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Image 4 of Blue-grass blade (Lexington, Ky.), December 29, 1901

Part of Blue-grass blade (Lexington, Ky.)

= 11 T 1 C GIVES IT UPI IS UNABLE TO UNTIE THE KNOTTY PROBLEMS OF REPUBLICAN PIE GRAFTING It may be said that one of the mOllt familiar men In the entire section lr our blue gross country Is C C Moon editor ot tho Blue Grass untie I Charley oryono seems to know Moore and he seems to know eery many and varied ex one else With perloncos In the changing panora of life he Is a man of character 1111 Yesterday the rollowln1 of genius rrom was resolved communication him at this olllceQunkeracro Dec 9 E M 301 You know that Dear Demmycrat by rights I am politically nothing but a Prohibitionist all wool a yard whlo warranted to wash without fading amI dont cut in the eye but have sortol got thawed into this Republican rack ot and I am all done up like I hall been run through a threshing mach Cant you do something to help mo straighten myself out and got msoIr together again You see Its thlser way When Un ole Sam had me boarding up at Columbus until I got tired of it ontl wanted to come home Bradley said tome that he would talk to poor tleull Brother Mack for me If I said so but he said that the shape of things betwixt him and Mack was such that the more he Bradley would say for m the deader sot agin me Mack wonU bo and of course I didnt want any ur that In mine Then Brer Roberts I ht of The Ieador put a flea In Macks oar about me and Mack savvied anti told old Warden Coffin to turn 1I1l loose and so it was the only loose thing in my record Now Brad Is after Bobs scalp nnd It looks like he is going to get it n1111 I dont know which side to shlnn 1on But that aint more than halt the complication Bobs was for Taylor XX that our Douhli Ex Governor out of office and then exed over exed to Durbln the man that Bcckha skun and Brad was agin Taylor anl1 up In New York you know Rosy was for Taylor and now Rosy and Brad are solid agin Bobs when Rosy and Bobs had been solid for Taylor anl1 If I aint In a mixed pickle have to give It up and asl them to give me something easy Yours fraternally f1Burned C C MOORE INVESTIGATION ANARCHY BOSTON OP The Boston Investigator prefaci Rosys bull against the Anarchist with a short editorial comment that Intended seems to be ingenious though not Ingenuously noncomm tal but It has a sort of leaning toward the ruler smasher4ri Every matt to Ills own tasle1 the old woman said when she IclssQj the cow but ns for me and the Blad we are agin em Fetch on your deportation Islan Rosy and lets colonize the who gang t FRIENDSHIP LIBERAL LEAGUE OF PA PHILADELPHIA Friendship Liberal League of Phil delphla Pa meets every Sunday In the Broad Street Drawing Room 715 North Broad street December 29 Thomas Stephenson Wh of Boston 230 p m Subject do tho Clergy Fight Shy of Fair anl 730 p m snb Open Discussion Our Christmas Festival anl January 5 Impudent Imposition Henry Rowley of Brooklyn 230 p m BardlniiKh and Ingersoll subject Religion as a Social Fni 730 p m jet torDebate after each lecture INGERSOLL AND MRS KINLEY AS MOURNERS MRS M When old Bro BobIngersoll die 1 tho Christians expatiate upon the alleged excessive grief ot Mrs Ingerso 1 and said it was no more than naturr for a woman who had none of the coi isolations of religion Now good Methodist Bro McKlnb has gone dead and tho newspapers report that his Christian wife Is lIkely to die from grief How Is this thing anyhow THE BURLINGTONS NEW FAST DENVER TRAIN Express NebraskaColorado now leaves St Louis 215 p in arp m next day rives Denver 315 three hours quicker Travelers arriving St Louts In the morning have a half day for bnslnes or visiting In the Worlds Fair City al 315 p m next day they are In Donvt wltlr tho afternoon In that city before leaving for the Coast via Scenic Colorado No other through train to Den vex offors such a remarkably convon lent schedule The Burlingtons other Denver train leaves Sl Louis 900 p m Personally