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Image 25 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 19, 1956

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

I THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 1956 THE MOUNTAIN Frankfort, Ky. The State Inomic Security Department of Economic Se- - reported today. curity disbursed 3,255,323 last! were 1,950,426; month in public assistance pay- dren payments, Vego E. Barnes Old age grants EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY ing home about May 10th. Oh, had dinner at Cumberland Gap. They also visited Uncle Isaac Happy Day! dependent Fields and Mr. and Mrs. Charlie $1,190,555 and Mr. George Troutt was seen Fields of Cumberland, Ky. Uncle ments, Commissioner of Eco- - needy blind outlay, $114,342. Isaac Fields is 96 years old now, WHEREAS: THE MAYOR OF THE CITY OF JENKINS DOES and is still very active. According to some of the old and left this week. HEREBY ISSUE THE FOLLOWING PROCLAMATION: er weather prophets in our com-- 1 The occasion was the arrival Mr. and Mrs. Herman Caudill munity the cool weather we of a fine new baby boy. This ATTENTION FISHERMEN! That the week of April 16th of the Year 1956, A. D., shall have been having this week is is the fourth boy and the eighth visited Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Hamp- be proclaimed as CLEAN-UWEEK within the City of Jenkins. " They say child for Mr. and Mrs. Troutt ton of Jeremiah, Ky., Saturday winter." During this week so proclaimed as CLEAN-UWEEK, the we just have two more cool and I think they have good reas- - evening. Citizens of the City of Jenkins are urged to participate in this spells to go now, and they will on to be proud of these eight Mr. and Mrs. Esquire Whitak- - Droeram bv cleaning ud the unsiehtlv debris which mav he nn nr be and fine youngsters. winter" er had a "quilting" and "work- - around their property. The trimming of lawns, cutting of weeds, "blackberry winter". Personal- 0 ly though I think warm weather The quilt was 'and planting of flowers all will help make our City clean and Mrs. J. W. Cnllins is in the ing" Saturday. is just around the corner be- - Whitesburg Memorial Hospital almost finished, a good deal of attractive. L&N LAKE on Barlow Branch, Neon, Ky., is now open cause l heard the first "brown at this time. We wish for her work was done and all the A clean, attractive community is a healthier and happier crowd enjoyed a delicious din thrush" singing this week. In a very speedy recovery, for Fishing. Recently stocked with Bass, Cat and Pike. place to live; it will encourage tourists and visitors to stop and ner. our family we have always be- o stay a while and possibly come back again. Good Road and Plenty Parking Space. nevea mat is a sure sign that 0ur deepest sympathy goes to summer is not far away. Which Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wayne Whit- Mr. Herman Caudill, Mrs. Help make your HOME TOWN appealing to the stranger Nerva B. Gene icumius me ui me mue poem: . aker of Detroit. Mich., in the W. B. Deaton, Miss Mary Grace within your gates and to your family and friends who come to i NEON, KENTUCKY death of their baby son this Caudill and Master Jimmy Tur visit you. Ezra Johnson. "pring has sprung, week. The funeral was held at ner were at the Little Zion The grass has riz, the Craft Funeral Home Chapel Church at Jeff, Ky, Sunday. A llllllllHIIB'll''llllll'lllll)g'lllir'lll li;C'llllllWllTIIiHlllIMIiltM;ill,n,i. I wonder where the birdies is?" at Whitesburg, Friday morning very enjoyable meeting was had 4-- H Meeting fkiiiiwiiilaiiilaiiilaliiiiUila'ii.irhlFiiila'iiUuiiau and burial was in the Sandlick by a good sized crowd in spite P.-of all the rain. Cemetery. If your news reporter sounds The Anril meetine of the We were very sorry to p t. A. was held in 325 Club members and 25 Mr. and Mrs. Silas Caudill reHi slightly delirious this week it may be due to spring fever but ported a very enjoyable weeks of Mrs. Wallace Honeycutt of jyg. Rice's fourth grade room leaders attended the Annual Letcher County Club Spring ATnnriav more likely it is caused by the visit with their daughter and Letcher, Ky., being in the hos-'n- n jf Anril 9th at J news that I got this week that Mr. and Mrs. Eugene pital at Hazard. We wish her a'p M. The usuai caii to order Rally on Friday, April 6. The rally was held at the ?ii Imv hushanH , u Wilmic T Shepherd of