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Image 4 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), May 27, 1921

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Judge H. T. Day Says SHE WAS ALMOST To the People and to the Public Generally of Letcher County, and Especially All Voters and All Candidates: ill jp- Gefc - I desire to say that I announced myself as a candidate for CounCovington Woman Says TAN- ty Judge of Letcher county sometime ago. At that time I intended LAC has Made A New Womto run and' up to this time I intend to run, but during that time I an Out of Her, Can't Praise have been disabled and could not go out from home very much. it Enough. Now I am able to stir around and desire to say if I keep well I will see most all the voters in Letcher county before the primary, but if I should not get to see some of you I ;ant you to know from this "I can recommend Tanlacwith that I am a candidate and will run the race through, regardless of all my heart" said Mrs. Susie what anyone else may say or do. Medaris 226 W. 14th St., CovingI desire to say further that I am running on my record and ton, Ky. "for since taking the from what the people know of me in a general way, and am not medicine I am enjoying wondor-f- u running in any other man's interest, nor am I led by any other man health and strength." or set of men. "For nearly a year I was alIt has been rumored that I might keep certain other persons I lest from announcing for office, or keep them from running; but, most a nervous wreck. dear my appetite so completely that I voters, ladies and men, I am running my own race, let others do had no desire whatever for food. likewise or otherwise, so far as I am concerned. I have no desire I felt tired and worn out all the to put any man on or take any man off, and if any man desires to time and seemed to be losing all run or to not run it is without my suggestion or solicitation. the energy I ever had, Of all I am running my own race and all others can do the same. trouble I think nervousness must Hoping to see each and all of you before the primary and asking be worse than anything else for you now and at the primary to support me, I am, I never had anything before to Your former servant and ever your friend, give me half the worry and so H. T. DAY. completely rob life of all its urn ummgiratfmifcii pleasures. "From the testimonials I Jsaw where lots of people had been relieved of their nervousness and that gave me heart to try it. It took hold of my condition right This Bank is the logical home for your Savings because in addition to paying 3 at once and built .me right up. per cent interest on deposits, it affords In almost no time I began to rel-is- h absolute safety by reason of its Capital and surplus of $100,000, its conservative my meals and regain my methods and its membership in the FedNow I am full of enstrength. eral Reserve System. ergy, perfectly healthy and life There is no better investment that you is a pleasure to me, In fact Tan-la- c could have than a Savings Account in this strong institution. has truly made me a new woWhether your deposits are small or man and I can never praise it large your account will be cordially enough." this booklet which8 tells IK What Ed is on Lllc Iw m I ! I I I is a certain song which i. holds a fascination for Mr. TpHERE '.M '!M 1 -- Edison. 19 :M That song is "HI Take You Koine 'Again, Kathleen." k, Mr. Edison has his other favorites, i too. He listens to them in those mo ments of relaxation which he snatches from his never-ceasin- g research work. 31 i Wouldn't it be interesting to know these tunes? Get a copy of "What Edison Likes in Music" (use our Edison Requisition Blank). Know Mr. Edison's 25 favorite selections. Note his personal views on what is good and what 'is iad in music. See the six selections he thinks everybody ought to havei You vill get new siie-ligh- ts on Mr. Edison, the man, also valuable mu-- i sic suggestions you carroise. ' This is the booklet Ihe magazines" have been talking about. We haven't a large supply. The demand is heavy. So, act promptly. The phonograph whifch Mr. Edison has for his personal use is acknowledged to be the most perfect type of g instrument in the world. We have its exact duplicate. Come in and hear it. Ask for the Official Laboratory Model. You can buy