conducted California Excursions from St Louis every Wed nesday night in through tourist sleep ers via Scenic Colorado TO THE NORTHWEST Pacific The BurllngtonNorlhorn Express is the great dally through St Louts and Kansas City tr train Montana Washington Tacoma Seat- Its I tie o PortlandTO THE WEST Tho Burlington runs tho best equip ped trains to Kansas City St Joseph Omaha St Paul Minneapolis Denver Write us of your proposed trip and let us advise you tho least cost send you printed matter free etc L W WAKELEY W M SHAW Gen Pass Agt D P A 400 Vino St St looms Mo Cincinnati O ELLIOTT HOWARD General ManagerSt Louis Mo HOLIDAY RATES Crescent Route Queen ono Tickets on sale one and 24 25third 30 fare round trip 1 December good until Tickets 31 and January t January 3 returning csr 1Y J i+ GRASS BLADE i I of Faith of the Vicar bf OUR BOOK SHELF OF attack upon tho authorhero ollof Pa Savoy ByI Arthur Revolution By R G Inger = Wisdom of Life By Jean Jacques Rousseau Alar per 16 cents Schopenhauer With portrait of UI E IES Search for Truth by Olive 8lltrelnlr Paper 25c Schopenhauer Limitations of TolerationPreface by Peter Eckler Post 80 By A Counsels and Maxims A discussion between Col Robert 0 128 pages with portrait Paper 21 with Uniform Schopenhauer Ingersoll Hon Frederick R CO1l1ert cents vellum cloth 50 cents rooO 2Bc Stewart L Wisdom of Life The Blade is now made and ox Governor Short History of the Bible Religion A Dialogue and other ford Paper 10 cents Complete Being n popular account ot the for the direct distributing agen Essays By Arthur Schopenhauer Blasphemy Paper 2Gc In tho matlon and development of the canon cy for the most valuable and Argument by R O Paper rn By Bronson C Keeler The Art of Literature A series of Movrlstov trial C 11 latest additions to the scien N J ofPaper Reynolds cloth 50 cens cents cloth 75 cent of Essays By A Schopenhauer 25 cents Paper 25dSocial Contract tific liberal literary world VoltaireStudies In Pessimism A Series of Political 14aw Or Principles We have on hand the follow By Robert G lagers A Lecture By A Schopenhauer of Essays A Project for a Perpetual Pcac of the great Irench Also J Rousseau Paper 25c ing intellectual gems of lit with a portrait poet never borore By J One volume with philosopher and The 1 i Schopenhauers Essays CO cents extra portrait Paper erature which should be read published Paper 26 cents above flvo volumes In ono book linn cloth 7f cents who DesircsI Cloth 75nby every Liberal Ingersoll to the Clergy Sixteen Crucified Saviors Father Tom and the Pope Or Ills answers to their questions nnl to be fortified in Freethoug a Night at tho Vatican Written Or Christianity Before Christ Con Replies to the hH1Ianapo criticisms probably by Sir Samuel Ferguson argument and knowledge Brooklyn divines aUll talnlng now startling and xtraordl Us clergymen religious hlslon From Blackwoods Edlnburg Ma Cal IngersoUa llaller nary revelations In oriental origin of Unitarians the A Few Days In Athens gazine Paper 25c cloth Son Paper 25 which dlscloso tho Now edition on God In the Constitution By Frances Wright By Henry M Faith or Fact all the doctrines principles IIICClllti Everybody who knows the value of centsIngersolls ot the Christian NIW and miracles Tahcr With Preface by Col Rob Liberty in Literature this book will road It One of tho ert G Ingersoll Crown 8 vo vel Testament and furnishes a key for IIn An Testimonial to Walt Whitman masterpieces ot Free Thought Cloth 374 pages locking many of its sacred mvsterl hum cloth gilt top address delivered In Philadelphia Oc besides comprising tho history of six 7ft 100Price centsApocryphal tower 21 1890 with portrait of Whit- teen crucified gods etc By 1CIsl New Testament and Agnosticism Fawcetts ora Being all the Gospels Epistles and man Also contains the funeral Cloth 160 other Essays with n Prologue by 25 cents cloth 50 cents Graves One volume other pieces now extant attributed In tlon Paper Robert O Ingersoll Tale of a Halo 12 mo 277 pp Cloth 75c tho first four