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Image 3 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), March 18, 1926

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KY. Mother and the Girls Were the Only Real .Victors in the World War Eucharistic Congress to Draw Great Throngs By WILLIAM ALLEN WHITE, in Designer Maffazine. US consider the home, particularly the American home, of new decade. Wherein does it differ from the same home thirty, forty years ago? g The answer is obviously in machinery, convenience, comforts, emancipating luxuries. The thing which this decade is doing for women, in America at least, is physical in its outward expression. Machines are liberating the physical body of women from the toil that their mothers and grandmothers had to know. The hours of service not merely for women in industry, which have been steadily decreasing for two decades, but for women in the home, are growing shorter all the time. Wires and tubes are bringing service which once was g and and upon the mother and wife and sister. The modern home is designed with wisdom and love. Women are being physically emancipated today. But emancipated for what? No one who looks at the world can doubt seriously that the new liberty is in many cases transgressed by considerable abuse of license. Smoking among women is a gesture with which they indicate their freedom. The cigarette, the occasional more or less surreptitious d n, the apartments are the overflowing froth latchkey to sister's bachelor-giupon the brimming cup of women's freedom. It is thus that woman scoffs cynically at her past. Soon the froth will dissolve and the cup will brim without it. For woman is coming into a new relationship in western life. With physical emancipation 6he is getting wider spiritual latitude than she ever had before. She is seeing, examining, questioning, challenging the good More than a million Catholics from all parts of the world are expected In Chicago In June for the eucharistic and evil of the world. And if she blinks and giggles and is a bit frivo- congress. Some of the ceremonies will take place at Mundeleln, a suburban center of the church, and this which will soon leave her calm and unafraid, photograph shows workmen there preparing the grounds and boathouse. lous, it is passing unabashed and free. The war, so far as boundaries are concerned, so far as indemnities and reparations go, has left victor and vanquished unsatisfied. The armies of men on both sides were the losers. Mother and the girls were the only real victors in this war. They came out freer than they went in. LET labor-savin- back-breaki- knuckle-rackin- ng Cultlcura for Pimply Faces. Indiana Troops Take Planes to the Mine Region By JUDGE ANDREW A. BRUCE, Northwestern University. The curse of the American administration of the criminal law is our politics, our spoils system, the fact that the underworld has a vote as well as the upper world, and above all the short tenure of office of all our public officials. Our government, to a large extent, is a government by greenhorns. Our frequent elections, and the necessity of begging for votes, make our politically elected and controlled police officers and magistrates unwilling to enforce the law, and they are looked upon as servants and inferiors and not as the agents of a superior government. We headline crime everywhere in our newspapers and picture it in our playhouses and in our theaters. We have made it a familiar thing. We have been living in an automobile age, in an age of social display. Parents have set the pace, and their boys and girls have followed them. We need reverence and contentment more than we need a reformed criminal code. We need God more than we need the law. The problem of crime is now the problem of the adolescent child. subjects. Philosophy Is the greatest suicide. There Are Only Five True Tastes: Sour, Alkaline, Sweet, Bitter, Salt By PROF. D. FRASER HARRIS, in Conquest (London)'. You Can Sell Painl Colds break in a day for the millions who use Hill's. Headache and fever atop. La Grippe is checked. All in a way so reliable that druggists guarantee results. Colds are too important to treat in lesser ways. Be Sure Its Vftlffe Price 30c CASCARA $ QUININE with portrait n. ' Had Right to That A faithful old servant, who had been with the family some forty years, g?ve notice of leaving on the grounds that she was going to be married. As ner uxe nua ul icusl me uii nbhncement Justified some surprise. .f'Welh you see," she explained to her 4)uimazed employers, "John's a widower P'AL.t TM T mi mv Desr inena insrrnn or me. Wheat Statistics "Wheat Is cultivated to some extent In every civilized