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Image 8 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 16, 1953

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY Kingdom Come. Seniors Go To Washington by Cinda Sparkmon On Monday, March 23, eight of us Seniors, Mr. Hall, our principal, Mrs. Hall, Mr. Adams, our basketball coach and Mr- - and Mrs. Hall's son set out on the journey we had been eagerly awaiting for some time. We left Whites-bur- g about 7:00 o'clock Monday morning in Mr. Hall's and Mr. Adams cars- The day was a dreary one, but the im- you would have got-- 1 ten from us would be, "It was a beautiful day." After driving all day throueh our neighboring state Virginia, we decided to spend the night in the Sycamore Hill Motor Court at Warrenton, Virginia. The next morning we came out with the'chickens to go the other few miles to our destination Washington, D. C. After parking the cars in a parking lot for the day and night we started our sightseeing tour. The first place we visited was the White, , House. Such beauty, I never seen before. As we left the building one boy joking- - i One of our most breathtaking places was the Library of Congress. We saw the historical papers, such as personal letters written by our presidents, the Bill of Rights, and many others. Next we came to the Supreme Court Building. The court was not in session, but we saw inside the room. From there we went to the bureau of printing and engraving. It was interesting to know how and where our money that we spend is made. About . $44 million dollars are , e ln one 0ur last stoP f or the day s the Capitol Building, There were hundreds of in-Cresting things to see in this building, but some of the most important ones were: the paintings of the famous Italian painter, Bermidi; the Senate Building and the House of Representatives, the guide pointed out where some of the important men sat in the Senate. We saw the beautiful miniature capitol building. The most interesting thing of the capitol building was a room filled' with statutes sent in by each state (Kentucky had sent the statue of Henry iiy). in mis room mere was a certain spot on which you could stand and hear msper ln Part of aav-pressio- I n News from Indiana her, asked her to move back. comb and family of Ulvah visiting with his mother Mrs. Miss Hester Watts spent They told her they missed her Sunday. Nancy Ann Crase over the Saturday night with Corcie The son of Mrs. Dewey Lee Whitaker. Hampton is in Japan now, but greatly after she moved to Misses Corcie Lee and Mae week end. Indiana. Whitaker spent Friday night hopes to be back in the states with Mr. and Mrs. R. B. soon. Whitaker. Burley Childers, the son of Mr. Loyal and Bradley spent DR. L. N. PEARLMAN Fred and Etta 'Childers is in a few hours Sunday with Jerry VictorviUe, Calif and is plan Mr. Spencer Halcomb of OPTOMETRIST ning to come home on a Dayton, Ohio, was visiting Wayne Whitaker. Miss Inus and Euna Mae Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted furlough in June. He hopes with his family over the week Whitaker were visiting with to be home for his birthday. end. Above Major's Store Phone 65 their sister in Lexington over Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Whit-ake- r the week end. Mrs. Etta Childers of Edin-burHAZARD, KENTUCKY and family and Mr. and Ind., went to Kentucky last week, she spent one night Mrs. James Birchfield and Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Bradley with Mrs. John Kiser of and Mrs. Adron Mitchell were of Gordon, were visitine with Thornton, Ky., and also spent visiting with Mr. and Mrs. tneir son. Mr. and Mrs- - Odas Sunday. Bertha two nights with her daughter Alamander Whitaker and fam- Bradley Watts returned home with ily over the week end. at McRoberts, Ky. Mrs Vir. them. gil Lee Polly. Mrs. Lizirifc Halcomb and Miss Loretta Canrobell snent Mrs. Childers also went to James Edward and Charles Roxana, Ky., to see her friends Truman Halcomb were visit- Sunday with Ora Whitaker. they were all glad to see ing with Mrs. Luther Hal- - Mr. and Mrs. Tilden Crase and family of Dunham, were ers want to see where their money went-- go to the White men. We House." But we would not also saw the President's want less for the home of the but weren't allowed in. room, leader of our country, would we? After we left the Capitol, After we left the president's we registered at the Annahome, we decided to hire a polis Hotel. That evening guide to take us to the most we went