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Image 4 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 14, 1952

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

' Page Four Al. .u c. ."v 1 il "' THURSDAY, AUG. 14, 1952 l'H KENTUCKY Woodford Blair, salesman with the Lewis Wholesale aJBBBBllBV" .BBBBBBBkMBI'1 9lBBBBBBBBBBBBBH Company of Whitesburg, has acccepted position Rtjpj''-fftk- , Ibbbbbbbh Whitesburga Insurance with the Agency, JhBhbIbbbbbbBhII IUbbhBbbbbbY iHMttri .Hfff'IfffffffffffH owned by his brother. He ' Hbbbmbs. nwlfffffffffffffffMiiii mmBMBWIBBBM will change jobs soon. VbbbbbbbbbbS by Mre- - jHBH' Cecil Webb fm' Hyv Jimmy Ely and Joe Carr of Nolan. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Middlesboro were guests of Craft. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Barbara Lewis last Tuesday. jAmmerman, Mr. and Mrs. French Hawk, Mr. and Mrs-M- 3bm9bbVHbbbbLH 'sMBmIBIB LbbbLf titok ' i nnrl T.pnnnrH TVTaiirirp T.pwic Mrc nnrl Mrq Tlr J. E. Crawford, Rev. and Mrs. I Clel Rodgers, and Maj., and Mrs. Harold Back and daugh ter, Kathy, of Pittsburgh, Mrs. John Adkins of Atlanta, MrsHazel Childers, Gordon Lewis and Rolan Price. -- ' IwbbbbbbbbbbbbV n - Mr. and Mrs. Carl Breeding! rs sieves- and children. Donelda, Mina On Monday, Mrs. J. L. Hays Lee and Woody visited recent- - and Mrs. E. Hampton Barnette lv in Georgia and Florida. left for Sue Bennette College. While in Georgia they were 'at London where they are guests of Mrs. Breeding's attending the School of Mrs. C. W. Worsham in sions of the Methodist Church this week, Rome. , - bbbh9b1IwHIIbwb1bbbbH as,- - 3 i IHbbbbbbbbHbVbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbH .1 bVIbhbbbIbbbKvbmbIbibbbbbh Mis-siste- r, - insurance picnic at Dewey Lake Saturday. r and Mrsl Ben Lewis, Mr. Bowen and daughter, Jenny) Lind, Mrs. Donald Froste and daughter, Sue Ellen returned home Sunday night from a fishing trip at Hickory Star. Mr. and Mrs- James Brown $hmbbbMbbbbbbbbbbbM and family were attending an lbbbbbbwbbbbbbbbbbbbbB mHBsllHlllH day, August 8 by Elder Curtis Caudill. Daniel Brock, 19, and Loretta Craft, both of May king. The Ladies Auxiliary of the Whitesburg 'VFW Post 5829 will have a box supper at the Clubhouse Saturday night, beginning at 7:30 o'clock. 'AH Auxiliary members and VFW wives who are not members are urged to be at the supper. Hiram Taylor Jr., of Whitesburg was awarded a Master Kermit Lucas has been of Arts in education at commencement exercises appointed new Junior Vice- week at the University of Commander 'of the Whites burg Vr-'Fost oaza to re place Dave Fields who resigned that position recently. Duard Banks was named Pub licity Chairman at Monday's meeting. last Mamage Licenses Put- - Williams With Lee Adams, 59, Jeremiah, CoTystdbullary Troop and Ida Adams 50, Red Fox, Married at Whitesburg Tues day, "August 5, by County Judge Robert B. Collins. Arthur Meade, 29, and Cora Lee Blair, 32, both of Jack horn. Marriage solemnized by County Judge Colling Wednesday, August 7, at Whitesburg. William Collins Jr., 29 and Corsie Croucher. 27, both of Blackey. 19, and Elisha Combs, Edith Turner, 22, both of Hazard. Lloyd Cornett, 26, Gordon, and Mattie Jane Ross, 15, Sandlick. John D. Breeding. Jr., 23, Isom and Josephine Blair, 18, Jeremiah. Frank M. Dalton, 21, Louis ville, and Norma Jean Cornett, 17, Whitesburg. Married at Whitesburg Frl n Pvt. Jack D. Williams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse L. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Clay Williams of Cromona. is presthe Church met last Thursday! and daughters, Judith and ently serving with "B" Troop afternoon at the home of Mrs. Janice, Joe Preston of Dayton, of the 15th. Constabulary in John' M- Adams. Mrs. Sam Ohio. Mr. and Mrs- Wilgus Weiden, Germany, near the daughter, Cox presented the program, Holbrook Sweden border. her subject being "Has Your iBrenda, enjoyed a trip to Cum-Li- f e Really Been Changed." berland Falls last Sunday. He landed in Germany in Mrs. Cox gave a splendid talk June of this year from Camp Kimbell, New Jersey. Jack talk on this subject which ivlr. and Mrs. Edison Lewis was greatly enjoyed by those and daughter, Mary Caudill, had gone to Camp Kimbell present. The hostess served and son, Ted of Norfolk, Va., after finishing basic at Camp Breckinridge, Ky. He volunrefreshments to the following: are visiting relatives and Mesdames: A. J. Leach, Frank friends in Whitesburg, teered for the army on JanuHELEN JUNE COOK TO WED DENNY PICKLESIMER ary 5, 1952. Caudill, Belle Blair, Hayden Mrs. Cinda Cook, of Millstone Ky., wishes to announce Royal Crown Mrs. W. H. Lewis, Mrs. the engagement of her daughter, Helen June Cook, to Denny Wilson, Sam Cox, Jack Pass-morHe attended High School at Bottling Company Follace Fields, Cro French Hurd, and Mrs- - Sam Picklesimer of Whitesburg. The ceremony is planned for Wheelwright, Ky. Caudill. John Thompson; Ted Collins Jr., spent Wednesday 23 at 2:00 p. m. (CST) at the First Baptist Church of Whites-bur- g Whitesburg, Ky. Yonts, A. C. Jenkins and Miss at Hyden. and will be an open church wedding. Charlie Wright and his enJoan Yonts. tire force invite you to visit Mrs- Jack Passmore and your County Clerk while in George Rogers Clark plotted What is called the world's Mr. and Mrs- Gordon Lewis Seaman Kirby Ison, Jr., who children, Jack Granford and and son, Gordon, Mr. ana ivirs. his conquest of the British AVhitesburg on pleasure or largest railroad has been stationed at Corpus Carol Frances of Norton, were Oscar Lewis and daughters, Northwest at Fort Harrod, business. You will always plant is located in Louisville. Christi, Texas, for some time guests of Mrs. Passmore's par- Joan and Barbara and Miss 'now a Kentucky State park find a friendly hand and cour- It uses Kentucky lumber alis on a 30 day leave at the ents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Polly Caudill entertained with . at Harrodsburg. most exclusively. teous welcome there. home of his parents, Mr. and Jenkins last week. On Sun- a picnic supper on Pine Moun Mrs. Kirby Ison, Sr. day Mr. Passmore drove over tain in compliment to Mr. and from Norton and accompanied Mrs. Edison Lewis and family Robert Stout formerly em- them home. of Norfolk, Va., on Friday ployed by the R. H- Hobbs Co., evening. is now employed in Lorraine,' On Friday morning Mrs. Ohio. Mrs. Stout expects to jack Swisher and Mrs. Follace Mr. and Mrs. I- - W. Fields join him soon. Fields entertained at the home and Rev. and Mrs. Calvin of Mrs. Swisher with a coffee Fields of Louisville visited rs. Rev. Bee Day, Mrs. D. D. complimenting Mrs- Passmore. cently with Mrs. Rachel Fields and Miss Danola Fields Those presnt were; Mrs. Pass- - Adams and Mr. and Mrs. are attending the Church of more, Mrs. Stamper Collins, Randall Day. God Assembly at Indianapolis, and Mrs. Sam Collins, Jr. Indiana this weekAlleen Sumpter who repAmong those who went to resented the Whitesburg Mrs. Orval