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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 11, 1927

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

I . ' f . Member Kentucky Member American. Press Association D-n- Volume XX WHITESBURG. LETCHER COUNTY, TWO BRIDGE ONTRACT LEf BIBLES TO BE GIVEN . - TO FLOOD SUFFERS A new Bible will be given free to any family that lost thisprec-icu- s book in the flood or got it damaged, if the information reaches the Presbyterian church of Whitesburg, Ky., Dr. B. C. Bach wiI1 be Slad to tell anybody how to proclure the Bible if inquiry is made at his office. We also have a limited supply for any homes that do not have the old and new Testament together. This is not charity work, our church only wants to put back into the heme the most precious thing lost during the flood, outside human lives- - Blackcy, Ulvah and Roxana Bridges to bo.. Considered Monday The Letcher County CourtWed nesday, August 3 let the con- KENTUCKY. THURSDAY AUGUsTTTl927 THIS IS THE WAY IT HAPPENED AT THE POLLS LAST SATURDAY j Dem. Ticket Gov. o I REPUBLICN TICKET for Gov.jC. Judge;Com.Atty Circuit Court Clerk .a w o T3 a td o 2 z: 'SB ! CO Clerk f C TO CO W 2 O o o-i a. n S3 S3 NUMBtrcbW- - SAMPSON, BECKHAM WINNERS IN GOVERNOR'S RACE SMALL CHILD IS Vote is light in Saturday's HIT BY AUTOMOBILE election ino upset e- a. f m Astsnr.iatinn oc 60 o t Much excitement was created in Whitegburg early Sunday af in dope bucket cu ternoon when the small child of Another Kentucky political Mr. and Mrs. Burgiss of Hay00 classic has been run, and again 12 65: 40, 81 24 41 40j 101 46 12: 17i 20 SO W. W. Whitesburg mond was hit by a car on, the tract for two bridges to be built, the trainers are leading their 23: 28 89 191 46j 87 100 48 72 47 18: 56 5, E. W. Whitesburg street in front of the city hall 3 28 38 10 23 21 Colson one at Neon and the other at 31 mounts to the paddocks, a few in 4 9 27 14 6 19 15 11 Cumberland 8 The automobile, driven, by Ed exultation and many more in des 4; 23 is! Blair Branch oh Rockhouse. i . 130 14 I2li A9 101 Baker 23 42 37 1 59 Parman, was going very slowly pair. 80 21 50; 17 27 20 Sugar Grove 4 20 Steele and Lebbie of Prestons-ur18 4 21 56 J2 22; 33 13: 27j Seco wljen it hit the child. It knocked 7 34! 22; 13 Ky., got the contracts. The Return are not yet fully in 32 2j 13 21 10 Millstone 1 .9 1 37 te child dowfn and passed over from over go: 26 3 8 Burdine 47 42! 39 19 work is to begin at once. the state, but they 3! 29 561 35! 19 1 1 Big Branch m 33 26J 9 him, no wheel touching him. He 26 1 At the meeting which is to be are sufficient to show that J. C. 13i 60 23' 55f 18 43 8f 16! 27 McRoberts 6 1 41 received only a few bruTses and W. Beckham and Flem D. Samp55 11 11 7 29 29 23 11 Hurricane Gap 52f held Monday, August 15, con.2 12 1 8! 8 4 2 52; 37 26 23 26 Dunham 8 cuts. 1 10 51; son will be the winners in the tracts for bridges at Blackey, Little Colly .2 1 2 1 30 62 87' 21 32 42 27 3 16 5 O. V. Caudill, Pastor The child evidently started to 5 26 6 31 12 69 21 78; 68 E. Ward Jenkins 7i 8 4 Ulvah and Roxana will be consid15 cross the street and ran in front governor's race.. Sampson's ma Democrat 1 45 30 66' 10 28 86. 30 23 11 23 bridges will jority will probably be 40,000 and ered. These three of the car. 32 13 178 14 150 22 26 135 73 Fleming 49 9I .t 82 Blackey 46 18 70 46 120 Beckham'jS around 30,000. 3 24 16 35 10 cost approximately 521,000. 80 23 41 15 7i 10 2o 34 go, , Dalna 18 34 36 19 2 61 James Breathitt, Jr., was The town of Blackey will bef 69 19 97 3 . 3 42, Cowan . . 