centuries to Jesus Chllst What Must We Do to Be Saved IlhI Morgan A Robertson By By Charles Klngsley His Apostles and their corapanlo Hypatla Analyzes the socalled Gospels ut esta Matthew Mark Luke and John and trated A story In verso ot trouble In In the New and not Included Is an historical novel and gives a Incidentally Cloth 15C went by Its compilers vivid picture of life at Alexandria a chapter each to the Catho heaven more powerful Illustrating Ishow devotes rugSrlol vus fU rRrnt iwo tnlrioxCIn tho Pope when Chris ¬ Methodlss Pres much In the fifth century Astral Worship lies Episcopalians otleRiiica Evangelical Alliance anti tho opinion of the RomUh Church tianity under the leadership of the By J It Hill M D This book w11l byterlans i vol himself Paper 25 Paine Ktllglout and ThrologlrM Almighty be found to be a valuable contrlbutlu answers the question of the Chrlsllana than the patriarch Cyril was struggling for 1ilnr 1orllral and MlnrrlUnrou Mork t vol 50 cents Paper over Paganism to tho current discussion of religious as to what he proposes Instead or rents cloth complete In i vols Works Christianity the religion of swoll Talleyrands Letter to Pope Plus VII Ialtifn Iolltlral tlioeJIIorof TAt Aafiotut ant 50c Cloth gilt top problems Price 1 Calicos life Ily Dickens Sunday Under and flame Paper 25 cents With a memoir and portrait of thi Bacons Christian Paradoxeswith Lord Rrs by Thomas Clio Rickman Heads As It Is as Sabbath bills author his famous maxims and also Or the Characters of a llellclng Civil Rights Speech kines speech In behalf of Paine Court of would make It and as It might be In Paradoxes and Seemlnp speech of an account of hula celebrated visit to Christian By It G Ingersoll with Kings Bench London lIng Dec 18 tjg bo made By Charles Dickens PaWith portrait Paper 10 Voltaire Paper 25 cents cloth ro Contradictions iron Frederick Douglass vol Tills beititiful pitltlnn 5 vols ot Illustrated by Phlz Portrait Prerouts together hire IIIIIIII IIIIIPIVwu 8vc per 10 cents 4i1 Forming box cents 101In brown votumee In a face by Peter Eckler Paper 2Bc The Creation of God on tlie Bible of Nature Controversy Illuitrttnl IngersollGladstone iold tlUwwell known and told at tuo for end inllrr w 1 By RobVoltaire A lecture rrlUloi Iaines political An xpl As U By Dr Jacob Hurtmann Or the Principles ot Secularism In Amerla exerted an Immense intliifnce ert G Ingersoll with a Portrait of the God Il1el1 wrlUogl and and since hie ili atl Contribution to tho Religion of tho UneUnd From the North American Review nation of the originprocesses influencelienilife great French Philosopher of the Increased and nilrnilet that lel1 thai beneficent By Felix U Oswald Clolh Paper 25 cents ind of tho mental Future and Poet never before published 10 the formation of idols and the w 01 100 iroteileditionofhisworksiwhlehrureirsaneeairurarrand Paper 25cCrimes Against Criminals ship of then Paper 50 cents clolh ery Bible of Bibles widuttreble the Irlrellbould I III the Origin of Species by Means of before the Now York M Delivered Justice and UIly Divine Revola petriotor every loverof Or TwentyBcvoii Natural Selection or the Preserva or State Bar Association at Albany N Travels In Faith tlons containing a description Rare In the Paper 10 conts 21 1890 lion of a Favored By Capt Robert C Adams Bln POP twentyseven Bibles and an eXl1osltlon Y January WORKS 01 P IN8 Struggle for Life By Charles R EDITIONS he story of his mental journey from About the Holy Bible 3f 2000 Biblical errors In science hisGilt top 100 paper SOC Darwin Paper 25 tory morals religion and gonoral Just out A new lecture about tllo miiodpxy to rationalism English Gram Wm Cobbetts Common Sense A Revolutionary outs cloth 75 cents svents Also a delineation of tho Holy Bible Paper 25 centsEdited by Robert Waters pamphlet addressed to the Inhabitants of America mar principal IIOrSOnages iharacters of tho Trials of Theism 100 in 1776 with an eiplanaory notice by an English 1 vol 12 mo Cloth Shakespeare ot the