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Image 2 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), May 14, 1942

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

MM Robiiiion Card 6f Think School News A friendly weekly newspapei publlsfie'd v Mrs. R. I. Knox, Kitty CooEvery Thursday. per, Martha Carolyn Caudill, W. P. NOLAN, Editor and Publisher Eleanor Rae Tolliver, Arthur MRS. MARTHA M. NOLAN Business Manager Knox, and John Arnold Day drove "to Lexington Thursday Subscription price, $1.50 per year, payable in advance. to attend the State Musiv Entered as second class matter August 28. 1907. at the post-offi- Festival, in which these young at Whitesburg, Kentucky, under the Act of Congress people had a part as members of August 9th. 1873. of the Letcher County Band. The group remained over the THURSDAY, MAY 14, 1942. non-partis- an T ce week-en- Clean Premises Would Help Cheat Fire Bombs ones. Keep rags and mops that contain oil or paint stains d. On Thursday evening the faculty complimented the members of the Class of 1942 with tickets to our weekly picture show, and following this, with an informal party in the Library. On Friday at noon, Mrs. Viola Kelley and Mrs. Lucille Barnett had as their dinner guests in Mrs. Kelley's home Rev. W. H. Jackson, of Jackson. Rev. Charles S. Spencer, Mrs. W. L. Cooper, and Misses Margaret E. McNeill and The Jennie Lee Crafton. guests thoroughly enjoyed the bountiful meal and the cordial hospitality of their kirirhiti of Wat We desire to take this method of thanking everyone who Savings Committee Is Appointed in any way assisted in the burial of our father and brother Moses Caudill, and all those who sent the beautiful floers, offered words of consolation or rendered any aid whatever. We especially desire to thank Stephen Caudill for standing by our father and employing him for the past several months wfien he was really unable to do but very little work; for the tender care shown in his. home during our trying hour, for furnishing the casket and for the many other things which he did without the asking. Our thanks go to Elds. G. Bennett Adams, W. S. Akers, T. R. Collier and Kirby Ison for consoling words and beautiful funeral services; to Archie care Craft for his pains-takin- g of the body; to the ladies who prepared the meals and waited on the crowd, and to any and all others who contributed in the least to our comfort during our sad hours. May God bless each and every one in covered metal containers. "Guard against accumulations of rubbish anywhere, especially in attic or basement. While all of us hope that "Be sure cigarette and cigar our homes will not be fired stumps and pipe ashes are by incendiary bombs from entirely out before disposing enemy airplanes, it is wise to of them. practice a few simple precau"Always disconnect tions that will help control electrical appliances any such fires, according to when you leave them, if only suggestions made today by D. for a minute. R. Peel, State fire Marshal of "Use only electrical equipKentucky. ment as approved by Under"The most important thing writers' Laboratories, Inc. to remember," he said, "is to "Never, under any circumavoid keeping unnecessary stances, use such inflammable materials that may provide liquids as gasoline, naphtha hostesses. fuel for fire. This is particu- or benzine for cleaning purMisses Mary L. Ervin and larly true of attics,"" which poses. Nancy Boyd, and Mrs. Gor- of you. would be the most likely part "Keep matches out of the don Disney were guests of Mr. THE FAMILY. of a house to be penetrated reach of small children. and Mrs. John D. W. Collins by an incendiary bomb "Make sure all gas connec- at supper Friday evening. VisCARD OF THANKS "We keep Aunt Mary's tions are rigid and tight. Don't its in this hospitable home We wish to take this methgraduation dress, father's first use rubber or other flexible are always very much enjoyod of thanking every one who long pants, baby's first shoes tubing. ed. helped in any wayduring the and many other such things "Place an iron screen with Several of our boarding stuold trunks, or even loose, a fine mesh in front of the dents had the pleasure of trips sickness and death of our dear in mother, Mrs. Cordia Bates, in attics. fireplace always." home for the week-enwho passed away last Friday. "Many of us also have stacks Miss Julia Phillips, who is especially want to thank of old magazines in our attics now at the Phillips home at We Bach, Crawford and Dr. KONA NEWS Drs. we'll never magazines that Bear Creek, North Carolina, Wright for their efforts to V look at again. Why not sell made a short visit to her fam- save her. Also the preachers Mrs. Pearl Herring is visit- ily here last week. them? Or, if they are fairly for