37 21 is! 32 55 OK ,18 16 . required to pay 16 40 . .6 Laviers of 82 32 in the Democratic race for 2 3 1 13 11 8; 1 9j Eolia 28 30 13 4 6I 16 HANDS Lieutenant Gtvernor, Miss Ella the cost of the bridge at that 23 29 1 32 10 Thornton 6 37 24 2 52jl 18 5 44 23 16 71 place 1 7 66 14 Marion Lewis, Secretary of State, CleU 21 7 62 16 Valuable Prizes will be Of fer- 4' 1071 18 I; 48 15 21 I27i Haymond 9 19 97 60 40 Coleman, Auditor, Mrs- - Emma Superior Motor Company 48 21 11 35! 31 59! W. Ward Jenkins 9 16 39 19 23 Federal Aid Sought 7 4 ed For best Markman 31 1 3 20 Guy Cromwell. Treasurer, J. W. 2i 1 Hallie 2 1 1 The bridge at Neo'n will cost is bought by group 4 8 21 45 29 22 22! 16! Union Colly. 43 .34 8 29 On Labor Day Cammack. Attorney General, W. 12! 5 50 6 13 29 19 15! 4 40, Lower McRoberts. . $1,400 and the one on Blair 4 37 o1 33! 1 of Seco- Men Polly li 30 17 .21 8 10 B. O'Connell, Clerk of Court of 21! 33 Branch will be approximately e! 76 20 13 16! 41 CUV JS(3 Oft1 70 12 23 43j Neon A trapshooting match will be 39 Appeals, and Newton Bright, 1 1 .5 4 28 38 82 Kings Creek 5! 11 45 19; $2,200. 2 1 Superior Motor Company Commissioner of Agriculture. in Lewis bottom on Labor Smoot Creek held The 1 1 13 32 4 20 5 8 O: 9 2 These bridges were destroyed day, 1 2 21 35 9 12 12 3' 4 : 49, 4 of Whitesburg changed hands reSeptember 5. "between I ho Uz Returns in the Republican race 7 14 3 26j 31 62 35 22 Kona 6 6 Pi 20 by the high, water on May 30 of 24! 16 40 cently, having been acquired by indicate that E. E. Nelson will be Whitesburg team Maykimr57 2 31 . .rk r.":v; 22 "1 25 71 15 9 11 this year. The county hopes to atives from Hazard. This will be Sand lick 45 22 76: ;. 8; 60 12 the Boone Motor company of nominated Lieutenant Governor, .receive Federal aid in the con a lOTALS- Whitesburg havreturn match, Seco. The. new owners are Sand- Mrs. F. D. Quisenberry, Secre625 201 1802 927 !2567 46l 9421 146il 7g3j 699 531 4861 796 struction, but it cannot wait until ers Collins, Watson Collins and tary of State, Miller Hughes, ing gone to 'Hazard July 4 antl Congress meets to begin the Lennon Spe.ar3, participated in a coniect. Attorney General, Warren. Peyl NEW RATES ARE FILED THEY SHOULD BE GOOD work. The bridges will bo buiit , Olney Hammonds, who has ton, Supt of Schools, Tate Bird-Nir.2 valuable prizes will ba ofBY L. N. AND ..C. & O- then aid will be sought at A new tennis court int he AT STUMP SPEECHES bedn manager for some time, Commissioner of Agrisulture. fered. The shooters will ba divid the proper time.- Local Politics presented many will continue with the company. addition to whites ed intothr3e classes. All who The Louisvjlle and Nashville Four election officers at Elkat This Company has the agency for interesting angles since thee-lectio-n. havo : 2".crds cf 85 out of u0 railroad and the C. & O. road burgis now oppeh to lovers of the awa have but five arms this FORD CRASHES INTO It was early seen that Chevrolet and Nash Autos. class A; 70 to 84, sport which has made Bill Tilden j will be in have filed with the Inter-stat-e year. After appointing the men, Mr Spears has moved his fam R. Monroe Fields had run ayay and Helen Wills famousFREIGHT AT MAYKING CIas.3 B: below 70 Class C. Commerce commission new rate the occured to She- ily into the Roy Crawford'hous from W' K. Steele in the Circuit . Valuable Prizes The site was furnished by schedules which give this part of riff Cockrell that C. J, Little, in Whitesburg. A Ford truck with two men Judge's race, carryng the two The first prize in each class Messrs. Collins and Harvie, in it crashed into a moving will be a pair of ten dollar hunt- Kentucky the benefit of the 20 George Adaams was kind enough Joe Newland and" Georg-- Cundiff counties by a majority of 3,408. the Ermine ing