Christian Bible and an examl Accused of obstructing secular lire author 1alnes first and most important political great lecture on Slunk Canon of the Bible Its For- ¬ By work Paper 150 ly G J Holyoake Cloth 1 inton of their doctrines pp Ken mation History and Fluctuations Cloth Largo 12mo itO Graves indication of the Rights of Woman The Crisis lO numbers Written By Samuel Davidson D D Lon 175 200 With strictures on political and mol during the darkest hours of the American leO don Cloth Bible In the times that tned mens souls Or an At ¬ motion Horae Sabbatlcea al subjects By Mary Wollstonecra The Great Ingersoll Controversy hy Paper 350 cloth soc Or A Key to Bible Investlgatlo tempt to Correct Certain Supersti New edition with an introduction ontalnlng 14S propositions with ret Containing the famous Christmas Mrs Henry Fawcett Cloth 1 Rights of Man n inirat tious and Vulgar Errors Respecting By Godfrey Illgglns Tcnces to the most plain and strl1dng sermon by Col It G Ingcrsoll tho Inanswer to Burkes attack upon the Punch tho Sabbath Visit to Ceylon Crown elfcontradlctlons of the socalled In dignant protests thereby evoked rrom Revolution A work almost without a peer Preface by Peter Eckler By Ernst Haccklo professor In tho Incluaing questions ministers of various denomlnatloi pined Scriptures Paper 2vrExtra 81 pages 8 vol Author of the Paper age cloth sec University of Jena mswercd afllnnntlvely and negative neinpan and Colonel Ingersolls reply to tlte llstory of Creation History of tho > 50c vellum cloth The Age of Reason Also same A work of tremendous Interest from the Bible II y quotations Volneys Ruins of Empire and 1 of Man etc With 110rtrnlt Investigation of True and Fabulous Theology every thinking man and woman Evolution of India and Ceylon Trans- A new and unabridged edition For nearly one the Law of Nature With Illustra Bible references of Important to other md map Fourth edition r Paper 25 cents Jy A Jacobson hundred years the clergy have been vainly trying tions Portrait of Volney andMnp of lated by Clara Bell Paper 50 cent to answer this book Paper azc cloth soc ised and enlarged Paper 25 cents the Astrological Heaven ot the Liberty of Man Woman and Child extra vellum cloth 1 TheoLOAlso PaBy R G Ingorsoll The Candle from Under the Bushel Paines Religious andone volume Ancients Priestley Volneys Answer A Lecture Wealth Against Commonwealth a Biographical In to Dr WORKS COMPIETK By William Hart Tnlrteen hundrel1 per 25 centsWhy 6G3 GICAL By Henry Demarest cloth gilt cop post See 432 pp paper 50 cts Notice by Count Daru a Preface a ind six questions to tho clergy anll Am an Agnostic 250 popular edipages Svo cloth 111 snit an Explanation of the Zodia ¬ consideration of others fM the Entirely rewritten and gr ally en100Paines Principal Political cal Signs and Constellations by sincere tart the author wane aInjuncui larged Never before publish ad One tion 1 Containing Common Sense The WORKS Church member obeyed uio ismodeus Or The Devil Upon Two Crisis 16 numbers Letter to the Abbe Uaynat Peter Eckter 248 pp paper SOc efforts Papc oC Ingorsolls grandest cloth 75cSticks search the Scriptures which led to 26 cents Washingfrom Thomas Vindications of Thomas Paine By A R Lo Sago propounding of these queries With designs by Letter Letters from Paine to General General Washington to Lecture on Lincoln A Reply to the New York Obser ¬ no clergyman can answer ra Translated from the ton Ton Johannot Thomas Paine Rights of Man Parts I and II With Centui By R G Ingersoll upon the Authorhero Pa and remain a Christian ronch with fourteen lllnstratldi Letter to the Abbfi Steves With portrait and vers attack lortratt of tho martyr Pros onL In aper 50 emits cloth 1 In one volume 655 pp paper soc of the Revolution by R G Inger illustrations r 40 cents soil Paper 25c cloth gilt top 5100hie pamphlet form 25 cent Christian Absurdities The Bachelor of Salamanca For Sale By A Thanksgiving Serm m By Lo Sago Translate from tJohn Peck Pointing out the thlns Addrope