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Image 4 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), June 24, 1921

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

VOTE ON BRITISH MAKE .'Sii MCie BRIBED SILL RAIDS IN ERii? ture of Tanlac, which according now having the- largest sale of any medicine PARTS OF GLOBE of its kind in the world, over bottles having been sold Tanlac Elements Come From in six years. Many Lands Far Away The new plant occupies 60,000 From Here square feet of floor space and has The ingredients from which the a daily capacity of 50,000 bottles. celebrated medicine Tanlac is Uniform quality is guaranteed made come from remote sections by a series of careful inspections of the earth and are transported by expert chemists from the time thousands of miles over land and the roots, herbs, bark and flow sea to the great Tanlac Labora- ers are received until their medicinal properties have been extories at Davton, Ohio and tracted by the most npproved Canada The Alps, Appenines.Pyrenees processes. .The finishedjinedicine Russian Asia. Westlndies.Rocky is than bottled labeled and shipMountains. Asia Minor, Persia, ped out to tens of thouspnds of India, Mexico, Columbia and Pe- druggists throughout the United ru are among the faraway points States and Canada to supply a from which the principal proper- demand never besore .equalled bp ties of this remarkable prepara- this or any other medicine. tion are obtained. Wanted Salesman for 6,000 What 13 said to be the largest mile guaranteed tires. Salary pharmaceutical laboratory in the $100;00 weekly with extra comUnitadStates lias been completed missions. Cowan Tire & Rubber at Dayton, O., for the manufac J Co., Box 784 Chicago, Illinois. FROM REMOTEST to recent report - 20.-000,0- 00 Pivfe a: , Thousand Troops Round Men Who Are Wanted for tflurdergi ; how you'll take a pipe and P. A.! WW tj Before you're a day older you want to let the idea slip .tinder your hat that this is the open season to start from bite and parch '(cut: out by our exclusive patented process) are a revelation to the man who never could get acquainted with a pipe! P. A. has made a pipe a thing of joy to four something with a joy'us .jimmy pipe VVtM and some Prince 'Albert! men where one was smoked before! Because, a pipe packed with Prince Albert satisfies a man as he was never satisfied before and keeps him Ever roll up a cigarette with Prince Albert? Man, man but you've got a party coming your way! "satisfied! 'And, you can prove it! .Why P. A.'s flavor and fragrance and coolness and its freedom Prince Albert is: cold in toppy red bass, tidy red tins; handsome pound and halt pound tin humidors andinthe pound crystal class humidor with sponge moiitcner. top. Talk about a cigarette smoke;- - we tell you it's a peach! L m PRINCE Bt KJaU UNO Copyright 1921 by R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Winston-Sale- N.C the national ojj smoke Squibs IRVING NOTICE C T0MLINS0N. Pikeville, Ky. June 7 Keep busy. Is your job unsafe? Is it permag bus- nent? You want a incss. You can get into such a business sellisg more than 137 Watkins Products direct to farmers if you own aulo or team or can getlone; if you are under 50 and can give bond with personal sureties. We back you with big selling helps. 52 years in business, 20,000,090 users of our pro ducts. Write for information where you can get territory. J, R. Watkins Co., Drpartment 111, GET BUSY. life-lon- Winona, Minn. Wanted Agents in every county in State to sell Indian Herb Remedies and toilet goods. Big money sure. Laxative Herb Tablets 60c prepaid. great Indian herb medicine for blood, Liver, Kidney, and Stomach makes weak rundown people strong $1 prepaid malt extract & hops $1 prepaid. Cole & Son, 1509 Elm St., Cincinnati, Ohio. SELL the genuine Watkins Products! Medicines, Extracts, Spices, Soaps, Shampoo, Etc. Live Lady or Gentleman Agent wanted in Whitesburg and other vacant cities. All or spare