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Image 5 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), March 20, 1947

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY THURSDAY. MARCH 20, 1947 IHI W "ihejr Pay" s ANT AD FOR SALE Free Flowers at the formal opening of the flower shop at Haymond, Ky., Friday and Auditions for the annual Saturday of this week. Come $1,000 WLW Scholarship in and bring your friends. NORTON FLORAL CO. Voice awarded by the College of Music will be held Satur day, May 24 in the Odeon of The March program of the the College of Music in Cin W.S.C.S. of the Methodist cinnati, it was announced to Church was held at the home day by Fred Smith, managing ji ivirs. Stephen Combs. InEexecutive of the College. cluded were Mrs. Mitt Meyers, This award, established in Mrs. C .L. Kilgore. Mrs. Orval 1945 through the generosity Hughes and Mrs. Andrew of James D. Shouse, President Clay. of the Crosley Broadcasting Corporation, was instituted to encourage and assist wor- Birthday Dinner thy students of voice to pur-m- e March 12th their studies and develop Mrs. Andrew Clay entertheir talents. The scholarship tained in honor of her daughby the is warded, annually ter, Betty Jane, at a dinner College to' a young woman party. Included were Joan singer between the ages of uewis, Anna Auton, Letha 18 to 25who is a resident of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Ken Jarrett, Bobby Pigman, HarDon Hammock, tucky, Tennesse or West Vir- old Minns,Kyle Campbell, Mr and Mrs. Mr. ginia. Qualifications include and talent and promise, prefer- Mrs. Mrs. Steve Cornett and! Jane Campbell. ably scholastic achievements and above all, good charac VOICE SCHOLARSHIP OFFERED "Notice" and Store Restaurant equipment, deep Stated Communication: Whitesburg Lodge No. 754 F. & A. M, Friday evenng, Mar. 21, 1947, 7:30 p. m. Visitors welcome. A. T. Banks, Master. Dick Evans, Sec'y. freeze home and store meat display cases any size, dry coolers, bottle beverage walk-i- n cooler 8x8x8, ice scales, cream cabinets, slicers, grinders, coffee urns tables, restaurant steam ranges, electric drinking fountains, electric heater, toasters, mixers, automatic record players, soda fountain equipment, exhaust fans for stores! restaurants, r mine fans, show cases, GeneralE lectric and refrigeration commercial' and store fixtures, air conditioning units store, home theatres, etc. MEEK APPLIANCE CO. 299 West Third Street, Paints-villtf Ky. Phone 406-J- ., PAGE FIVE ffllMI A girl to work JINER COLLINS WANTED in the home, good place to Jiner Collins, died Monday, NOW PLAYING A cook and dish washer to fitay and well known peoMarch 10 at the home of his ple. Call J or see Mrs. A. work in Cavalier Hotel at Jen"Calendar Girl" son, Gilbert of Elizabethtown, K. Franklin , Whitesburg, kins, Ky. Good wages and Ky., after an illness of a few Starring: room and board furnished. Ky. Jane Frazee, William weeks. Phone 375 or write He was the son of James Mrs. R. H. Shelby, Marshall, Victor McLagiea AGENTS WANTED to sell and Rebecca Collins and had and Keanr Baker Box. 571, religious mottoes on comlived most of his life in LetJenkins, Ky. cher County. He joined the mission. No risk to nm. You 3tp. Fri. and 8a Marc Regular Baptist oandlick invest no money at all. For Big Doable Church a few years ago ana O information, write to Kash Wanted 2 Features Day Amburgey, Lerose, Ky. was baptized by Elder Kirby WANTED a small apart Ison. for man, "Man From Large new mentmonths old wife and one FOR SALE 10 acres of land He is survived by five sons: POR SALE child. Will be five Garafie, reqairing 8 mech here for indefinite time. Gilbert, Esker and Charlie of Rainbow Valley" ,acre or so of bottom land on anics to do work, fencing See or write in Bottom Fork highway. One Elizabethtown, Ky., HomerOrwith Route 60, Rowan County, SEWELL WATKINS Monte Hale aad office, Mrs. Bettie A. Webb, the U. S. Army at New close to church, schools leans, Ala., John of the U. S. Adrian Booth Whitesburg, Ky. mile from Mayking and college for only $8,500 Army Air Corps at Fort plas 95. Ky. or Phone 60- - Terms. Worth, Texas and one daughm ttGHTfl. SAPI1 "JOE PALOOKA Custom ter, Mrs. Luther Collins, of