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Image 7 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), March 11, 1926

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE. WHITESBURG. KY. GLAD TO SPREAD GOOD NEWS Helped by Lydia E. Pinkham'j Vegetable Compound Cleveland, Ohio. The friends of Mrs. Helen M. Kowalczyk of 6819 Hope Avenue were glad rto hear that she has I regained her health. I For quite some time I, Mrs. Kowalczyk was quite ill and it was impossible for her to work. She took Lydia B. Plnkham's - Butt a Li.LV TiSj a Start" i ,r.wrm sT7 a m M H HLV m tf LH ML III II Don't Risk Neglect! 'MFm 11 y-j- I Vegetable To Ignore the Early Warnings of Kidney Trouble Is Serious and Often Fatal "N1TS health depends upon one's kidneys. The kidneys Com pound to build her up. After she had started taking it, she wrote to the Company as follows: "I cerPinkham tainly boost Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound. I feel stronger already and sleep sounder. I am very glad to spread the good news of how It has helped me." Detroit. Michigan. "I heard of this medicine through an advertisement in the 'Detroit News and wrote to Mrs. Grace Gillem, whose letter was published. Then I started taking the Vegetable Compound and got the best results. I used the Sanative Wash, too. I am really happy if I can women to take your medicines." Mrs. M. E. Muepht, 12163 Washburn Ave., Detroit. Mich. Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable d has been in use by women for over fifty years. It is a vegetable tonic made from root and herbs and is sold at all druggists. - must filter every drop of blood. If they fail to properly do this work, there's a poisoning of the whole system. Then comes backache, dizzy spells, bladder irregularities and loss of vitality. Why wait7 Why not use Doaris Pills? Doans have V- r- - m wmmmmmmm I helped thousands. - ,'f. if. t, . FT- - J37. 7fr,Jft,n h.rtl,2 Vx" AssV F. A. Driver, Grand St, Vermilion, Ohio, says: "A dull pain across my kidneys wore on me and I felt tired. My kidneys were weak and the secretions passed frequently. I had to get np often at night I bought a box of Doan's Pills at Baumhart's Drug Store and they relieved me of the backache and strengthened my kidneys." rJAW l.-- '7 ' f7 .v.v. ' Doan's Pills Cem-poun- - Li;' Stimulant Diuretic to the Kidneys "Pi Standard rem- EPOHN MEDICAL CODepL Record Price of $22,500 WS$nex'f S'tf nature Recalls Romance of INO. GOSHEN, I DON'T LET WORMS TORTURE CHILDREN Children who have worms have not a chance of being healthy. Watch for the symptoms. Gritting the teeth, picking the nostrils, disordered stomach. John Hart, September Abraham Clark, 1778, ' By JOHN DICKINSON I Frey's Vermifuge Expels I I Worms I George AtR&WsKSlOWS SYRUP brings astonishing, gratifying results in maVIng baby's stomach digest food and bowels move as they should at teething-time- . Guaranteed free from narcotics, opi ates, alcohol and all harmful ingredients. Safe and satisfactory, i At All i Dmstitta fHAPPING - SORES VOno treatment soothes tie irrita Lion and starts the healing if you usd Resinol SHERMAN Earned Father (reading letter from son at college) "I'm n quarterback of the football squad now." Mothers Send him two bits to get out of debt, pa. Texas Ranger. iiic.mi-j.- u uiuusauu nve nunarea dollars paid for the signature of But-- I I ton Gwinnett sets a new world record I for autographs. This most valuable of J all autographs was purchased by A. S. Slow but Sure "So you're buying a house?" "Yes, a few bricks at a time." troit Free Press. William AVhipple, William Paca, , De- An exaggeration is a lie that has Jiad an operation and broken into society. SOUTH Peterson's Ointment "Please let me tell you," says Peter-Eo"that for instant relief from the misery of blind, bleeding or Itching piles, there is nothing so good as Peterson's Ointment, as thousands have testified." Best for old sores and itching skin. All druggists, 60 cents. n, GEORGIA ISLAND Stephen Hopkins, Hi, $7.50. William Ellery. September 21, 1782, to General Miller, denying that he had voted against Washington for commander in chief, $360. (At the Dan1912,' this identical MS." forth sale, December brought $85. Others now, $17.50. 