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Image 4 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), September 14, 1944

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

PAGE FOUR THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY A CARD OF THANKS I wish to try to express my appreciation to everyone for their kind sympathy in the dark hours of our sorrow. thank everyone especially the ministers, Kirby Ison, W. M. Tyree and the Craft Funeral Home. The bud of ou rhome was an adopted daughter, And I called her Junith Noan, But Jesus called her to bloom at His throne. She was a sweet little darling And needed a home, I took her and gave her ond But Jesus called her oh. I William (Bill) Combs William (Bill) Combs of Craft's Colly died Tuesday morning after an illness of several weeks due to uremic poisoning. , He was born June 3, 1877, age 67 years 3 months and 12 days. He was the son of William and Jane Combs, his father preceded him in death several years ago. Bill was well known to most of the folks of this coun ty and nearby counties as he was quite an entertamer and was ever willing to lend his talent to any worthwhile cause. He is survived by his Mother, Mrs. Jane Combs Brashear, one Willie, of Lansing, Mich., four sisters: Mrs. E. L. Baker, Pikeville, Ky., Mrs. R. B. Day, Whites-burKy., Mrs. Jess Day, Dayton, Ohio and Mrs. Elizabeth Allen, Dallas, Texas. Funeral Services-wer- e held at the' Home of Gordon Blair, Wednesday evening by Elders Dewey Sexton, Basil Hall, Matt J. Webb and Mr. Spang-le- r. half-broth- er With care I tried to comfort her, But nothing seemed to help So there I don't have a worry or a regret. In the Hazard Hospital the Death Angel came, I saw her fading, then I knew Jecus had called her name. g, Today I am so lonely Oh so lonely Thursday' evening by Elders Since Jesus called her away G. Bennett Adams, Dudley In words I cannot say. Estepp and J. Matt Webb; Friday at 2:00 P. M., at the She was a Sweet Angel Baptist Church by Revs. L. O. And her I can't forget Griffith, K. E. Hill, E. C. Rob. When I would speak to her inson and Dudley Estepp. Byr-iShe would smile through in the Combs Cemetery at sweet lins. Ermine, Ky., Funeral arrangeMrs. Fred Tyree. ments by Evans Funeral al Home. FOLLOWING FATHER HOME (from a collection of great poems) "Years ago, when I m mm m Was jest a little lad, An' after school hours used to work Around the farm with dad. I used to be so wearied out When eventide would come, That I got kinder anxious-lik- e About the journey home, But dad he used to, lead the way, An' once in a while turned 'round an' say, So cheerin' like, so tender, 'Come! Come on, my son, you're nearly home. That allers used to help me GOING MY WAY? Mrs. Juda Logan- TAMPA FLORIDA NEWS "GOD GIVE US MEN" ' God give us men. A time like "Grandma" Juda Logan died (by Ruth Stallard Heibeck) this demands, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Bert C. Heibeck enterStrong minds, great hearts, Mrs. Jane Campbell of Martrue faith and ready hands. lowe, with whom she had tained with a fish supper in honor of Miss Pauline Cau-di- ll Men wliom the lust of office made her home for the past cannot kill, and brother, Jimmie of 40 years. Tuesday evening Neon, Men whom the spoils of ofKentucky who is visitSeptember 5, at the age of 90 fice cannot buy; years, 2 months and 15 days, ing Mrs. John Stallard and She was the wife of .the late family. Guests were all from Men who possess opinions and a will, Powell Logan who preceded good old Letcher County except Mr. Heibeck who is from Men of honor, who will not her in death 40 years ago. lie. "Grandma" Logan joined the Chattanooga, Tenn. S. Sgt. Raydon Holbrook from Kona, Tall men, sun crowned, who Regular Baptist Church at the live above the foe. age of 16 and for the past 76 Ky., stationed at Drew Field, In public duty and in private years she lived a true Chris Florida was a special guest. tian life, interested in every Miss Ona