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Image 3 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), January 27, 1955

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY THURSDAY, JAN. 27, 1955 the bride's sister's home in Mr. and Mrs. Chester Gib- Lillybridge Ave., in East DeIm- son were .Highland Park, Mich. visitors Tuesday troit, had a pleasant surprise mediately folowing- the cere- evening in the home of Mrs. Friday morning when she anmony. Tne bride is employed Gibson's sister, Mr. and Mrs. swered her doorbell to find with the Michigan Bell Tele- Charlie Wright. Also visiting her brother, Durian White, phone Company in Detroit. the Wright's is Mr. Wright's waiting to greet her. Duria.i Mr. Davis, the groom, is an father, Frank Wright, of Neon, was just recently discharged Many lovely and useful gilts were received and ice cream, cake and punch were served to the small guests, all DETROIT GOSSIP - De-troite- rs. MRS. W. L. BLAIK, JR. WHITIAIKEK-DAVI- S employee of the ureat Lakes for a few weeks. CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY ANNOUNCE WEDDING Carroll Blair, Mrs. Irene Isom, announces Steel Corp., of Detroit. Form Little Belinda daughter of W. L. and Nora the wedding of her sister, er Kentucians attending the Mrs. J. V. Collier gave her Carroll Blair, celebrated her Bobbie Jean Whitaker, form- Iweding and reception were as son, J. V". Collier, Jr. (Pete), a birthday party," Saturday, fifth (birthday January 13 erly of Whitesburg, to Mr. li'oiiows: with a party given in her Teddy Davis, formerly of Vir-gi- e, Mr. and Mrs. James Isom, January 15 in honor of his Ky. Mr. Farley Davis, father oi third birthday. The guest list honor by her mother at her home on Trinity Ave. This The wedding took place at , me groom Mrs. Mary Lions, included little Miss Debra was a special occasion for 6:00 p.m., January 15, at the Darrel Davis, Mr. and Mis. Stidham, Jenny Lind and "Wendy" (as her friends and Frewill Baptist Church, 3942 Oscar Halcomb. Mr. and Mrs. Donna Sue Collier along with family call her), for she also High St., in Ecorse, Mich., Kerney Isom, Lloyd WhitaK-- r, the Detroit guests, also Mr. e Mrs. Grant Banks, Jr., Van and Mrs. Homer Stidham. enrolled for kindergarten at with Rev. McKinley W. Performing the cere- Whitaker, Carl Whitaker, J. formerly of McRoberts, and the Harding School on Burt ' Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Collier of Road in northwest Detroit. mony. A reception was held al Whitaker. A noneymoon is planned Fleming. Many nice and usethrough the 'Northern States ful gifts iwere received and ice cream, cake and pop were and Canada. o served to the guests. Also Little Miss Cheryl Ham calling on the Colliers later in monds, daughter of Mr. and( the evening were Donald and New-som- l INSURANCE ALL KINDS See Garnett Insurance Agency Telephone 326 HAZARD KENTUCKY Mrs. Herman ari nammoncs is under a doctor's care and has missed several days of school due to an infection of the head but is much improved at the present time. from servvice in the U. S. Army Engineering Division as Corporal and was stationed at Fort Rawleigh, Kansas. He was formerly of Millstone, Ky., now of Tennessee, and before going into service was employed with the Briggs Manufacturing Co., on Mack Ave., in E. Detroit and plans to resume his work at Briggs and at present is planning to make his home with Mr. and Mrs. Grant Banks, Jr., (Thel-m- a White) and children. Mrs. Nora Carroll Blair, attended a bridal shower, Sunday, January 16 in honor of Miss Jeanette Kirchoff, (Mrs. Gene Howard, formerly of Blair's next door neighbor), Fleming. at the home of Mrs. Jean Kirchoff on Marlowe Ave., in. VISITING FROM Northwest Detroit The wedding is planned for February TENNESSEE Mrs. Grant Banks, Jr., of 5, at St. Barbara Church on uuy Coke in the new i I t bottle ca rton Colson and Calhoun Sts. in member of the Order of the Coif, a scholastic honorary, Dearborn, Mich. while in law school. Mrs. Barbara Krolo and Combs practiced law in Mrs. Grethel Richardson have Manchester for one vear be returned to their home in De- fore moving to Prestonsburg troit after spending tw6 weeks where he was an attorney unwith itheir parents, Mr. and