ter. 6 FOR SALE LOST HICH'POWfR IFOR SALE A distinguished committee Splendid store good condi- Ison, Ky., three brothers: built Dodge, MOWER CHAMP" building, large lot, doing a Lost on Feb. 26th in Neoni tion with good tires. Same Sam,, Elisha and Will Collins of judges will select the winfine business, facing Route Ky., one Billfold containing with Whitesburg, Ky., and one ner and their decision will be as new. Four door Sedan. of 0. Close to church, schools, quite a bit of money. Finder In case of tie dupliLeon Errol and Joe See Mrs. L B. Richie, sister, Mrs. Frank Davis of finalawards will abe made. A Kirkwood cate and College, for only $3,700. return Billfold as when was Box 293, Phone 29-at Alco, Tennessee. Aduplicaie award wasj made including clean stock of lost, will give $100.00 reward. The funeral party arrived Whitesburg, Ky. JAMES WRIGHT, goodB. Write or See H. B. Friday morning on the L. and last spring when Miss VirMarch 23 - M Box 23 Dameron, Farmers, Ky., act One N. and funeral services were ginia Howe and Miss Bette FARM FOR SALE 7 Jackhorn, Ky. quickly. "Sinbad The tft KCtrOW!B hundred acres located in held at Sandlick Baptist Lee Goetz tied for the m vncumei Or honors. Pulaski County, 12 miles church at 10 o'clock by Eld Sailor" House No. 516, Complete information reSALESMAN WANTED north of Somerset on Ken-tuc- y ers: Dewey Sexton, Kerby Haymond, Ky. "WANTED: Man for profit starring Highway 27. Farm is Ison and Kernal Sexton. Bur lative to the auditions can able Rawleigh business, 3tp. level, well watered, has a ial followed in the family be obtained by writing Mr. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. aai in South Perry County. Ky. WANTED: Two or three sizable tobacco quota, and plot in the Sandlick cemetery Fred Smith at the .College of Manreen OUara Must be satisfied with has 20 acres timber, good by the Evans Funeral Home. Music, 1228 Central Parkwary at Cincinnati 10, Ohio. good living at start. Write rooms for a young couple grazing and entire farm preferrably with furnished Tnes. Wed., March 6 1, In presenting this annual Kawleigh's, Dept. to machine farming. kitchen. Location in Neon, JOHN D. BAILEY scholarship to be awarded by Freeport, 111. dwellings. "The Stranger" or near. Write Box 488 at There are two John D. Bailey, of Elk the College of room frame tf One a seven good condition. Creek died March 12 at the Shouse commentedMusic, Mr. Pikeville, Ky. 40 acre farm starring FOR SALE i.'.ijj.i'U!iw.'i.iii;'u.'am7rM as follows. building in in Lincoln County, Ken- FOR SALE From imtf ill low to "We believe it is fitting Edward G. Robinson and One five room Another a five room con- Hazard Hospital after an at wood tc. a n- .-tob .maiM tucky, 7 room new house, dwelling house with elec Loretta Yonng and Orson that Radio should contribute dan onr crete block building near-in- g tack of pneumonia. of ardtnarr lima. Scrl it J.VAt'NO Welles all new outbuildings, elecHe was a veteran of World to the cultural development tWl tricity and one complete VACnM ACTION w!r, Both houscompletion. hoWi qmi ret. thai raiM tric in house and barn, 2 restaurant now bemg used. es front on Highway 27. De- War 1, having served three of America's most promising Added Sprovtt and dondcHo't col oltr at wells, 2 springs, well stockKmo) alwa grata. Woa klator 4km Phil Obman and His OrPrice of both together sires to sell farm as a whole vears, most of that tune on young singers. There is a tloSW ia I'my mm't toad chestra Island Fling ed fish pond, large orchard, $2200.00 Located on Main but will divide same into foreign soil. great field of opportunity Btedo it .!rfol tMm I and fitting, IiuIim hicM for 9rp 6 acre woodland, balance He devoted most of his life for gifted singers not only in Ufo to grw, 40 and Ky. If in longtf bMw lawn Street, Blackey, two smaller farms of FootWnh walk. No in grass, level to rolling,; terested see or write M tO aptrotton. Tho gadvm c 60 acres if necessary. Rea to farming. For several years radio, but also in concert, idtml Cool m r la, Somu. la.wn. pork rich fertile soil, near grade Bob Sizemore. Box 86 spiling too old for' he and his family lived on opera and very soon, televiscrm fnr Free Flowers at the