time. Particulars and sample free. Write today. The J. R. Watkins Co. 53 Memphis, Tenn. Master Commissioner's Sale We the undersigned members of the Pike County Bar make this statement with reference to the Administration of Hon. Ros-co- e Vanover, Judge of the 35th Judicial District of Kentucky. At the time Judge Vanover was elected the docket of the Pike Circuit Court was congested with a great number of cases and it was almost impossible to get a trjai judp.e Vanover went to work and tried these cases. He has tried and disposed of about 3,000 cases dui i lg his short tenure in office and has done more work in this short-timthan any' Circuit Judge in the State of Kentucky. Judge Vanover is an able, hon est and sincere Judge. No one can question his sincerity or honesty of purpose. He. has been true and faithful to the trust reposed in him as your Judge. We make this statement because we feel that the people of Pike and Letcher counties are entitled to know the facts With reference to what Judge Vanover has accomplished as Judge of the Pike Circuit Court. J M York A E Auxier James Sovards J M Bowling W K Steele QC Bowles E E Trivette J J Moore E D Stephenson W P Hughes J P Hobson jr J H Adkins 1 ' WIRES TELEPHONE GUT . Letcher Circuit Court, Ky, WW Reynolds J S Hudson Little VVhitaker, plfF., vs. Alfred JR Johnson jr RTGoff Fields and Ira Banks defts A M Phipps By virtue of a judgment and order of ALRatliff sale of Letcher Circuit Court rendered L J May judge JE Childers at its April term 1921 Jn above cause, Frank P Damron fos the sum of $275 with interest at the Willis Staton T H Harmon rate of 6 per cent per annum from the R H Cooper 24 day of Oct. 1917 until paid subject to Martin Boiling W K Elliott the following credits $S5 paid April 29, James Phelps Zack Justice 1918. $5 paid Fb.10. 1918. STO.fif) rmici April 4, 1919 and all crsts herein I will I A S Ratliff S M Cecil offer for sale by public auction at thej JC Cantrell G R Blackburn jr Courthouse door in whitesburg, Ky. on (advertisement) Monday the 6 day of June 1921 about the hour of 1 oclock p.m. upon a credit of 6 months the following described property towit: All that certain tract of land situate Fox. coon, n'possum. rabbit, on Spicewood branch of Kingdom Come creek m JLetcher county, Ky., and de- hiooQ hounds, airedale terriers, scribed as follows: Being the same land conveyed to the defendants Alfred collies, shepherds, squirrel dogs, Fields and Ira Banks by Lynch Fields watch dogs, poodles, police docs, by deed dated May 4, 1913 and now of St, Bernards, bull terriers. Boston record in the office of the Clerk of the Letcher County Court in deed book No. terriers, and pet dogs of al at Page reference to which is now All broke dogs are sen! rnada for a more particular desciiption kinds. of said land. Also at the same time on 10 days trial. If not satisfacand place I will offer for sale 2 mules, tory return doars in good shape I gray and 1 black known as the Eli Ison mules. Os a sufficiency thereof express prepaid and we will re to produsc the sums of money ordered: fund your money. Or will ship to be made. The purchaser will be required to ex- C.O.D. where expres3 office ecute bond with approved security immediately after the sale. This J2 day Lokesojje Pine Farm Kennels Gt May 1921. S.E.Baker, M.C.L.C.C. MiJstone, Ky. Fine Dogs For Sale In Belfast, June 18. It is reported here that a big sweep of 0,000 troops has taken place. It has been known for some time that the military authorities have contemplated strong measures in Soutli Moiiaghan and Cavun, where there have been numerous murders. l'olice and military headquarters, however, profess ignorance. Independent confirmation can not be obtained in Belfast us Monughnn (i completely isolated, the telephones ' having been dismantled apparently by the authorities to prevent news .of the operation; from becoming public initil they were completed. It is believed tbr--t a block ade system Is about to be. established In the affected area, with Iiandquarters at Dumlalk. Sweeping Roundup (Made. Dublin. June IS. Tliel government forces have been mnklnp)a sweeping rouifdnp of certain area;iiu the last few days, with the appi.Tfjit Idea of making large captures ar.i'i sifting them for men who are "want.Hl."