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Image 3 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 11, 1927

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

day. The Guests were Misses fthe Privilege of din n juj ri:2iii!a!iiiEMli!ii:aliilaliilalii!aliilBiiialiilaliilaiiiiilalMlrfliitiliiL!iiIi!iili!ii!a!ii!4 iiIiliiTaiiiIitii?a1 inuutyLij Valma Adams, Vesta Francis I ilCilot; Hrs. Wilhrd Collins is spend- - and EbbieLowe: Messrs Carl wish to take advantage of this Wanted - To buy old post? so headquarter.", at camp Knox- , Very truly yours, Law. stamps made from 1845 to 1876 in'; a two week vacation in Louis- - Sexton and Dodge Banks. MORGAN T. REYNOLDS, Look up your old' letters, send vi le. Mrs. J. Mott Woods returne'd ISIiss Valma Adams has acceptD. vW. 'Little is erecting a me the entire envelope. ' If not Sheriff Letcher County. m Friday frcm Cfncirihali. splendid new frame house n 'Sic wanted, will, return them. Sonic ed a 'position with Dr. Can Bent-lMr., and Mrs. Hobert Sapp are The funeral of Mrs. Bessie Ccliins-Harvi- e Dr. Bentlcy recently opened visiting relatives Jiere. Addition, next to worth hundreds of dollars,. m Adkijns, wife of Matt Adkins and a confectionery on Main street. m the residence of Atty. Hai r L. R. M. Haggard Miss Leona Potter and J. B. daughter of Noah L. and Mary Miss Lillian Brunncr returned McAlucy cf Kona visited Mr and Barbourville, liy. Moore. Bentley of Seco. Ky.. .will be this week from Lexington. Mrs. Richard Quillen Sunday. creached at the graveyard on Let us with you in Mrs. Dcdre Banks entertained The Church of Christ orga- Potters Fork the fourth Saturworking out a plan for building E3 evening with a dinner in nized a - E3 a Sundayschool recently, day and Sunday in September. n up an Interest-Bearin- g Account. birth with the following officers ana a H honor of her twenty-fourt- h ts a We never overtook the human m Creditors of Kings Creek Tim a B 9 teachers: Cradle Roll and beginI' 5 a side of banking affairs. That is will please present H H Si 1 k ners, Mrs. Dodge Banks, juniors ber Company I i Si 1 1 iI 5 why hundreds of people enjo y 3 Ejjjlp and intermediates, Miss Edith their claims for allowance and doing business with the m a 13 Day: seniors, Mrs. W. E. Wrigft. payment to H. H. Morse, Re a h 2t Bible class, J. W. Parker: secre- reiver, Whitesburg, Ky. H m tary and treasurer, Bob Ambur-gey- : WANTED H forietcher County a superintendent, Richard n An ambitious person to make Kentucky's wonder land beckons n Quillenll- S3 1,500 to 4,000 yearly supplyto all. The invalid, the vacation- Miss Mona 3urns entertained ing the demand for Whitmer's 3 ist and all those in between H with a wcincr rcast" last Thurs- Factory-to-Yo- u m Products. Exwho seek abundant health, Test H day evening in honor of Vernor perience unnecessary. a and recreation.-.- . Anunexcelled er Britton 6t Bowling Free. We supply com- l a u.r.ii c ii.oiiiiBiiiiaiii,oiiiiBliiiaiiilliilaiiiiaiiilaiiJ'3i:.3i.V n 'riiTiHu'IinriVLc"iaTiia: 3 climate. Springs whose cool crystaT3 ' Green, Ky. plete line of home necessities l-clear waters have reiuven- The party concistcd of Mrs Earn whileyou learn, drive own ?s ated thousands. Health bath a Jack Taylor, Misses Vesta Fran car, nave own business, be own Woods, hills and streams you will D cis, Valma Adams. Hazel. Bent-le- boss, steady sales increase profenjoy exploring...Illinois Central Nathaniel and Stewart Craft its year round. Hundreds making offers unsurpassed service to They drove to pine Mountain, more than ever before. this famed resort. Has that delicious flavor and Write today for our new plan. were they fried chicken' . . . the kind you K.H.FOWLER, Division Passen- - '. always remember! made coffee: and then they vis- The H. C. Whitmer Company, ger Agent. Central Station The partj Dept. H 1788 G, Columbus, Ind. ited Whitesburg. B LOUISVILLE, KY. Lewis Bros n reported a most enjoyable time. dially invite the people of every walk For lull particulars, reservations schedules and Whitesburg descriptive Spiincs bcohlet. Write WANTED Excellent opporof life to bring in their business. tunities" now available for indusa TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN : trious men, 25 to 50 years old, to After discussing the business probYou will take notice that I nake large profits selling Heber-'ing- 's lems with our friends, we find that Products direct to cone Tax Books for 1927, have The Road of Travel Luxury a sumers in your home county. we need you and you need us. Come Taxes, in my possessions, and Large and best selling line- r in and let us