ple- d THE Practical TELSOX & DA VIS, SCALE din connection with C.N. Warren, will contiuuetbe compiled byAmerican Country ant. liomejt'o Hcononiy ; by Ornshy ft Owen, Hardware Dealer, keep , IM RliiHbeth M. Hall. Prive al 3. near the n M and No. 4o Main and Exchange business nfcturer. No. haid an 61 Sixth treet, Platform u.0 Vingfer doors west of the Bank at Louisville, on.iantly on hand a upfly of the beat brands of Fan Crotchet and Quavers; or Revelations of an Opera of aortment of court-houstree't, keepon Manager in America; by Max Mareueky I y flour, which he sell at the lowest market price- - Jyl t fccales, of ail size, suitable for warehouses, tores, tha iame of . The Three Marriages! or Life at a Watering Place; CURTIS & WARREN. raills,&c. Also, patent Bailees of all kinds. order, . wrl by Mrs. Ilubback, authoress of "May and December.'' I). In addition to the atuye, the are building to WILLIAMS, etc., etc Price and putting up all orer the eouctry, south and west, m CO., Diary and Corresponuence of Amos Lawrance. Price ARCHITECT AXD BUILDER, TIIOS. BROWNE & Co.), superior style of Hay, Coal, Stok.Ore. and Railroad AU war bcale, (Successors to C.N. Warren Ax Eatt gibbet. Walnut and Chertnut, Louisville, Ey ., ranted with iron lertrs and steel bearing. The Papal Conspiracy Exposed n& Protestantism J4 to give satisfaction. EXCHANGE & BANKING OFFICE, Defended in the Light of Reason, Ilictorv, and Scrip 70ULD RESPECTFULLY A.N- -y : ture; by Rev. Kdward Beecher, D. D. Price $125. iSa Main St., bet ween Third and Fourth, ww These, together with all the popular literature of th noanoe to the citisen of Louisrille and rf cin-Itthat lie is prepared to gire decisns, make tirawi tigs, EX- f. near Market. 7ILL DEAL LN BILLS OF Money, day, can be had tt o4 fourth street,A. CRUMP, SHOP, mr a ad eaecate builuing of every description and tyl e of EXLARGED change, Land Warrant, Unourrent areh'teeture. machinery to ray present wo,r Gold, and fc ilver, and transact a general Banking busi-ncJa31d6i tjfT he best reference can be giren. New Books and New Supplies. enables me to turn out work at the shortest pokVe ao: uirl Ulf tice. and at prices as low as at any similar establis-scen- t r. in the West. I hare also several new patterns for IL JONES & CO., m. ricnanax ROMANCE OF THE HAREM; BY I and Ralustrading, to which would inrite the i. U.nRing and Exchange Office of House, Sign, and Ornamental Painter &, ttnwi of the public. Iron 8ash, JailIWork, and erery-thin- .r Zaidee, a romance from Blackwood's ?Tsgazine. .Hank Imors, Vaulu, Christine; or. Woman's Trials and Triumcha: bv J- M. PINCKNEY & CO., Painters' Depot, No. 55 Third z treet, appertaining to the building line, and Jobbing of Laura J. Curtis. Lanmere; PREPARED TO COXTRACT allkisdsdon withneatnessanddispatch. J. MEAD, ' 529 Main it.,cn door above Third, Louiiville,Ky. ingdale. by Mrs. Julia C. R. Dorr, author of Farm- :li. Painting either in the new style of Zine Ol oa two doors west of Third. Green street, ) elk dtf isdo, tae rcientino Discovery AXD SELL EXCHANGE OX and Art, forAnnual orDavid A. Well. - .... in Ecience r w'th pure Wh.te Lead. Also, Imitittion of W Hd lsse: oy CnRed State and Canada.., 11 I aad atarU. Rtla'i. promptly attended to. nuiiiei ior me M,TMru-- of tbe and foreign Gold aud.tiilver. - villa, the mansion,xcjpie m suourn and country, the a they warrnoi their work eqnal if rot uperloT to PIANO