their consoling words and recent numbers, send them to ing her parents, Mr. and Mrs. the neighbors for their many S. L. Bastin. the recreation centers set up Martha Jane Potter and Camp Branch News kind acts in this our hour of We for the armed forces. trial. We want to especially should take spare clothes out mother had the following Bottling The Mother's Day picnic thank TheCoca-Col- a of the attic and hang them in dinner guests Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Lute Hall, Neon; which was to have been held Company for the beautiful lamp closets. Discarded l shades, picture frames and Mrs. Nancy Hall, Neon; Mr. on the lawn of Mrs. Susan floi-a- offering. LUTHER BATES Crase's home last Sunday had all ntVipr nrnnhiistihlps should and Mrs. Sherman Quillen, And The Other Children. ......... TUn nfti'n Jackhorn; Mrs. Bill Edmis-to- to be held indoors because of n1nnwn and Martha Jananne and cold weather. Besides Mrs. that is entirely bare of such BLACKEY NEWS things is the one that cheats Eva Dean of Mayking; Mr. Crase, those present included the fire bomb. Cleanliness and Mrs. E. C. Potter, and Mrs. Lizzie Lucas and family, Mrs. W. J. Caudill, Marie Fredand orderliness should pre- Elizabeth Lee; Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hard-burl- Caudill, and Jim Caudill ericks and family of Milton Hall, Mayking; Mr. vail throughout the house. spent Saturday in Bonnie and Mr. and Mrs. Ker-m- it Blue, Va., with Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Richard Quillen, Lucas of Mayking. Hazard; Robert Leo Tolliver, TEN COMMANDMENTS Pat Patterson and Mr. and Hazard; Mrs. Ollie Tolliver GIVEN Henry Holbrooks of Mrs. Less Caudill Both famJohn "People in inland cities and Eleanor Ray and J. W. Thornton is working on Camp ilies formerly lived here. might think such precautions of Neon; Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Branch this week, and staying Van Dixon, Junior Stricklin are riot necessary, but clutter- Holbrook, Millstone; Martha with his brother, Ben Hol- and Walton Back spent Satured attics are breeding grounds Anne Holbrook, Millstone; brooks, and his family. day at Hall High School. for fires under normal condi- Mrs. Sarah Tolliver, Neon; Knob, near" Harlan Wilgus, Carl, and Alpha Grays tions. Sparks from faculty Ollie Blevins and Edna Benc-le- Bowens were members of a where tney took a civil serchimneys can stant a fire just party of fifteen accompany- vice examination prior to takas readily as an incendiary Mrs. Curt Polly is very sick ing Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bow-en- s ing a course in radio mechanbomb. Every one in every and at present is in the Flemand family of Breedings ics offered there by the Govhousehold should observe ing Hospital. Creek last Saturday night on ernment. fliese 'ten commandments' of Mrs. W. B. Hall, William a motor trip to Renfro Valley, Mr. and Mrs. Denver Adfire prevention: Walter sn3 Charles Hall spent near Mt. Vernon, Ky. The ams of Neon spent the week "Keep chimneys, stoves a few "days in Lexington this party attended the radio end with Mr. and Mrs. and furnaces clean, and in week. Cornett. broadcast, and then drove good repair. Never force a Mr. and Mrs. B. M. Potter home by way of Berea, Ky. Mrs. W. W". Buckhold spent heating plant. Call a heating and family have returned Saturday in Hazard. expert. from a visit to their son, Sam The Sunday School at the Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hol-lin- s, "Empty ashes into metal Potter in Charleston, West Bowens Schoolhouse will reJareFSparkman, Troy sume its regular hour for Hollins, Gleen Back, Orville containers, never wooden Virginia. meeting next Sunday, namely, Newman, and Ira Hodge atA. Emmy" tended EXAMPLES OF OLD-AG- E INSURANCE 10Pvt. M., Central War Time. show in the "Cousin Saturday Ed Rictiardson has Whitesburg been home this week on a night. BENEFITS brief furlough from Fort BenMrs. Caroline C. Webb is Average Monthly Wages Monthly Benefit Payments to jamin Harrison, Ind. the guest of her daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John Caudill Mrs. W. M. Rogers, this week. Worker Worker & Wife Widow & 3 Children received a shipment of more Martha Carolyn Caudill at5 Years' Coverage: than a thousand day-ol- d tended the Band Festival in . $50 $21.00 $31.50 $42.00 chicks a week ago. and have Lexington this past week end 100 26.25 39.38 52.50 on as a member of the County gone into chicken-raisin- g 31.50 . 47.25 63.00 a large scale. band at Stuart Robinson. . 250 42.00 63.00 84.00 The old Regular Baptists Jim Back, Steve Dixon, and 10 Years' Coverage; held church in the Bowens C. B. Caudill spent several $50 $22.00 $33.00 $44.00 Schoolhouse last Saturday and days last week in Bristol. 