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Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

I)ir:·r·/ions [or nm/ting I/ur Iins/. llulverize the soil tained as to the aniotint of soluble nitrogen present will _ sample and mix as for the acidity test. The soil need not help to determine whether a nitrogen fertilizer shotild he ’l ' _ • he air-dry btit should not be saturated with water. Fill zi applied, partictilarly top dressings f`or tobacco. glass tithe, one—half inch in diameter, with soil to a deptlt - » j of one inch. .-\tld suflicietit test soltttion so that, after HOVV TO OBTAIN IWIATERIALS FOR TESTING SOIL i ll shaking, the depth of soil and soltitioii is three inches. Q Place corks in the tttbes and shake thoroly for about one The Experiment. Station fttrnishes the materials for tlte , minute. .·\llow to stand until the solution above tlte soil acidity and available phosphorus tests described in this v is fairly clear. Stir gently with the tin rod until the circular, to county agents for their use in testing soil in W V y . inaximum blue color appears. Read the test at otice. The their counties. County agents may obtain these by calling ll color fades on standing; it is renewed by stirring with tlte at the Agronomy laboratories, or on request they will be l tin rod bttt may not be the same intensity as before. sent by express collect. Extension specialists in Agron- 'l`he procedure inst given is to be used for most soils. omy also may have the materials f`or these tests and be , _ _ _ _ _ However, it may not give accurate tests on soils which able to fttrnisli them to county agents when visiting their S j ¤< RHl)1(l l.€StS have l)€€n devised for SOll acidity are very high in phosphate as are many in the Central cotinties. The Experiment Station does not furnish the _ _ ‘ _ Bluegrass region, testing too low in these soils. The materials to county agetltS for the available potassiiim l and for [l'1€ I`€2lCl1ly €€ or active POI`- test may be ineditim or below when it should be very and nitrate tests. _ _ _ high. Too much soluble phosphorus appears to interfere y,[mCl.iniS im. testing Soil I-0,. acidity mul u\.nHHi)lc mp A tion of the Il10l`€ llUl)Ol`[21l'1i§ soil (On- with the reducing action that produces the color. The Ujcms ul-C {Ol. mic by Swami Comlmnicg Materials im! *' , * V . r` _ l)l`()l)()l`ll()I] of soil to test S()llllIOI1 Sll0llltl he VC\`)` lUllCll acidity and iiyiiiiubig Piiogpiioi-ug tggig which iirg very SULUCHLT Tllls lcllflct lclls lllllll to . lcllllllcll ll‘ll` lllC$C $‘lll$— llCl`ll_llll* lll ‘lllC‘llllll lllc llslllll similar to the tests described in this circular, may he pur- _ , - amount. To ensure accuracy in testing soils in the Blue— chased Comlucltiaiiyy ’ lll¢ll\€ lllld IUK€1`i)l`€t [h€ I`ll()l`€ grass region, particularly in the central part, make the is . _ _ test first with one·fifth the usual amount of soil. Then, HOW THE TEST SOLUTIONS ARE MADE ll ll5€lUl ol lll€$€ EESKS. if this test is medium to low, repeat it with the usual pro- l`€llll_l`€- _ _ _ _ _ A The [zulassiiini, iliiocvunulr: lest wliilioii. Dissolve chem- l_llC l€$l l$ lllll il€€lll`ll_ll? lll $llll$ Clllllllllllllg C{lll$l*lCl" ically pttre potassium. thiocyanate in synthetic absolute . . able lime stitch as those which contain niarly materials and mclhyi aicoimi ami uccumc ii g_ p_ in {hc pmpmlion ni U ‘ K €ll€l`l’€$l?