prdoro to Also i trlblltl G Ingersoll BLUE GRASS BLADE fhlch the world calls absurd but 10 By R rench by lames Townsend with 1e BLUEGRASS BLADE co 25 r Henry Ward Bqpcher rliich the church once made C hrlsU1I1 lustrations by R llolcm fling PaIf d gmas and which some Christians per 50 cents cloth the sharpe Life and Immortality of Man The One of Bababcc s 111 believe Touches at Slam LIFE OF JESUS Napoleon By A Gibbs Gabrlelle One volum A Conversation criticIsms of current theology In Ilrlnl Memoirs of tho Life Exile and Con Study a of Nature Platos Dream BY ERNEST KENAN In paper covers price 50 cents A apor 20 cents Chlneso with Napolco Illustrations ersatlons of the Emperor With many valuable paper 50 cent An Having No Pleasure Mahomet The illustrIous of crown 8vo by tho Count dc las Cases with olght Pleasure In arlyles Historylutionthe French Rev 400 pages Co By Godfrey Illgglns Esq cants Perhar 8t01 portraits maps and Illustration Adventure In India Jeannot and The cloth topandsits iiTSm Travels of Scarmentado nQ author has appeared who was bot 5 halt cnIC lln Address this Cloth 75cCloth Four volumes Good Bramln The Two Comforter writing an honest me extra 10 Conventional Lies of Our Civilization tel qualified for Illustrious than Goi Ancient Faith and Fable 1 vol 110at ollglou8 Monurclilal and Aristocrat- ot Mahomet the J C HANNONS LECTURE Napoleon In Exile 8vo 480 pp with portrait and 82 II rey Illgglns Esq tho author of the Matrimonial Economic Ic Political Or A Voice from St Helena Opln lustrations Paper 100 Extra vo resent work Paper 25 cents doll atHl Miscellaneous Lies By Max Nor We doslro to call the attention of our Ions and retlectlons of Napoleon 01- hum cloth 150 50 cents readers to the fact that we have on haul dau Cheap edition CO cents 1the most important events In his lire of tho now famous little a The Chinese Catechism His Birth Character and and government lahomet In his own word Creed of Christendom By M de Voltaire or Dialogues he pamphlet entitled Tho Mythology of Doctrine by Barry E OMenra his Into Sll 1 written by JO llaunon foundation con St By W R Greg Us disciples of Confuclu By Edward Gibbon Esq Gibbon D8 tween CuSii a asted with Its superstructure Com count of the Arabian legislator ancl gcon Portrait of Napoleon afterbolh and Prlnco Iou mm of the King or of Klwood N1 The best critics who have perused ruche and a view of St Helena plcte Ipone volume 5150 Lou tributary To the Chinese Empe to bo hlitoricall on steel Two volumes Cloth 251 rophet Is concede this work pronounce It to be a thorough exhaustive treatise or Gnenvnn four hundred and seven comprehensive Data of Ethics correct In every particular1 and 80 in half calf extra 5 of teen years before tho Christian era of the It effectually dispose by grand and perfect in every detail asBy Norbert opuncer 126 II of the myths Essays and Criticisms and a dialogue between an Indian nllll and destroys to bo practically beyond the reach or nocalled Irish Saint The System of Nature which Lice a Japanese between a Parish prim A new edltln By M do Voltaire Paper 25 cents Is interesting has Or Laws of the Moral and Phyilci dverse criticism rofusely Illusl rated containing Vol and hula friend and between Bashaw and been surrounded well It worth the price One loth CO cents instructive and By Baron DHolbach Worlll the gardener tiros letters on the Christian re Tuctan and Karpos essays paper with asked for it lbe cost Is only ten rents en It Man Whence and Whither or the greatest books over writ 25i liglon Philosophy of History Ignor- other philosophical copy or 12 copies for f I and those-¬ By Richard B Wostbrook DB ant Philosopher IleVlr was and never will be nsend In their or Flue Chinese Cat wishing a copy Zadlz or Fate 2 iLD The author has here presente I1hl8m paper nswerel1H G Ingersoll of the Blade 1 SICOcloth Tho Blind of One Eye The Nose tiers to tho olllce In his peculiarly pungent style about The Dlegesls Envloti Mlcromegas the Dog and tho Horse The Doing a discovery