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Image 2 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), November 13, 1952

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THh MOUNTAIN EAGLE, VVKITESBURG. KENTUCKY THURSDAY, NOV. 13, 1952: PARATROOPER COLLINS Ashcraft-Phipp- s NOW IN ALASKA On November 4, 1952, at 6:00 p. m. Miss Shirley Lee Army paratrooper Pvt. Ky., THE COUNTY NEWSPAPER ESTABLISHED 1907 James P. Collins Kona has Phipps, of Dunham, Jarrived in Alaska for the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.of D. AND THE NEON NEWS Webb, became the bride Mr. Army-A- ir huge Force arctic A Friendly Non - Partisan Weekly Newspaper Published Every Thursday. Ralph Ashcraft of Cleveland, (The Neon News Establisned 1932 Consolidated wun tne Mountain Lagle, i'eb. 7, 1952) maneuver, "Operation Warm Ohio, at the home of the Wind," scheduled for Novemgroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. "w. P. NOLAN, Editor and Publisher MRS. MARTHA M. NOLAN, Business Mgr. ber A member of the 503d Air- R. R. Ashcraft of Neon, with Subscription Price $3.00 Per Year; Six Months, , Payable in Advance. borne Regimental Combat the Reverend D. D. Moore Entered as second class mail matter August 28, 1907, at the Postoffice at Whitesburg, Ky., Team of the 11 Airborne Divi- officiating. under the act of Congress of August 9, 1873. The couple will make their sion, he made the trip from Fort Campbell, Ky., by air. home in Cleveland, Ohio, ASSOCIATION NATIONAL EDITORIAL ASSOCIATION MEMBER KENTUCKY PRESS The troop movement, called where the groom is employed his guilt in such a case- However, the "Operation Long Haul," was as a welder with the Boom stranger who was fined seemed to be an up the largest and longest airlift Boiler and Welding standing citizen who was definitely clean, of men in history. "Warm Wind" is designed sober, and decent. The Eagle's side of the question is mere- to give soldiers and airmen Countian with Michigan license A Perry plates on his automobile was arrested and ly facts and all we intend to say is that experience in the defense of tined on a speeding charge Thursday morn- arrests in the county have definitely been lAllaska. Before the exercise ing of last week while passing through Let- stepped up in the past few months. The best begins, each man will receive cher County on-- his way to Pikeville to visit way to measure the increase in arrests is to a thorough arctic indoctrinalook at the jailer's allowance for care of tion to familiarize him with a niece who had been stricken with polio. prisoners, as paid out by the County Clerk's the techniaues of survival in His fine in Magistrate's court here was ottice. extreme cold. and the ten dollars and cost, a total of An ammunition bearer in The Circuit Court docket has been light speeding through a school charge was during the past term of court and could not Company E, Private Collins his departure from court, the man account give the entered for a increase came to The Eagle office and complained jailer's figures big we have so we'llreminding ber 1951. the Army in Decemas them, that he hadn't been treated right by the that the jailer isn't being put up as a party arresting officer, whom the stranger accused to fee grabbing or anything since he must ad- CPL- BOWENS SERVES of operating a speed trap. mit all prisoners brought to his jail and he WITH 2nd. DIVISION Both the stranger and a travelling com- is given so much money for the care of each tArmy Cpl. Has Bowens Jr., panion, his wife, claimed their car had not prisoner . . . including food, etc. whose wife. Pansv. lives on been going at an excessive speed and they Us our complete Here's how the allowance had increased: Route 2, Clintwood, Vas re had no idea they were in a school zone or that May 14, June 11, 1952 $433-3- ; cently arrived in Germany moving facilities . . . a car which almost ran them off the road be- July 26, 1952 $524-90and is now serving with the August 12, 1952 longed to an officer of the law. The man $819-06Sept. 9, 1952 $916.70; Oct. 7, 1952 2d Armored Division. LOCAL MOVING claimed he had passed the officer's car and $964.60; Nov. 10, 19521001.00. Notice that Part of western EuroDe'sl .LONG DISTANCE the officer had given chase and almost crowd- within a six month period the amount paid NATO Army, his unit is conPIANO MOVING ed him off the road in eagerness to make an out for prisoner care more than doubled, in- ducting training exercises