FORTES PIANO FORTES a Slu. , w.u itm..and the any, they solicit a share of public patronage, mi d Im heeler. PETERS, CRAGG & CO. Buy and eU eastern, wffIern, southern, and north- Ured original design; by V)cottuc. Jackson and rew urieans; ty Alexander walker. State, now finishing at their factory, oa are CoiecUo .m'adeon all poinU in the United Edith; or, the Quaker's Daughter, a taie of Puritan M'LaUGHLTX A HUGHES ALEXANDER, Main rtreet, ind Canada, and remittance made on the ayjot gstimes. bit PIANOS PER WEEK. Appleton's Dictionary of Machines, Mechanics, EnHouse, Sign, & Steamboat Painters, The rrwat demand for these Pianos, from wholesale gine Work, and lingmeeriiig; four thousand engravto largely inhaving induced the proprietor w?lASS STA1NERS& DECORATORS. buyers,their manufacturing force, they are enabled now . etrrcHiMo. ..JMO. C. HILTON ings. crease to furnish f reedley's Treatise on Business; Cr, flow to Get, are in want of instrument at the GLASS IX Give, prices. Retail buyers are wholesale STAINED churches, public and ALL bITS lowest that all whoor retail an arerage of tbh per cent. as Eicliange and Banking Hoase of Save, fcpend,April. Lend, and Bequeath Money, a. mis., private oild by Uodey tor ured they can sare ciias. Buildings. Mosart mro tnr. nd rteamboat.its branches neat'r executed, purchasing from the factory direct, orf rom any of our CwPainting in ail authorised agent,the pricebeinguniformthroughout No.lW BULLITT ETKKET, the W est. The Piano, as to quality, tone, and hnuh, &c. Louisville, Ky. JEWCOMB'S BUILDIXGS, COR- J1lfl3m are waaitAMTBD equal to the best Eastern make; their t3T"We hare this day aoriated with us ic the Pa nt-- I ner of Main and Bullitt street. ng business J. M. ALLXAN LKK, and will continue t. tred by them, naringfust receired the premium at the I OFFER FOR SALE, upon deposit of Kentucky money t he same under the Stvie of Alexander, Jfl'l.a'jrhlin Ax f, virof the Mechanics'lnstitute, when in competition orInterest allowed withdrawn at pleasure. currency, to be at prices that cannot fail to please, Piano m. a 1,A l i ULIA. II ughc. iolins, w h those of Checkering & Sons, of Bostoa,andN unn fortes, Meludeons, Guitars, Demand and Time Bills on a J the ptinciplecitiea In JUHN HUUlits. Bows, and every sort of Masical Instru at Jiara,oi Ae kora. the CnitOd bttOcs, in sumsto suit purchaser, for sale at VU., Tt AJ)SI'1M0 ment, Sheet Music, and Musical Merchandise of every favorable t lb fourth street. TOHS. HADDrX. .a. U. itLTty oci"9 Bank Note, t'tocknd Bulliononsineestraniactea on kind. All the new and popular Music of the day can favorable terms. be had at my store. aV Music sent to any part of the country free of charge. Collections made upon all point. WE PUMPS. OreatBrittain. Second-hanRemittances to Europe Pianos taken in exchange for new. Mu EROX hare always on hand Iron Force and lift Bterlings,lemand Bills and saiein sum of one pouni sical for Instrument of all kinds tuned and repaired. AXD both for cistern CEXERAL COMMISSION between puirrt'O' he most approred kinds, our Pumps to per-for- and up. m5 JUAS.J.K.KT,b7 Ihirdst. ft Third street, and we Us of any depth. We warrant if they fail to give All kind of Northern, Eastern, Southern, and Wei lain and the Hirer, Louisrille. Ky. we lu and will refund the money tern Ban k Notes purchased at low rate. La Kose Unique Polka REFERENCES. - The highest market price paid for Land