Hughes and son Montreat, N. C, to hear Club at the Club Can-4- , Sunday Evangelist Don returned home Graham at Quicksand was selected as Billy night after visitng relatives in preach on Saturday evening the most outstanding girl in a Cynthiana for the past week. were Mr. and Mrs- Paul Ver contest held mere. million, Mr. and Mrs. Rayj Mrs- - Don Collins was hostess Venters, Mr. and Mrs- Raywas Miss Carol Combs to the Winsome Bible Class of mond Day and Mr. and Mrs. hostess to the Belle Bermette the First Baptist Church on Marvin Holbrook. Circle of the Methodist The last Friday evening. Church on Friday evening. meeting was opened by the Mr. and Mrs. Cossie Quillen Mrs. Coy Holstein, the group singing "Trust and and son, Cossie Claude, Jr., presided over the Obey." Mrs. Letcher Short and Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Hol meeting. Mrs. Vernon Goff presented a very inspirational brook returned home on Fri- gave the devotional and Mrs. devotional which was closed day after visiting with rela- Bill Blair gave an interesting1 with Mrs. Lester Hammock tives and friends in Mt. Sterl- account of a recent trip to' Refresh- ing. Somerset, Millersburg and Lake Junaluska, N. C- - and aj offering prayer. ments were servd by the Lexington. While in Lexing- Methodist meeting she attend-hostess to the following: Mes ton they were guests of ed while there. The hostess dames: Hiram Williams; K. G. Bentley. served delicious refreshments Fraley, Kermit Combs, Lester to the following: Mesdames: Hammock, Letcher Short, Clel R. P. Price and son, David, Coy Holstein, Bill Blair,; Rodgers, Ray Venters, R. P. and Herman Hale spent the Russell Rice Vernon Golf, Price, Alvin Holbrook, Henry week end at Mr. Price's farm Kyle Campbell, Owen Wright, Adams, R. Dow Collins, Bob at Springfield, Term. They Cecil Webb, , and Misses Stansberry, S- J. Bates, Law- were accompanied to western Bonnie Combs, Ellene Salyer, rence Lewis, Curtis Giles, and Kentucky by Mr. and Mrs. Pauline Amburgey and Sibyl Miss Mattie Adams and Arlane Flovd Mercer who visited Dawahare and three visitors Clyde Frazier, Mrs. Collins. Mrs. iwith relatives. You definitely do not. On the open road, you is a host of things that endear a Stephen Combs, Jr., and Mrs. have that same sure sense of command that to anyone who loves to Rodgers Mr- - and Mrs. B. W. Owen of Wilma Early of Lexington. Rev. and Mrs. Clel you've always had. Coming out of a curve, and family visited recently Barnwell, S. C, are visiting drive. Miss Mary Bradshaw and with relatives at Ashland. Rev. with Mrs. Owens parents Mr, you can loosen your grip, and the front wheels There's the might of its Fireball 8 Engine D. L- - Carpenter who is a stu- - and Mrs. A. C. Day. The Paul Finnley of Lexington right themselves just as they do on every Buick. most powerful ever put in a Buick. dent at Morehead College Owens formerly resided in were visiting with Mr. and becupied the pulpit jpf the Jenkins-Firs- t Mrs. Oscar Lewis recently. But you'll notice this: When you suddenly hit There's the thrift of its Airpowcr carburetor Baptist Church on Sun- lease dirt or sand or a stretch of rough road-Po- wer automatic that literally brings a four-barrday morning. Mrs- Wilma Earh, and chilMr. and Mrs. Clyde Walker Steering smoothly goes into action increased power right out of thin air. were guests of Mr- Walker s dren, Harold Combs and Miss Joan Lewis left on parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Phyllis Jean of