7, Garfield Tea Was Your Grandmother's Remedy For every stomach and Intestinal ill. This good herb home remedy for constipation, stomach Ills and other derangements of the sys tem so prevalent these days is In even greater favor as a family medicine (ban in your grandmother's day. Roger Sherman, 1775, to W. Williams, on news of the battle of Lexington, $800. Simuel Huntington, 1777, $50. William Williams, MS. list of Delegates to congress, September. 1776, $10. Oliver Wolcott, July 26, 1777, $290. NEW YORK $130. " Letter recelred by telephone company: "Gentlempa: I now take the steps to icfotm you that I have no prosperity at present time with the restaurant which I keep so must take cheaper rate phone. My nearly by neighbor has got a phone also which Is a nickel kind. It like to get the phone as him but another one. I make two reauested of the recent dates for to have sent up a man to do it for ma 30, 1776, $375. 1, 1776, $450. $400. ' ' Button Gwinnett, $22,500. Lyman Hall, May 17, 1775, $225. George Walton, 1781, $30. Button Gwinnett has been called the "Man of. Mystery." It seems to fit He shot up Into prominence like a meteor and fell like one. And outside of those two years of prominence little is known of him. He was an Englishman and was born about 1732, possibly at Bristol. As to circumstance of birth, family, schooling and business nothing definite is known. Was his'1 christian name "Button" or was Button a corruption of Burton or Bouton. The name of Gwinnett Is rare in England today. Ho is believed to have been married, but no one knows when or whom he married. "We know of none among the living In this state," writes a Georgia historian, "in whose veins courses a drop of blood Inherited from or kindred with that of Button Gwinnett" He arrived about 1802 at Charlestown, S. C. What he did there is not known. About 17C5 he engaged In general trading at Savannah, Ga. About 1770 he bought the Island of St. Catherine from Rev. Thomas Bosdmworth nnd his Indian wife. The price is said to have been 5,250 English pounds. Thereupon he took up the life of a planter. Is there an authentic portrait of Gwinnett in existence? Only one seems tohave any sort of claim to being genuine. This fs or was in the possession of Hampton L. 'Carson of Philadelphia. It has this merit: It shows a face which corresponds fairly well with Gwinnett's known characteristics. Where lies the body of Gwinnett? This seems an open question. His burial may have taken place in the old Colonial cemetery nt Savannah. Or his remains may He on the Island of St Catherine. Gwinnett's name Is on the monument erected in Augusta In 18SC with those of Lyman Hall and George Walton. The bodies of Hall and Walton He under the monument, but there Is no pretense that the memorial marks Gwinnett's last resting Seemed to Be Having Trouble With Phone and further I wait all last week expect for him to come but not "Here I also complain against1 operator on my fone is very bad, she say hello what number you want and I say the number and she says questions after questions again for the same number and call skidoo skidoo every time I make requests for numbers. I wish you to please kindly make a stop to prevent some more as Wanted Ladles interested In spare time work; clean proposition: experience unnecessary: good returns: work la easy. 10c tor part'lars. Home. Box 157!. Savannah. Oa. Send $5 and a Deed Will Be Forwarded C O. D. t3i for a lot 20x100 ft, and one share In park and swimming pooL 4 In Forest City, N. C Box 101. Josh McMurry. Acreage. Any Size. Southwest Florida, reasonable, (or townsltes, orange groves, truck