out to a movie at the famous places. Our next stop Apex Theater and saw "The was the Washington Monu- Quiet Man." ment. There I think some of The next morning we left the group learned a lessor, Washington and visited in never walk up 889 steps to Virginia. We saw the tomb save the elevator fare of a of the Unknown Soldier and dime you will waste more the home of George Washing-ton- . shoe leather. It was really Many of his belongings something to look out the win- were to be seen including the dows and see all over Wash- bed in which he died. ington, D. C, and to know We left Mt. Vernon and that beautiful city holds mil- started toward home. We lions of secrets of our great stopped at a motel in Wyth-vill- e, Va-- , and spent the night, men. Our next stop was at the returning home the next day. Smithsonian Institute. And The trip to Washington did cto give you some idea of how something to us seniors- It large it was, our guide told made us realize and underus that if you stood before stand more about our great each item one minute, eight country. It made us appreci nours a day, seven days a ate what we have. Maybe week, that you would be in this trip even inspired us to there 75 years. It was really do something to make our interesting to see the first air country even greater than it( planes, cars, etc. is today. LfJf - JJOTjJLAR JFOR nOLJLAR I HA1UE TELEVISION RAINY DAYS Aom BOTHER 7 Some days must be rainy days the sun can't always be shining. And that goes for money matters too. The important thing is to be ready for any kind of financial weather with a steadily growing savings account- You, too, can take life's "rainy days" in your stride, if you'll use your "sunny days" to build up your savings account. For: the security of your family, for your own peace of mind deposit a fixed amount every pay day. It's the first rule of successful living. pis , m Parts and Accessories Complete Stocks COMING APRIL 15-16-17- -18 JACKSON'S FURNITURE Phone 2571 Neon, Ky. - QUILLEN DRUG Co. Whitesburg, Ky. LETCHER COUNTY COURT IN RE: ELECTION TO ALLOW THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES IN JENKINS, LETCHER COUNTY, KENTUCKY. ORDER W BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY you cajxtt heat jl Pontine JL GJEJJVERJ3JO THURSDAY. APRIL 16, 1953 MOTORS LASTEIZJPIECE A petition requesting the calling of an election for the purpose of taking the sense of the people of Jenkins, Letcher County, Kentucky, as to the discontinuance of the application of Kentucky Revised Statutes 242.210 to 242.430 to the City of Jenkins, Letcher County, Kentucky, and to permit the sale of alcoholic beverages in said City, having been filed in this Court on the 2nd day of February, 1953, and it appearing to the Court that Kentucky Revised Statutes 242.020, makes it the duty of the Court to direct an election upon said subject to be held in the City of Jenkins, Letcher County, Kentucky, it is now ordered and directed that an election be held on Saturday, April 25, 1953 in each and every precinct of the City of Jenkins, Letcher County, Kentucky. It is further ordered and directed that the proposition to be voted upon shall be stated on a ballot without emblems and two spaces shall be left upon the right side of the ballot, one for votes favoring the proposition, to be designated by the word "YES", and one for the votes opposing it, to be designated by the word "NO". And there shall be placed upon the ballot tHis question. "ARE YOU IN FAVOR OF THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES IN THE CITY OF JENKINS?" The Clerk of this Court shall, within five days hereafter deliver a properly certified copy of this order to the Sheriff of Letcher County, Kentucky. It is further ordered that the Sheriff fulfill the duties imposed upon him by KRS 242.040, and that he make a written report of his performance of said duties to this Court. Its Great Name Makes Its Price Remarkable! 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This 13 day of February, 1953. ROBERT B. COLLINS, Judge, Letcher County Court. STATE OF KENTUCKY, SCT: COUNTY OF LETCHER, I, Charlie Wright, Clerk of the County Court within and for the County aforesaid, certify that the foregoing is a true, accu- rate and correct copy of an Order as appears of record in Coun459-46ty Court Order Book 19, at Pages 0, records of my office. Given under my hand this 13th day of February, 1953. CHAS. WRIGHT, Clerk, Letcher County Court.

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