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Image 4 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), December 9, 1937

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN' EAGLE, VTHITESBURG, KENTUCKY has been P.hapsody March from "Hungarian for Trachoma, although sheoperation el;.ed very much by this ..hapsouy No. 2" ... Liszt it appears she will have to return for ..turray Cooper Willa Mae Asher Kiuuonal treatment later. This program was indeed a splen-nc- l school attendance is holding one, and was enjoyed bv a large ' Our v ondertully in and most appreciative audience. A inclement weather: the face of such the little fellows small admission fee was charged. and the proceeds will go towards ihe just brave the snow and ice daily x.urcnase oi additional equipment wnnout tear oi corns or trouoie in any way. ior the Music Department. We to report A Christmas pageant, "The Lisht the P. will have more organized,about recently ihinetn in uarKntss ", is to be pre- week T. A. from time to time. next We sented in the auditorium on Sunday believeand it will the top ovening, DecemDer 12, and at that ing conditionsgo over here. in makbetter ame an ottering will be made for he cause oi Ministerial Relief, Blackey News Jllackey, the remains of two fires and a flood in 1927 is beginning to walk again. The Isom Hospital and the Presbyterian church are shining in a new coat of paint. J. B. Brown has bought and taken over the Bill WhitaKer Whiskey Store. Troy Shepherd has opened a new dispensery, which will be known as the Hogg Whiskey Store. Hansford Elkins and family, Homer Taulbee and family left for Detroit where they will work this winter. Mrs. Mantie Whitaker's(The Jailer) new home is about finished. Ezra Guilea and wife, who left sometime ago with Dr. Boyd to spend the winter at Boneti Springs, Florida, has returned to be with us here. Corsie Whitaker returned Monday from a business trip to Lexington, Kentucky. Tootsie Hamilton left by train via Lexington to visit her sister at Chattanooga, Tenn. H. B. Branson, who has been in Louisville for hospital treatment for sometime is reported getting along nicely. Many of the Blackey folks attended the show in Hazard, Sunday and Monday, seeing Shirley Temple in "Hidi." Airs. Lida Jenkins entertained Friday evening with an informal party. The following were present:, Byrl Boggs and Alta Logan, Whites-burgMr. and Mrs. Hatcheson, Caudill. Bascom Mclntire. Dick Cool, Corsie and Shofield Whitaker of Blsckcy. Mrs. bam Stamp is spending the Violet, winter with her childern, Middle-towHazel and Arthur Stamp in rienus of the school are cordially nvited to be present. School closes ior the Christmas vacation on December 17, and is to reopen on the morning of Januay -- 3, 1938. Stuart Robinson School Trio (A riow, Row, Row Your Boat Round) ....Arr. by McGregor The following ensemble program Robert Sapp, Billy Craft, Billy Mc JNeely was presented by tne aiusic Department of Stuart Robinson School on uets Through Field and Forest .... Vogel the evening of December 4: Kay btuu-Net- a Mae Kiggs Songs Moffat Jomin' Round the Mountain Song oldiers Southern Folk Aloore-Artnu- Riley-Gayno- Gay-ne- ll s n, Cars Are Better Quality Are Traded In Gab-bar- MAAMH BUICK. Kyva Motor Company Whitcsburg, Ky. i I d Trios March of the Jumping Jacks .. Bilbro Audrey Tolliver Doris Bentley Eleanor Rae Tolliver Pom-PoChalfant Faith May Mary Alcorn Martha Carolyn Caudill Duets Sunshine on the Prairie ....Grainger Peggy GabbardJulian Gabbard Mclntyre histling Jim Arthur Knox Charles Hooper Engel The Little Drum Major F lorence Annie Cooper Lena Lee Renaker Mclntyre Merry Little Dancers Dorris Bentley Audrey Tolliver We are having plenty of snow and winter. The. worst so far for many years. This will make conditions doubly hard for those who do not have employment. The majority of our citizens do not have jobs just at present. Of course the unusual cold weather will have its ariect in some ways for it will probably help the coal industry from which we all depend on making our bread. miss Pattie Allen, formerly of Seco and Millstone is naving a new church building finished ths month which will add considerably to our litttle town. Miss Allen is to be com plimented on every side for taking so mucn interest