formal public oaadiwgi. aall clvb. and and high school. Pssession Blackey, Ky. So. ram doalof a writ farm labor. If interested Linefork and about three ion. We are confident that opening of the flower shop at at once; Price $6,000, Mrs. nail s M Wall vears aso moved to their the College of Music of CinHaymond, Ky., Friday and 4 lots located Dorothy Elkins, 951 Brain-ar- d FOR SALE home on Elk Creek. ffiihanV , TCv j . uevuieui liiusuoiiu cinnati can offer the highest KYVA MOTOR CO. Saturday of this week. Come r 7, l " j available training for WLW on Blackey Road No. Ave., Detroit 1, Mich. tt was a j ne and bring your friends. Incorporated cem opposite Lewis-Bac- k Phone No. Temple and a loving father and j Scholarship winners. For Sale NORTON FLORAL CO. Matttoaa A Railroad Streets etery. See or get in touch friend to his many acquaint PHONE 99 Good and used FOR SALE One twelve room house, two ances. R. Whitaker, at with Jim 9 ARE KILLED CAR cook stoves, linoleum rugs, Blackey, Ky. Haiti won its independence large business lots on Main He is survived by his wife, HITS TRAIN AS Whitesburg. Ky. in a slave rebellion in 1804. bed room suites, washing St., Better known as Bryant four daughters, six sons and One farm lo- Bentley Property. If interestroom FOR SALE dining machines, two brothers and other relWest Frankfort, 111., March suites, also a line of new cated on the upper end of ed see Dr. Gid Whitaker or atives. 16. Nine young persons were the late Will Adams farm S. K. Fairchild. and used furniture. Stev Funeral services were held killed today wnen their autoens Furniture Co., on end with two new houses on at the home of his daughter, mobile crashed at a it. Some good garden and of bridge at L. & N. Depot, Mrs. Arthur Caudill, Sunday into the side of a slow truck patche land. Also Hazard, Ky. afternoon by Rev. J. T. Brow- moving switch engine at a quite a bit of timber. If nie and burial in the Dixon crossing. Salesman Wanted: Out of interested see Mr. and Mrs. V cemetery by members of the Hours. Work or Shorter Tne victims, five young Nat Craft, Neon, Ky Evans Funeral Home. men and four girls were reWrite us immediately, re to FOR SALE garding opportunities turning from a night club supply consumers in South A Nice Home. Well Located, 666 STARTS RELIEF IN when the accident occurred UNA LEE GOODWIN JUST 6 SECONDS ) Perry County with Raw-Jeig- h in Wise, Virginia. Priced Reas Lina Lee Goodwin, infant at 2:30 a. m. a 'mile west oi Products, full time. onable. Immediate Possession daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. aere. Eight were killed inCt famous. prtrlrn-y-relWtf No experience or capital For Complete Information, see MS. for uprpjr B. Goodwin, died last 'Friday stantly. Tne other was deaa from cold mlMriM. Try ftw necessary. For interview f J. C. LIPPS, - Cld TWti, or. morning. She was born Sun- on arrival at a hospital. There write Rawleigh's, Dept. Wise, Va. day, March 9 at the Jenkins were no other persons in the ' 1111111 Ciutlrs: Cw tlr KYC-26198, Freeport, 111. car. Hospital and was getting Voo u direct. 1942 GMC 2 2 FOR SALE The victims were Wilmt nicely until she sufferOne five room ton Army truck, 10 wheel, FOR SALE ed a lung collapse, which she Fern Arnett, 20, West Frankhouse, god well in yard, in extra good condition, fort telephone operator; her could not overcome. tricity, big garden with coal bed with hoist, license by her par iister, Goldia Leah Arnett, She is survived coal house and garage. Elecand weight tags for 1947. ents, grandparents, a brother 19; Peggy Williams, 18; Thel-m- a tricity, big garden with See Hubert Mason, Mill 1 Vineyard, 18, and John and a sister and many other n .it. rn house. If interested see or stone, Ky. n Gaddis, 22, all of West Frankrelatives. write: Martha Jane Funeral service were held fort; Samuel Leo Cosseli, Farm For Sale Neon, Ky. at the Evans Funeral Home, zl, son yof the chief of police dUHDUi About 30 of hillside Christopher, 111., Saturday afternon, by Rev, of near-bOne 1939 Ford land, 3 acres acresbottom has FOR SALE of Pettus of Jenkins, Methodist Randall Harris, 20, Christopickup ;n good shape Cap some very mining, Church and burial in the pher; Mike Puskar, Valier, be seen and bought at Roy timbers and valuable saw wood. On a Sandlick cemetery by mem 111., and Howard Niblett, 23, al Crown Bottling Co., Ne good gravel road, school bus! Expert & Prompt bers of the Evans Funeral Orient. 