country. Few countries In the world raise more than enough wheat to feed their own peo- ple. Russia, the Danublan states, th United States, the Argentine, Canada, Australia and India always have wheat for sale. The United Kingdom, Gen many, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Belgium, Italy, France and Brazil must Import a considerable part of the wheat flour they use. 1939 West art. 80th St. Ohio Cleveland. Ladle. Do You Wont to Make Money for your church? Our and operating capital In this laudable service la yours upon request. We furnish everything. Write for particulars, also giving name of church. Smlbak Lab.. Euclid Arcade. Cleveland. O. Wanted Live Agents Latest in Games Indoor horse racing, unlimited enter- K FOR OVER SOO All nature Is but YEARS haarlem oil has been a worldwide remedy for kidney, liver and bladder disorders, rheumatism, lumbago and uric acid conditions. tainment, for youns or old, rich or poor; give racing parties In your own home; fascinating, thrills of the race track. Write for sample. Man CTWar Company, 220 North State Street, Chicago. Illinois. White leghorns, cockerels $50, hens $20. 2 egg free. Dobbs Poultry Farms, New Orleans. La. GOOD FARMS WANTED BY CASH 1SUY-er- s. Will deal with owners only. Describe fully, state lowest cash price. L. Nottage. 693 Macon. Brooklyn. Xew York. D I A II ETBS Wanted To hear from every Diabetic Correspond with the Waukesha Flour Mills. Waukesha, Wisconsin. Southern Lands: Plantations, Pecan Groves. Ranches, Timber colonization. Fruits, Gulf Coast. Dairying. Eyes of Investment world looking. Magnolia Land Co.. Meridian, Miss. FURS TANNED AND MADE UP TO OR-e- r; remodeling, dyeing and repairing. FUR TANNERY, Box 83, MINERAL. VIRGINIA. or More Per Week. Sell to stores or EspeExperience unnecessary. individuals. cially fine for crew managers. Secure territory. Box 625. Richmond. Virginia. $100 Wanted Bright. Honest and Smart Boy to work in spare time; big profits; clean oDositlon. Write and enclose 10c for particulars. Home. Box 1572, Savannah. Ga. farms, poultry, dairying; delightful. Co., Sunlland Hotel. Arcadia. Fla. Let Serene Do the Dirty Work. Cleans everything and injures nothing; removes dirt, oils, greases and bloodstains; a cleaning and washing powder; 25c for trial pkg. Serene Cleaner Co.. 3178 E. 80th St.. Cleveland. O. TOOTHACHE Don't Wait Until It Comes Oar but be prepared for aa emergency. the wonder "TOOTHIN." powder, will kill the worst ache Instantly, or your money back. Send 2Sc for regular 35a S',e" FORMAN1CK BROS. Grand Rapid., Mich. 349 Monroe Ave. WHAT CAUSES BOILS. are the result of Improper diet or infection of the ikin. It's sometimes hard to determine the exact cause but Boils and carbuncles CARBOEL will give quick relief. No expensive operation ia necessary aa one application of CARBOIL promptly stops the pain and continued use draws out the core. Get a 60c box from your druggist. Your money hack if yon are not satisfied. It takes a lot to put the prince of Wales In bed and keep him there. This photograph, taken at LIngfleld, England, shows him with his arm In a sling the day after his recent accident when a horse dropped dead under SPURLOCK-NEA- L him. ADVISER TO KING CO., NASHVILLE. TENN. Lady Cynthia Moseley and her husband. Captain Moseley, English Socialists, photographed In a coal mine at La Salle, III., which they visited the other day. With them are the mine superintendent and the driver boss. Three Killed in Chicago Train Wreck Theodore H. Morgan, a federal customs inspector at Philadelphia, adopted the policy of having his hair cut only when the moon was full, as a means of warding off baldness and he asserts the effect was so noticeable that half a dozen men In his organization did likewise with good results. "Popularity" Prize Contest "Which Is the most popular $1 bills or $5 bills?" That was the question that was anasked. The $10,000 swer Is this: "It depends. If It's money, the $5 bills are more popular with me ; If It's View of the train wreck in Chicago in which three men were killed and milk bills or doctors' or dentists bills more than two score of persons Injured. An Illinois Central suburban train or bills of that sort I prefer the 1 and a Michigan Central freight collided head on, the disaster being due to nn open switch. ones." prize-winni- he ordered Mount Safa to come to him. Of course the mountain stayed where it was, but equal to the emergency, Mohammed announced, "God Is merciful. Had my command been obeyed it would have fallen upon us and we would all have been destroyed. Instead, therefore, I shall go to the mountain." men of the American army at Scott field, near Belleville, 111. The