nere. tier work will be generally along the lines of making other's burdens lighter. Mr. Herman Combs, representing tne wnuesourg wnolesale Co., was calling on the trade here the past week. He was accompanied by one of nis nttie daugnters. Drs. Owen and Carl Pigman and Mrs. Pigman were calling on friends here the past week. Carl is expecting to take seveal days off for a vacation half-tim- e WE understand why the majority of patrons have little or no knowledge of the problems which arise when a loved one passes on. why we feel it a sacred obligation to assume THAT'S complete responsibility at this trying time. a a n B f C B u I IHBJi -- ARE YOU SURE one. ti half price or less-al- l others greatly reduced. Mail orders given prompt attention. , MRS. C. C. WELLS HAZARD, KY. Court St. Phone 464 When You Fee! Sluggish (Constipated) Take a dose or two of Feel fresh lot a good day's work. Work seems easier, life pleasanter, when you are really well free from the bad feelings and dullness often attending constipation. ht For nearly a century, has helped to bring prompt, refreshing relief from constipation. Thousands ot men and women rely on it. Black-Draug- ht. A bule doorgoodbye wavethe swings shut and CHEERFUL vesti- the family's away visiting on the L&N. And as their Home Sweet Home on Rails glides off, you know the most precious of all your valuables are safe in a treasure chest of steel. .Black-Draug- Along the and on the train itself, millions of dollars worth of automatic signals and safety devices guard them. Thousands of efficient employes are always on the job alert to extend the 20 year record of no passenger fatalities In" a train accident. This peace of mind for you this safety for them isn't it the greatest of all transportation bargains at 2 to 3 cents a mile? right-of-wa- y "A GOOD IjAXATTVK Every foot of the way, Friendly Service surrounds them. They relax in comfort, sleep in deep restful berths, dine on foods so tempting that our Southern Chefs are asked how they are prepared. When the family leaves on the L &N they're jusl ever at the neighbor's. Won't you drop in too, Neighbor, next trip you make out of town? S0 an The LOUISVILLE 6- - NASHVILLE R. R. L&N is your "Home Sweet Home" on Rails that our services to you BANK OF WHITESBURG i Whitcsburg, Kentucky B'll 'If044, Huuufi Welcome l UAWtr PAIM; IM MY MUSCLES AND MY HEACJ PAtNS INiTfcAD Ul- - uu I mmmmm i SHOPPING I SHOULD BE IN BED " I USED TO SUFFER THE SAME WAV I FOUND QUICK RELIEF IN AN AMTI PAIN PILLS AOM-t- - il. ANTI-PAI- PILLS N BEYOND QUESTlOrl - BUT RELIEVE DON'T CAUSE INDIGESTIOM MOTIIER ways ap- pear hppy !7rs-i- f I tyi with most any i ri J! ' must justify a continuation of your patronage WHITESBUBG, KY. TELEPHONE 110. Entire stock of 1937 papers are being sacrificed to make way for the big 1938 line. Many patterns Understanding PRIVATE AMBULANCE M WALL PAPER SALE i ipntr" I with 0 Asher-Emm- a M lalfttscm if in: it;; 100-poun- d Banking a B iR Ifisff - 9 The Louisvile and Nashville Rail announces the purchase of u.ouu tons oi new steel rail from the Tennessee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company at Birmincham. Alabama.' at a cost of approximately $000,000. Delivery ot tne rail will begin next . week. The rail will be the railroad's us ual standard section, 39 leet m lengtn, controlled colled and It will be layed in track on various parts of the system to replace ran mat nas Decome worn in the service. -- Rimsky-Korsako- s Railroad Buys Big Order of Rails store, where Santa Claus is making his general headquarters this year. The talk is "Why they have the largest and best assortment they have had in seventeen years. Practically everything needed in gift goods for the holidays. They hope every one will have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Mrs. Arch C. llunsucicer continues to have much trouble with her eyes since returning from Richmond, Ky. where she underwent an operation horuses(2 part) Miss Phillips, Accompanist Jn Little Silver Moonbeam..Redmor .ckaninny Sandman ..Talber Marchan. ong of Winter Girls'Glee Club )ucts Frimi lie Wishing Moon Alma Rae Hurst Euline Polly Rolfe lere Comes the Band Murray Cooper Arthur Knox Overlade waving Daffodils i Ja Mae Jean Miller fcong of India . Miss Phillips