WarrantJdaL0 t'indenberger k Co., Louisrille, Ky. BARBAROUIfcBNOWDEN. Jyi3 A LADY LaodWarranw. K. S. Hopkins, Paoes, Ey- COMPOSED BYand for sale by OF THIS Cassidv L ficklin, Paria, Ky. a. Wm. B. Cuftoh. . Wm. II. Datidsox. .Thos. L. C UXTO lilAp. UAllli Dl AliirvlSb. John Thomas, Lebanon, Ky. Mill Jones, bros. At Co.. Cincinnati, 0. CLIFTON, DAVIDSON & CO., Kicketl fe Daily, Kdnburg, la AGUICULTUaTAL MANUFACTORY, Condit, V rwh l Hayden. todiscp oils, la. CORXER OF MAIX Hon. J. L Robinson, Kosnrille, Ia. GAULT & CO., DO BANKERS, STREETS. Interest allowed upJOSEPH do, A. Posey At Co., do. and all other Vi- - of Sawing; keep con- on deposit by special agreement. Hibben, Maddux Carmicheal, io, do. CASSIMERES, AND lreed Flooring, Dreased and Rough Deal in gold and surer coin and bullion. Purchase Keith a: Chenoweth. Columbus, a. del9dtT stantly on handand bhingles, a ud all kind of mater mil bank notes. Lumber, Laths 1 bale black French Cloths; . '. . Buy time and demand bill. . .. uiuble for building purposes. and at the short1 case do &, Sell exchange upon all point. Orders executed in the best maiu Doeskin Caisimeres; do 1 do Make collection., and promptly remit proceeds, and est notice. . fancy Casiimeres; ?wflfth do all business usually pertaining to banking. nc6 dtf 1 do checked Marieilles Vestinc: Lumber Yard on --Hlh AXD GENERAL Street,factory and Ky. IORWARDIXG LouisrlTl. LouUrille, Receired and for aale cheap by We. the CirlU K. BLKVIN UA1.1. andersigned, hare thi day formed a Copartne rship for the purpose of transacting a forwarding and General ConmiMioD business, and hare taken the houee & oorupied by J. Bell, No. 83, Katid ef Third, (Successors to Newland, Hughes tt Co.), 7RANK CARTER, AND SHOW CASE MAKER. DEALERS IN W. R. JOFKTT. ten!fTille.Oot.l.lB4. JAME3 CROMEY, AGENT. Fancy and Staple Dry Goods and Varieties. tyCocnmenU of Nails, Ola, Cotton Tarn ,nd e21dAw 64 side, Third street. and Sixth. riuaburg Manuiacture soaciiea. se i'Ja OF EVERY DE- - No. 433 Main street, south entirebetween fifth J.W.N d Having purchased the interest! cription and kind in general use will be kept in the late firm, we will continue the business at llide, Oil, and Leather Store. constantly on nana ana ior saie to tne traae py the old stand- and respectfully solicit a call from their JAMES CKOMKV, Agent, friends and purcbasersof goods visiting this market, 6c SOXS, 21 TT No. 3d Wall street. HATinnY HAnPTAfiR TIP! A T mrl3 w3m&d 1ICG11KS & HlTUHlsON, feii Market and Cbevamt Market and er. gtreeU, Philadelphia, hare forsale Spanish 11 idea, dry hat now onThird street, betweenmanufacture, aJefferton, hand, of his own 1856. full pd CHAIRS ! CHAIRS ! ! CHAIRS ! ! ! and green salted Pair a Kips, Tanners' Oil, Tanners' eteot assortment of Rockaways, Sulkies, Phaetons.-O- r on hand and for sale by and Curner' Tools, at the lowest price and upon the Buggies, Spring Importation. en Bufcie,i5tiifting-to- p J AS. CROMEY, Agent, 38 Wall st. mrlawemoid beet term. are warranted of the but and most durable AH kind of Leather In the rough wanted, for which al of whic i ROBINSON, MARTIN & CO., 95 Fourth atreet. with sty lejgaate, and elegance. the highest market pric will be siren in cash, or taker workmanshi.'N combined vi uaineuas anuinepuDiic ce xtmc ue.BuuB TT AWNS, CHALLIES, AND JACO- In exchange for hide. OC2 dstwtf J. UAilUX. Leather stored free of charge and eold on com ml JLi NETS. Fanev. block and white, and solid black: lyUdly Jon- sup-- r Organdies and f rencb Muslins; fine French CAST a' RON RAILING. Ginghams and Chambrays. pe, itAKAUAB.