farms, poultry, dairying: delightful. Co.. Sunlland Hotel. Arcadia. Fla. Bright-welNCoo- Hotel for Sale In prominent mountain resort. fully furnished and 35 bed rooms, large dining room. equipped. J6.000 cash. 1501 Nedro Ave.. PhlhL. Pa. EstabUfthed LADIES, MAKE TOUR OWN BEAUTS" teleAt The Hague, in Clay, Face place. What has become of the letters and docu- phone subscriber can Holland, a also, remover for Creams, Lotions and Wrinkle less money. Information free, have radio ments that Gwinnett must have written and signed says Popular Science Monthly, for a lletcalf Distributor. Box SSS, Ashland. Ohio. In his career as a business man and public off- unique installation has been made that GOOD FAT FOR HONEST WORKER: soicial? licit accounts for collection; work broadcast music .over the wire by call- part time. Write Attorney George R. all or Georgia, when the troublous times of theeltev-olutio-n ing up a special radio number. The sey. S10 Main St.. Cincinnati. Ohio. Crap drew near, was far from unanimous. In radio connection is broken off autofact the Tories were strong enough to prevent the matically If the subscriber's telephone sending of a sfnte delegation to the First Con- number is called. LSI' Barken tout irrar hair. gnsuu&uj, tinental Congress though the Parish of St John anrfilT &nd jtAflr In priTacy oi r v Ytrur home. Used ore SQ Tpjim h v tent Its own delegate Dr. Lyman Hall, a former k gnarantee millions. Connecticut man who was a leader among the DEMAND "BAYER" ASPIRIN Sons of Liberty. Gwinnett seems to have kept aloof until 1778. Then at Savannah January 20 Aspirin Marked With "Bayer Cross" Has Been Proved Safe by Millions. he was appointed a delegate to the Second ContiAt your DruHist CHEMISTS, D.pU Iff, MEMPHIS, TENN. nental Congress, with Doctor Hall and George Warning I Unless you see the name Walton. In October of the same year he was reappointed. He wns also made a member of the "Bayer" on package or on tablets you Georgia Council of Safety. In February of 1777 are not getting the genuine Bayer he. became an official of the state government and Aspirin proved safe by millions and nrobably had a band In the drafting of the state prescribed by physicians for 25 years. Say "Bayer" when you buy Aspirin. Os4k constitution later adopted. March 4, 1777, Gwiniinimen-t- nett was made president of the Provincial Council. Imitations may prove dangerous. Adv. 54 "Wears a TaVoriic TZemedy for Cbudhs and Colds In May of 1777 h was defeated In the legislature sc. SVOTfimu Juse for the governorship by John Adams Treutlen. The Dear So a little more than a year saw the political CINCINNATI, NO. First Lady Tour husband's an aw- W. N. rise and fall of Button Gwinnett Hugh McCall, a ful Har. Georgia historian, thus accounts for its meteoric Second Lady Why? Has the brute Boozsop's Fables character : been telling you you are the only There was once a beautiful maiden Native-bor- n Englishmen were In the habit of woman he ever really loved? who tended an apple cart In the regarding the colonials as inferior to themselves, First Lady No He said you were streets of New York. It so happened and they were apt to assume a bearing toward Sydney Bulletin. that one day. In passing, a fine gentlethem highly offensive. In some degree Mr. Gwinman, seeing the beauty of maid and . nett was obnoxious to this charge, and he looked upon his rapid elevation In public lite as an acJtoman Eye Balsam Is an antiseptic oint- apples, stopped to inquire the price. knowledgment of his superiority. These feelings ment. Hence the msdicatlon heals by pene"Ton may send a basket to my were too thinly covered when he was president trating- the Inflamed eye surfaces. Adv. apartment," he Said, "provided, of of the council, al!d soon engendered among the It never reduces the size of a claim course, that you know they are good, natives a jealousy that was foolishly reciprocated by him. This wafl doubtless the