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Image 6 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), June 1, 1944

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

PAGE SIX THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHirESBTHtG, KENTUCKY LETCHERITES IN DETROIT When we walk down 12th St., here in Detroit, we see so many familiar faces from Letcher County, that we seem to be in one of our own small home towns. Everywhere we see men who are going to work in a defense plant, here, since they left their homes in Letcher County, where they were farmers, teachers, merchants, etc. Their wives have donned slack suits and badges and joined the great army of W.O.W.S., or "Women's Ordinance Workers" who are making the implements of war. These women are very busy, and haye only time to dream about their quiet peaceful homes down south, to which they will return when this war is won. Spring has at last arrived in Detroit. Lawns are green, flowers are showing themselves again, and children play in the yards, in the evenings after school. The foremen who have been out on a strike, in many of the defense plants here, returned to work today. We have been carrying on our work for the past three weeks without their supervision. The following are news items of former "Letcherites" who are here in Detroit, now. Mr. and Mrs.'Watson Adams are planning to return to their home at Jeremiah, Ky., for a few weeks. Mr. Benton Back and family spent several days with relatives at Jeremiah, Ky. Accompanying them was Grace Back. They all had a nice vacation. Misses Goldia and Ella Blair were called home on account of the illness of their mother, Mrs. Annie Blair, Jeremiah, Ky. Mr. Venson Caudill, former school teacher of Jeremiah, Ky., returned to his job here, after taking his examination for the army. Mrs. Lester Short is planning to visit her mother and family, Mrs. Betty Blair, Jeremiah, Ky. She is employed by the Chrysler Corporation. Mr. Monroe Blair, who is employed at Cadillac, is visiting his family at Jeremiah, Ky. His brother, Mr. Joe Blair, is also employed here. Mr. David Adams visited friends in Cleveland, Ohio recently. He is a defense work er at Motor Products. Misses Gwendolyn and Jacqueline Blair, small daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Blair are attending the Benjamin Franklin School. They are doing their share to help win the war by taking all their newspapers to school, for the paper drive, and by buying saving stamps. Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Caudill and family, of Carcassonne Ky., were the guests of his siste, Mrs. Grant Blair. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Back, and Mr. and Mrs. Watson Adams visited the Eastwood Park, Sunday. This is one of Detroit's liveliest amusement parks. Other places we like to go on Sunday are Belle Isle, Royal Oak Zoo, and across the Detroit River, into Windsor, Canada. Mr. and Mrs. Grant Blair and daughters, Gwendplyn and Jacqueline, were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Benton Back, and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Collins, last Sunday. Other familiar faces whom we see quite often are: Mr. and Mrs. Watson Dixon, Jeremiah, Ky., Misses Marie Adams, and Flora Hampton, Mr. and Mrs. Tounsel Haynes, Joe Haynes, W. R. Back, Charlie Blair, Curwood Blair, Ellis Caudill, Darrel Hampton, Lester Short, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff e, Davis, Jean Fields. Vera James Salyers, Hobart Francis and many others, from good old Letcher county. The Mountain Eagle is like a ray of sunshine to all of us, who are so far away from our homes. Keep it flying! A Former "Letcherite". Eld-ridg- Attention Teachers! Remember that the workshop begins June 5 in the Whitesburg Grade building. This is a rare opportunity to get your college work AT HOME. Garden Enemies Rationing At A Glance Bean beetles are laying their eggs and now is the time to start spraying and dusting. Use Rotenone or magnesium arsenateand follow the directions on the package. Potato beetles Spray with 10 level