shBpe of the ship takes the form of a heart with a depression on the upper surface. It is capable of attaining a speed of 70 miles tn hour. Mohammed must go to This well known the mountain." phrase Is often used of one who, being unable to have his own way, bows More Chance to the inevitable and does the best he "You soy that Miss Agely Is descan under the circumstances. perate frr a man?" Dirigible Is Success The saying originated with the 'Te She had twin beds put in her A successful, flight of the giant room, so she'd have twlco as many prophet himself near the beginning of RS-- 1 was recently inado to .ook under." American Legion his career. The Arabs wanted a proof of UIs miraculous powers, whereupon by a irew of nine officers and Mohammed, NO. 26. Much of the work done In this world has to be undone. Incompetency la the greatest drawback to progress. Incompetents are the most costly members of society, and always will be. That's why there Is always a premium en brains and skill, which combine to produce efficiency. Grit. why they wouldri't insure yoi William Perkins Bull, Canadian adviser to King George of England, photographed on his recent arrival In New York from England. "If the mountain will not come to W. N. U., CINCINNATI, Like tkit man, floats as ofmfiofUgh kitd to r jtipatum only win it U toolaU. TZ tell you Wise Old Mahomet AGENTS, New fortune telling game for parBox of dozen $1.20. Sells ties, individuals. S3. Sample 25c Manlgame Novelty Works. 1S53 N. Broad. New Orleans, Ia. UNDERTAKING BUSINESS. Fully equipped, long lease on building; owner not an undertaker; sacrifice for quick sale. John Noone. 732 E. Slain St.. Danville. 111. Demand for Efficiency Full Moon and Baldness By ALDOUS HUXLEY, in Vanity Fair (New York)'. ready-mad- and to Dr. Pierce's medicines I owe my life. I also use the Pleasant Pellets' for constipation am never without them in the house. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is the greatest medicine in the world for feminine trouble, nothing can equal it." Mrs. Rena L. Abbott. 343 Franklin St. Correct your stomach and improve your health, nowl Send 10c to Dr. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y for a trial plcg. of any of his medicines, in tablet form. Part or full time. Earn $75 and upwards weekly on attractive com missions. Painting time here. Thousands of gallons belny sold monthly to farmers and property owners. Our products guaranteed to give complete satisfaction or we make good. TIIK SURETY PRODUCTS COMPANY Fever headache or. grippe- - correct internal troubles, stimulate vital organs. Three sizes. All druggists. Insist on the original genuine Gold Medal. As the Result of the Commercial Application of Scientific Inventions" ready-mad- f Brlght-well-Coo- ke We have only the following true tastes: Acid, or sour; alkaline, or soapy; sweet, bitter and salt. Vinegar is sour, baking powder is soapy, sugar is sweet, quinine is bitter and salt is saline. Anything in addition to these that we may perceive in regard to what we take into the mouth belongs either to the group of the odors, to that of contacts, or to that of sensations of heat and cold. In other words, nerves of taste, of smell, of touch, and of heat and cold are all involved in what we call "tasting" anything. If you are asked what the taste of an apple is like you would reply, "Oh, well, just its own taste, the taste of an apple." But there is no such taste; an apple must be sweet or sour; what we call the "taste" of the apple is its flavor or smell, which can be perceived before the fruit is taken into the mouth at all. The really great simplifications of our mental life, it is asserted, have been brought about "as the result of the commercial application of scientific inventions." The results of this excessive facilitation are, first, an atrophy of the artistic, musical and dramatic faculties of those who accept their amusements ready made; and, second, an increase of boredom. There is nothing nowadays corresponding to the peasant art, the folksongs, the traditional plays and mummings of the past. The talent which e standardized entertainment produced these things lies latent; e art has effectively prevented it from expressing itself. But can never be as completely satisfying to a man as the art he makes himself. The cinema, the gramophone, the wireless are distractions; but they do nothing to satisfy man's desire for DI Acreage, Any Mze, Southwest Florida, reasonable, for townsltes. orange groves, truck, By DAVID HARRISON, in English Review (London)'. self-intere- st. - favorable site, saw perched on a cacfoe of tus an eagle devouring a snake. The omen was Interpreted to mean