boois, the second prize a cent reduction on coal rates to to lend a grader for a few hours had bjjt one arm each. Wm. freight train at Stump kept himself ip line for a OLD LADY PASSES crossing Friday morning. The nine dollar hunting coat and the the Lakes market which the co- and several enthusiastic players Steele is the other off i :or. second chance at the Commonmmission recently ordered given truck was tossed to one side, bad third pri::e a Eun cieaninj- out- If any other ccunty in the After several months of suffer wealths attorney place by a safe donated a dollar kand a Jot of the Pennsylvania and Ohio ly damaged, and both men f lunc fit presto ! the court state can boast of such a hard work-a- nd ing from causes incident to old margin. Campbell seems to have fields. from it. The train crew brought ence, let it put forth its claim. is there. All club members are eligible age, Aunt Louisa Lusk, one of been nominated Representative the, men to Whitesburg and left to Jackson Times There is nothing exculsive a- the shoct and are urged to the best known tand best loved ofLetcher and Perry counties by in the care of Dr. son Gor them Mrs J.G. Gault, and take part. The secretary asks old ladies in the lower river sect- a slight margin. A. B- - Combs is bout the club. Anybody who likes Prof, and Mrs. R. Dean Squires -, R. 'L. Gibson received only Margaret ' don and daughters gamc or who wants to learn that all who aim to take part ion of cur county, passed away conceded Railroad commissionhome'., and their three children arrived minor wounds and able to leave send him their names. ind Rosemary, returned to. it, is welcome. The small sum of a'few days ago in her ninety-fift- h er's place. Hiram Brock seems ' in Whitesburg this week to thedoctor's office as soon as his living in the country who last Friday from an extended cue dolla is asked, so that the ex year. She the widow oi be able to hold his office of Senawounds were dressed, but Lee like to shoot the clay saucer-- i northern trip. They were ac-- 1 pense of starting and keeping make their home here. They will tor. the late John Lusk. Collins suffered a fractured companied home and have as , the court in playing condition live in the James P. Lewis house But the keenest interest center arc invited to send their nani'3 She leaves two sons, William r'T r i missus Professor Squires is ready to skull and had to be removed to to the club secretary ,D.W.Little tjuusus njrr luyiJuw ui 'Yiay b met B. and Joe E. Lusk and two ed around theCircuit Clerk's race the Seco Hospital. He did not Whitesburg, along with one Logan, W. V., and Ruth Crassen iaKe up nis duties as superin daughters, Mrs. Polly A. Banks Saturday night when the returns regain consciousness for three' dollor tendent of city schools. of Huntington, W. VaCURTIS JENT PARDONED ana enxol, in the centre. and Aunt Margaret Lusk. Mrs. first began to come in, a surprisdays and is still in a serious con promises to proing number of votes registered This match George Collier, a salesman for Mrs- - Morgan Anderson and Lusk was a daughter of the late dition, Curtis Jent, who was sentencfun-Thfor Ned Ison. He was soon, howvide plenty of interest and Morris and Company in this ter- ed to the State Reformatory in daughter Ruth and son Lloyd Sampson Bfashers one of the ever, left in the rear, and Charlie? Hazard, boys are good shots, ritory, died recently at Jackson November, 1922, has been given and Mrs J.A.Anderson- - of Big first titizens to settle in what is gave them a run Ba"ck set the pace. This lasted for but this club Counties-Shof ptomaine poison. He and his Stone Gap, Va.,are here to attend now Perry or Letcher KENTUCKY 11th