-Thoperations bave heenA in pro gress in Moiiaghan coioity flll this week. Hundreds of carestB were made. Five cavalry regiments fovested Cnc-rlckmacross, Moiiaghan, :tnd ctmnmn deercd several private houses. They made several arrests Including a 'dis patch carrier of the Irltfi republican army. Similar raids occurred nt Wexford and Athlone. Cut Wires, Burn Rail Signals. London, June IS. A campaign of widespread cutting of railway and slg n:il wires and burning of signal cabins around London, attended by violence against signal men, was carried out (luring the night by men who the police declared were "Sinn I'elners and menlbers of the Irish league." Nine men were arrested. The official police statement snys: "All the men arrested gave local ad dresses. They arc young Irishmen 17 and 22. It has been known for some time that the bends of the league in Irish London have been dn correspondence with the socalled Irish republican army which has been directing the murders and outrages in Ireland." Asks Home Rule Amendment. Strong pleas for the amendment of the Irish home-rjilact came unexpectedly from the house of lords, the feature of the debate being the first speech made by Lord Buxton since, he" returned from Soutli. Africa, when) tm had served an governor general. Incidentally. Lord Ihistou disclosed. titat4ir, with (.tliev peers, had explored the grouull.wlth rt vtew tn.nrpoHatlons for a settlement of the Irish difficulty, but lie wild they had arrived nt the conclusion that the only practical initiative must come from the govern meat Itself. SHRINERS ACTS TO FREE YANKS U. S. Consul Greek Army Protests Against Impressments. Forty-Sevent- KENYOfl GHALLEN6ES 'HARDING Iowa Senator, Republic, in Leader, Say3 President's Edict cf "Les3 Government In Business' Pocs Not Fit Packing IntUctry. e Irvlns C. Tomllnson Das been elected president of the Christian Science Mother Church of IJoston. Substitute Is V Defeated , the Senate by0nly irt r Operations Which Have Been Progress a Week Have Resulted in Hundreds of Prisoners, Sinn Felners Active in London. Me-o-m- y, ' . i ALL Morris U END BIG CONCLAVE h Session Adjourns After Banquet for New Imperial Potentate. Washington, June IS. Substitution Of the Morris bill, proivslng' drastic federal regulation of the nieitt packing Industry, for the more' liberal control measure passed by thelhouse, was defeated In the senate by iu margin of three votes. The vote was 31 to 07. Leaders had expected the final vote on the house bill to come iinmedlately afterward, but It was delayed ly the introduction of another substitute by Senator Sterling of Soutli Dakota. The substitute is virtually the sa'me US' the rejected Morris bill, except that it delegates its administration to the federal trade commission instead of to a live stock comuiision us wus proposed In the latter. The house L 111 intrusts lids power to the secretary of agriculture ImmciKut-consideration of the Sterling measure was blocked by several senators, who demanded more time for Its examination. To allow them tills opportunity the leaders agreed to defer final action on the legislation. Harding's Edict Chnllenosd. President Harding's edict of "less government In business"' was challenged on the floor of the senate by Senator Kcnyon of Iowa, leader of his own party, iu a speech In behalf of the Morris bill. The senator declared the legislation which proposes the regulation of the packing Industry hy a federal livestock commission was necessary, despite the administration's injunction against meddling with private business, for the protection of botli the producer and consumer, who, he said, are at the mercy of the "big