of the origin ov all that can be said for the existence BEHIND THE BARS of man Voyage to Planet Saturn by a na- Mum Tho Generous The Minister Jencos and early history of Christlai or God and the future life of man fho 1 31498 PRIGS Ue of Sirius what befell them upon tho Disputes and the Audiences Pile y never yet before or elsewhere so while he practically disposes It The Funeral upon this our globe the travelers captui Woman Beater By Ito collateral questions Ills assaults Behind the Bars My second book illy and faithfully set forth fho work was writ theism and orthodox theology ar a vessel what happened In their In The Supper Tho Rendezvous Basil- 31408 written while I was the guest This Abort Taylor Tho liially robust Paper CO cents cloth Tcourso with men Also The orld- Robber The Fisherman ton by Mr Taylor while serving of your Uncle Samuel In the penl as It Goes The Black and the While Isk The Combats Tho Hermit Iho lonllary nt Columbus where he put 100 term in Oakham Jail England wher While Bull Andrea lIes Enigmas etc also The oniiion tho Philosopher It New Researches In Ancient Hlstor the ho was Imprisoned for blasphemy How the Prim mo to board at theinsuggestiontapof like Tho a satirical romance Barahec now on Showing the origin of tho Mosal Touches at Slam contains 440 pages octavo and Is cot Christian brethren A Conversation cess Amasldla meets a Bull How Sho concerning the creation fall or Ludy of Nature unanswerable as to argument top gonds bored on Platos Dream Had a Secret Conversation with a wise Is commonly regarded and espe or facts Cloth 2 IL mnn flood and confusion of language with a Chinese Tho Seven Year An Beautiful Serpent ensure In Having no Pleasure 150 B y C F Volney cially among the Indies an a warm Faith and Reason by Daniel are accomplish Teannot and Proclaimed mlvonturo In India Account of the Christian and all No Beginninged Nebuchadnezzor resumes the 111 babyIt IB bound In maroon and gold and Colin Tho Travels of Scarmentadci omlnortt religions before and sine Or the Fundamental FalilcyeA The Good Bramln Tho Two Comfort- man form Marries the Beautiful An pages get thong Extracts from sacred book tpogure of the error of loge tinder ers Faith and Fable by M de Vo- nsldln etc by M do Voltaire paper Is bound 9tolong primer Ell The pages Christ type 303 are G by atlon ltaire 150 1lng tho popular belief In of tho East II R Stevens 25c Pa 25crevenue on It Is 1 post The Internal or tlrst cause and showlngfiiow tbe Man of Forty Crowns Gods and Other Lectures Philosophy of History paid to any part of the earth or sea Pope ahd other An Adventtir National Poverty Humboldt Thomas Paine Imllvirti fallibility of the By M de Voltaire with superb pot and lam tile collector for this district By It The Man of Fort traits of tho Eml1ress Catherine am It has n beautiful halt tone picture of Ity Heretics and Heresies with a Carmelite Paper 00 cents G Ingersoll Crowns marries becomes a fathor- of the author paper 25c Fraternally yoursCloth and dlscantH upon the monks A Great CHARLES C MOORE Ghosts Devils Angels and Sun Gods Ignorant Philosopher also A Rascal Repulsed carrel Outline of the French Revolution essays against supei Voltaire rt series of From the French of 11 do and results A Irery IIS0- The Huron or Pupil of Nature fhe Its causes By E C Kennoy Paper 2istltlon Is acknow Portraits of Descartes anti Spinoza rul book with which to answer those lIuroll arrives In France cents paper 2 fie Is converted Ignorant Christians Who apjuso Inl- edged by his relatives KIDDERSVIRGIN Religion History of the Christian falls in love flies to his M de Voltaire Letters on the Chris 1dellty with being the cause or tho hor- Is baptized MARY By Judge C B Waite n very learn- rors of the French Revolution Dy mistress English goe repulses the ed and valuable historical acqulsitloi W S Bell Paper 25 cents writings of Is shut up in the Bastlh to court to the Liberal literature of the day Itc by M do Voltaire Paper 25c tho must emlnentniithorB who liar