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Image 8 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), November 19, 1953

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN decreed in the prayer of David Psalm that the days of our when he said in the 90th Elder James W. Caudill. years are three score years BLACKEY EAGLE, WHITESBUBG, KENTUCKY Policyholder Honored 100-Year-O- ld died on Doty Creek, of Rock-hou- and ten. She even went faron Friday, November 6, ther than that and exceeded 1953. He was born on May 3, the next limit, set out in this 1870, being 83 years, 6 months prayer that says "and if by and 3 days. He was a Regu- reason of strength they be lar Baptist Minister for many four score years, yet is their years and lived and preached strength and labor and sor end. He row. faithful to leaves a great host of relatives The writer and his wife met and friends. with Susan, on the road near Elder and Mrs. M. M. Hamp- her home last April, and had a ton, of Murray, Ky., stopped Godly talk with her in which here at the home of Mr. and she confided to us. She pray Mrs. R. B. Caudill on the 4th ed jand felt the pardoning on their way to Whitaker, to power of God, and was ready attend the funeral of Luther for the change when it came-OKeith who was a close friend, Sept. 20, we visited her on November 6 Elders Hamp- at her home and while she ton and O. D. Gabbard offi- lay in bed, her conversation ciated. He was buried in the was all relative to the service Englewood Cemetery near of the Lord. As we turned Hazard beside his sainted away to the door her last parents, Mr. and Mrs- G. D. words were "R. B., don't give (Dick) Keith. After the up, ngnt on lor tne gooa death of his parents, him and cause." his sister kept house, and had Aunt Lucinda Lusk, is ser a lovely home, in the house of iously ill at her home on Dan Baker. Sister Hazel called him for breakfast on Uncle Hart Campbell is in morning of .the 4th, not an- very poor health, at his home swering she looked in his on Linefork. rje is 88 years inn.YPAR.OLD POLICYHOLDER, Mrs. Paul V. Collins of Washington, room, and found him dead. of age. insurance company, D. G, gets a $100 check from her Luther had never taken felMrs. Crittie Andrews, Mrs. Lift Insurance Company, as a part of its centennial the Etna lowship with any church, but Tessie Mae CaudilL Mrs, Here, Morgan B. Brainard, president of Etna Life, presents was a believer in the Mission- Charles Ann Mullis, Charles special centennial payment to Mrs. Collins in her Washington the ary faith. He was loved by Cramer and Lanna are visit policyholder, home. Th. company's oldest and only his acquaintances and was ing with Mrs. Martha Carolin Mrs. Collins for a number of years has depended almost entirely especially loved by little boys Cheatham, at Charleston. W- tna Life polidei fr her suppert. from her twe upon the inc-and girls, m the presence of Va. iWilson Adams is seriously the writer, many of the smal boys came in to view the body ill at his home now. daughter Debra are visiting and went out with bowed Mrs. Margaret Ison is in her parents in Baltimore, Md heads. poor health at her home here. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kilgbre Luther had been crippled Had good services Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Shorty Lewis and son of Norton, Va- were for several years and was a evening at Indian Bottom of Baltimore. Md-- . were guests vn'fing Relatives in Payne Preaching isat week of Mrs. Lewis' par Crap over the week end Baptist Church. mechanic by trade. by Elders Willie Back, Man- ents, Mr. and Mrs. G. C Blaine Cornett is still very Mrs. Lloyd Potter of Ten sick in a Lexington Hospital ual Amburgey and I. D. Back. Lewis. nessee is visiting relatives OLD TIMER." Mrs. Flora Belcher and here. Mrs. L- - R. Andrews, of Cali Percy Roe of Michigan are Mr. and Mrs- - Jesse Reed fornia who came to the fun visiting relatives m Payne were visiting his parents Mr eral of her sister Ella Logans Bottom Fork News at Kingsport, Tenn., is here Aunt Kat Webb visited her Gap. and Mrs. Elbert Reed in Clint- visiting her folks for awhile son John H. Webb over the We wish to extend our sym wood, Va., Sunday. pathy to the familv of Mr. jvirsWe were grieved to learn week end. hotter was Jonah Bentley, who died Nov- - honored Everett a birthday of the death of Susan Ison. at with her home on Rockhouse, Oct. Junior Abies who holds a 14, 1953. party. November 11. She re job in Dayton, Ohio, visited Keith Douglas Rowlett son ceived many nice gifts. .29. Susan was a daughter of his