-crapiain, curueu, ana ngurea, ail THE SHAVING SOAP. LARGE ASSORT- .7E HAVE colors. VROOM It FOWLER'S ww nmufnnv.. Oiomt Railing Patterns, suit SILKS. Plain, striped, pi am, watered, and figured. able for yards, cemeteries, .Nnd balconies, to which we Handkerchiefs, KM UKOIUEKIK8. b eeve. Buen. Nos. 63 and 65 TMrd at., Walnut Oil Military Shaving Soap eaU the attention of those in T.Dt RatUng for aay of cers, Collar', Bands, Collarettes, Insertions, Edgings, put it BETWEEN MAIN AND MARKET. Sets, V a Reviering, Beading, Linen Collars, ADMITTED BY THE THOU-an- d the abore named purpose.the c are prepared to term. reasonable apatahort notie and on rets, Lace Collars, A ppliaue Col lenciennes bets. who hare used it during the past twelre years Order from a distance, with a iaiactory references, ASSORTMENT AL-ws- y lars, and AupassieLac Collars. ' anything ever introduced into this branch of willreceire prompt attention. to surpass . on hand, wholesale and retail, at low as GLUvjsa aia, cue, ana xei aw the touet, and to render arreeable an operation usually fefll Gloves and Mit; white, brown, slate, and mixed Hothey can be bought in tbe city. considered a noaa. T he form is convenient, it is sgree-cblHydrt ul'C Foundry, siery, aU kind. perfumed, and will produce a copiousand permaUoets. Bol8d&w Corner Washington an d Floyd AND 8TAPLES. Shettings, brown DOMESTICS nent lather with either hard or cold water, leave the Li Cottons, bleached Cottons, f iilow Casings, kin smooth and uncharped. None genuine without ens, Diapers, Crash, Toweling, Damask Tahle Linens, : signature, in fac aiuule, of Yaooa ax f owua. the furniture Chinti, Penitentiary plaid Cottons, heavy Try it. twilled Cottons ior men's wear, Prints, Chintz, Manfor sale in thi city by Edwin Morris and Wllsen, : chester Gin hams, Cottonades, small plaid Cassimeres J. A, A. JJ Starbird sx fcmith. In New York by the principal fan Diaper, lickings, Check, Sc. for boys, super Bird-Ey- e OAP. 1 BOXES SOAP, AS- cy goods bouse and drugrir. sorted oualitie. for sale br Manufactured only by JOHN B. VROOM, iuceessor SELLING OFF HI3 MOST WHITE GOODS. Plain Jaconets, Cambrics, N snp-pl- y Books, Lawns, Swiss, and Tarletons, a full fe31 bMltlT, RUSSELL J CO. root at fowler, 72 Cherry U, Sew York, jalad&n ; ylsid Jaconet and Swiss, a new lot; striped bwiss, assortment of Jaconet, ana Dimity, very handsome; Linens, Lawns, JUXDRIES. Cambrics, and aiusuns; piai-- i jsainstox ana strifes; 2U bags Rio Coffee; India and Mull; Mull Irish Linens and Lawns. A full assortment of plain and fancy RIBBONS. 8 bags Pepper; Ko. axi bags Allspice: All of which we offer at the lowest price and to casks Itper HMr Carh. Hnda Receired steamer Interchange and for sale by which the special attention of the ladies is invited. For Cash or Bankable Paper. pVll.1iVl1lAAll.1 s w., j)t fourth street. LOUIS YILLE, KESTCCKY. mr39 20 CASKS RECEIVED No. S3 Youth (treet, between Main tJTWareroom CODFISH. AXD DEALER IX nndAtarket, west tide, Lootsvill, Ky. . mrlOdtapll U. and for axle bw IMPORTER Harness Mountings, Trunk tnd mf& CURD Ac CO. AND D11IIB IH IMPORTER Coach Trimmings. FASHIONABLE am now receiving my f alls toe k, which will be the I 100 HALF EAS. riandsosnes and beet selected stock ef goods in