in fXPRT CRATING arrest. dicating a big increase of arrests. Yet the the U. S. Occupation Zone of Meade Transfer Co. The arrested man said he appeared in court dockets are smaller than they have Germany. Called the "Hell Neon Phone 2113 court and confessed to the charge so that been in years and only an average number of on Wheels" Division, it was Located at he might pay his fine and get on to Pikeville indictments were returned by the October the first American outfit to Whitaker on U. S. 119 and his niece. After paying the fine, he be- Grand Jury. enter Berlin as World War II "Cargo Insurance" came peeved at what he thought had been We find that most of those additional neared its end. mistreatment. He claimed his Michigan tag arrests were for misdemeanors and were proCorporal Bowens served in had perhaps accounted for his arrest. cessed through the lower courts- Many were the Marine Corps during The Eagle published the man's story, for speeding and disoderly conduct and of World War H and entered the e and merely stating that "A course, drunkenness. Fines varied from one Army in January 1951. accusing Perry Countian on his way through (Letcher dollar and costs to ten dollars and costs in Since entering the Armv. the complained of a most of the speeding and passing school bus Corporal has served in the County to Pikeville Letcher County speed trap which within offenses. Korean fighting and has been less than a half hour had him arrested, and We noticed also that there has been an awarded the Korean Service fined $25-5for speeding through a school increase in speeding and passing school bus Ribbon, the UN Service Rib zone." Notice that The Eagle in no way arrests in the past six months. bon, the Good Conduct Medal ttr i "tit. nwmrwiij accused anyone of operating a speed trap and the Purple Heart for and did not vouch for the innocence or guilt wounds received in action. of the driver. However, upon being criticized by a couple persons who claimed The Eagle was picking on them, a reporter began to dig inAbout this time every year, we here at to records to see if perhaps a speed trap or The Eagle begin expecting and dreading the traps for excessive fee grabbing might exist fires we will have to write about. In fact, in Letcher County. We don't say that such we have written about so many fires that practices as operating speed traps do exist we fear for our own homes every time the but .there are a lot of complaints from fire whistle sounds here in Whitesburg. citizens who travel our highways. One fire is invariably followed by at We all know the kind of reputation a least two others in a series which never seems county gets if everyone caught for a minor to fail. The grouping of fires in such a manlaw violation is jerked up and fined. Of ner has been brought to our attention time course, we don't advocate letting anyone and again by Fire Chief Day until at the preswhiz through our county in direct violation ent we are expecting a couple fires to break of the law. However, in minor cases in- out in our immediate vicinity since we had volving visitors in our county, our courts a bad fire at the mouth of Cowan only last could show a little leniency and not be too Friday. eager to levy a fine. We want visitors to That fire destroyed a man's business as leave with a good taste for Letcher County. well as his store building and the cause was BEFORE with expert advica em Going back to the case of the Perry one with which we are a the right kinds of insurance. Countian. we cannot say the Judge was at faulty flue. The greatest majority of fire fault for fining the man, since the stranger stories we write usually mention a faulty A FT SR with quick help in confessed to the charge. However, he could flue as cause of the blaze. Which leads us to have questioned the man and learned just strongly urge home and business owners to all just claims. what had happened instead of levying a fine check their flues for faults before a long without investigation. The Judge should also hard winter sets in and many dangerous Protect what you hav know if the officer in question is operating flames will climb our chimneys. IM m afcow you huut speed traps in the county and if he nds IA11 local fire chiefs are more than glad to that such a practice does exist, he should help in checking homes or business houses for have it stoppedfire hazards, since elimination of such hazLooking on the officer's side of the affair, ards makes