teaspoons calcium arsenate plus 10 level teaspoons hydrated lime per gallon of water or two level teaspoons Paris Green plus two level teaspoons hydrated lime per gallon of water. Flea beetle Dust or spray with Rotenone. Also Bordeaux mixture is a good repellent. Cucumber beetle. These insects started their work shortly after the seeds were planted. The effects are not noticed sometimes until the vines begin blooming. The treatment should start as soon after cucumbers are up. Dust the hills every three or four days with Rotenone or with a mixture of one part calcium arsenate and fifteen parts Gypsum. A suitable form of Gypsum can be bought from dealers in building materials as fiber plaster. Lime should not be used as its effect may be as serious as that of the beetle. . Tomato blight may be causJ ed by several germs but the results are the same; the spotting and final killing of the leaves. There is" no cure for the disease but there is a prevention which is to copper coat the leaves; spraying with Bordeaux mixture every 10 days to two weeks. Mrs. H. Jackson of Va., is visiting Mrs. D. W. Salyer and friends here-Mrs- . Jackson was the. former Miss Effie V. Salyer and was raised in Whitesburg. She is a daughter of the late Col. L. H. N. Salyer. She has been away from Whitesburg for 25 years. C. Coe-bur- n, v PROCESSED FOODS Blue stamps A8 through Q8 in War Ration Book Four good for 10 points each indefinite ly. Stamps R8, S8, T8, V8, valid June 1. MEATS AND FATS Red stamps A8 through T8 in Book Four good for 10 indefinitely points each Stamps U8, V8, and W8, valid June 4. For Table Use: Stamps 30 and 31 in Book Four now good for 5 pounds each indefinitely Stamp 32, good for 5 pounds indefinitely, will become valid June 16. For Canning: Stamp 40 in Book Four good for five pounds through February 28, 1945. Also, application may be made to local Board for additional allotment upon presentation of Spare Stamp 37. SHOES Airplane stamp 1 and Airplane stamp 2 in War Ration Book Three each is good for one pair of shoes. These stamps are good indefinitely GASOLINE Stamp A-- ll good for 3 gallons through June 21. B-- B-- 4 and 3 stamps good for 5 gallons until used. B-- 2 and 2 will become invalid June 1. Holders can exchange with Board for valid coupons. 3, C-- C-- When To Cut Hay Experimental work shows that the hay cut before the plant becomes too woody, for example: while they are not in still active vegetative growth, produces the best hay. This pertains both to grasses and legumes. At this stage of development a great percent of protein is obtained Mr. and Mrs. Mitt Meyers as well as a greater amount of and Mrs. J. S. Nicholson were vitamin A, both of which are week end visitors in Clinton. of great importance to the Tenn. animal whether young or mature. Then, too, they are more appetizing than the hays cut later in their development. Timothy hay has more food value in it when cut just be fore the bloom than any other time. Then legumes, with one exception, make the most palatable and nutritious if cut in the early bloom. The exception we spoke of is soy bean hay. Experiments show that the best time to cut soybean hay is when the seeds are about 4 mature. The afternoon rather than the forenoon is a better time in which to cut hay; for hay cut in the afternoon contains now; hence dry when ciit. 3-- Upper Bottom Fork News Mrs. A. J. Arrington from Oak Ridge, Tenn., Mrs. P. E. Willis from Texas, Mrs. David Kincer from Fleming, Ky., were all visiting their parents Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Craft and relatives of Bottom Fork this past week. All were glad to see them. Mrs. C. C. Spangler has had a few days illness the past week. Mr. and Mrs. ll a Spangler entertained group of youngsters at their home Saturday night with Rook games and refreshments were served. Those present were Jackie Craft, Wilma Lou Spangler, Lelia June Johnson, Carl Junior Polly and Ray White. All report a nice time. The following Sunday these youngsters and several others made a trip to the Cumberland Mountain where they all enjoyed a