it on our Budget Plan. That is, we'll make a gentleman's agreement ' vith you, y The Bank for Sayings sound-reproducin- Master Commissioner's Sale f Whitesburg Hardware Co. Study This Picture! Know What It Means ? Bring or Send this Edison Requisition Blank It means that famous vocalists 'and instromen talists have compared their performances with the of those performances- - by the New Edison. It means that there is no difference between the living performanco and the performance, It means that only the New Edison gives music exactly as great - for only the New Edison sustains artists give tt,this, test of direct comparison. (The KevrEdisaa &so plays aJlmalicsialkihgthachinerccords, cod plays ihezzz better!) J 'honog&aplgaOith AS Whoso favorire tunes would you like to know? I .Address Q Wbo't Edison LlfcerftaMusIe:, Booth, etching of Edi4B, UTt5,.jr5 O- - Koslc the Story of hS . HHvt Eaisqri, q What Qid. ' (Bulletin) & Bfilson Dq Dnjli-tlif- . r . WW . Soul9 BK.KB?L. Live Lady or Gentleman Agent Whitesburg, Ky,, and inhabitants the board reserving the wanted in Whitesburg and other therein, has been duly passed by reject any and all bids. Is vacant cities. All or spare time. the Board of Trustees of the town S.C.Blair, Squifcu : GET BUSY. Keep busy. your job unsafe? Is it permag busnent? You want a You can get "into such a iness. business selling more than 137 Watkins Products direct to farmers if you own au3o or team or can get';one; if you are under 50 and can give bond with personal sureties. We back you with big selling helps. 52 years in business, 20,000,090 users of our proWrite for information ducts. where you can get territory. J. R. Watkins Co., Drpartment 111, life-lon- Particulars and sample free. of Whitesburg, Ky., and today. The J. R. Watkins Write Whereas the Board of Trustees Co. 53 Memphis, Tenn. desires to sell same and will re ceive bids therefor on Monday, FOR SALE -- One black Jersey May 23, 1921. The public will cow 8 years old. Will be fresh therefore lake notice that the in June; now gives 2 gallons of Board of Trustees' will receive milk daily. Ree R. B. Bentley, Whitesburg, Ky. On third Saturday and Sunday in June the funeral of Uncle Joe Winona, Minn. Holcomb will be preached at Lower Sandlick church, by Elds. Wanted Agents in every coun ty in State to sell Indian Herb J. T. Whitaker, Ira Combs and Big others. Remedies and toilet goods. money sure. Laxative Herb Tab lets 60c prepaid. the great Indian herb medicine for blood, Liver, Kidney, and Stomach makes weak rundown people strong $1 prepaid malt extract & hops $1 prepaid. Cole & Son, 1509 Elm St., Cincinnati, A Ohio. On third Saturday and Sunday in May the funeral of Mrs. Ala-fa- ir Holbrock, deceased wife ef Geo.W.Holbreok will be attended at Mayking by Elds. Bennett Adams, Ira Muliins and others. acres Co. blue grass land situated about 5 miles south of Mt. Sterling, Ky., on the Cam- argo pike. This land all in grass and has on it a small house, stock barn and scales. ihe price is $100 per acre. Apply to A. C. Bogie, Mt. Sterling, Ky. iUK SAL.rJ-Ab- out Notice Whereas a town ordinance No. provided for the sale of a fra"a chise to some person, firm, part the genuine Watkins nership or corporation, to supply SELL Products! Medicines, Extracts, electric lights, electric current Spices, Scaps, Shampoo, Etc. and electric power to the town, of Letcher Circuit Court, Ky, Little Whitaker, plff., vs. Alfred Fields and Ira Banks def ts. By virtue of a judgment and order of sale of Letcher Circuit Court rendered at its April term 1921 ;in above cause, fos the sum of $275 with interest at the rate of 6 per cent per annum from the 24 day of Oct. 1917 until paid subject to the following credits 585 paid April 29, 1918, $5 paid Fb.10,' .1S18,$70.60 paid .April 4, 1S19 and all crsts herein I will offer for sale by public auction at the Courthouse door in Whitesburg, Ky. cn Monday the 6 day of June 1921 about the hour of 1 eclosk p.m. upon a credit of 6 months the following described property lowijt: All that certain tract of land situate on Spicewood branch of Kingdom Come creek in Letcher county, Ky., and described as follows: Being . the same i land conveyed to the defendants Alfred Fields and Ira Banks by Lynch Fields by deed dated May 4, 1913 and now of record in the office of the Clerk of the Letcher