for fewer fires and an easier job we know it is easy to become indignant when for these fire chiefs. Why not call in your having been arrested or fined and a person fire chief and have him check your premises. never seems to think he is guilty or will admit Remember, it's better to be safe than sorry. LETCHER INSURANCE AGENCY In Phone 2318 MEN IN SERVICE and Airways Communication eighth1840, Kentucky was the largest state in Service Squadron where he is United States, on. the basisthe SGT. LEFTRIDGE SPENBS of WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY a Control Tower Operator at population. FIVE DAYS IN JAPAN 'the air base flight line. Sgt- Ralph L. Leftridge, son Mi Ff HI of Mrs- Mary L. Couch. Sgt. Marvin E. Nielson, of a recently spent five Big Sandy, Montana, has a days in Japan on a rest and Station Com i G YOU ARE INVITED TO JOIN THE recuperation leave from the taken over as U- - S. Army mander of the a 2d Infantry Division in Korea. LIST OF EAGLE SUBSCRIBERS- - CLIP The vacation was part of the U. S. Air Force RecruUting a Army's policy of giving Station in the Frazier Build AND MAIL THIS COUPON TODAY: .periodic rests to soldiers in ing, Whitesburg. the combat zone. Luxurious He replaces T. Sgt. Nieley, "R. and R" hotels are located who was transferred last week Subscription Blank To The Mountain Eagle throughout Japan to accom- to the Far East Air Forces-U- . modate the veterans. S. Air Force Recruiter The Mountain Eagle, Sgt. Leftridge, a medical Arcy W. Lyle and Carl Sum' Whitesburg, Ky. aidman, entered the Army in mers await transferral from June 1951 and joined the 2d the Whitesburg station. Please find enclosed ($2-0- for six months) ($3.00 for one year) price Division in Korea last PFC. ISON GRADUATES for subscription to The Mountain Eagle. FROM ENGINEER SCHOOL A2-SMITH ARRIVES Pfc. Eli D. Ison, son of Mr. Date AT GERMAN BASE Airman 2nd Class Renny R. and Mrs. George Ison, Osca-loosPlease mail The Eagle to: Ky., recently was gradSmith, son of Mr. and uated from the Army EngiE. Smith, Whitesburg, NAME Kentucky, arrived at Wies- neer School in Murnau. Germany. baden Air Base, Wiesbaden, ADDRESS Germany this week. ,Here he The use of mines, booby is scheduled to serve a tour of traps and explosives was duty with the U. S- Air Force taught in the course he completed. in Europe. Denny, a Ison entered the Army in graduate of Sincerely yours, Whitesburg High School, en- September 1949 and is now Signed: listed in the Air Force in Aug- serving as a demolition specialist in Company B of the ust 1951, at Lexington. At present he is assigned 1402d Engineer Combat Batfor duty with the 1947th Air talion in Germany. ilimuttatn tlailr (ilhe a a n n a a a a a IS IX 0. a $2-00- n 9 a a n n U - Eagle Notices Increase In Arrests For speeding PLANNING TO MOVE? $25-50- , zone-Upo- n Do You Pay Your Bills By - 1952-$429- .76; ; ; CHECK or CASH? If you're one'of those folks who's learned the advantages of our special checking account, your checkbook enables you to pay bills by mail, to carry funds without risk or theft, to keep an accurate account of expenses through check stubs, afnd get a receipt for every purchase in the form of a cancelled check. If, you still run the risk and inconvenience of paying by cash, we urge you to come in and get details on a checking account today! 1 K u Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY - no-on- ... 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WILL periorm all the work on your car as efficiently and as economically as possible Wc will revlace ony thnsf imrts which in our judgement need revlactmj WILL rncd-trvovr car mtpr the i.yrj.- is done and before we return the en to yoii. if the nature of the work requires it WILL endeavor to have your car eady on time-I- f the ivork takes longer than we estimate, we will advise you as far in advance as oofsihle WILL provide you with an itemized bill snowing exactly what work was done and exactly what it cosU will gladly explain any item or items that are not clear to you. WE WILL accirm'pih nacnosa WE WE WE -- - si KYVA MOTOR CO.. hit. Whitesburg, Kentucky FORA SPECULS0ME0NE - Mc-Rober- ts, - EVER-INCREASIN- BIRTHDAY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY CHRISTMAS IANE AS ADVmUED IN LIFI Lu 48" modern dtiija SW Uifd fa tlctmia blood Ku M&djfa tray. , A a, Mrs-Hewe- - y CEDAR CHEST A bemtiful Lane die gift shell cber Ish & lifetime! 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