picnic. Services were held at Mr and Mrs. Hassel Kincer's home Sunday evening in 's 19th birthday. I think this wa.s very nice, as they had a good meeting. I hope everyone will think morn of the religious things every day as the world is in such a bad condition. We hope and trust how soon the war can. be over and we can have peace on earth and our brave boys return home. Er-ce- hon-Roy- THURSDAY, JUNE 1, 1944 Wilma Lou Spangler. had as pleted, these men will spend a period of leave at home. They are: Joe B. Kincer, 24, Cromona, Ky.; George W. Sisk, 22, Fleming, Ky.; Enoch ed Rook and refreshments L. Tucker, 25.; Howard Webb, I were served. 23, Box 851; Baron W. Yonts, Mr. and Mrs. Ni H. Craft 21; of Jenkins, Ky.; Harold G. and family visited their dau- Noble, 18, Mayking, Ky.; Vicghter, IViTS. Clifford Baker tor M. Mullins, 25.; and James and family at Bfg Stone Gap, F. Simmons, 25, of Neon, Ky.; Va., Sunday. William F. Vance, 18, and M J. B. Rud 1 of Thornton, John J. Lawson, 21, of Seco, Ky. visited h:s daughter and Ky.; Zack Harrison, 18, Whites"l,;1dren, Mr.. Korvor Spang, burg, Ky. ler Sunday, iler husband is m the U. S. Nvv FOR SALE The Stumble Inn at Potters- -' fork, Ky., two buildings and In Memory of two lots, good location, good Mabel Elizabeth business. Reason for selling This being Memorial Day is Doctor s orders. Will sell and my health will not permit at reasonable price. Mary Popovich, me to visit our little daughter, Mabel Elizabeth's giave Box 261 on the cemetery at Mayking, Neon, Ky. Ky., I w.ill write a few words in memory of ine as that LOST No. 3 and No. 4 Ite will last alwavs in mv heart. tion books in the names of She was a sweet, little ray! Bobby and Mr. and Mrs. Boyd of sunshine to us for only two Boggs. Finder please return years, one month and 4 days to Boyd Boggs, Roxana, Ky. When God called her home to rest. It seemed more than I Administratrix's could bear but if 1 could only speak the word to bring her Notice back I would not into this The undersigned, Olga John, world of trouble, trials and having been appointed as ad' tribulations, for we know ministratrix of the estate of she is at peace and rest for- Tom John, deceased, notice is ever in the arms of Jesus, and hereby given to all persons we are in trouble on earth. having claims against said Our oldest son Homer Dixon estate to please file same with is in U. S. Navy and it's been me as administratrix at Whites four weeks today since I've burg, Letcher County, Kenhad our last letter from hira tucky, properly proven as rethat is living trouble. Al- quired by law, and all perthough we are trying to be sons indebted to the estate of brave for him and praying the above named decedent for his safe return to us. will please call and settle their indebtedness at once. A precious one from us is gone This 12th day of May, 1944. A voice we loved is still OLGA JOHN, A place is vacant in our home Administratrix. That never can be filled. her guests, Carl Junior Polly, Jackie Craft and Tielia June Johnson this past Saturday week at her home. They play Into our home the Angel came and plucked a bud so sweet and placed it where in beauty rare would bloom at Jesus feet. We cannot understand just why our bud in heaven must bloom, why home and hearts must empty be and light be changed to .gloom. Could we but lift the misty veil that hides the heavenly land. And see our precious darling there. We'd surely understand we'll bravely try content to be and trust in God alone, until we dwell with one so dear, around the saviour's throne. INDOCTRINATION Eleven Letcher County, Ky. men are receiving their initial naval indoctrination at the U. S. Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, HI. Their "boot''" training consists of instruction in seamanship, military drill and general naval procedure. During this period a series of aptitude tests will be taken by the recruits to determine whether they will be assigned to a Naval Serving RnV. . IU Ul immediate active duty at sea.1 Their recruit training com- - - BUY MORE THAN Whitesburg, Ky. WANTED Workers for chain restaurants. Pleasant, permanent work where you are inside and warm in winter and inside in the shade in summer. Lots of promotions. Caretakers, cooks, waiters, waitresses, cashiecs, chefs skilled are needed. We train and pay as you learn. Wages from $18 to $50 per week. Write James E. Davis, 2323 S. Madison St., Muncie, Ind. dish-washe- rs, J. E. Garnett Refrigeration Repair Service For Mine and Mill lopens shop in neon and at this time all calls are to be mailed to the Neon Postoffice until telephone arrangements can be made. FULTON REFRIGERATION REPAIR SERVICE Neon, Kentucky Compensation and Insurance on Trucks. Also Fire Insurance on Homes and Stores 100 Acre Farm For Sale $5,000 Six room modern home, Electricity, hot and cold running water, bath- - House worth $3,000, basement, 50 acres timber, large orchard, full crop of Apples, 2 apples included with sale. Out buildings. Located seven miles from Clint- wood, 18 miles, Jenkins, Ky. Terms. Write, or see JAMES LIOUTZA, Norland, Va. 1-- VOU til" You should also read Ken- tucky's metropolitan daily newspapers, FOR SALE Gocd Oak 50 Gallon Barrels Steel Drums $2.00 Bottling Apply at Coca-Co- la Works, Whitesburg, Ky. $1.00, FOR SALE One 1937 Plymouth Coupe Automobile, in Good Condition. If interested, call or see CHARLIE THOMPSON, Whitesburg, Ky. LOST Gas ration book be longing to Monroe Collins of Isom, Ky. Finder please return to same. The For Athlete's Foot and BEFORE DR. PEPPER BOTTLING COMPANY Whitesburg, Ky. Phone 95. FULTON innu 8ac;ead- The Mountain Eagl. DOS This newspaper you are reading is your HOME newspaper . . . Always read it .. Typewriters, Adding Ma ines, Typewriter Ribbons, Caj bon Paper, Mimeograph Pap Personal Stationery and care of all kinds, also any kind i. printed forms see us befor you send jour business out l. the county. 291-ac- re LETCHER CO. MEX ARE RECEIVING THEIR INITIAL FIRST OFFICE SUPPLIES of all Kinds 50-acr- es Heal each aching heart Prepare us all in heaven to meet Where we shall never part. his is my prayer A Mother, Mrs. C. C. Spangler. ''That's the way I like to sec them," said Gen. That's why there's a Fifth War Bond drive on when he saw the rows o( dead Japs MacArthur now, a drive in which you're needed to support the men on the fighting fronts who are facing the in the Admiralty Islands. In this war the costliest, crudest war of all time most treacherous forces Americans have ever met in combat. We on the our boys must fight with savage fury. Kill or be killed! And on how home front can't let them down and we won't. So resolve now to at well each plays his part depends least double your Bond buying in the lives of many of his buddies. muiita the 5 th War Loan drive. This is the Here on the home front; too, just cHeering the attack on isn't enough. time to do better than your best. WANTED Youne exper ienced Dairyman for small producing raw milk nlant. Necessary that applicant know how to drive truck. HILL CREST FARM Cumberland, Ky. REPAIR WORK DONE On sewing machines ai washing machines also si Electric Singers, parts aj supplies. If interested call THREE MODERN HOMES BAKER MAYTAG CC. FOR SALE or write: 1 10room modern home, J. R. Rudd or large lot in Morehead, Ky. Arthur Woods, Price $7,000.00, terms. Seco, Ky. . Modern residence, beautiful level fer- AT PHUT tile land, facing route 60. Bath SON OF A County, Ky. Price only $7000 terms. Modern residence, very fertile level land, facing Route 36. Bath TABLETS. 5A1YE. NQ$ DR0I County, Ky. Price only $30-0per acre. Write or see H. B. DAMERON, i Insurance Farmers, Ky. "cALIi Oh, Jesus bear our grief and 11 sm in Hob pure I THE LOUISVILLE TIMES JL?ewspaper ftu011 serving the people of this area faithfully since 1826. OUR LARGEST SKLLEK Says Stesart, Ashland, Ky. "Te.ol is our largest seller for ATHLETES FOOT". Why? Made ;vith 90 per cent alcohol, it PENETRATES. LReaches more germs. Many remedies do not penetrate sufficiently. FEEL IT Your 35c back TAKE HOLD. tomorrow at any drug store if not pleased. Today at Childer's Drug Store, Whitesburg. r

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