100 27.50 41.25 55.00 Sunday with a very good at- Tenn. 150 33.00 49.50 66.00 tendance of members, visitand Miss Billie Collins, 250 44.00 66.00 85.00 ing preachers, and friends. Ruth Spradling of Lees ColAndrew and Ballard Clay lege were the guests of Mr. TYPICAL EXAMPLES and families paid Mother's and Mrs. "W. M. Collins and Mr. "A" recently became 65 and retired after earning an Day visits at the home of past average of $100 per month for the past five years. He had their parents, Mr. and' Mrs. Mrs. Arlie Drake the week end. two young children. He will draw $26.00 per month for him- James M. Clay. of Friends and self, for the rest of his life, and $13.00 per month for each of The "Bible Class which has Bascom Stamperrelatives U. S. of the the children; a total of $52.00 per month. (The payments for been meeting Tuesdays at the Navy stationed somewhere on Ihe children are stopped at age 18) . home of Mrs. G. G. Reed will the Pacific Coast, will be glad Mr. "B" died in April. 1942, having earned an average of .meet hereafter on Thursdays to hear he is safe and well. He $100 per month for the past five years. He left a widow and at the usual hour. is the son of Mrs. W. M. Colthree young children. The family will draw a total of $53.00 .. Verta Profitt and Jack lins of this place and has been per month. Niece have recently won J in the service for six years, Mr. "C" also died in April. He had made good wages, Bibles in the Saturday" Bible r Mr. and Mrs. John Back of having averaged $150 per month. He was survived by a Club which meets in the home Cody were the guests of Mrs. widow and three children. This family now receives a total of Mrs. Reed. (Jim Whitaker and family of $63.00 per month Social Security Benefits. Bennie Craft is building two Sunday. Four children, or a widow and three children, can draw rooms and a back porch onto Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Wamp-le- r the full amount which may be paid in case of death of the the house occupied by Tiis spent the week end in worker. family and Mrs.. Dicy Taylor. Pikeville with Mr. and Mrs. The above are actual cases handled by the Social Security Mrs. Lenville Thomas and Bill Hardee and Mr. and Mrs. Board, Field Office, Hazard. Ky., by Mr. J. E. Treadway; Man- Mrs. John Richardson are Tom Rainey. While there ager. Mr, Treadway will be glad to talk to organizations both wearing new glasses. they talked by telephone to further information, or to furnish booklets giving more Carl Bowens acquired a pair their son Herman who is in detailed explanation. not long ago, also. Ft. Crockett, Texas. non-automa- tic d. T n, y, y. Mc-Kinl- da-siri- ng ey The War Savings Staff of the U. S. Treasury, Mr. Ben Williamson, Jr., Ashland, State Chairman, Mr. S. A. Phillips. State Administrator, Louisville, Ky., announce the appointment of T. D. Snyder as Chairman of Letcher County War Savings Committee. Mr. J. S. Bate, Jr., Deputy Administrator, was in Jenkins conferring with the Chairman and his executive committee relative to the organiThe zation for the county. duties of the Letcher County War Savings- Committee will be to promote and stimulate the. sale of bonds and stamps to every man, woman and child in Letcher County and to let each and every man, woman and child in the county have a sense of direct participation in the defense of their country and at the same time make an investment in the safest investment in the world today, namely, the United States of America. The United States must have an army large enough to carry the battle to the Axis anywhere and everywhere; a Navy to span two oceans and all the waters between;, merchant ships, planes, tanks, motorcycles, scout cars, and a score of other transportation carriers. More and still more munitions will be needed, more guns, more textiles for uniforms; more buildings for greater plant" capacity; adequate housing for millions of troops and civilian workers; public utility services, stores, laundries" hospitals an unending succession of accoutrements of relentless war. War is never cheap but every conquered nation in Europe bears mute and tragic proof that it is a thousand times cheaper to win than to - Lettdf to the Editor May 2, 1942. Editor Mountain Eagle: Thanks for sending me The Mountain Eagle. Of course 1 appreciate hearing and getting the Eagle and the good Old Kentucky news. All of the boys here from Kentucky like to help me read the paper. Well we are ready to whip the Japs. So there isn't very much to write about. All of the boys afe in good health. I get letters from my sister who lives at McRoberts, Ky., Mrs. Ocie Whitt. She is the only one I have to write to. Mother's Day is coming and I am very much grieved because Mother can't be in this world to know I am fighting for jny