IN for their money in July. There family lived in the rooms over, a pardon by Gov. W. J. Fields- was" an aunt of our fellow quite awhile, and then Jody . , T the funeral of her mother, Airs. nf nhu COMPLETED ROADS will be much goodnatured rivalry and Harvey Hogg began to D.D.Frazier's store on main st. ntur to Letcher county. His N.T.Johnson, to be held at the citizen H.B. Branson of Blackey, Kentucky now ranks sixth in Avhcn the two clubs come too' test their wind. Aunt Louisa will be long remem mother placed him in the Kings Uncle Steve Adams graveyard the State roads system and elevSee-sasee-saagain. up and down bered, by those who knew and Kyle McCormick, former ei DaUghters hospital of Frankfort ori Little Gowan Saturday and enth in the surfaced milage of it went. There was doubt at loved her in life. itor 01 the .Hazard Leader, was for treatment, but little hope is Sunday", August 13 and 14th. the nation, the Bureau of. Public Mr. and Mrs. D.D. Frazier and every turn-Thilasted until the in Whitesburg Friday, on his held for his recovery. Roads at Washington has re- json Ralph. Mr. 'and Mrs. Drew Irvin Collins was "hurt in an official count was given Tuesday' way to Charleston, W.Va., tovis-i- t Mrs Kate Lally, connected ported. Frazier and mother left last Mr. and Mrs- W.D.Collier of with the Eastern State- Hospital accident on the road being con night, which showed that Jody his family and relatives. The department found that Sunday by automobile for Lexnecn visited Mrs. Collier's par- at Lexington, was in Whitesburg structed down Breedings Creek, had won by the narrow margin Kentucky has 9.646 miles of ington and other central towns Rev. Charlie Haynes of Serg- - ents, Mr. and Mrs..H. R. Ronts Tuesday investigating two cases Wednesday, An automobile driv- - of three votes. roads under State highway supi to be gone ten days. There were a few rumors of ir dnt filled, the puTpit of the Bap- - of this city, during the week end from .this ccunty, one of vvzh er failed to see him as he came ervision and 4,192 miles have ' from behind a grader, and struck regularities in the election, but tist church of this city Sunday, Willie Quilldn, Sol Wright and W. was out on payrole and theotirr been surfaced. States having Olliver Mullins and Miss Alvia him. injuring his hip- - The injury in the main it was proclaimed to in the absence of Rev. I. E. En-- B. Collier took dinner with Mr-- j a candidate for payrole, more surfaced milage than Ken- - Boggs were married recently, is thought not to be serious. one of the cleanest ever held in tucky are Texas, Pennsylvania, The bride is the daughter of Despite the unfaborable con- the county. The vote was very Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Collins are jj Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, John Boggs of Cowan and the H. W- - Hogg of Lynch, Ky., was Miss Mildred Speaks has re- - light, probably not more than happy over the arrival of a fme!aiuons 01 ine roaus' Iour cars Minnesota, North Carolina, Lou- bridegroom is the son of John a visitor in Whitesburg for the new girl, born Tuesday morning, were in this city from Hazard turned from a visit of several half strength. No disturbances isiana. New York and Ohiofirst of the week. Mullins of Whitesburg. weeks in Hazard and Lothair. Sunday. were reported at the polls. She weighs eight pounds.g, PRECINCTS a rf c 01 3 T S3 O. o 3 S3 3 01 -- -- 1 i GUN CLUB TO HOLD SHOOT one-four- th ST .1 LOCAL GARAGE . I a-h- ead CHANGES . - " . uidj-epivxer.t-j - '19 j s 3 - TENNIS COURT I ; i ! - ' - co-inc- id J Non-membe- rs 1 1 - e e A-da- ms h-- cr w, w, 4 s - - 1 1 1 - 1

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