prime cause of against an estate to file it. and that you deliver them yourself." all the difficulties which surrounded him toward Did he get the basket? brought him to his the close of his life and Not much good looks left when n No. She knew her apples. Boston death. leal Herald. The duel which brought about the death of man is told he Is well preserved. Gwinnett soon nftfrwnrd is passed over lightly by the historians. Bet here Is the true inwardness Tkouicndi ef ftoptt uho eti jufltrtTt Jron of the situation which brought about the enOnjtipation Jo net counter : tow mvart ef it until tkr) sttk cut tit cauil August SO, 1770, Gwinnett arrived at Savannah ej liiirrifunl from Congress wiCh a letter from John Hancock recommending the raising of Georgia troops. Evidently Gwinnett tf"as ambitious to command them. The coveted epaulets fell to Lachlan Mcintosh. St Andrew's Parish was full of Mclntoshes, who had come over from Scotland In one of Oglethorpe's companies. Lachlan Mcintosh and Gwinnett were wont to clash in the Council of Safety. Gwinnett's election a President of the Council gave him opportunity to and Commander-m-Chle- f get after the Mclntoshes. He accused George (a broth5r of Lachlan) of disloyalty, impounded his estate and sent him under guard to congress at Philadelphia where he was cleared after Gwinnett's death. Gwinnett seut an expedition against East Florida and gave the command to a subordinate of Mcintosh. Tl'.e expedition was a rank failure. Gwinnett's defeat for the governorship followed. And the Clan Mcintosh went about chortling with "I know how agonizing they arc. For years I was a chronic satisfaction. Finally Lachlan Mcintosh declared sufferer. publicly that Button Gwinnett was a scoundrel. That, of course, meant but one thing a duel. "And the headaches were not the worst part pf it. The strong An account of the duel Is preserved In a docudrugs I used to take to relieve the pain upset my stomach ment sold at: the Manning sale for 5550. It is an and slowly but surely undermined my general health. undated and unsigned deposition (made in May of "Finally I found out that my headaches were due to conGeorge Wells, a witness of the duel, be1777) by stipation. My doctor advised Nujol. After taking it regularly fore John Wereat, one of the judges for Georgia. a few weeks the trouble disappeared. The duel was fought before sunrise May 10, 1777, in Sir James Wright's pasture behind Colonel Mar"Since then I have never had another headache. There is no tin's house. The distance was but twelve feet. reason why I should, for the cause has been corrected." Both fired together. Each hit the other In the thigh. Mcintosh stood Gwinnett fell. Mcintosh Nujol Corrects Constipation in Nature's Way recovered to serve his country in the Revolution. Button Gwinnett died from Ids wound May 27, Constipation is dangerous for fects. To insure internal 1777. anybody. Nujol is safe for cleanliness, it should be -- HESSIO-ELU- CAROLINA $1,450. 17S3, $60. $85. William Floyd, 1777, $200. Philip Livingston, 1778, $210. Francis Lewjs, December 26, 1776, $530. Lewis Morris, 178, to Governor Clinton, NEW JERSEY Richard StockSon, 1768, $525. JoTin Withersoon, July 29, 1776, $700. Francis Hopli'nson, 1769, $185. 1776, $550. Edward Rutledge, 1776, $330. Thomas Heyward, Jr., August 3, 1801, introducing John Huger to Jefferson. $500. This MS. brought $195 in the Danforth sale In 1912. Thomas Lynch, Jr., cut signature only, attested by Tefft In 1840, sold for $2,000. This signature was bought by Mr. Manning, November 12, 1907, at the Philadelphia sale of the collection of Joshua I. Cohen of Baltimore for $105. On January 10, 1908, a similar signature was sold at the Anderson Henry Goldsmith sale for $85. At the Danforth sale. December, 1912, a similar signature on a title page brought $580, and at the Thomas sale, November 18, 1924, a copy of John Martyn.'s Bucollcks of Virgil, London, 