Julia Phillips Tinuet from Symphony in E Flat.. Mozart Phillips mma Jecn Miller-Ju- lia , Company has been granted permission to construct 41 miles of electric line in Oldham CoT There already are about 35 miles of lines in the county, and the principal well settled parts will be served when the new lines are built. Gray H. Williams, county agent, puts Harlan county hay crop at 100 per cent Clarence Middleton harvested 1,400 bales of soybeans and tame grasses, Pearl Bassham cut 60 acres of soybeans which rp fpet tall. L. & N. soon. Mrs. Pearl Combs is employed this month with the D. B. Franklin Co. Duo Bilbro Hoses and Butterflies' 1st Piano Florence Annie Coopei 2nd Piano Martha C. Caudill i ' James 0. Murray, a Robertson county farmer, reports an average prouuciion oi zih eggs per nen irom his flock of 124 While Leghorns, or ine laymg'year lust closed, his 'p profit, after navin" for feed and other expenses, was $263.08. S. R Reeves. Green countv. sold nine pigs that averaged 227 pounds each when 167 days old, and Cord Blakeman, also of Green county, put oh the market 19 pigs that averaged ilu pounas wnen iih days ola. The Louisvile Gas and Electric Road Sergent News Administration Building Stuart Robinson School Accredited "A" Grade. For further Information write or see W. L. Cooper, Superintendent, Ebell r Jh! Oh! Oh! isinv- Knox r Dance of the Fairy Queen ..Bugbee fhe Leaves' Party ... t eggy Uabbard-LoiJean caudill Santa Claus is Comin' to Town uartette Gillespie-Coot- s Day Benson Circus First, Second and Third Grades 1st Piano Elsie Anne Baker Choruses Mary Elizabeth Cross Trapp of the Winds Colleen Elliott Sweet Indian Song 2nd Piano- - Norma Lee Wright Schmidt Duets Tis Christmas Ohio. Air. jacK Nichols spent the week Fifth, Sixth Grades and Junior Chor The Village Dancers Mclntyre us end with his family. Alary Anne Alcorn iaith Alay Behr Reverie Sue Beckner-rLe- na Lee Renaker Grey Bobolinks Because They Our Used Doris Bentley Eleanor Rae Tolliver Quartette (at one Piano) New Cars. On Bilbro Hear the Bells Ring! Lois Jean Caudill Julian Gabbad Geraldine Christopher Peggy PONTIAC Thursday, December 9, 1937 7' - Neighbors can borrow things the best housewives run short of, and still remain friendly, but "way uscjour ttltphont?" might be considered an imposition. If you had a neighbor who persisted in borrowing things tnd never morning them, you'd probably become impatient. When you borrow, yonr neighbor's telephone, you are borrow-insomething you caonot repay. It is easy to avoid embarrassment cf this kind. Call the telephone business office and rind out how little It costs to have a telephone of your own. g 40 Vv ?S n 1 wTna nd . n't Wholesale Distributor Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company Did you ever take a medicine to stop headache and have the headache stop and a stom: ach ache start? We'll wager you didn't take an Anti-Pa- in Pills do not upset the stomPill Anti-Pa- in they " ach. They take effect quickly tbo--ataste like wintergreen wafer's. You can't do good work you can't have a good time when you are suffering from XVfiuralgia Headache' Muscular or Periodic pains Why-doyou try ths Anti-Pai- n Pill way to relief? We believe you will be delighted with the results. Thousands of others are. Pills sell for It will not cost much. Anti-Pai- n one cent each, (less in Economy Package) and one pill usually relieves. Get Antl-Pal- n Pills at your Drug Store. Regular pkf. 25 for 25c. Economy pkf. 125 for $1.00. trinket you give her for Clirlst-ma- s. But, remember, 'the has a practical turn of mind, too. Give hrr something substantial, something durable, something that will make her life better every day in the year give her a modern Electric Range. Women everywhere have set their hearts on an electric range. It cooks entire meals automatically. This year, over 500,000 families will change to the modern ELECtric Cookery way. On Economy Purchase the Five-Sta- r Plan which we offer now, 'a liberal trade-i- n allowance will be made on your old cook stove. See the beautiful new ELECtric Ranges today, and select your model for Mother's Christmas MOUNTAIN LIQUOR DISTRIBUTOR Whltcsburg, Kentucky Kentucky and West" Vtfginlm Power Company v t4

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