live." Naming the "big live" as Swift, Armour, Morris, (Jmkihy and Wilson, Senator Kcnyon declared these concerns had obtulued such a dominant position that they controlled the market nt will und held the fortunes of their siuulier competitors In their hands. This domination, he- - asserted, was not confined to the meat business, but steaded to industries aud even unrelated lines. Charges that the packers were maintaining a great lobby against the pending legislation were made by the senator. It is Infesting tills lulldlng and it is at the doors even ut this moment, culling senators out of Hie chamber,"' he said. The senator declared that adminis tration loaders who constHued the last (.iectlou us a mandate agoftist further reslaticm c big business werg IuWhig under a" derusiou. Must Destroy Monopoly. "Why are. they blind enough," be" io ueneve mat tne American people are going to submit to five men controlling the market place of the American stock raiser, and the prices the consumer pays food? This is not a question of government Inter U fcrence with legitimate business a question of goverPWPjt eifprt,S to break up a monopoly. u. are no destroying property when yp.ii d.estroy monopoly. UU! may Uo defeated, but If li is there will be a ouugress here iu time, that will pass quo oven more drastic," Activities il the federal trade commission ' were defended by the Iowa senator. The cry for its abolition, he said, arose because Jt hall "tried tQ turn the llght-o- f publicity ujp.n. a fey of the great mQu.p.n.aJi, qf the nation," "Just ft few days ago," ho declared, "this, commission tiled a. report on the lumber industry that hits aroused the ire of the gentlemen engaced in the prices of lmnler to the American people." The report mentioned was that on the Douglas fir Industry. Keferrlng to it further, the. senator continued: "And these gentlemn who, by yrt lue of their powerfuj Cfltv,h,toftU-,i- , "stvp mm Vf. tlte i?w of Ur from 30Q tp 300 per cent, fcoon "HI he In festing the cnpltol with their lobbies, demanding a high protective tariff on lumber that they can continue tlielr nefarious practice of ffiujlflij (ho Des Moines, Iown, Juno 18. The forty seventh annual conclave of the Ancient Arabic order, Nobles of the Mystic Shrnp, Plldejl f(ill(vig a ban Americans Taken Forcibly Frppi quet givpn in honor of Krnest T. Homes and Off Ships and Compelled Ciitts of Savanniili, Ga., the new Imperial potentate. It is estimated that to Join the Colors. more than !X),000 Shriners were here (luring thp thrpe-da- y copplavp. Smyrna, Asia Minor, June JS, The Imperial ffiuncjl unanininnslj' nopted George Uorton, United Status consul general here, has made ft vigorous pro a rei9itlHp "viewing wjth lwp contest to Govonor General Steriadps cern flip continued persecution, of npiinst the Impressment o United Christians of thp near east," and proStates citizens into the Greek army. testing "to our goyeriipient pgnins: Mr. Uorton lias appealed to Washing-to- n thesp eontlmiod nutriiapa nnd venupstf- to make a peremptory demand up- our president and congress to make on the Greek government to discontinue representations to the allied govern-- j this breach of the agreement existing nients that armed forces shall be main-- ; tallied in the near east for the prohpfwecn the two countries. J'or many nipnths Americans, even tection of the rights of these perse-cuted races. men who sprypd in flip nffijf Iji I have been token forciply frpm tlielf Jack Johnscn Out July 7. homes or from vessels arriving frop Leavenworth, Kan June IS. Jack tJw 'United States and cojnpellpd J.O join (lie Greek forces. There have Johnson, former heavyweight pugiliM 'lieen scores ojf tuo!; fflsps in Athens, champion, serving a sentence in the Smyrna, I'atras and Siiloniki, aioj pi)y federal prison for alleged violation of people, the Sfnnn net, ppd who wj 1m reHUusinpsq tliso able U esc.njie and get Into, at makes from 00Q to wili American consular leased Tply f, lips