serve you. By doing so that one of my Deputes, in the Strong Company. Gives most you will get acquainted with our bigLow wholesale prices. various Tax Districts by August gest asset. One which we do not put No experience needed. We teach 18,1927, and all 'persons and ind continue to assist you. Give on our printed statements, but recorporations, or those acting for C. Heberling Company, dept. serve for our customers, is that of age and occupationeference. them, wishing to tage advantage COURTESY. We thank you. 2t '177, Bloomington, HI. 2 percent disccunt, jf by Law, to those paying EXPERT HEMSTITCHING before September 1st, will have Mrs. Rosamond Adams Neon, Ky. M Prices Reasonable g HOWARD-BEATTELECTRIC b COMPANY 1 Your Patronage Solicited Emmitt ant) Orell Fields h'avc training returned from OLD STAMPS WANTED . NEONNEW S Every Great Fortune Has Been Founded upon Economy e: HEALT H PLAY F RE visit DAWSON SPRINGS FIRST NATION AL BANK - FLEMING, KY. - Sales-traini- ijjj 1 .'1.1 wi -- . ng and-Lest- y, E offer our facilities w to the public and cor wi Illinois Central BlIBBOIBBIRDIIlIIIBBlBIHEIllIllIlllli - te Y a Reliable Electric Service Many Rail roads Employ Live Stock and Agricultural Experts to iieip the Farmer H D g For a railroad to bo prosperous, the territory it traverses must be prosperous. The steam railroads of the United States are partners, not only of industry.but of the farmers as vell a great many cf them employing trained experts in every line of agriculture and live stock en deavor, men who have had technical as 7cll as practical These men are at the service of fcmcra who need their H n DEALERS All Kinds of Eleclical Wiring and Installation House Wiring a Specialty High Grade Repairing Hot Point Ranges and Appliances R. C. A. Radioing and Accessories HAZARD, Wholesale Phone 295 Retail KENTUCKY CONTRACTORS The Louisville & Nashvi'lo Eailroad ha3 for many years conducted a special department for bringing good farmers to the South, and for with them to the fullest extent in making their new homes pleasant and profitableadvising as to what crops to plant, and when to plant them; helping to arrange marketing plans and shipping arrangements; and literally doing everything in their power to help Southern farmers to achieve health, wealth and hapniness. The help of these experts is gladly given without cost as a part or tns Ij. ss jm. service. i i l g i leayes it mMMiAU to you TN the quiet of your own home you can give the Maytag a thorough test. You can do a. whole washing with it without obligation or expense. sm G.4 LOUISVILLE T NASHVILLE R.R. Reliability? Look at the longer, heavier frame of the Six the liig new enpinc, transmission and clutch the longer Avhcclbasc (117") air the result of pitiless testing on General Motors' Proving Ground! You can see the Maytag wash big tubfuls of your clothes in 3 to 7 minutes. You can do a whole washing in one hour. Everything, even collars, cuffs and neckbands, will be washed spotlessly clean without Try the Maytag if it doesn't sell itself, don't keep it. Poicer? An engine whose might no hill can tax whose smoothness and steadiness are the result counter-balance- d of a crankshaft with Harmonic Balancer, a new type of combustion chamber developed by General Motors' research staff and Oakland's famous g principle. Style? Instinctively your eyes will look for that famous emblem "Body by Fisher". Longer, lower, more rakish lines. Sweeping crown fenders luxury features by the score. 78-l- Stuart Robinson School Blackey, (0pns .ccrcbitefr cljaal hislory-makin- 1927 g. Deferred Payments You'll Never Miss J car today! g SEDAN T m PT JAJqJ? "up - f1045 ia,-s- u Srdan 1265 J i 'li) All prices at factory. Delivered price charge, tatytopayun the liberal General include minimum liarulling Molnrt Time Payment. I'lan. KYVA MOTOR CO. Millstone Whitesburg 4kli gy1 For homes totlhout electricity, the Maytag it available with in- built ta.aline motor. C' rT lsrN (ddHito,) .THE MAYTAG COMPANY, Newton, Iowa Maytag Co., Hazard, Ky. T. B, Mclntire, Whitesburg Representative V ooters JEritc for a (Uataloue Clothing Sales, Wednesday Night Saturday Morning hand-rubbin- Oaklrfnd has set the nation talking by offering the Sis at new low prices! See this ATS 3itst Z&l b. rubber-silencin- Kentucky u." (grabs junior, 0miK' rtn:ntt lllUlllliiUltllilltU'.il'.'lt v Maytas dealers everyvyhere follow the standardized rule of sending a Maytag to a home to do a week's washing free, and without obligation of any kind. This is the way all Mayag Gyrafoam Washers are sold. ?! I

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