that this was to be the site of their city. American Nation No Higher Morally Than Western States of Europe It is submitted that on an impartial survey there is not a shred of evidence to support American claims to superior morality. However charming the individual American with whom our leaders come into contact, and while recognizing the valuable relief work carried out in Europe by American effort, the fact remains that the United States as a nation is no higher morally than the western states of Europe, and certain disquieting facts suggest a definite inferiority in some respects. Certainly her foreign policy during and since the war with its failure to discern any moral difference between the belligerents until her own interests were directly touched, her desertion of Europe and Armenia during the critical years of the "peace" and her treatment of war debts on a strictly commercial basis, although her states and cities shamelessly repudiated their debts after the Civil war suggests a nation acting deliberately according to ..1 r- mi No Cold lAlAaDtaggbtt Lady Cynthia Moseley in a Coal Mine tS "Words are inademy praise of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription and . Golden Medical 1 was Discovery. very nervous and l?) had a bad. liver .and . , Mexico Oldest City No matter how careful you are. your system needs a laxative occasionally. Wright's The oldest city In the Xew world Indian Voidable Pills help nature gently, but surely. 372 Pearl St.. N. T. Adv. Is Mexico City, which antedates St. Augustine by more than two centuries. The man who knows one thing well Mexico City dates from about 1325 feels capable of giving advice on all A. D., when the Aztecs, looking for a lti CAN'T KEEP HIM DOWN " Globe. etable and absolutely harmless. it Quickly overcomes colic. diarrhoea, flatulency and other like disorders. rl7z The open published formula appears on mh .every label. HU Reopening of nonunion coal mines In southern Indiana, It was feared, would be the signal for disorder, so detachments of the National Guard were sent to Evansvllle. The picture shows the planes of the air squadron from Kokomo ready for service In the mine region. m&iiT Stfejsr A Suiem photographer had a camera brought Into his studio to be refilled. While doing this the photographer found a film in the camera, which he developed and which produced a remarkable picture. The strange thing about it is that the picture was taken 23 years ago and the owner of the camera forgot all about It, The picture is most, Interesting, for it shows the changes In the styles of clothes that have taken place In the last quarter of century. Boston BABIES LOVE N&WNU&iTS SYRUP Tie Iafuts' sad duHna's SmUtsr Pleasant to give pleasant to take. Guaranteed purely veg- - the Adolescent Child" ZZZ?. JfiWl&i. Old Photo Interesting Get Red Box "The Problem of Crime Is Now the Problem of Buffalo, N. Y. quate to express smear them with Cutlcura Ointment. Wash off in five minutes with Cutlcura Soap and hot water. Once clear keep your skin clear by using them for dally toilet purposes. Don't fall to Include Cutlcura Talcum. Advertisement. rl a WORDS OF PRAISE To remove pimples and blackheads semi-dirigib- "You allowed constipation to become chronic until finally it resulted in organic disease. "People don't realize how insidious constipation is. Its first headaches, los3 effects are hardly more than annoyances of appetite, sleeplessness and the like. But in time,asthe body is subjected o continued intestinal poisoning, it may lead to high blood pressure, rheumatism, diabetes or even Bright's disease. "Stop constipation if you wish to live long. Take a little Nujol every day that will keep you regular." Nujol relieves constipation in Nature's way Constipation is dangerous for anybody. Nujol is safe for everybody. It does not affect the stomach and is not absorbed by the body. Medical authorities approveNujol becausei t is safe, gentle and natural inits action. Nujol makes up for a deficiency temporary or chronic in the supply of naturallubricantin the intestines. It softens the waste matter and thus permits thorough and regular elimination without overtaxing the in testinal muscles. Nujol can be taken for any length of time without ill effects. To insure internal cleanliness, it should be taken regularly in accordance with the directions on each bottle. Unlike laxatives, it does not form a habit and can be discontinued at any time. Ask your druggist for Nujol today and begin to enjoy the perfect health that is possible only when elimination is normal and regular. Nujol TM INTERNAL. LUBRICANT For Constipation

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