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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), November 29, 1962

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Kentucky Press Asan Journalism Blcfg University of Kentucky Lexington, Ky. MOUNTAIN EAGLE IT SCREAMS! Whitesburg, Letcher County, Kentucky, Thursday, November 29, 1962 Vol. 55, No. 29 10 WHS receives accreditation Whitesburg High School was ad- mitted this week to membership in the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. The announcement was made at the group's annual meeting in Dallas, Texas. Membership In the association places Whitesburg among the schools and will entitle its students to admission to some colleges without qualifying examinations. Whitesburg had tried for admission last year, but failed. During the year, however, the school has corrected several deficiencies listed by the association's report after Its study last year. Among there were lights, teacher load, librarian qualifications and a variety of lesser recommendations. In a letter notifying Whitesburg Principal Jack M. Burkich of the school's admission, Dr. Morris Cierley of Lexington, chariman of the association's committee, pointed out that violation of the group's regulation against a load of more than 150 students for any one teacher would cause for withdrawing accreditation. As a member of the Southern Association, theschoolmust continue' to grow or face loss of its accreditation, Burkish noted. Thar's gold in these here pages, and news too! The Mountain Eagle this week has two new correspondents to SETTERSThese boys, shown with their advisers, are members of the Thornton Junior Conservation Club, which has set a total of 200, 000 trees since its formation a few years The group began its activities in 1054, when it set about 46,000 trees in a single year. Thf. trees were put out on Bottom Fork, at Colson and on Millstone as well as le on Thornton. Pictured, are (front row, left to right) Dan Johnson, William Roy Collins, Bates, Joe Gorden Baker, Randy Rose, (back row) Venson Caudill, adviser; Burzilla Adams of the Soil Conservation District Board of Supervisors and Cecil Hensley, soil conservationist. Caudill became interested in the project after attending a course at Morehead. on a scholarship grant provided by the board of supervisors. (Eagle photo). TREE a-- tree-setti- . ng Len-vil- Dynamited bridges repaired Workmen late today completed repair work on two railroad bridges in Perry County which were dynamited early introduce. Mrs. Sherlon Raleigh will report on happenings in the Cumberland River area of Letcher County and Mrs. Jim Revis will report events In Neon, Fleming, Hemphill and surrounding territory. Cumberland River news is on page 4 today, and Neon news is on Page 9. Again this week, The Moun-t- al n Eagle is worth money to its readers. On Page 2, there Is a coupon to obtain a free pound of margarine at the A&P Food Stores. On Page 19, another coupon gives readers an opportunity to' try for several radios to be given away by R. H. Hobbs Co. And And throughout this issue there are ads from local merchants (Continued on Page 24) -- The bridges were on the L&N Railroad line and their destruction temporarily put many coal miners out of work. No coal4 cpuld move out of Perry, Knott or Letcher County until they were repaired. Federal Bureau of Investigation agents are looking into the ex-- ( Continued on Page 24) Citizens to meet The Citizens Advisory Com- mittee of Whitesburg will meet at 7:30 Tuesday, Dec. 5, in City Hall. The meeting has been set into the December month because of Thanksgiving holidays and numerous other activities. However, the meeting night has been permanently changed to Tuesday with the hope that more people will be able to attend reg ularly, Mrs. Paul Vermillion, chairman, said. Tests postponed No driving tests will be given in Letcher County Decl 4, 5, 6 and 7. Examiners will be attending an annual school at Frankfort on these days. Circuit Clerk W. L. Stallard Jr. said. The Whitesburg High School Marching Band (above) recently won top prize as the "best show band" In a competition with other high school bands at Paintsvllle Judges commented that the band had 'excellent discipline, showing much hard work. "An excellent and difficult show well done, " they added. The judees aid the band was "very snappy" and gave it a top rating in both playing and marching. The band is directed by Frank Blckel. The band will present a concert of Christmas music on December 17 at the Whitesburg grade school auditorium. Band parents will meet Monday night at the band room. 4v

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