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Image 7 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), February 4, 1954

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

fTHUESDAY, THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHTTESBURG, KENTUCKY FEB. 4, 1954 remains Blodget, (Home Economics as their guest their daughter Wesley Wright spend the night with Mr. and in the Sharon Heights quite ill at his home in the teacher) ininey wojcievuuw-sk- i; Mary Ann who is taking Mrs. Roscoe Miller former Mrs. Washington, (color- nurses training at Good Sa Dr. and Mrs. T. D. Vaughan Camden Section. residents of Jenkins. We are happy to hear that ed cook3 Diana Toth. maritan Hospital ana u. Jv. in Saturday driving to Clear by Gertrude Gambill We are happy to have the left (Bobette's hero), Lexington. Socko, Tucker family back in water, Florida to visit with "Hurkey" Sanders is improvGriffith, Enoch "Nannie On Tuesday evening at 7:30! Betty Hayes of Pound, Va., Mrs. Tucker and their son Dr. Davis Vaughan ing at the Fleming Hospital. Freddie Holbrook; Pieface, of the iMaxie Bentley, Charlie Dob our midst. p. m., the members Arnette; Ophelia, was calling on friends in Jen living and family. Accompanying Hurkey is suffering from a Burton now Circle bins, Ernest Prichard, jviinon the children are Mission Friendship O. Parks where he was acci (housemaid), Barbara Stam- - kins over the week end, Betty Fleming, here while Mr. Tucker is em- them was Mrs. O. daughter wound shot on Jaiuary George held their regular meeting in Brown, dentally baugh; Yoko, (Korean house- - is also in nurses training at who will visit her Stewart. M. D. Bran- - ployed at Portsmouth, Ohio. the Ladd Building, Gertrude mother Mrs. Albert Matti boy), Truman Sexton; Mrs. Good Samaritan and U. K. Mr- - and Mrs. Leonard Farin- Mrs. Carl Robinson was Gambill, president presiding. ham, Lorene Fleenor, Charlie ash and family in Brandenton, of Augusta, Georgia came to Stockdale, Nancy Adkins; Miss Gayle Maxey who is Johnson, Jennings Liitton, w honored with a Stork Shower Florida: be with him, accompanying Mrs. Clarence, Jean Smith; now teaching in the Pikeville Meeting was opened with O Nash. Mildred Cobb, Wii- on Friday evening January Babies born and not report was her husband Albert Mrs. Poo, Doris Davidson; School system was visiting singing of the hymn Leaning mer Yonts, Misses: Janie 29th in the basement of the (Bobbette's friends in Jenkins over the Fish, On The Everlasting Arms by Vnnts. Diana Yonts. Joy Gay Baptist Church. An hour of ed: December 25, the stork Matti. Other relatives from Frieda; home of Mr. out of town were his Uncle rival) , Doris Davidson; Squint week end. Prayer by Coffff , Dinah Brown ana Irma entertainment was enjoyed by visited at the all members. Carlos Farley (electrician), Douglas Wright; and Program Chair- T.pp "Rrnwn. Pendergrass Lloyd President. the following: Mesdames; Ly and Mrs. Ronald Blevins and father Andrew and grand Style Farley of Show Models, Roselle Danola Greer who are stuMiss, who man: Mrs- George Stewart sorry to hear that man Hill, China Williams, M. left a darling little We are Lynch, Ky. Hurkey is mak Sturgill, Jeanette Scott, Molly dents at Eastern State College presented a wonderful devo- Mrs. H. C. Bowers is a D. Branham, Russell Phelps, was named Dunnda. To the ing his home with his grand- Hodges, Vera Jean Smith. were week end guests of their tional with Mesdames Wilmer at Johnston Memorial Herman Burchett, Hex Law home of Mr. and Mrs. Frenchie Sound effects, Robert bchu- - parents. taking Wnsnital. Abingdon. Va. We rence, Van Bates, W. R. Mabe, Jr.. December 29, Mr. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Yonts. M. D. Branham He is a bert and Robert Blevins; Anpart, also taking part were are wishing you a speedy re Beverley, M C. Johnson, Bill Stork visited and left a Farley of Jenkins. On Saturday, January 30 at been student if the Jenkins High nouncer, Patsy Whitaker, 3:15 p. m., God called from two lovelv young ladies, a rnverv Oma. Whitaker, bouncing boy who has Potter, School. Sponsors, Phyllis Beckley and the Sharon Heights Hospital song by Janie Yonts, "Little Mrs. J. H. Hunter was hos Mollie Hughes, L. J. Bowling, named French Charles 3rd. Our sympathy goes out to Dorsey Walker, Twirling, one of his Angels Sylvia Hands Be Careful," and a tess to the Tuesday Bridge Marion Shelbv. Ben Landrum, Mrs. Tony Dann was hosthe Rev. Ezra Johnson in the Kay Davidson, Music, Larry Lenore King, age 6 years, reading by Joe Gay Cobb, Club at her home on Lrooa Pansy Polly, Misses Gertrude tess to the Thursday Bridge "Housework" this added much water Street on Tuesday, Jan Gambill, Edna Whitaker and Club at her home on Payne loss of his brother Virnel Looney. daughter of Robert L. and Johnson, also to all members Mrs. Gladys Murray was Nina Fugate King. Besides to the devotional. uary 26th. Those enjoying Ann Bates. Delicious refresh Gap Drive, Thursday January of Virnel's family. hostess to the Canasta Club on her parents her survivors are After the business session an afternoon of bridge were ments of fruit punch, cake and 28. Those enjoying an afterMr. and Mrs. Carl Thursday January 28 at the Mrs. all joined in singing the clos- Mesdames: M. H. Hendry, M. candy was served by the noon of Bridge were Mesand Mrs. Gladys Mur- home of her sister, Mrs. Geo. grandparents, Mr. andgrandNim Fugate, Jenkins, ing hymn, Blest Be The Tie, E. Prunty, J. L. Witt, Mrs. hostesses. Mrs. Robinson re- dames: H L.. Burpo, T. M. ray motored to Huntington, Tarleton on Lakeside Drive. closing prayer by Mrs. George Hendry winning high score-Afte- ceived many useful and love- Perry. A. C. Dittrick, O O. W-- Va., on Friday and Mrs. of last Those enjoying an afternoon parents, Mr. Kingsport. Robert Parks, J. M. Stauffer, M. L. King, Sr., Tenn. Stewart, the meeting adjournan enjoyable afternoon ly gifts. week. of Canasta were Mesdames: ed, at this time Sunshine Sis- of bridge the hostess served and H. H. Hendry, Other relatives who survive Mr. and Mrs. Russell Phelps We are happy to hear that Helen O'Connor, C. D. t, ters exchanged gifts and en- delicious Cherry Tartes, whip have moved to Shelbiana, and attended the funeral are Mrs. O. O. Parks won high 'Janet Holbrook is able to be D. C. Duncan, E. P. Ruby Ruth Fugate, Louisville, joyed delicious refreshments cream and tea. Phelps is an employee of score. After a delightful Avenue Auxier, James Wilson, George of bridge the hostess home from the Park served by the hostesses, to the Elmer Bradley is visiting in the C and O Railroad and has Hospital in Norton, Va. Janet Tarleton and Gladys Murray. Mr. and Mrs. Chalmer Fugate, following, Miss served a delicious salad and fell from Gertrude Detroit, Mich., on his way up been transferred there. her porch and suf- Mrs. Wilson won high score, Lexington, and Ralph King and Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Gambill, Mesdames: Norman stopping in Dayton, Ohio to Marion Shelby is a patient coffee. fered concussion. delicious refreshments of GraOur sympathy to the Jay ham Cracker pie with orange King, Sr., of Kingsport. were held Robinson family in the loss of filling, mints, nuts and coffee at Funeral serviceson Monday Jackson, Ky., Isaac was served by the hostess. Mr. Robinson's father, and Sylvia Robinson of Shelbiana, Ky., Mr. and Mrs. Fred King of among other was laid to rest members of her on January 31. Norton, Va., was Sunday vis- family in the Insco Cemetery, Mrs. C. L.- Greer has as her itor in the George A. Tarleton Jackson, Ky. Her, familys loss is Heavens guest her father Fugate home. Mrs. E. P. Auxier is a pa- gain. We extend our deepest Davidson of Wise, Va. Nancy Brown who is teach- tient in the Johnston Mem- sympathy to her family. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Staple-to- n ing school at Feds Creek, Ky., orial Hospital at Abington. was a week end guest with Mrs- - Lige Wright of the of .Dunham had as their her parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. Dunham section is a patient week end guests their daughters, Mary Ann who is emin the Fleming Hospital. B. Adams. Mr. D. C. Polly of Millard, Mrs. O. J. Smith, Stevie and ployed with Tennessee EastKy., was a guest the past Ronnie have returned after a man at Kingsport, Tenn., and week of his daughter Mrs. A. three weeks visit with her Nancy who is a student at C. Bussell in East Jenkins. daughter Mrs. Ray Wyrick in Brenau College in GainesBoys who are employed in Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Myrick ville, Ga. Dayton, Ohio and . visiting and children returning with Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Bevertheir families over the week them. Junior Smith who has ley visited the R. W. Gibson end are as follows: Johnny been visiting there returned family in Wheelwright, Ky., on Saturday. Jurich, Mr. and Mrs. Nick with them also. W. C. Johnson, Bill Jordan Word has been received that Jurichj Janfes 'and Garnet Sanders sons of Mr. and Mrs. on January 29th, Mr. Stork and Sonny Kincaid were fishing at Cherokee Lake over the W. W. Sanders. Jack Dingus visited the Glendale at Glendale, California week end. son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mrs- - G. H. Davidson former and to the William Benton Dingus, Burdine, Ky. Mrs. Al Moffett of Shelby-vill- Mabes, a William Benton 2nd resident of Jenkins is a pa Both baby and tient at Johnston Memorial Ky., is visiting her par- he brought. ents Mr. and Mrs. George mother are doing fine. Father Hospital at Abingdon, Va. Mabe is doing fine also. Fugate. Mrs. B. B. Blizzard is a Mr. and Mrs. Hershel Prespatient in the Good Samaritan ton left Saturday moving to their new home at North Ken-ovHospital in Lexington. Mr. and Mrs. Arlie Cook and Ohio. The Prestons will W. R. Jordan visitea Mrs. in Salem, Va., over the week be greatly missed in the com- Mary Ellen were visiting Mr. end with Mr. and Mrs. Bill munity. They were very act- and Mrs. Willie Collins and ive in all activities especially Mr. and Mrs. Elijah RichardWells. Federal Judge Ben Moore of in their church work. Wt son Sunday. Charleston, W. Va., is recuper- wish them much happiness in Samuel Kiser visited Marvin Collins Sunday. ating in a local hospital after their new community. - Judge P. T. A- will be The preachers at Indian The Jenkins suffering a heart attackMoore is a cousin of Mrs. sponsoring a Variety Show on Creek Sunday were Denver Mollie Hughes, Edna and February 27, for benefit of Tolliver and Charlie Gibson. Miss Betty Lou Oliver was School Library. Ralph Whitaker. Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Jordan baptized Sunday at the Indian Our sympathy to Lyman Hill in the loss of his sister, jhave as their guests their son Creek Free Will Baptist. Miss Mildred Ann Collins is Mary Lynn Jordan and Bill Jordan who is a student at UK and Sonny Kincaid of visiting her parents, Mr. and Betty Kegan attended the Mrs. Dewey Collins over the Cotillion dance in Blacksburg, Lexington. Students from College who week end. Va., the past week end. The Junior class presented were' home this week end are Miss Margie Sergent was PURE-PA- K a play on January 29, in the as follows: Dickey Day and visiting Mrs. Cinda Kiser and High School Auditorium with Jerry Wetzel of Western; Mrs. Nora Collins Sunday. Teddy Ruth Ball, Bowling the following in the cast: In order to keep up with Jimmy Green Business College; Don-WiRobert Blaylock June Blaylock, (wife), aid Stewart. Bobby Welch your Mountain Eagle read your label, also ask Bobbet'e and Gary Howard, Morehead; Michelle Dann; Blaylock, daughter of Robert George A s b u r y, Mickey for your almanac when in our and June) Martha Farley; Prunty, Bill Jordan, Diz office. Each subscriber may (cleaning Pack, Allen Cantrell of U. K. have one until they are all Mrs. Raddleball, Chappell's quality milk servwoman) J. Ann Davis; Miss Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Hale have gone. ice is now more convenient Ace Willys in this remarkthan ever container! able new Pure-Pa- k You'll love it the minute you JENKINS NEWS 24-Hi- s - pa-tip- nt 'Ralph Fitz-patri- ck r Ky-M- x Hal-ber- r. GRANDMA WOULD HAVE LEFT Sani-toriu- m e, DEMOCRAT a, - IT'S OUR NEW MtpwaPticlia! 0 tt; sub-scri- p, .. 4-Do- or for 1954 Get our quality milk in this convenient' container at your favorite today grocery store or delivered to your home. see it. .. ChappelFs Dairy, Inc- - changes distinguish Willys melslori a models. A broad AMMERMAN MOTOR CO. WhiteAurg, Ky. one-pie- rear

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