my line Goods '' Embroideries Green and Black Tea in store and for sale by Swiss AND . that has ever before ben imported in this market. I f CCRI Ac CO. world inrite my old customer, and the trade generally, my stork, which I am determiaoe 464 Main Street, No. te eaU and examine cannot fail to secure m the beat npOBACCOS. to aeil at prices that NORTH BIDE, BETWEEN FOURTH AND FIFTH, S boxes fine Virginia Tobacco; trao. that come to the market. My atock eabracet articles: lhfo'owing an ausaouri and Kentucky do: vt RESPECTFULLY INUB70ULD aitention Of Drv Goods merchant tofklrting; faddiejree; In tore and for sale by mritj CURD CO. WW Morooeo gking; pndio Leather; WHITE, NATHAN hi entire new and well assorted stock of Spring and Patent Harness Leather; rinrvHa. nonsistina in part of genuine Swiss em c EAXS. 25 BUSHELS WHITE Ptirrupg; Hogbsm; No. T8 rourtR etreet,bet ween Main and Market, broidered Collars, Sleeves, Chemisettes, Window Curfor sale by Sean CURD tt CO. Bitu; mr2 Calf do; white and colored Swiss Mus dotted Backlee; Goat do; CONSTANTLY OX HAND tains,Edgings and figured ana iuki.i"-- . lins, u...u..,o.,.1 Plusnes: Threads; and varied toelt of which are of the very latest and best styles and pate Riding Whlpg; Taoks; Layer; Roewood,Mahogany, and Walnut?; QO Coach Laees; goods direct every ar-f- i tAsi am Importing most of these am enabled from Sw pigs prim MR;. W agim do; I ,, furniture, comprising Oocb Lamp; " to offer In whole, haii, and quarter boxes, lan ding from steamer ticle suitable the manufacturers in Switzerland, I househid Eliptie S rnng? Robber Oil Cloth; above to ptse. In addlUon kind the Spring and other Mattress- - them at the very lowestit price. Interest to examine my Harne Mounting!; Axle and Band; mra of Purchaser will find to tbeir (UNUA at MUKKIS. will be added every Trunk Trunmings; Trunk avoardj; elsewhere. mrd&w3m Stock before buying Mal.Iron, At. which IGS. 300 DRUMS PRIME SYMR- - Oottage furniture, Ate., all ofana will compare fa . 1856. Alo.kepeonstarUy on band a general aaeortmea . vorably with any other work, will DC oia at prices na lust received bv mt t.K.iJi. Hridtea. Harness. and Trunk. ap dlyln ' mraw FONDA Ac MORRIS. ' to meet th view of purchaser RICH ARRIVAL OP SPRING GOODS ! promptly auanded to at the (horteet h. . ftpii 4 a. r. downs. 1. 1. kabx atlo. - mrn WE GEN- - MM, ply of ley Btorcr. turSt it JEWELRY. llartrortLCity Coal. THE BOY;HUN- - Saddle, Harness, & Trunk Makers HAVING too 551 Slain stM bet. Second and Third, Ten Cent per week, payable to tbe NUMBER 219. ..QOA(jj&. LUMBER'. r ten, cr Adventures tn Search of a - White Buffalo, i enth and Eighth streets, formerly occupied by by Captain M.R'iJ. Prlce75cts. wo Camille.aplav in five act; translated from the Trench re preparea mi tccommoaue with their patronage. Our table or Alexander Dumas, jr., ty Mi'iuia iierou. rncc uic uc lurnisneu witn Tne Dcst ice market U5cU. for sale at f.MAliDEN'S, 101 Third stret, : J willattV rd, and our bar aupplied with the bestquality ot mr31 Three door from post office. ii j.vh.uu me uuh cnuicc oranusoi cigars, n e trust, by our exertions to pleaae our patrons, that EW BOOKS. Charlemont. or the Fride of the Tillage a Ken VV.U.SkABSkCO. tuckv Tale; by W. O. Simms. Prioe II 2s. Beauuhamp, the Kentucky Tragedy DISPOSED OF OUR IN Charlemont; bvorW. O. Simms. Price tl 25.a Sequel to ALJa. terest In the FaUs Citr Hotel to W. II . Sear c