Oracle of Reason in Cloth 225 Kidders Virgin Mary Sage and the Atheist been accused of attacking Christianity Gloth 7fi By Cot Ethan Allen with a preface by Humes Essays With Introduction including the ni Also a secret project presented to the pamphlet form Including tho Liberty of tho PresMustapha III b- Editor Moore is out and ready for ntsPrinciples of Political Economy intures of Johnny a young Kngllsl Ottoman Emperor tho Natural History 6t Religion or Alae All Urn Abdallah Basha of Cairo man by Donna Las Nalgas John Stuart Mill Two volumes fhe Princess of Babylon Royal con- from the Turkish language paper deliveryThose who have subscribed for it Mlrnclos of a Particular Providence am Cloth UoC a Future State of Superstition hand of Formosantn the 25c test for the 4nd have not sent the money will Philosophy of Disenchantment Enthusiasm etc 589 pages with InFor Sale By King of Babylon convenes his Counplease do so at once Price 10 cents By E E Saltus 233 pages Cloth ell anti consults the Oracle Cloth 150 royal dex BLUE GRASS BLADE single copy and la dozep 75 cents restlval given In honor of till king Ghosts and Other Lectures Including The This is the fourth edition of the Formosanta begins a jourBy It G Ingorsoll visitors Reasons for Unbelief By Louis Vlardot Translated from- ney Aldea elopes with the King 01 t The 50 Cents Club Plan for the Blade article it having been published Ghosts Liberty of Man Woman andjylhla This volume Is an anal Formosanta visits Chin l I am tr llIg to arrange to material three time in the BLADE to answer Chlltl tho Declaration of Indepom the French In Illinois sls an abstract an epitome of the rea anll Scythln In search of Ama7au ly increase tho nmunt of type set ID the demand for it ence About Farming an unfortui the Blade I tall to print numerou Speech Nominating James G Blain sons given by the greatest writers 01- Ama7nn visits Albion It has had more influence than any for Presidency In 187C The Gran all ages for disbelief In siyiernatura ate adventure in Gaul etc by M d matters of great Interest because I Infidel article of its length over iltnlre Paper 25ccannot set type enough The arguments are clear Banquet A Tribute to Rev Alex religions f1lark The Past Uses Bofor Ma LIk Please help mo on the 50 cent clul writtenAs promised there were fine concise convincing and conclusive Voltaires Romances plan Send me 50 cpiits each for the a Dream ami A Tribute to Ebon C Thoy are founded on reason and sclA new edition profusely ilustratcd Pub1 enco and rise to the dignity of demon Ingers01l Paper 50 cents cloth The White Bull a satlrl- Blade for ono yeici for five or more engravings Editor Moor and intents V lisher Hughes tho two parties tried rations Tho book will prove II cal romance Xadlg or Fate an oil papers Interviews on Talmage in tho BLADK Iceless treasure to all Cnqulrin ental history If you send thpImoney an time for its publication The Savage and thIcing six Interviews with the ta25 cent cloth fit Atbolst Tho Princess of Babylon and have not name send then but Kidder not furnish his mous orator on six sermons by tilE Talmage of Drool Forty Crowns Tho IIn- to the money wIllTbe put to your ere picture for publ Ho v T Do Witt Tho Man of Mlcromc dlt and I will sonQ the papers just ron or Pupil of Nature In By F D Cummings A Borles o gas a Satire on Mankind The Worli I as yon Ret the names dating the be Is one of hit Kldder > Sacrament Paper as It Goes The Black and tho White ginning nf the mibsorlplkin at the tlm slxtoon Free Thought essays Vindication Thomas Paines yiSb iistirpliccs GO cents Andre dc J tho paper is first sent n t cloth Jl Memnon tho Philosopher A reply to the New York Observer OUR BOOK HEATHEN EDITOR i I BLe Prom Lexington Democrat r r liST UIA I LrkAny Profession i Paines Works Iran 7fiet l ltatrltone The I exitst r beelljdedllCPlltherlrlOm r RellpionWith Talmaglallochlsm 1I eatinnI I i r k rw 1 AI fWI iA J 11 4 J = I r I i Ill 11 J 1° ji

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