1744, with Lynch's signature, sold for $2,600. Arthur MIddleton, document, January 22, 17S2, signed by him and others, being note for 200 Spanish milled dollars, $425. Also a letter signed by him and seven other Signers,- October 13, 1776, CONNECTICUT Piles Disappear 24, 1776, $230. NORTH CAROLINA William Hooper, November Joseph Hewes, .1775, $800. John Penn, 1779, to Hewes, Radio Over the Phone AND MADE UP dyelnir and repairing. TOR Box 83, MINERAL. VIRGINIA. remodeling-- Money-bac- Benjamin Harrison, September 13, Thomas Nelson, Jr., 1777, $235. Francis Ltghtfoot Lee, September ' Carter Braxton, 1777, $185. $550. RHODE VIRGINIA' George Wythe, 1771, $300. Richard Henry Lee, December Thomas Jefferson, 1781, $260. MASSACHUSETTS Samuel Adams, 1775, $210. Adams, March 30, 1776, J310. John Robert Treat Paine, Elbridge Gerry, 1798, 1783, $55. " Thomas Stone. 1781. $140. Charles Carroll of Carrollton, June 14, 1776, $600. March 17, 1776. I40d. 1777, A Business of Your Own PENNSYLVANIA George Clymer, November 26, 1776, $210. James Smith, and others, 1778, $625. George Taylor, 1780, $475. James Wilson, December 26, 1776, $530. George Ross, 1773, $200. MARYLAND Samuel Chase, 1778, $60. TOOTHACHE er; The George F. Cram Company, an corporation, desires the services of a man with car to cover local territory handling a new approved, highly recommended and greatly needed equipment for schools. This is an unusual opportunity for the right man to establish a business for himself, Write for particulars, giving references, to The George F. Cram Co., Dept 58, 111 N. Market St, Chicago, 111. Adv. up- Robert Morris. 1777, $27.50. Benjamin Rush, 1778, $310. Benjamin Franklin, May 27, 1777,' to his nephew, Jon. Williams (on the future of the XJ. S., etc), $1,050 (others $700, $450, $650, L. S. $75). John Morton, 1767, $3. recent sale of Part 1 of the famous collection of the late James H. Manning il nf Alh.inv rJ. T. Have you ever heard of Button Gwinnett? No! Well, you need not feel lonesome. Who was he? Well, he was one of the three delegates from the Colony of Georgia to the Second Continental Congress In Philadelphia In 1770 and as such delegate affixed his signature to the Declaration of Independence. There Is nothing sentimental about this g price. It is strictly in accord with the universal law of supply and demand which obtains in autographs Just as it does in pork or potatoes. There are" only twenty-od- d known signatures of Gwinnett in existence. There are probably ten times that number of rich men in the country who want his signature. This demand comes especially from men who are ambitious to own a complete set of the signatures of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence. A census made last year by Charles F. Jenkins of Philadelphia showed twenty-seve- n of these complete sets, seventeen of which are permanently in public institutions and ten id private hands. Most of the Gwinnett autographs In these sets are either documents signed, or cut signatures. The J. Pierpont Morgan collection No. 14, has the draft of a will In Gwinnett's handwriting. The Henry E. Huntington set No. 1G has a letter signed, dated March 21, 1777, less, than two months before his tragic death. The Louis Bamberger set No. 24 has a note written by Gwinnett in the third person, beginning as follows: "Mrs. Gwinnett's compliments to Mr. and Mrs. Sheftel, hopes Mrs. Sheftel is recovered," and so on. Mr. Jenkins, owner of set No. 20, paid $14,000 in 1924 for Gwinnett's signature on an Indenture of a mortgage on St Catherine's Island, Ga., April 25, 1770. g This autograph Is Button Gwinnett's signature as witness on the original will of Joseph Stanley of Savannah, Ga., May 29, 1770, as seen by the reproduction. Mr. Manning paid' 4,000 for this document at the Danforth sale in Philadelphia In J912. How Inexorably the law of supply and demand obtains in autographs is shown by the following list of the prices brought at the Manning sale for the other signatures of the set Doubtless It will also elicit expressions of surprise from students of American history. The list: NEW HAMPSHIRE Jostah Bartlett, June 10, 1776, (400. Matthew Thornton, to Morris, 4. 