Lexington are helps take up the jerk makes control of the There's its hushed and luxurious silence its Wednesday for Decater, Ga., Walker, Sr., at Hazard this the guests ol Mr. and Mrs. wheel easier and driving safer. poised and level ride that cost a million dollars where she will attend the past week end. They enjoyed Stephen Combs, Jr., and other wedding of a classmate at seeing Mr. Walker's lovely relatives this week. Wouldn't you like to try out this newest wonder to develop and the infinite smoothness of its Transylvania College, Miss flower garden, Dynaflow Drive. on a Roadmaster or a Super? You say the Ann Swords to David AlexMrs. Sam Collins and son, word, and we'll do the rest. ander at the First Christian John Combs of Ermine and Harlan Francis are visiting in ut the thing that has brought the most cheers on Saturday evening. sons, Dan Combs Marlowe, Louisville this week. Church Equipment, accessories, trim and models are subject to change for this big and obedient beauty is Buick's verHugh Combs, Seco, Bill without notice. Optional at extra cost on Roadmaster and sion of Power Steering. Mr. and Mrs. Willard Kiger Combs, Whitesburg, The Junior Iloinuinaker.ii Super only. announce the birth of a son, Combs, London and SI-Club met at the home of Mrs.1 Gone is the tug of turning, parking, maneuverLarry Dean, on Wednesday, Henry Combs enjoyed a week- W. L. Stallard, Jr.. on Thursing in small space. August 6 at High Point, N. C, end of fishing at Wolfe Creek- day evening. Mrs-- Esther weight four pounds, 14 ounces. beaman Combs is home on Mohn presided over the busiPower Steering takes over the effort of turn . The many friends of the leave from Charleston, S. C. ness session and the LandIng the front wheels makes it a one-han- d bbbbbbbbbbbbbbV popular young couple congratscape discussion was led by j operation. Mrs- French Hawk enter- Mrs. of ulate them on the birth Follace Fields, after tained with a coffee party at which a recreation program their first child. o you have to learn to drive all over again her home Saturday morning was enjoyed by all present. f If you have this new Buick feature? On last Tuesday evening in compliment to the visitors Refreshments were served to in town. Those present were: the following: Mesdames Jack Mrs. Rolan' Price and Lewis entertained Mrs. John Adkins, Atlanta, Swisher, Bill Tolliver, Pauline WHIN BITTIK AHTOMOBILIS AM BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD TKEM with a picnic supper on the Ga.. Mrs. Edison Lewis, Nor- Creech. Follace Fields, Esther Va., Mrs. Harold Bach, Mohn, Stamper Collins, Emory lawn at the Price home. After folk, a delicious meal the guests, Pittsburgh, Pa., Mrs. W. G. Lewis, Roger Kersey, Audra played games and contests Holbrook, Mrs. Hazel Childers, Pigman, Billy Paul Collins, which proved to be much fun. Mrs- Arthur Dixon, Mrs. Sam Paul Pigman. Those present were: Mr. and Collins, Sr. Mrs. Lewis In Kentucky during 19501 Mrs. R. P. Price, Mrs. Mrs. J. L. Hays, Dr. and Mrs. Lee Moore, Mr. and Mrs. Bui Gordon Lewis and Mrs- J. E. there were 2,000 schools. Blair, Mr. and MrsJL W. The Presbyterian women of - - and j 'bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbVbbHHbbbbH e, - - g - - - 4-- H 4-- H - - vice-preside- 1 Mrs-Zennet- h ( pw- i I - STEERING of the - There ! el - J - B Sid C - - D Mrs-Gordo- n Ky va Motor - Am-merma- - one-teach- er Coi Railroad and Madison St. ipany, Inc. Whitesburg, Ky,

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