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Image 1 of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.), March 15, 1946

Part of Jeffersonian (Jeffersontown, Ky.)

Untd as ate vea fefeft The Jeffersonian ESTART.TSHlTn Vol. 39 No. 43 Last week County Judge Barker was driving to his home in Anchorage at the end of the day, when, just before entering Middletown, he came upon the scene of an auto collision which had just occurred. The two cars were in a ditch and the occupants were crawling out bruised and dazed. The Judge stopped his car and went to the aid of two soldiers who were the worst hurt. One had a deep gash in his leg and was bleeding profusely. A veteran of more than one first aid class Barker set to work, contrived a tourniquet and before the county police arrived had stopped the bleeding and the soldier was ready to be moved to the hospital. The other wounded soldier suffered minor cuts and bruises to which the Judge attended. Sublette States Case Of Volunteer Firemen A "NT TMnFPWAminMT PHTTNTTV - al fire-fighti- tax-paye- rs ns fire-fighti- d pent-tcntiar- The guilt of these three boys was definitely established. The disparity of the penalties was pronounced. In one case the offenders go practically scot-fre- In the other a heavy duty was applied. To further emphasize the lack of intelligent disposal of these cases, one of these youths was definitely a psychiatric problem in need of special treatment. "Justice isn't blind, she's " City police descended on the Haymarket neighborhood Monday night and gathered more than 40 suspects and derelicts in a burst of effort that would be more effective if it were sustained. This district which should be sanitary in several meanings of the word is most unsavory. Holdpurse snatch-ers- , ups, drunk rollers and other social misfits are a continual menace to more decent citizens who find it necessary to visit the section to buy food, patronize farmers or sell garden truck. The property is out of repair, tin streets and sidewalks arc filthy, rats prowl the neighborhood and yet, here is the largest concentration of food in the city. It is a job for the cooperative efforts of the police, the health department, the welfare department, the street cleaning department and the building inspector, pick-pocket- s, t County Auto Deaths Show 1946 Increase The report of the Louisville Safety Council for January and February 1946, shows nine deaths in the county attributed to motor accidents, an increase of five over the same period in 1945. Louisville however, had only 7 such fatalities compared to 14 for the same period last year. Floyd county, Indiana increased its death record from 3 in 1945 to 7 this year, and Clark county reported one fatality or the same as in the two first months of 1945. Jefferson County had one death from public accident other than One death ocmotor vehicle. curred last year from a similar cause. Louisville reported 4 in this classification against 7 in Future Homemakers ai Okolona B. N. Sublette, of Middletown, and J.- H. Buttermann, of Buechel, appeared before the Fiscal Court recently with a restraining order, signed by Judge Lawrence Speckman, forbidding the purchase of three fire pumpers by the Court. Earlier, it is said, a meeting was held with Walter Shac- kleton, of Worthington, and Sublette, of Middletown, chairformer County Commissioner man of the Jefferson County VolJames W. Henning and repre unteer Fireman's association, that the principal critisentatives of the local actu-ri- explained directed at the arbitrary cism was bureau present and plans location of county fire stations at points away from population were laid for the injunction. That fire protection is inadequate for the 100,000 residents of the county is undisputed. A number of volunteer departments, many of them organized since Pearl Harbor with the encouragement of civilian defense authorities, have done and are doing excellent and public spirited work in serving their immediate communities. Recently the appointment of County Fire Chief Claude Thompson an experienced fire man with 26 years of In the last two weeks ex- behind him, encouraged county amples of local administration to believe that this of justice offer puzzling prob- long neglected side of county lems regarding the vagaries of welfare was to be given expert and professional attention. human mental processes. It was generally accepted that In Louisville two youths 21 aiul23 years of age former of- the appointment of a fire chief a step toward establishment fenders, broke into a