father and mother, Mr. and of Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Row Beatrice Pendleton is in the the late John and Tilda Hogg Mrs. Roy Abies over the lett is in Sharon Heights Hos-- Norton Hospital. We wish pital. We wish him a speedy i her a speedy recovery. Frazier, born 1872, left here week end. with her father when only a We regret giving up our ircoyery. Mr and James Van. ivirs. man Pettyjohn and over were the Saturday even- small girl, first to Rowan good friends and neighbors County, then on to west to the Lloyd family State of Kansas, where she moved Miller and where who to Detroit, he grew to womanhood. Is the is employed. early nineties she came back home to her mother in 1894. Mr-- and Mrs. Bill Compton She married Grant Ison, and of Pike County visited Mr. taught in the public schools and Mrs. Crit Webb over the week end. here for some time. Mr. and Mrs. Berlin Wilder, To this union were born three sons. Herman, Blaine Detroit, visited Mr. and Mrs-Bil- l Sparks over the week end. and Hobart, the husband and two sons preceded her in Mr and Mrs. Ivol Sparks death, the latter Hobart sur- were the guests at the home vives her, together with a half of Mr. and Mrs. Dock Webb sister, Julia Stamper of Big Sunday evening. Webb attended Spring, Texas and five half Carlene brothers, Fred, and Less of church in Whitesburg Sunday. Amarillo, Textas, Dr. Little Mrs. Margie Kincer is ill in Whitaker, Cumberland, and a Lexington hospital. Jim T. and Dr. Gid Whitaker. Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart are visiting his mother in W. Whitesburg. Susan will be greatly miss Va., who is very sicked by her great host of relatives and friends. She was a All Kinds of Grading And Heavy Dirt good wife and a great mother to those three sons, who were highly respected by all who Moving. Office Phone 2507. knew them. for COLO DISCOMFORTS In 1919 her husband lost his Per Bottle XUfmA sight and for 30 years she took After Hours Contact: Leonard Lewis. care and waited on him with great patience, until he died Home Number 2379 or 2295. in 1949. We have a complete line ot She was 81 years of age, she Christmas cards at The Eagle. had defied the life span of life 'Pi a' a your order today. se the THURSDAY, NOV. 19, 1953 1 ing guests of her mother, Mrs. Get your Christmas cards Deiphia Pannell. at The Mountain Eagle. We have as nice a selection as you For the iciest county rgir you) Egie will find anywhere. Come in hap-penin- gs. today and. look our stock over. When vou buv here no one else in Letcher County will have a Christmas card like yours. COMMON SENSE CAR 5e - LEADS A DOUBLE LIFE ld ATTENTION: This message is parti-ila- rly important to Small Businesses, Retail and Service Shop Operators. ld me PAYNE GAP - Si. I The Willys DeLuxe Station Wagon serves many business needs, whether for pick-u- p and delivery service, route call or occasional runs to supplier. It will in its large cargo space, and the ease with which it can handle up to half-tob maneuvered and parked will help you keep "timetable" schedules. Double Life . . . change in just a moment from the useful business vehicle ' to a smart passenger vehicle. Room for all the family . . . and the pets, too, as well as luggage if there is a trip to be made. Its economy of operation and maintenance is but another reason for its popularity. Better see your Willys vehicle can fill your need. Dealer soon and learn how this n 4 dual-purpo- WILLYS DeLuxe STATION WAGON - I m Bulldozer For Hire M1MERMAN MOTOR CO. Whitesburg, Kentucky Make Thanksgiving a day of pjentij For Thanksgiving, you want the best --rand plenty of it. That calls for a case of delicious Coca-Col- a.' Keep your refrigerator stocked d Coke. with ice-col- - I SEE: RUSSELL W. PRICE KYVA MOTOR COMPANY, Inc. Qffice Whitesburg, Kentucky For vmir Fir Tkfff stnA Prllicirn Auto. mobile Insurance, Quick and Reasonable ajustments. YOUR ADVANTAGES ma m$9 WITH M. I. C. INSURANCE Repairs Made in our shop 2. No competitive Bids 3. Unit of General Motors 4. Personal Interest in You 5- Genuine Factory Parts 6. Fair Adjustments 7. Nationwide Prompt Service 8. Running Repairs 9. Complete Repairs 10. Towing and Road Service (optional) MOTORS INSURANCE CORPORATION TEN POINT PROTECTION GUARANTEED EXCLUSIVE. WHITESBURG. KENTUCKY 1. IPAtieOIUNOtt KYVA MOTOR CO., Inc. Whitesburg, Kentucky eOCA-COL- A a reentered AUTHOIITT-O- r THE COCA-COL- COMPANY IT BOTTLING WO RKS, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY O X THl trod.morfc. COCA-CO- COMMMT

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