Lynch, Ky. During speeay recovery, was given which is the pledge UbULJ Deaton who is stationed with the the veek they also went shop to the flag and the singing of First Baptist Church in Whitesburg. Air Force in Japan will be start- - per m Middlesboro, Ky., and LIST OF NAMES OF the Star Spangled Banner. There were 35 club members COUNTY SAFETY BUREAU Airs. E. Hampton Barnette giving speeches and demonstraThe following names are a was introduced as the speaker tions. Winners in the boy's demoncontinued list of members of the and her subject, "Tolerance", Hi Letcher County Safety Bureau: was developed from the general, strations were: theme of "International RelaJUNIOR DIVISION "Tag on Herbert Smith, Whitesburg rta tionships". In her quiet and the Feed Bag," First Place J. L. Hays, Whitesburg gracious manner she gave a Joe Myrel Brown, winner, prize: Carl 'Napier, Whitesburg most helpful and interesting Pencil. Toney Ison won second Chas. A. Wright, Neon talk. She mentioned intolerance place and received a red ribLee Peterson, McRoberts as related to the problems of bon. Hobert Caudill, Blackey youth, of the aged and elderly, Grant Smith, Banks Individual demonstrations K of the churches of racial prejuRaymond E. Brown, Whitesburg dice, and of other nationalities. any subject: First place went to Steve Fred McCray, Jr.., Whitesburg. She gave many true stories and Brown on "How to Clean and Bill Adams, Isom illustrations making her re- Shine Shoes." He mm . ar bbbbbbbi received a i?F DOES MONEY SLIP Lloyd Meade, Millstone marks more effective. pencil. 115 Shelby Ison, Linefork Mrs. Joe Reynolds gave an Other individual demonstrafjf THROUGH YOUR FINGERS? Charlie Sparks, Jenkins excellent report on the Spring tions were: Harvey L. Spence, Whitesburg Conference held at Hazard on Bill Duke Blue Ribbon Taylor, Ermine Pat March 24th. Four members at-- 1 Hf . Tommy Brashears Blue Rib John M. Admas, Ermine tended from our Mrs. bon. H M. D. Charsomergist, Hazard James Brown, of Bill Collins Red Ribbon ati You'll find It's more economical STARTS TODAY! Tenth District; Mrs. Troy Stalto paint your kitchen, bathroom John Chappell, Hazard Carl Hall Red Ribbon lard, Chairman of Character and Donald and halls with Wallhlde Gloss I ??? Luther Deaton, Hazard rrrun nw4Blair Red Ribbon r r..i Wall Paint! It covers most sursum, picpamig iui a luaypy mma secure luiureg tx j.iic Liuic tu Spiritual Education Tenth DisChas. Merrill, Hazard faces in a single coat. Get doubla In I r leumg. your money it! ia iiuw . . . fTATl AVI T trict; Mrs. Joe Reynolds, Preside- ual the Senior Division: Individ,the wear and satisfaction. siipf luuni: iiibiecm ui Willard B. Johnson demonstrations Robert nt-elect of Whitesburg away, unaccounted for, open a savings account with usf Elbert Caudill, Eolia Trent won a Blue Ribbon and FREE PAINT and Mrs. Coy Holstein, the outtoday and add to it regularly. As the earn-l!- j nnJuo; Carson Hall, Farraday a trophy on "How to Wire a aCC0Unt yU WlU 3 going President. ing our regular interest, you'll be on your wa'y to a Lansford Fields, Day prizes: A check In the amount of Lamp." planned future! Comis Taylor, Whitesburg Team Demonstrations: "Prin1ST PRIZE Two coats of Outside Paint (Not to exceed $60.00) five dollars was presented to Ray Bowen, Democrat cipals of Landscaping," by Ros- 2ND PRIZE One coat Paint for Inside (Not to exceed $40.00) m Vernon Hammock, Whitesburg the Whitesburg P.T.A. as First coe Frazier and Clyde Shephard Open Savings Today! prize for best Publicity Book. H.B. John M. Sargent, Whitesburg & won a blue ribbon and trophy. The Gold Leaf Certificate was Speech Contset was won by BUILDING CONTRACTOR Troy R. Stallard, Whitesburg awarded Whitesburg for attendm Nelson Caudill and he received "Your Pittsburgh Paint and Wallpaper Dealer" Virgil Blair, Jeremiah ing membership goals. THE BANK OF WHITESBURG a blue ribbon and trophy. Sam Collins, Whitesburg Whitesburg Main St. Phone 2621 Incoming officers for 7 Girls Demonstrations: James P. Mitchell, Whitesburg were installed with Mrs. There were twenty-fou- r Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, girls fjf Lee Back, Blackey Vernon Goff, the immediate giving demonstrations. Kendall Boggs, Whitesburg g of Whitesburg demonstration (J. ti. McAllister, Hazard rmsfPAlNTED serving as installation of was given by Miss Judy Duke Lum Profitt, Sergent ficer. The suggested In on "How to Make Biscuits." She C. C. Colwell, Hazard stallation Ceremony was used won a Blue Ribbon and trophy. Dan Combs, Whitesburg which was impressive and in Other entries were: structive also as it included all Dairy Foods: "Uses of Powof the aims and objectives of dered Milk," won by Mabel A. The new officers Back and she received a blue the P.