restaurant wascounty fire of stations with moat 2 o'clock in the morning and dern equipment and full time robbed the cash register, bat- personnel, and the county at large tered the safe, committed ruthl- was pleased with the information ess acts of vandalism and dam-ag- e that the Fiscal Court had decided amounting to more than to buy three pumpers as a start $500. Indicted and put on trial and to set up a fire station in they were given 3 years penal eachmagisterial district in the county. sentences which were remitted At this point however object-tiohowever on the condition that were raised by some memthey join the army, to which the bers of volunteer culprits agreed. units who protested the purchase A few days later a nineteen-year-ol- of the pumpers. Questioned boy who robbed an concerning the A&.-grocery of approximately viewpoint of the volunteers, B. N. $400 was given a ten year senBack From The War tence to be spent in the 1945. 1Qn7 Give a Subscription To The Jeffersonian To Your Family or Frient TVrF.WSPAPF.R JEFFERSONTOWN, KY., FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 1946 Nutshell News And Comment cock-eyed.- .TTTNIT. A REAL GIFT centers. "A station at the county quarry on the Brownsboro Road," said Sublette," is not located at a strategic point. "It should be closer to St. Matthews. The one to be placed near Nwburg is not located properly. "We object also to the manner in which the volunteer departments are ignored in the county fire chiefs plans. After all there are eleven volunteer departments m the county. Members of these departments have given their time and money to the cause of preventing disastrous fires. They should be considered. "Out of these appropriations for fighting fire the Fiscal Court should provide funds for improving the equipment of the volun- m.!-- fifl HSHBk i lnS i i f IB R Vi Officers of the Okolona F. H. A. are. bottom row: Norma Rusch, secretary; Joanne Allen, vice president. Top row. left to right: Maxine Rowland, parliamentarian; Sally Moore, treasurer: Martha Hatter, president; Virginia Byers, reporter; Doris Hall, historian; and Mrs. Thelma Farmer, club advisor. First County F. H. A. Organized at Okolona ir Good Government Committee To Meet The first meeting of the Jefferson County Good Government Committee will be held Tuesday evening, March 19, in the office of County Judge Horace M. Barker at the courthouse. According to Judge Barker the purpose of this meeting will be the organization of to cover such departments as Capt Luther M. Roberts roads, police, transportation, public utilities, schools and other Friends of Capt. Luther M. Rob- county departments. erts, a former Jefferson County Members of the committee have Trial Commissioner, are hailing been asked to contact C. A. Humhis presence back in Louisville mel, chairman, phone Jefferson and around the courthouse with town 5143, of their intention to pleasure. Attorney Roberts receivattend the meeting. ed his discharge at Patterson The present membership inField, Ohio, last month and is re- cludes: J. T. Robertson, Scoggan entering the private practice of Jones, C. W. Blake, Standiford law, with offices in the Kentucky Beeler, G. A. Bryant, Paul Jagiel-kHome Life Building. J. W. Borders, Paul Kendall, Capt. Roberts enlisted in the W. T. Settles, Howard L. Smith, Armed Services in June 1942. He Lee F. Tinsley, Leo J. Schuler, went to Africa prior to North Charles McCallum, John Gras-micHenry Nufer, William African invasion in November 1942. As Intelligence Officer of Hume, Rev. J. W. Averitt and the Army Airways Communica- Lester Langston. tions, he served in Africa, India and the Middle East. Returning Anchorage Clinic from overseas in March 1944, he Wins Western Crown was stationed at Asheville, N. C. as Staff Judge Advocate, of the The Clinic Basketball TournaAACS. Capt. Roberts wears the Ameri ment sponsored by the county recan, the African, the European creation department, saw the and the Asiatic Pacific theatre finish of the senior division of the ribbons, with one bronze star for western district Tuesday night when the Anchorage five gave a the Tunisian campaign. 