Blaine Quillen re Menthinking; who can face the treachchurch activity and truly lov turned to Tampa, Sunday erous demagogue, to attend church services from Fort Pierce, Florida ed And damn his subtle flatterwhenever possible. Services where sEe visited Mr. and Mrs. ing without winking; Nile Skaggs and family. Miss were often held for her at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Quillen and Miss Pauline Cau-di- ll For, while the rabble with and brother, Jimmie were their thumb worn creeds, Jane Campbell. entertained with a beach Their strong pretensions, She is survived by her one party at Sorosata, Fla., by Mrs. their little deeds, daughter, Mrs. Jane Campbell, Bert C. Heibeck. Eleven Mingle in selfish strife, lo; of Marlowe, 3 sons living, guests were invited. They Freedom weeps, Henry Logan of Cumberland, Vill return to their home in Wrong rules the land, and Ky.. John Loean of Leather- - Neon, Sunday evening. waiting Justice sleeps. wood, Ky., and Sam Logan Mrs. John Stallard enter- Yes, "GOD GIVE US MEN." of .Norfolk, Va. Two sons pre- tained with a chicken dinner Josiah Gilbert Holland. ceded her in death, Henry and for Miss Pauline Caudill and Jim. brother, Jimmie, and Ona HAGER BLAIR RECEIVES Funeral services were held yullen, bunday. She was as AIR MEDAL at the home Wednesday night, sisted by her daughter, Sadie A letter to Miss Reecie Blair by Elders G. Bennett Adams Louise and fourteen guests states that her brother, S. Sgt. were invited. and John Sexton. Mrs. Bert C. Heibeck enter Hager Blair has received the Thursday night by Elders: tained with a birthday party Air Medal and he along with Kirby Ison, Dewey Sexton, in honor of her husband, Sept- four brothers is doing his bit Kernal Sexton, and funeral j ember 4th. Mrs. Nancy Ran-o- n for Uncle Sam. A letter receiver! hv Miss services were held at the and Mrs. Elzia Spencer Sandlick Friday tjandison and family from Blair recently reads as follows: Church, My dear Miss Blair morning at 10 A. M. Elders: Jackson, Ky., were present. Recently your brother, S. Kirby Ison, W. S. Akers, and Mr. and Mrs. John Stallard Caleb "Creech, Burial in, the and family from Neon, Ky., Sgt. Hager Blair was decoratSandlick Cemetery. Funeral Billy .Banks and Dudley F, ed with the air medal. It was arrangements by the Evans Syains and family from Haz- an award made in recognition of courageous service to his Funeral Home. ard, Ky., combat organization, his fellow American Airmen, his country, his home and to you. "He was cited for meritorious achievement while par ticipating in aerial nights in the Southwest Pacific area irom Nov. 18th 1943 to April - 28th, 1944. "Your brother took part in subtained operational flight missiona during which hostile contact was probable and expected, these flights included bombing missions apainsi- m. emy installments, shipping, and supply-biases- , and aided considerably in recent suc cesses in the theatre. "Almost.every hour of every day your brother and other young Americans are doing just such things as that here in me southwest Pacific. "Their's is a very real and very tangible position to victory and peace. I would like to tell you how eenuinelv proud I am to have men such as your brother in my com. mand and how gratified I am to know that young Americana with such courage and resourcefulness are fighting our country's battles against the aggressor nations. "You Miss "Blair have every reason to share that pride and gratification. Very sincerely yours, George "C. Kenney. Commander." presents Right Dress IT'S THE TELEPHONE RUSH. Every night thousands of service men and women dash to the nearest telephones to talk with families and friends at home. Most of the Long Distance calls from camps and naval , stations are crowded into a few short hours. Many circuits are likely to be crowded at that time and it helps a lot when you keep the lines clear from 7 to 10 for service men and women. Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company INCORPORATED Methodist Church Willys Whitesburg MAIN STREET K. E. HILL, Pastor Cnr.i.;nn 11 A HIT Church School 10 A. M. I Evening Worship Service 8:00 P. M. Prayer Service, Wednes- day, 8:00 P. M. Attend Church Regularly. If not elsewhere. Then here builds the economical Faisenger light WELCOME C - for Autumn some; AS FEATURED IN VOGUE An' so I followed father A topcoat with a very patrician home. "I'h old and grey an' feeble now,t An' trembly at the knee. But life seems just the same today As then it seemed to me, For I am still so wearied out, When eventide is come, An' still get kinder anxious-lik- e THURSDAY, SEPT. 14, 1944 air. Smartly styled with a raglan shoulder yoke and a smart flange front in a handsome, suede. Sizes 10 to 18. all-wo- ol AS FEATURED IX HARPER'S BAZAAR An important little suit with striking braid trim and antlquad, golden buttons. In a lovely, About the journey home; pure wool fabric by Juillard. But still MY FATHER leads Sizes 10 to 18. f III the way, An' once in a while I hear Him say, So cheerin' like, so tender, 'Come! Come on, my son, you're nearly home.' An' so I'm followin' FATHER home." "It isn't the guns nor armament, Nor funds that they can pay, But the close cooperation That makes them win the' Revival Meetinsr At First Church of God Neon; Begins Sept. 18 A revival meeting will be Church of Goa in Neon. Mondav nipht. Sept. 18, it was announced this week by the Pastor, Rev. H. H. George. WMrJ Rev. Forrest Ashcraft of Middletown, Ohio, will be the speaker each evening for two weeks. Special music and At the head of the fall parade . . . singing will be under the di- mm allpurposo fashions with a new rection of Miss Eddings, and and intensely feminine look in Miss Condo of Illinois. This their soft tailoring and subtle evangelistic team is well dressmaker detail known. aft i Cottage prayer meetings Wc show here just three from have been held in different our stunning collection of Swans-dow- n homes each evening this week. j ginat the First It isn't the individual, Nor the army as a whole, But the everlasting teamwork Of every bloomin' soul." Rudyard Kipling. A 7th AAF Base In The Marianas: Sgt. Sammie Barnes of McRoberts, Ky., member of a 7th AAF aviation engineer battalion, has been commended, along with others in' his outfit, by Admiral Raymond A. Spruance, U. S. Fifth Fleet commander during the Marianas Islands invasion, for an unusual feat of air base building, part of it under enemy ftp! coats and suits for town fire. Sgt. Barnes, a squadron leader, worked within rifle range of the front lines on Saipan while the battle for the island still was in progress. Site of the air base was a cane field infested by Jap snipers and strewn with shells. Sgt. Barnes was graduated from Jenkins High School in 1939. He entered the army in March, 1940, and has served three years in Panama and nine months overseas. ed and country wear. : .1 it NATIONALLY ADVERTISED-EXCLUSI- WITH US. DAWAHARE DEPARTMENT STORES Whitesburg, Ky. Neon, Ky. VE FOR SALE LIMITED QUANTITIES best nuality Field Seed: Balbo Rye, Vetch, Crimson Clover, and other seed reasonably priced. See S. H. ADDINGTON, GOI t2 NG MY WAY? ill mm Mgr., Letcher County Farmers' Cooperative, Whitesburg, Ky. til mm. mm mm goodyear RECAPPING murage Come in today for a real tire check-uIf your old tires are worn thin, but still sound, well add many months of safe travel by reliable recapping. . . . Our experts use Goodyear synthetic rubber treading and Goodyear methods to give you a recapped tire that looks like new and runs like new. p. top-quali- ty NOTE TO B AND C DRIVERS If your old tires are "finished." You're eligible to buy Grade-- 1 Today Goodyears. Tops-in-Ttr- es rated by users "A good as pre-wa- r tire." NEW . nn ii LOW PRICE, ficnt i sue uui iiu. AM iniii run ''uimiuiiivi SFHSIAL TIKE INSr.ECIION STATION KYVA MOTOR COMPANY, Inc Madison & Railroad Streets Whitesburg, Kentucky

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