-are: Mrs. Joe Reynolds, Presi- ribbon and trophy. dent; Mrs. Dan Combs, Individual Demonstrations: Mrs. Hiram Williams, "How to Make a Dust Cloth," Secretary; Mrs. Cecil Hensley, Rita Hampton was the winner Treasurer. During the business and she received a Blue Ribbon session the group voted to con- and trophy. tribute $250.00 to the Band for Junior Winners: the purpose of repairing instru Nancy Clay, ments, motion by Mrs. Joe Rey "How to Serve Rolls More At-nolds, second by Mrs. Ttoy Fra- - tractively." Blue Ribbon and .Tronhv. zier. It was voted to reimburse Mrs. ri?!m"!ation: Two doors or four Attn, 8 or 6, then' a Plymouth Hardtop for yea. 'Whichever Holstein in the amount of $5.39' J"? Good Fods" you pick, youTl hare the biggest, smartfor publicity bookl20!6,5, " Hardtop of the three! W3S 3 US SUCCeSS est and tl4si.nrfc.Hnr Tin tho r to.TVlocn "v. r mmnorc ,N1 represent Conference. Letcher County in the District It was announced that the Contest at Jackson on April 24. fifth grade won the February ana March prize for parent JVJLL chil- - itrdrJrJiJrJrJrJJrirJrlrJrdrr BRANCH PROCLAMATION I P 'red-bud- P "dog-woo- d and LarirJrJrJrJr Howard irirJrJrJrJrTi- April Whitesburg T. Of A. HEADLINES hear.-wrntPs- 4-- H i-o- n son-in-la- rr 1 i l ill M Remember THE FUTURE i I P.-T.- Vice-Preside- nt Your Account m. P.-T.- A. Reedy Plumbing Heating 1956-195- Bread-makin- past-preside- nt Whitesburg, Kentucky P.-T.- P.-T.- A. T. Spnngfjime 19 Plymouth Vice-Preside- Hardtop time I BREAD-MAKIN- ,uy V-- ". low-pric- e MRS. DELLA WHITAKER ELECTED PRESIDENT OF BURDINE P.T.A. Designed and Crafted for Walking Pleasure . . . Burdine P.-A. held its reg ular monthly meeting Tuesday, April 10, at 7:00 o'clock. The meeting was called to order by T. The incomparable four-do- e Most beauty, size, value in the three all yours in a big new '56 Plymouth Belvedere or Savoy Hardtop ! low-pric- Here's the ideal companion for spring- time driving fun a bright new Plymouth Hardtop. Drive one and seel Look at those racy "let's go 1" lines . . . try the reflex-quic- k response of Plymouth's sensational new V--8 or 6 . . . see how easily your Plymouth whisks you through city Hy-Fi- re traffic, out to the open road where you belong, you and your Plymouth Hardtop. With windows down, you enjoy, all the airy fun and flair of a convertible. With windows up, you're sedan snug. You won't settle for anything less, once you've driven a Plymouth Hardtop ! Plymouth coste leQQ Hardtop. Plymouth is the biggest car In the ...longest, lowest, roomiest, with a true low-pric- e With the newest styling of the this Plymouth is really new. No "warmed-over- Plymouth Belveden V-- 8 or 6. three e big-ca- r ride. three.. low-pric- " design! Driving in "le e three . . . mechanical, safe, and so simple. Optional on all models. The only Push-Butt- low-pric- vice-preside- r, The performance champ of the low-prithree.. holds official NASCAR speed and acceleration records! . And . . . it's mighty easy to own a Plymouth Hardtop . . . ask your dealer about his modern finance plan today. From fie day you buy if . . . through all the years you own H . . . you'll spend less on a Plymouth. That's one reason more Phmouths ore uuiJ ai taxis than all other cars combined. the president, Mrs. Chester Mul- lms, Little Miss Janie Mullins, reading the Bible. The First Grade Room put on a program after the old and new business was taken care of. New officers were elected for the coming school year, Mrs Delia Whitaker was elected pres ident, Mrs. Nellie Marie Conley, Mrs. Ann whitaker, secretary-treasureMrs. Anna Mae Mullins, treasurer: a nr i neue&uinems were served m the Lunch Room after tfie meeting by Mrs. Charlie Wright, Mrs. Bill Tackett, Mrs. Raymond Law- son, Mrs. J. D. Elliott, Mrs. Carl Adams. Mr. Ramey's fifth grade room won the room count by having the most parents present. roc Sdtnrincaliy oWgnW h (fast choice leathers, ffrinf steel shanks, ers mehM GMnfert, plump leather vppsfi Ivfjr cemforrabJe for even the MT NNfnra twmn upwHy i DAWAHARE'S WHITESBURG, KY.

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