1 ried out by contributing to electric mixer for the home eco- their homes, increasing know- - nomics department. They also ledge of the club organization 'sPn!red a valentine dance which was a great success. d leadership abili- - freshments for the March meet. ties, promoting recreational activ- - j f th Jefferson Count ities, and cooperating for school Teacher Association which wa's betterment. held Rt 0kolona school were The fact that the girls are car- - served by the Future Homemak-ryin- g out their motto: "Toward ers New Horizons,'' with great zeal rograms on famil Movi is substantiated by the results field tripS) and sponsoring thfr "jany goals already ac- a basketball ba t ae fature complished. plans made by the club. Officers are Martha Hatter, Red and white are the colors president, Joanne Allen, vice of the chapter and the red rose president, Norma Rusch, secre- is the flower. tary, Sally Ann Moore, treasurer, Under the direction of home Virginia Byers, parliamentarian, economics teacher Mrs. Thelma Maxine Rowland, historian, and Farmer, the girls expect to acJackie Adams, songleader, and complish much in the future. they, along with the remaining Members of the chapter's ad87 members, have been formally visory board are: Mrs. Adeline Re-an- developing ; j -, initiated. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Knight, By selling seeds, the girls at Mrs. Ruth Ahmann, and Mrs. Okolona have raised enough Gibson. County Baseball Plans Discussed at Meeting At a baseball organization meeting, held at the Jefferson County Playground and Recreation Board Office Monday night Charlie Vettiner Assistant Supervisor of County Recreation, presented plans for organization of two baseball leagues in the county, one to T : league will elect a president and represent the eastern section board of direCtors to conduct and ' and the other to represent carry out the business of the leagues; the teams will equip the western section. r. i themselves, with the Jefferson Ten representatives of various County Playground and Recrea-count- y sections attended and,ti0n Board supplying promotion numbered on the list of interest- - 0f the leagues, trophies to league ed parties such baseball enthu- - winners and a trophy to the ts as Bud Griffiths, Buechel ferson County champion. This AC, Vance Walker, Morris Pitts champion is to be determined and Carl Meyer of Middletown, by a Jefferson County baseball Leo Muenninghoff and Earl Sans- - series between the winners of the bury, Shively, and Clarence leagues at the close of league Baker of Camp Taylor. All of piay. The Jefferson County the team managers present were Playground and Recreation Board favorably impressed with thewjn also provide umpires and piuyuaeu uy Wie ueuerson scorers who will work all games. County Playground and Recrea- The meeting of the team man-tio- n Board. agers adjourned to meet again This set-u- p calls for two four on Monday, March 25 at which team leagues operating under su-- 1 time 8 county baseball teams will pervision of the Jefferson County have representatives on hand to drubbing to the Middletowners Playground and Recreation Board complete plans of baseball play by a 21 to 14 score, winning the in the following manner: Each for the summer. senior championship. Saturday morning a double-headis scheduled at Fairdale when the Okolona Juniors meet Fairdale Juniors and the Valley Juniors do battle with the Fern i y, Jef-sias- k, WHAT Is Your Community Doing For Your Boys And Girls? By Ray Baer The St. Matthews area is organizing a club consisting of 7th, 8th, 9th graders and any interested high school students. Last Saturday, March 9th, the group met with Mr. Jim Brown, Mr. Armstrong, Mr. Bragan and Miss Charmoli. They had an evening of fun with dancing, group games, and singing. The meeting ended with a discussion of future plans for the club. The Buzz Club of Shively is going to send out questionnaires to its members to find out if there is enough talent to organize a teen-ag- e orchestra. The Fairdale gym is open two evenings a week for recreation for the youngsters. Their program consists of group and social games Home accidents in the county were the cause of 2 deaths against 6 last year and no occupational fatalities have been recorded in the past two years. Louisville home deaths from accident were only 9 compared with 17 in the first two months of 1945, but deaths were 3 occupational against 1 in 1945. The total accidental deaths in the county for January and February 1946 were 12 and in the tame period of 1945 the count Programs were was eleven. Louisville fatalities and in 1946 have been 23 against 39 conducted on Monday and Friday in 1945. A 41 percent reduction. evenings by Miss Charmoli and Mr. Ray Baer. Future plans call Phom for programs in and A NEWS ITEM: The Jeffersonian, 5148. folk-dancin- g. folk-danci- folk-game- s. , er Creek Juniors. Junior champions of both divisions will be declared after games