til he volunteered for the Mrs. W. L. Blair, Sr., in Flem- Armv as a urivate in 1942. ing. While in the army he was o chief of the Investigating SecEVANS BIRTHDAY tion of the War Crimes De Charles Evans celebrated partment on the staff of Gen his ninth birthday, Saturday, eral Douglas MacArthur in January 15 with a birthday the Philippine Islands. party given in his honor by Combs was discharged as a his mother, Mrs. Christine captain in the spring of 1946. Bates Evans, formerly of He holds the Bronze Star Kona, at his home in West medal and was also decorated Woodward Heights Blvd., in by the Philippine government. Hazel Park, Mich. His guest He returned to Prestons-bur- g list included school and Boy in 1946 and formed a law Scout friends all of Michigan partnership with J. Woodford and his small brothers, Jim-mi- e Howard a former State senaand Bobby. Refreshments tor. Combs served as city atwere served and a nice time torney in 1950 and was apwas had by all. Many useful pointed commonwealth atand nice gifts were received torney for the 31st district by the honoree. that fall. Call all news to be reported He was appointed to the to The Eagle to Mrs. W. L. Kentucky Court of Appeals by Blair, Jr. 13934 Trinity, De- Governor Wetherby m April 1951 to succeed the late Roy troit 23. Phone KEnwood Helm and was elected for the unexpired term in November, 1951 when he defeated formBIOGRAPHICAL er Governor Simeon Willis, the Republican candidate for SKETCH the post. In addition to his position on the Court of Appeals, Combs is chairman of the Kentucky Judicial Council. He is a past state president of the Junior Bar Association. Combs is married to the former Mabel Hall of Knott County and Lexington, whom he met while at the UniverinnnnnnnnnL". ilinnnnnnniHB&t ' it tfJfnrrljHllB sity of Kentucky. They have two children, Lois Ann 11, and Tommy, 9. Combs is a Mason and a Kiwanian and belongs to the finEEBLnnn Eagles, the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. He attends the Baptist Church. 'vpHHI - Obituary of Chloe Caudill JUDGE BERT T. COMBS Judge Bert T. Combs, who has announced his candidacy for "the Democratic guberna torial nomination, is a native of Manchester, Clay County, but has made his home in since 1938. Combs, the son of Stephen, and Martha Combs, of Manchester, was born August 13, 1911 and is one of six children. He was educated at Clay County High School and attended College. WilCumberland liamsburg, for a year and a half, starting in 1929. He quit college in 1931 to work as a clerk for the Department of Highways in Frankfort where he stayed three years. He then entered the University of Kentucky where he worked his way while finishing his college course and obtaining a law degree. He was graduated in 1937 as an honor student, with the second highest standing in his class. He was managing editor of the Kentucky Law Journal and a Pres-tonsbu- rg With a sad heart, I will try to write the obituarie of my dear mother, Chloe Caudill. She was born February 12, at Carbon Glow, Ky. Deceased January 3, 1955. She married James Jessee Caudill in the year of 1919. To this union were born eight children, four boys and four girls, two died in infancy. Her husband and six children were left to mourn her loss. Coman, Lonzo, Herbert, Hillard, Opal and Vina, all of Jeremiah, Ky. We believe that our loss is heaven's gain. She was a kind and loving mother, and always had a friendly smile for everyone. She was liked by everyone who knew her. We want to express our sincere thanks to our many friends who were so kind and helpful in every way. 1899 Written by her son, Lonzo Caudill, Jeremiah, Ky. We have it! MllYS DUAL-PURPO- 4 SE -- WHEEL-DRIVE ALL-STE- BODY EL STATION WAGON Easy to take home. A double supply to last between shopping ' trips. FOR BOTH PASSENGERS & PAY LOAD GOES THROUGH in .11 weather, bad roads or no roads at all MOW OTT18S VNOCI Coca-Col- a AUTHORITY Of ID I COCA-COI- A COMPANY t" Bottling Works , Whitesburg, Kentucky 53 MORE power with 115 bp MADE BY THE WORLD'S Super-Hurrica- LARGEST MAKER OF WILLYS MOTORS, Englni ne DRIVE VEHICLES INC., 1, Ohio Ammerman Motor Co. Whitesburg, Kentucky D

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