1776, Three Engines in Fokker Three engines are provided for in Don't Wait Until It Comes the new type of Fokker airplane that On is being designed In Holland. Not all bat be prepared for an emergency. TOOTHIN." the engines will run atthe same time powder, will kill thewonder ache Instantly, worst when the plane is flying horizontally, or your money back. Send 25c tor regular 35c size. and when two of them are shut off FOIUIAN1CK BROS. Grand Rapids, Mich. the one remaining engine keeps the SIS Monroe Ave. machine up without much loss of FURS TANNED TO OK. TANNERY, $875. record-breakin- Quick Relief ! A pleasant effective syrup. c ana ouc sues And externally, tue PISCS inroat and Chest Salve. 35e Read, November Co., Mfg. Chemists, Buffalo. N.Y. Foster-Milbu- m height holding state .rights, $875. Thomas McKean, letter, August 22, 1813, to Caesar Aug. Rodney (nephew of the signer), giving an account of the adoption and the signing (not until long after July Fourth!) of the Declaration, brought $3,000. This MS. sold at the Henkels Rodney sale, June 13, 1919, for $675. The report, signed by McKean as speaker, of the Delaware resolutions, May 9, 1777, on the Declaration, sold for record-breakin- Br giving- baby the harmless, purely Tsgetabl e. infants' and children's regulator. DELAWARE 1919. n8.T4-102f- Right 1, 1775, $525. $120. Caesar Rodney, July 4, 1776, to Capt. Thomas Rodney (describing his ride through heavy thunderstorm to sign the Declaration), $1,800. This MS. sold for $950 in the Henkels Rodney sale, June 13, "Man of Mystery" Rid your child's body of these ruinous parasites. Give him Frey's Vermifuge America's safe, vegetable worm medicine for 75 years. Buy it today. At all drug stores. Keep Stomach and Bowel 60c all dealers. ) Keep your horses working with edy for 32 years for Distemper. Strangles, Influenza, Coughs and Colds. Give to sick and those exposed. Give "SPOHN'S" for DoB Distemper. Sold by your druggist. It not. bottle to cents. Urge from erdr Write la. Small booklet en diseases. (or free SIA neighbor An Ohio Case ad-Nl- ss "SPOHN'S." Asyour venting the high electrical stress between cloud and earth, and when this Is prevented the stroke is prevented. Lightning rods allow the current to pass or fuse off from the points, leaving the building in a normal electrical Lightning Rod's Value condition, yet there Is a possibility of When a lightning stroke occurs on a lightning stroke which if It should a rodded building, thunder will follow. occur would be much lighter than However, at least D8 per cent of the without any means of protection, and value of a system of lightning rods the rods should carry this stroke to Is In the function of allowing the elec- the ground. trical energy to fuse off from the Maybes are no honey beea, potato of thcJfehtnlng rods, thus pre J21 this. Please sent up a man as before requests, and do much to get service as better what is possible and I am obliged. Much truly, "Pathfinder Magazine. Restorer Jfr Porter's Pain KindT 11-1- "Those bilious headaches can he prevented" everybody. Nujol simplysoft-en- s taken regularly. Unlike s, the waste matter and thu3 it does not form a habit permits regular and thorough and can be discontinued at elimination without overtaxing the intestinal muscles. any time. Medical authorities approve Ask your druggist for Nujol Nujol because it is gentle, today and begin to enjoy the safe and natural in perfect health that its action. is pssi.b,e only when elimination You can take Nujol r&. for any length of vhc internallubricant j3 normal and time without ill ef-- For Constipation regular. jaxa-tive- Ntiiol

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