C. L. Kincaid Recreation Building Is Jeffersontown Plan Firm Adds New Floor Space C. L. Kincaid & Sons, Jeffersontown hardware dealers, now have their new store addition open to the public. This new expansion by the Kincaids makes their display rooms more than twice as large as they formerly were. The line of hardware and household supplies now carried by this progressive firm represents a service to the community and reflects credit on the forward looking management of Chas. L. Kincaid, senior partner, and his son Robert. In addition to the new store enlargement the hardware firm has recently added extensive warehousing facilities on the rear of their lot, located on the Main Street Public Rectangle. Monday night at the regular meeting of the Jeffersontown Area Recreation Board, a committee composed of Rev. James Moak, chairman, Carl Lamar and Luke Brown was annointed to investigate the feasibility of erecting a general recreation building may Oil iiiu leiiei soniowii F. W. Mahin was appointed and grounds. a budget committee was named, The board is considering a composed of Mrs. James structure capable of housing chairman, Mrs. Marshall bowling alleys, roller skating Krieger, and H. J. Priestley. rink, play rooms, library, auditorThe Horse Show Committee, ium, handcraft shops and confer- Milton Frentz, Luke Brown and ence rooms. Carl Lamar, reported that preThe addition of three new mem- parations for the annual event bers, Mrs. F. W. Mahin, Mrs. B. H. have been started and that it was Dean, and Carl Lamar together expected the date could be anwith a boy and a girl elected from nounced very soon. the Jeffersontown High School The financial report for the junior class and two returned period dating from June 1, 1945 to overseas veterans will complete February 19, 1946 was read and the maximum board membership approved as follows: of fifteen. The veterans will be Cash on hand, June 1, 1945, appointed while the student mem- $5,726.21. bers will be elected by their Receipts: Tennis Courts $42; schoolmates. Handicraft $8.50; refreshment The annual election of officers stand, $440.54; horse show $3,403.-0Total, $3,894.09. Total receipts, was held with all present officials retained: Milton Frentz, chair- $9,620.30. Disbursements: salaries $786.-2man; A. Luke Brown, wages $416.45; equipment Mrs. Marshall Krieger, secretary and Mrs. James $212.41; permanent improvements treasurer. Board mem- $1,496.43; dancing school $164.94; were, Rev. James refreshment stand $402.68; horse; bers Moak, Mrs. A. B. Wigginton, H. show $2,374.04; boy scout troop $44; miscellaneous $145.96. Total J. Priestly, and Walter Harris. A program committee headed disbursements $6,043.11. by Carl Lamar, chairman, assist- Cash on hand, February 19, ed by Mrs. B. H. Dean and Mrs. 1946, $3,577.19. mm , teer departments." BY JOANNE ALLEN Sublette said that the Middle-tow- n Volunteer Department de- Jefferson County's first F.H.A. was successfully organized clined to be a party to any action December 17, 1945, by Okolona High School and is now one against the court. of the 88 clubs in Kentucky. J'iown Civic Club The theme of the club, "Future Homemakers of America To Talk Buses Again build for tomorrow," is car Vmv a TMinoli Hrir and mnnnv More discussion relative to bus service in the County is expected to take place next Monday evening, when the regular March meeting of the Jeffersontown Civic Club will be held, beginning at 8 o'clock. Pursuant to a resolution passed by the club in February, James A. Moak, secretary of the body, has sent to Harry L. Swaim, operator of the Blue Motor Coach Lines, a request to be present at the mass meeting to be held Mon day night. Officers of the club stated it is hoped that, at least, a better understanding on the part of the public may be had as a result of the proposed discussion. Every Friday at $2.50 Per Year SOUTHEASTERN BISHOPS ELECT TWO OFFICERS Four Fives Tied In Si. Matthews Tourney 5. Hilltoppers No. 2 buzzed the Crescent Hill Athletic Club Monday night at the Bethel gym, for a winning score of 41 to 22 with Paul Grider coDDine 12 noints for the visitors and Earl Harding playing top man for the losers with 7 points. The Masonic Home ball toters took the St. Matthews Independents into camp to the melody of 33 to 22 and Bill Boggs of the Home pinched the basket for 14 points. Jack Raque led the losers with 6 markers. In a third game St. Matthews Athletic Club fought desperately and pounded the Hilltoppers No. 1 lor a 43 to 38 win. Bill Craddock rolled up 16 tickers for the win ners and