111. Police did not on, Ky. by the door, 7 room, good nice know who drove the car. Home. Workmanship painted house, hall through Police said Miss. Vineyard Need a smart, qmallty FOR SALE had joined the group to ride One 1937 Ford center, has good out buildings 1 'printing Job In a har2 ton truck, new mo- barn, crib, chicken house, home after a spat with her escort. tor and in good shape. A smoke house, coal house, good , ry? We can tarn it real buy. Royal Crown small store building; 15 apple The crew of five on the en yon as care-fnlnt for trees, 5 pears, 5 cherries, sevBottling Co., Neon, Ky. gine operated by the Chicago, eral young peach trees, two as if we kad Burlington and Quency Rail V small strawberry patches road escaped injury. The au tMWmWUBiWmf weeks to do it I That's FOR SALE A new home, good well, that never fails at tomobile hit the engine at 5 rooms and bath, 22 acres the back porch. Located in becaase we're so well such a terrific speed two of f land. A good young the center ot a mning camp Citffu Practical! Amazingly inexpensive! wheels were the small-truc- k staffed and equipped. orchard, mineral is on this on rurai maji r0unte. Reason thrown off the tracks. Parts the permanent baked Easy to inttalll Wonderful, new Congowall minuest walk I01" selling, owners in bad The Mountain of the automobile became env. enamel wall covering with a raised tile effect stays bright and Virgin land. uinaer. health. A real bargain at tangled in the engine's underbeautiful for years, never needs refinishirgl Its glistening, washable Eagle court house. Built in S3 Rflfl Tjvntprl at Hot Snot carriage. surface resists dirt, grease, scratches, ideal tor every inets. Best buy in Letcher Whitesburg. Ky. t ntr.v. or Prmntv on Smnot "service" room I See the lovely, new Congowall colors a The engine dragged the County. See Ray Collins. Jtodayl In convenient 54 wainscot height. Creek. This place is equipped wreckage and victims 50 feet "1 with electricity, bee before it could be halted. TOLLIVER, T. H. BABY CHICKS, Bloodtested Your EARNINGS Hot" Spot, Ky. Mart Assorted, Special Dr. J. E. Skaggs Shotoer or Can be any sex or breed, can lie ASHES overnight! Mrs. Hoffman For Sale good quality; $5.95 per "100. Dentist Prepaid money order with Houses to sell, trade or rent A miscellaneous shower Protect your earnings AFTER a fir with our v was given on Tuesday eveninr; order. Louisville Chick See me at Neon Junction. ipectcl BUSINESS INTERRUPTION Iniurane JESSE WRIGHT. Mart, Box 85, Louisville, in honor of Mrs. Hunter HoffNeon, Ky. policy. II assures you your regular Kentucky. r man at her home. Hostesses tf FOR SALE One store were Mrs. Grace Daniels and earnings until you can reopen. And It coifr wishes ts announce that building size 30x45 on a lot New Typewriters Mrs. Sallie Hoffman. tbaq fire fvwwtc. Call v today. size 60x80 ft. General Merhis office will be closed Arrive Daily location, chandise, good after November 1st for We wish to announce that good business, and close to Letcher Insurance Free Flowers at the formal new typewriters are arriving schols, highway and churopening of the flower shop, at am extended vaeatiaa Agency almost daily at our office. If ches. Located next buildHaymond, Ky.. Friday and interPaal J. Verrallliom Saturday of this week. Come jttu need one come and see us ing to postoffice. If iaFlaridia. or call 95, Whitesburg. Herman Hale ested see: Homer Spangler, your friends. and brine Phone 2571 Neon, Ky. V.HFFBBBURG, KY. Mayking, Ky. The Mountain Eagle. NORTON FLORAL CO. "WANTED 7-- 2t-3-- 27 Ty-ye- e, post-Maykin- g, 2t-3-- 27 t 11-Z- X A-4- San.-Mon- ., 1946-194- j 25-3- KYC-262-10- graw-tvttln- f ! fa 2t-3-- 27 at-nd-- . 2t-3-2- 7 mile-a-minu- COftO SUFFERERS! te Picture your kitchen with walls like these! p 2, ng 1-- 2t-3-- 27 Hol-broo- k, fHf 4t-4- -3 3t-3-- 20 1-- ly CONGOWALL 3t-3-- 20 Iwmmmm IRUES! mmmmmwm 3t-3-2- 0 ere-A- JACKSON HOUSE FURNISHING 0 27

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