female Life among the Mormons, a narrative of Co., we take pleasure in recommending our friend and many years personal experience; by the wife of a me paonc geuerauy to their hospitality. Aiorinon cider, recently rrom man. v rice ai. The l.if and Choice Writings of George Lippard ja31dtw3m P. W . BIBB & SON Price 5 cents. for sale at the Book Store of . t. o'bbtas. exo. w. Mooac. -ADDEN, 101 Third street, f. MThree doers from pest office. ' mr31 IT .'ii.wuimcuii, us ho may faror all WITHIN THUS YIAR3 BT TAKEN DEVITT TUESDAY, APRIL 1,185G. BOOKS & MUSIC, HAVING TAKEN THE mJEW .., v. a nTTv xinTwr a Ti (.'.. THIRTEEN PREMIUMS - "TERMS. mtj Democrat xr year.rayeMe quarterly D do, in advance- - HOTELS & BANKER S. MANUFACTURES ana jezuraoa, Eaatsiat, KENTUCKY, AT. EM Draper and Tailor, KY. No. 479 . MAIN STREET, LOUISVILLE, AFTER THE PRESENTATION friends and natron. T rnnM rail attention to my fall stock ef fancv Ciual. meres, Cashmeres, and Plushes, now in store, selected by myself from the latest eastern importations. The ana goods tms season aomprise u.uusoiuer aesign more superior fabrics than ever before, and I would advise mv friends to select early while the assortment is targe and choice pattern scan be procured. Of Cloth I have a superior suppiy, oi iu ui vanea shade of bronse, brown, olive, blue, and green, of Dumorft Mas son's make, suitable for Dress, frock, and Morning ... Rlichot & Brother, Zi Jewelry, etc., etc., Coats, and,asusual,blak and fancy colors, of every ananuiaciurv. Business Butt made up to measure, or Pants and Vest sinclv. at as low rates as thev can ba nurchasad NUTS. . 300 BUSHELS PEA Fiai Yi9TKRDat Amasoou About haif-pn- at of any clothing establishmentin this city. M. Nuts, a superior article. Just receired per steamer Auus.ra.uLivatv,7SjuainsT. twelve o'clock was in the upper story of th ' R. M PaUon, and fur sale by ?5twpen fourth and fifth. ell store No. 80 Main street, occupied as nwhalesal WM A. HUM clothing establishment by Messrs. Springer tt Fries. . . NEW GOODS. . ten thoa-sa- nd 150 BBLS. MOL.S- - Their entir stock, amounting to about They OLAS3ES. dollars in value, was destroy!. hv II AVE JUST RECEIVED, BY ses just received, and for sale bv thousand dollar. Th of eight express, direct rfom Ne w York, a choice assortment . v. o. oAaDiCT a pu.i- mr31 an insurase of Plushes and fancy Cassimeres, to which I InviteaU stori wer occupied by Meser. Friee Jt lower THUS. M.ULlVKit, Al?rchntT;'nr. tention. ALT. 80 SACKS SALT, Co., dealers in liquors and eigars. Their stock 7 Main street, between kourtn and rifin no2 v5 Just received, and for s by wj damaged priacipa-i- y by water from the en--, EDICT tt SON. D. mr31, to th amount of two thousand dollars. 9100, REWARD. They ar fully covered by iasarano. 5 TIERCES Cincinnati Com more id, 23. . RAN AWAY FROM THE SUB- SALMON. In store, aid for !. hySALMON, v first quality, V scrlber, about two week sago, a Nefrro Boy named D. 8 BENEDICT At 8Q?f. mr3l or 'O. ANDERSON, about AO years of; age, aweighs 10his Thi Liqcon Law. Th Court ef Appeals for .V 160 pounds, from I toe feet t lgh has scar over OOPS. 40 DOZEN HOOPS, AS. th Stat ef New York have decidad the Inhibityaiias; nivery oiaca. wned sliei.jwt received aad fc sal rr U tat en out oi in iiai, oi ory Liquor Lav u&conjtitu'Jo&aL BU31 IRAN CXI OLDHAM , oidtf TEA M 5 . . 'uf'T,,"",'"" II

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