Donny Kaiser collected 14 points for the defendants. When the statisticians cot busv at the end of the three frames and totaled the results it was. discovered that four teams were tied for first place in the league. Hilltoppers No. 1, Hilltoppers Wo. 2, St. Matthews Athletic Club and the Masonic Home all had 6 wins and 3 losses to their credit. Next Tuesday night, at the Bethel gym, the four teams will go through an elimination to decide the league championship. The night promises to be the scene of one of the most thrilling basketball programs in the county this year. 0; n; j I Basketball Tourney Attracts County Teams BY CHARLIE VETTINER basketball tournament, sponsored Jpy the Jefferson County Playground and Recreation Board, is attracting some excellent teams and a fine tournament is anticipated. Returning veterans are taking full advantage of this phase of the Jefferson Jefferson County County Recreation program and are gathering many of the Likes Folk Dancing county high school stars of The county-wid- e former years and molding them jnt0 formidable outfits. Teams from Fairdale, Prestonia, Camp Taylor and Buechel have already officially entered at this early date. The prospects indicate that more than sixteen teams will be represented at the tournament meeting at the Jefferson County Playground and Recreation Board Office, 402 Fiscal Court Building, next Monday, March 15, at 8 p.m. A team formed at Fairdale under the name of Hardin's Boys, boast such stars as Dallas Arnold J J unu V ivenuy linuiu, vciciaiia ui service with the marines in the Folk dancing is fast becoming the most popular indoor activity in Jefferson County. The Institute at St. Matthews was featured Monday night by 150 people, old and young, entering enthusiastically into the figures as they were called by Ray Baer, recreation supervisor. At Jeffersontown High School where Baer conducts a class in recreation every Wednesday, the demand is for square and folk dancing and Baer comments that the interest is widespread with all sections of the county asking for instruction. said Baer, "Folk dancing," "should be centered in commun ities with each community adopting particular dances. If this is it woulH not he lnne before the county could provide dem- onstrations of every national , High View Installs New Play Equipment With the arrival at High View of new playground equipment consisting of 2 slides, a Pike's Peak jungle gym, 2 playground see-saswings, a that community has taken a definite step towards a much-neede- d recreation program. Last spring, leaders of the High View area contacted Ray Baer, supervisor of county recreation and began a study of recreational needs of the district. Programs were held at the school which were featured by folk dancing, group games, and other popular forms of play. The community responded and plans for securing playground equip ment were devised. Monday a luncheon was held in celebration of the arrival of the play apparatus, Mrs. Mattie B. Luhr, principal of High View School, presiding and the follow ing guests present: Ray Baer; assistant supervisor of county recreation, Charlie Vettiner; O. J. Stivers, school superintendent; Mrs. Joe Baete, presiA dent of the High View P.-and Mrs. Cliff Mudweiler, county A 1 Pacific while Valley High she veterans whose names are mortal in the annals of Vallejr athletic history. Such names as Lucian Moreman, Billy Arnold. tSheetst an othfr rteturne.d from war. Mar- various ' ' shall Floore, Jr., has a group d" Some neighborhoods have former Jeffersontown High resiaems wno aancea uiese oia- - School stars of yesteryear work-tim- e figures when they were ing out under his guidance at. young. A group could be built j't0wn and it is certain that his around any person interested in team will be hot clarence Bakeff reviving these traditional of Camp Xaylor has entered teams which he says will have Requests coming into the rec- - to be reckoned with before the reation office for leaders for folk championship is decided. and square dancing are growing A meeting of all team mana and Baer hopes to secure a staff gers has been called by Charlie of volunteer leaders and callers Vettiner, Assistant Supervisor of Who Will aid in the spread of RpriWinn for Mnndav Maih this form of amusement in the is, 8 p.m. at 402 Fiscal Court county. Building. At this time details ' In the summer it is definitely of tournament play will fee to hold a folk dance termined. All team rosters must festival with groups from all be submitted to the tournament parts of the county