country and freedom. God bless my mother's soul. I will now close. Glad to know The Mountain Eagle flies over the world. SGT. ORVAL W. SUBLETT, With the U. S. Army. Jenkins Methodist Church v Rev A. D. Houglin, Paston Dairy Month Necessary The Secretary of Agricul-ture, Claude Wickard, has asked that June be selected as Dairy Month and that every effort be made to increase sales of milk and milk products. This is necessary, because of huge supply of these products on hand and necessity of maintaining milk pric- es so that farmers will continue production increases. The slogan adopted is "Victory Demands Healthy Arner-- , icans" and Governor Keen Johnson has been selected as Honorary Chairman of the Kentucky June Dairy Month Committee. All types of chain stores are cooperating by featuring milk products in window displays, advertising, luncheon counters and store'displays. An intensified campaign will be carried on in Kentucky because of the importance of" dairying in the State. " Sandlick News A birthday party was given at Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Sexton's Saturday on Yozl of Sandlick. The family of Mr. and Mrs. Sextons 4re all Church School, present as well as many of Mrs. J. B. Hilsenbeck, Super- their friends. intendent. Miss Rae Sexton rc'urned II A. M. Morning Service. from Hazard hospital last 6:45 P. M. Methodist Fel- Wednesday after an operation lowship. and is doing fine. She spent 8:00 P. M. Evening service. the week end with her sister, Spiritual Defense is an es- Mrs. W. R. Sexton. sential as National Defense. Jordan Niqce is in the army Show your patriotism by go- service at Camp Wallace Tex. ing to Church Sunday. He has been there for several months. Maggie Smith, formerly of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Sexton Whitesburg is now an employe spent Sunday afternoon in for the Glass Hazard Hospital visiting Dov-i-e Factory in Baltimore, Md. Sexton. 10 A. M. Carr-Lowe- ry DR. RAYMOND B. FINE lose. Recognizing that this is a people's war, the government comes to America's 50,000,000 wage earners to help it foot the stupendous bill. It is asking them to invest in a share EYESIGHT SPECIALIST of the country's freedom by signing up for War Savings EYES EXAMINED GLASSES FITTED Bonds NOW, to do so REGU- J COMPLETE OPTICAL SERVICE LARLY ou of current earnWeak, tired eyes caused by eyestrains as well as headaches AND ings, and to do so MORE can be relieved by properly fitted, glasses. Dr. Fine Invites MORE. you to discuss your eye problems with him. The goal: 100 per cent parIN NEON EVERY WEDNESDAY AT SHORTS STUDIO ticipation for the duration on a regular and constantly S Mala Office, Hazard. Ky. greater scale. The slogan: Make every payday Bond day. Mr. Snyder states that he will as rapidly as possible announce the various subcommittees and just as soon as his YOUR PERSONAL ACCOUNTS' SHOULD BE organization is completed, be announced thru same will your paper. AS MODERN AS YOUR BUSINESS Mr. Snyder states that he is quite confident the people The man who pays cash is of Letcher County will, in necessarily subjected to the fear and risk war effort, as they this all-ohave in the past, do their of robbery. Complete protection is yours share and has assured the at The Bank of Whitesburg. state organization that there will be no doubt as to the CANCELED CHECKS ARE YOUR PROTECTION! all-oeffort of the people of Letcher County in this proCanceled checks are inviolate receipts of gram. CHECKING SERVICES ed ut ut payment! Kentucky Meditates Kentucky Meditates will be the title of the statewide religious program being conducted by the Kentucky Commission, Sunday, May 24, and the theme hymn will be "Faith of Our Fathers," it was announced today by H. I. Miranda, Lexington, Executive Director for the commission. Ministers of all churches are requested to dedicate their morning service to the state's Sesquicentennial, by dramatizing the history of their denomination, bringing to light the constructive part the outstanding men of character played in the founding of our Commonwealth. 5 Mrs. W. P. Drake, of Bowling Green, the commissions of the religious program, reveals that the first religious service held in Kentucky was at Boonesborough under a great elmby the Reverend John Lythe, in May, 1775. By simply retaining your can- celed checks, you avoid the risk of forgot- ten receipts. A MAXIMUS OF PROTECTION AT MINIMUM COST! THE BANK OF WHITESBURG Whitesburg, Kentucky ENJOY A HOME STYLE DINNER If you want to avoid the hours of prepar- ation and cooking and skip the cleaning up job7bring the family to MOTHER CRAFT'S for a delicious meal in pleas- ant surroundings. MOTHER CRAFT'S RESTAURANT Whitesburg, Kentucky I J

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