County Court in deed book No. at Pagq reference to which is now made for a more particular description of said land. Also at the sae time and place I will offer for sale 2 mules, 1 gray and 1 black knoi?m as the-- Eli Ison mules. Os a sufficiency thereof to produse the sums pf money ordered to be made. The purchaser will be required to eximright to ecute bond with approved security day mediately after the sale. This 12 of May 1921. S.E.Bakof. M.C.L.C.C. Chmn. First National Bank Jenkins, We pay all taxes on money deposited with us Benjamin Franklin Said: ll Attest Ira Francis; Clerk. American Golfers Make a Clean Sweep in Foursomes- - Arranged as x Preliminaries. Notice Is hereby given to any officer of the law. State or National, that we have given notice to all persons not to trespass upon our lands owned by us in Viginia and Kentucky by operating moonshine stills or in any other way. Morgan C. Bollfng aad wife. "LOOK BEFORE, OR YOU'LL FIND YOURSELF BEHIND." Everyone should prepare for his old age. We can't all be rich, but we can all have a bank account. $1 opens a Savings Account. Why not deposit at least $1 a week in a Savings Account? This money, with the interest that will be compounded, will help take care of you when you are too old to work. BANK OF McROBERTS FLEMING, KY. We pay taxes on all money deposited with us BRITAIN IN W!N YANKS Kentucky Kimlnlitl. Mny 23. The Hbylnke, American Rolf team, which is to contest tho r.Htish amateur championship, made a clean sweep in. the foursomes nrrnngeil --ns pnrt of n prellnilniiry series of matches with Ilritish players,, contested here. All four of the contests were woiHiy American pairs. The tentn composed of "UoWty" Jones and "Chick" Kvans won a foursome match, ilefcutlns the I'.ritisli team by a score of to 3. (Ienrj;e O. SMiipon nnd .T. L. C. Jenkins made up tho Urltlsh team. bids upon said franchise as pro vided in said ordinance and the amendments thereto up till seven o'clock Monday May 23, 1921 for said franchise from persons deMorgan C. Boiling, siring to bid thereon. All persons By desiring to bid upon said fran Wanted Salesman 'for 6,000 chise shall accompany their bid Salary MARINE STRIKE NEAR END mile guaranteed tires. with a certified check for $100 as $100.00 weekly with extra com- Secretary of Labor Davis and Admiral a guarantee of the good faith of Benson Have Reached an missions.' Cowan Tire & Rubber "Understanding." the bidder. The place of receivCo., Box 784 Chicago, Illinois. ing said bids shall be in the Washington, May 21'.. Secretary cf Labor Uavis ami Admiral i'.eiison, Courthouse of Wnitesburg, Ky. States shlppln? of the Fine Dogs For Safc chairmanreached United"understandinp:" Bids may be mailed or given to an hoard, Fox. coon, o'possum. rabbit, with regard to a proposed plan for setDr. Ira Francis, Clerk of the blood hounds, airedale terriers. tlement of tin; marine strike. It was said Board of Trustees. Terms announced at the Labor department. collies, shepherds, squirrel dogs. ' said bids shall be cash. watch dogs, poodles, police doiri1, A copy cf the ordinancp and St, Bernards, bull terriers, Boston amendments thereto directing tprriers. and pet dogs of all cf Dourbon Poultry Remedy All broke dogs are sent the sale of said franchise and the hinds. Aievdropaia foU "ffTSSTCJ mrl prevents white an terms of said franchise can beion 10 daV3 tria1-- - "f not satisfac V cuirttiorvi. cliolera ? - V RiO tory return docs in good shape and other c!ixlt seen in the office of Dr. Ira Frand:snsa. Ufw daily to ke?p your express prepaid and we will re Mcka hcftl&y. Don't wait until cis, Clerk of the Byard of Trus- fund your money. Or will ship Get r bctt!at?&y. diseusostrikrv pintfLSO. tees of the town of Whitesburg. CO D. where express office is(: At dnir?ists. or by mail pcjlrvx.1. Box D, Lcxluton, Ky. Hcurlicm Remedy Co., near. The franchise shall be awarded Lonesome Fine Farsi Kennels Sold in Whitesburg by JOHN D. FITZPATRICK Millstone, Ky, to the highest and best bidder, sot; Blackey State Bank Blackey, Kentucky ' Does a General, Banking business Solicits Your Account j 1 Zj -- SrrjjIiiLJ-,La-3-ct- $l j- The Caudill Construction Company Blackey, Kentucky Gradinp, Sxca ratine and Mine Opening a Specialty QUICK RELIABLE SERVICE WE SOLICIT YOUR BUSINESS

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