participating, manager at this time. ,w Sny two-dance- j ed health nurse. A dinner prepared by Mrs. H. W. Koehler and Mrs. Maud Hughes, of chicken and dumplings and the trimmings added a festive note to the occasion. Afterwards, Ray Baer inspected the grounds and spotted locations for the erection of the equipment. Soon the children will be enjoyThe Settles Sales fe Service organization at Jeffersontown in ing the slides and swings under the watchful eyes of Mrs. Julian a comparatively short time has grown to be one of the principal Alcorn and Miss Helen Kruger, distributing agencies in this area for a wide line of equipment for teachers at High View. tne nome ana iarm, wun empnasis on electrical items. 4 W. I Settles, the owner, alter "The second step was to rut alT Fern Creek Club a wide experience in distribut the frills and furbelows usually To Elect Officers ing methods and supervision for nationally known concerns open-- carfipri thA ? n, . . n,Irt. W. The Fern Creek Community ed the local office with a number a high rpnf HitrW ti,. Club has scheduled a full pro- of advanced ideas and opinions who buys a mUkingfmachine gram for its regular monthly on modern waste - eliminating , , v,,, ui nave w uu, ail CAiia meeting which will be held at plans for the conduct of retail fee for tne dealer to exhibit that the school, Thursday night, business. machine. I cleared out part o March 21, at 8 o'clock. "I learned," said Settles, "that my barn space and used that for urged to attend Residents are the greatest cost to the consumer farm machinery. A as the building of a fire house, was in distribution. That the aver"The problem of selling was ancompletion of plans for a sur- age product is vey of the water district and high overhead marketed with a other place where I cut deep and that had to be effectively. It costs money to train election of officers are important charged back to the retail buyer. a crew of salesmen, provide trans-features of the meeting. "I am determined to streamline portation, pay commissions and my business in such a manner bonuses and all of it com oufcof POPLAR LEVEL AREA HOLDS PARK MEETING that more of the customer's dol- - the customer's pocket. k "Then, too, I wanted the cuts- A mass meeting of residents of lar would go into quality and tomer to be sold otthe merits of the Poplar Level Road community buying safety. This meant dealing in estab- - the article I carried and aoi has been called for tonight at 8:30 at Holy Family School to discuss lished lines. . Lines that were through a salesman's Arguments: , ,i . 9 ilL. j ..r j: a ways and means of developing a njiuwn ior integrity, nign siana- i i aeciaea 10 aispeiise ards and valid guarantees. This salesmen and to emphasize serv-wproject in that area. recreation the first step: To carry onlyiice instead. I would employ me The land has been secured and the purpose of the meeting is to such articles that were known to chanics fully familiar withthelr secure the cooperation of church give .maximum service. I made work; mechanics who were spe-es, clubs and merchants of the contacts that would provide me cialists in installation and repahf district and to plan for an active with stock that had a national re- - men whose knowledge of their County Firm Adopts Plan to Cut Overhead . played tomorrow. Championship games will be played March 23. ' 1 MASS MEETING 1 I j All residents of Buechel are urged to attend a mass meeting to be held at the Hikes Graded School, Friday evening, March 15, at 8 o'clock, by the Buechel Volunteer Fire Department. This is a regular meeting and items of interest and importance to Buechel citizens will be presented. CANE RUN ELECTS FESTIVAL CHAIRMAN Cane Run community Recreation committee has selected Mr. HHs-leCarpenter as the general manager of the Spring Festival and Fish Fry on April 27 at the school grounds. The purpose of the activities is to sponsor and stimulate '.interest in recreation. All of Jefferson County is invited to attend. c,. ; 1 s 'ii i j ' ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. Bishop William T. Watkins (left) of Louisville, Ky., and Bishop Costen J. Harrell of Birmingham, Ala., were chosen president and secretary, respecUvely, of the College of Bishops of the Southeastern Jurisdiction of The Methodist Church in a meeting held here at Hotel Dennis in connection with the six-dannual session of the Council of Bishops. The Southeastern JurlsdlcUon includes nine, states. ay program. putation. (Continued on Page 3 as

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