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Page 217 of Four American pioneers: Daniel Boone, George Rogers Clark, David Crockett, Kit Carson : : a book for young Americans / by Frances M. Perry and Katherine Beebe.

THE SECOND EXPEDITION. had so little to eat that they grew thin and weak. The men cut the bark and twigs from the sycamore trees and fed the poor beasts with them; for there was noth- ing else. One night in January, fifty o f Crow Indians visited the camp and stole nine horses. When Carson learned of the deed, he called to the men to follow him, 4 and without waiting to see how A many answered the call, has- tened to saddle his horse. Allh understood that he intended to hunt for the thieves. Twelve rose to go with him. th It was not hard to find 'the path of the Indianswin the snow. a But it was hard to keep it; for vi_ a large herd of buffaloes had crossed and recrossed it until in many places it was com- pletely blotted out. The horses TRAPPING IN WINTER. were so weak that after the trappers had ridden forty miles they were obliged to halt. As they were looking for a good place for a camp they noticed smoke rising from a clump of trees, and were rejoiced to find that they had overtaken the horse-thieves. 217

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