€ Yl§§lll"lll*lY_l*'ll€ll llle l€$l mlllllllll ls ll$l(lCll· Tllc —l grains of the salt and 50 cttbic centitneters of each of i amount of liine ordinarily applied does not aflect the test [hc m|\,€mS_ If Lim Solution is nikuimc I0 Scnsiliw md llllll€l`lllll}’- lcslsfll Scllcllll Slllls lllllf llc lllllllc lll llllcc ll` litmus paper, carefully add glacial acetic acid to make it llllQ'{l7l€ll lll lllcflclllllf l€$l· slightly acid, or iust so that sensitive bltte litnitts paper _ lllll€* ll$€ll l‘ll` lllc llllflslllllllc lcsl Slllllllll lllll llc ll$€‘l turns red. The solution is iiiflatnmable and poisonous. ir ¢‘ for the acidity ICSI ttnless thoroly cleaned to remove acid Bm HS Imnihbly J/( _ I _ _ IPI _ I I; D.__ I v_ _ V from tlte phosphate test. Stoppers ttsed in the phosphate U__ _) `E _l _ l. ful, l )"[lfl)'lll`l ll . `lll ll Jliljl _ lm? ll llfll test sliottld not be ttsed in the acidity lest because of the °;.HllF_(?llf lUlllL‘{_l lull°_flllllll.llllllllll llllll )ll‘ll°_ lll llll°l" (m“(_uh\, Ot. wuuwing thc Mid. o trtsti cd yyatcig Filter this, allow it rto cool and · add it slowly to a cold mixture of lif) cc. of concentrated S _ DESIRABLE T0 KEEP RECORDS OF THE TESTS l‘f°l""Fl‘l"""l ““‘li Sllllo "“‘l,’° ““· Ol ‘ll*l‘ll°°l "“lF"· | I`lns is the stock soltttion. Dilttte 12 cc. to lf)0 cc. with , H- H (_m_Cl~Hl l_ccm_(l is kcpl or [hc Plums “,hc,,C [hc distilled. water for use. A'l`lie stock soltttion tleterioiaies l samples are taken atid of the results of the tests, the in- llllll fell llllllll llll ”llllllllll¥‘ ‘_ i i formation when assembled will be valttable in showing A6 °’ tlte lime and phosphate needs of soils in the counties and in the State as a whole. In many counties wide differences ` will be fottnd in these respects between different soils within thc county. [ I ` OTHER RAPID SOIL TESTS Rapid soil tests for available potassititn and nitrate- l;XTlZN$l(lN DlVlSlON,COI.I.E(LE ()I·`_»\()|{l(][}[4’i`URi{ nitrogen are ttsed to a greater or less extent in sotne 'S. 1. states, Fairly satisfactory procedttres are available, btit l-ltil\'Cl`Sil}’ of Kentucky, Lexington, Keiitiigky these tests are of less valtte in Kentucky than the acidity l and available phosphorus tests. llotassiuin fertilizers are Tttoxt.-ts l’, Coot·t·:t<. l)ean and Director less needed in tlte State than are phosphates and litne. _ However, where tlte soil contains sufficient available ni- *“ # trogen and phosphorus for large crops. potassiiiin may he- June, 1938 come a deficient iitttrient for certain crops, particularly tobacco and alfalfa. llnder these conditions, the potas- sitiiii lest shottld be of yalue. ; { Nitrate nitrogen is the main form of nitrogen taken tip if hy crops. there is no need of testing for this form early llll llff ;i;"‘l‘;§ ‘;:¥P‘I‘)‘I\_"':u_;1'll;E‘ llllllglfal lilxlllflil lm? Puiiiisiieci in coimectitm witii the agrieuirumi QxtC,,$r,,,, work cose j · , . :. · ‘ 2 gx z ; ‘ carried on b co-u er i · · _ r·i—rip»_ because verv little or none will lie present. How- { '· sity of Kentficky Eitfittffe if ;mD(;(;lzii·lt;fiii;);i·i:hftulrlnWerd Cl Cl" lll iillllllllllg lllgll`llllllC"llllllll llllllllx Sllllll lls lllllllllllw distributed in furtherance ofithe work provided for i tt — aim ‘ if the test is inade at setting titite and occasionally during Congress of Mm, 8 1914 ll ll Ll °l tlte liist half of tlte groiiittu season. tlte infornizttioii oh y ` ` l

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