been offered ?55,()00 300 ppr cent profit ought to be disoflicbjif have obtained redress. Iff to meet I fa try Mills' nt Jerspy pity, turbed where it Is done t!irogh cremany hudaiws ti,oy jjave been N. J., August 0, it was declared here. ating a tr.PnnpnUv.nnrt. tfierp are some stripped cf iUclf clotjilns find t.ejr Johpsop's firsf public appenra&fP iffpr ill's v'M'iu whp aro not passports and other liners ji;,vp Icon, I'll rPIW (ym mm Vl" a' Bit snng tcrbe a hit frightened bv the erv atliljdic stifnv i) Leavenworth. When they jinyp confiscated. flf tupep ypur hands off iHiHttloKa and it is charged, thoy have been 'eep away from government regula- " handcuffed, thrown into jail asd' mis- Canoe Upsets, Two Drawn at Belelt. tloa. treated. Dciolt, Wis., June IS. Itlclinrd . Coiisul-GenerUorton declares Ward, thirty-eigh- t years old, of Ifelolt, 3,000 Emigrants Stranded. fciir!) action by the Greek authorities and Miss Itutji Nice, twenty-twyears Antwerp, June IS. The new Amnrl. , is In flagrant violation of existing o.ld, a school teachei-- whose home was canJiimiigratloi hiT prP enuring con- agr.cem.eiit.s het.w.een the JTnf fie Staffs lit Jefferson. Wis,, were drowned in jLnI Greece, granting ndiitary psemp-li(the lf!cU plypf wiep their' citnoe 'ill'V M rtiinl5 I'olW, a nnmler of t " persons naturalized as AjnerJ.-r;ii-) wJiq(!1 are being lett l.y w,cj, c.'itivws prior to Feb. J, 194, ami steamer and are uuabl to. Had n vtiel-te- r. lit ('':" vvjit. although naturalized Vote tc Keep Up Mine Strike. The sdrnincr KniHlltnd, which pipe tliiit fifiie. Jiive served with the I(qndop, June IS. The ballot of (h.e Sdlt'd J.PI( 15 t'I'd was due t take STifl emigrants, carried only 2;iO, Anvriran nrniy or wsvjr. Pftfil HrtPPfP ! H'P question, flf a There One I'flse s cited ns Hpicn of many. seltlenipnt favors a continuation of the are now nmro than il.OOO euiigrants JJoyv York PffikP. If was o(llcial.'y qpsoupced. Jipre virtually stratnled. PHvitfr Jinnes JSati'i) city, who wns eitc.l f"r,r llFflvry In hp Argmir.c campaign and who has her n receiving a disability allowance of S30 FOR SALE-Ab- out 230 acres' a month from the United States govof Montgomery Co. blue grass ernment, was recently arrested hy of Bourbon Poultry 5? 1 -- Tl l Greek ijthorlie.s at Milylene. lie lnM Bituaiea1 acouc. o- nines soutn I lauu JHL. came It) jrjrcecp us mt AnjariQn citi zen, to. he niiirifed, but wag brought ff Mt.Slerling, Ky(. on the Carn-arg- o cholera grfa r.r jr ! to Smyrna under guard. pike. Th(3 "land id' in nnd othr- - rhir-sm veilliiucQ and apd'Wfo. Vca daily ti toop WiT Ho fscflpei o a t .iratthy Dan't v.nit uatu and has on it a small house, stock , pealed to tl! Amartcnn ffilisui-generhere, whose energetic action it&uHed bam and scales. Small tUe 60c, $ 1, pint $1.50. The prieo is At drucriaU. or by mail rxatrjaid. In the man's Immediate release. Mr. $100 per acre. Apply to A. C. Bourbon Remedy Co., Box D, Lexington, Ky. Itatfel is now returning to New York Sold in Whitesburg by city with his wife. Bogie, Mt. Sterling, Ky, 4 JOHN P. FITZPAXRICK Wal-kervill- e, The Bank for Savings This Bank is the logical home for your Savings because in addition to paying 3 per cent interest on deposits, it affords absolute safety by reason of its Capital and surplus of $100,000, its conservative methods and its membership in the Federal Reserve System. There is no better investment that you could have than a Savings Account in this strong institution. Whether your deposits are small or large your account will be cordially First National Bank1 Jenkins, Kentucky We pay all taxes on money deposited with us WE INVITE YOU TO USE OUR BOOKKEEPER Deposit your money in the bank. Then your bank book will show the money paid out, and their endorsement will be your receipts for same! Your bank balance will be your net profit. Thus we do your bookkeeping for you. We pay 3 per cent on Savings Accounts. 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