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Image 3 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), January 3, 1929

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Thursday Evening, January 3, 1929 WEEKLY HAPPENINGS OF LETCHER COUNTY SCHOOL AND COMMUNITY NEWS McRoberts News Former Letcher Citizens Die at Detroit Mich. Letcher' County citizens were shocked when the news reached them that Arcnie Meade and his wife, lately residing in Detroit where young Meade was employ ed had met death from Asphix lation. Their remains, were brought back to Millstone for burial. Young Meade was a son of our good fellow citizen Thomas Meade of Millstone and his wife was a daughter of John Bentley, Jr., of Neon. We extend sympathies. Knott County Courthouse Destroyed by Fire Meager reports only of the burning of the Courthouse at Hindman have reached here. The fire occured Monday night. It is said that a considerable portion of the County records were saved. .The Eagle has received the following letter from a Knott Coun ty citizen, which is self explan- atory: January 2, 1929 Dear Eagle: Our Courthouse has burned and now we want to be thrown back to the adjoining counties like we used to be. We will start circulating a petition soon to have this done. Please publish this. Citizen. Cody, Ky. j The School will not for some time because of the flu epidemic which is sweeping the town. Miss Kathleen Vaughn is spending the holidays with friends in Jenkins. Mrs. Stump, of Huntington, W. Va. is ill of flu while visiting her daughter-in-LaMrs. Mar-gre- tt Stump. Mr. and Mrs. Miles Moore and son Edwin Lee of Whitesburg- are the guests of Mrs. Moore's par ents, Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Fisher. Mrs. Stallard of Pittsburg, Penn., is spending the holidays with her daughter Mrs. Floyd E. Fielding. Miss Eula Adams and Mr. Er- cil Day will return to Berea Wed nesday after spending several days with their parents. lvir. auer Koacn, wno is em ployed at Johnson City, Tenn., spent a few days here last week with his parents Rev. and Mrs.E. M. Roach. Miss Ella Bell, of Xexington, was the holiday guest of her sis ter, Mrs. Linden Ison. Mr. L. L. Murdock has returned from a visit in Ohio. His family will remain there for a few days longer. Miss Minette and Mr. Herbert Pendergrass spent Christmas with friends and relatives in re-op- with home folks, he will work this week at Ulvah. He is employ-- 1 ed by the L & N Railroad Co. The Trustees of Neon school asked the principal ChaWie Hall to close the school for one more week on account of flu in that town. Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Wright is visiting Mrs. Wright's parents Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hall, Mrs. Wright was formerly Miss Lillian Hall, they will leave soon for Indianapolis and Chicago where they will visit Mr. Wright's father and sisters. STUART ROBINSON SCHOOL The Christmas season at Stuart Robinson was a very happy one indeed. Our friends nearby and in distant places remebered us with many acceptable gifts and words of cherry greeting, for all of which we are truly grateful. One of the happiest gatherings of the week took place in the manse at Blackey on Christmas Day when Rev, and Mrs. H. L. Cockerham invited to dine with them those of us who did not go home for the vacation. The gracious hospitality of this home is known far and wide and it was indeed a joy to be there. One of Mrs. Cocker-ham- 's incomparable dinners was served at the noon hour, covers tuing laid for fourteen people. The piece de re sistance, an enormous turkey, was pro vided by Mr. and Mrs. W, D. Lewis and this was supplemented by nume rous other things delightful enough to Editor Mountain Eagle, tempt the appetite of an epicure. As we were seated around the table at Dear old friend : the close of the meal, Mrs Cockerham You will find check of $1.50 suggested that. we write a "round robto pay for the Old Bird another in" to Rev. and Mrs. E. V. Tadlock, year. I have kept noticing in the our beloved superintendent and his wife, so we at once proceeded to do Eagle that you are notifying so. Each penned a brief message of your subscribers that their time friendship and good will on a long sheet of paper, signing his name, and was about out for their subscrip- when this was completed an envelope tions, and it just occurred to my was addressed and Billy Cooper was mind that my time was about as sent on flying feet to get the letter of the in the mail. The remainder short as some of the rest, and afternoon was spent in friendly conthat I must get a dollar and half verse and in listening to the music furnished by Miss Parsons and Lillian there or the bird would not come Cooper. It was truly an ideal Christhere. mas Day and we feel that Mr. and glad that you have re- Mrs. Cockerham, who so like to make I am so others happy, most richly deserve the turned home for we missed you best we can offer of love and friendso bad while you were gone, that ship. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Cooper were is out of the Eagle nest. I was doubly generous with their holiday injust ready to subscribe for the vitations, asking the faculty to a dinner on Saturday evening other paper when to my great and to a delicious oyster stew on Wed joy I heard you had returned nesday at noon. The abundant and deOhio. lectable viands and the happy fellowhome. ship together made both occasions Miss Velva Long, a graduate Wishing you much success such as will shine forth in memory as of Knoxville Hospital, has accep- in the year 1929 I remain. high lights of the vacation period. an Our school Christmas dinner-wa- s ted a position here as CommunW. C. Mullins event of Monday, the twenty-fourtity nurse pro-teWaynesburg, Ky. Miss McFadden and Miss Beams, with Mr. and Mrs. Chester Wolfe Anne Symon and Corsie Whitaker, Ethel Gum as helpers, put forth their and Miss Lorena Pratt of Bur-$vn- e, best efforts and gave us a most dewere calling here Sunday lightful meal. The dining room was w, FUNERAL NOTICE Tomorrow at 1 o'clock memorial services for the late Felix G. Fields will be held at thecourt; house. Services will be, conducted by HevsEn - Jafternoon. low, Petrey, Caudill and Many people are getting Judge Bdntleyf Everyr again after having the flu body Invited. Letter to the Editor town to a large THE development of yoursupply is dependent energy. Your of electric upon an adequate requirements for today were taken care of ten years ago and nowyour ELECtric Service Company is planning for the future. This country is witnessing at the present time an amazing migration cf industry from the congested manufacturing centers to the relatively email cities and towns where living conditions are good. This has been made possible through the extension of dependable electric service at low cost to even the smallest villages. Your ELECtric company already hascapacities in reserve and is now developing additional facilities far in excess of present requirements and designed to take care of any future increase ' in industry, public service and homes. Electricity to servyou January Term Circuit Court KEMTD"OtT KiSiD 'WEST IRGINIA POWER COMPANY, Inc. out I m ERMINE NEWS . Safe Convenient Business Like six-foot- er FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Whitesburg, Kentucky V''i 1h for thefuture h. Christmas-tim- e and the table with its The Letcher Term of Circuit Court central decoration in the same bright opens Monday Jan, 21, 1929. Follow- colors, formed quite an attractive ing is the Jury list to be summoned picture. Rev." and Mrs. H. L. Cocker-na! for that term of Court: i were honor guests at this time. GRAND JURY . Immediately after dinner we went 1. N. E. Rierson down to the Cooper cottage where we 2. found growing in the dining room a Hazel Hall who was seriously 3. Linso Rose (Jenkins p Sunny Holbrook. beautiful Christmas tree laden with - nurt in an Automobile accident, 4. F. G. Fields, Sr. Since we are moving to Hazfruit all manner of interesting-lookin- g ard, we will sell all or a part of j is improving fast. She will soon 5. M. M. Adams. (Bottom Fork- for everybody. Of course all of us 6. Jack Craiger. were "thrilled to death" but probably our furniture and other house- -' be able to be out again, we are 7. Will Hall (Black) che person more wildly excited than : ' 8. Zack Ison hold fixtures. All Cheap. glad to report. anyone else was small Murray Cooper. 9. Henry Potter ( Sol's Son ) Call on It was "a sight for sair e'en" to see The family of John Combs is 10. Tom Day. him hurridly tearing the wrappings Mrs. L. D. CAMPBELL, 11. Mart Stapleton (Neon) reported sick, with flu. from his packages and shouting with Whitesburg, Ky. joy over the contents when revealed. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hall have 12. Ben P. Webb 13. John Spangler I am sure Santa Claus enjoys such been confined to their home with 14. Henry Sumpter (Turkey Creek) genuine apppreciation on the part of Dr. Childers was quite sick 15. Leroy Franklin flu. his young friends. is much improved the last week, but 16. Bill Cornett (Dry Fork) Besides being the guests of the News from Lexington tells 17. Steve CampbelL now since one day a bright little i Cockerhams at Christmas dinner, 18. Ben Misses Ervin. Dorcey. Davis and Craft curly headed lady arrived to bless Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Fletcher of 19. Riley Potter (Hemphill) Mullins (Dunham) , I enjoyed a "spend the night" at the fine grand the arrival of another " 20. Jim Hall (Sam's Son) the happy home, friends are manse on Christmas Kve. They had the son. Walter and Mabel are all 21. N. W. Meade pleasure, too, of going carolling with suggesting names for the belat22. Willard Tyler smiling, we guess. a groupe of the Blackey young people. ed Christmas joy but none has 23. Daniel Bentley (Mack's Son) In the early dawn of the next morn-.n- g Little Miss Ruth Hall is on the 24. Thomas Adams been selected yet. Miss Ervin forgot that she was PETIT JURY--- 1. sick. list. grown-u- p and insisted on behaving Ike Morgan We tried to make this the Capt. Bob Harris and Bud like a very smalL girl, even to the exW. M. Edmonson tent of begging for an orange before brightest best issue of the Eagle Richmond visited friends here Leander Eldridge she would get out of bed. Mrs. Cocher -. Elisha Collins (Jim's Son) ever but some things very sad Sunday. ham humored the joke and allowed George Brown (Bill's Son) her to act just as young as she felt, came in to mar its beauty. W.B.Reynolds, spent Sunday Granville Riddle to the great amusement of the rest. John M. Peters (Whitesburg) tree There was a lovely Christmas 8. Ishmael Combs that morning, also, but it was a treat 9. Hiram Caudill to watch Mr. and Mrs. Cockerham 10. Byrd Collins open all the beautiful and useful pre11. Joseph Bollen, (Flat Gap) sents that were showered upon them. 12. Sam Hall (Tom's Son) Y And Santa Claus did not leave out the 13. Sam Proffitt 'guests either, for each of them was 14. J. H. Mitchell (McRoberts) the recipient of a dainty little gift. 15. Troy Frazier Thursday morning, December 27, 16. John C. Brown school opened again for the second se17. Ed.L. mester. It was rather hard to go back 8 18. John B.Williams (Hiram's Son) Back (Orchard Branch) to work before Christmas was really 19. R. B. Day over- - but think how much earlier we 20. Green Amburgey . shall get out next spring. 21. Steve Gilley & J The flu epidemic has reached us W 22. B. D. Day just since Christmas and a number of 23. William Breeding (Wesley's Son) For the housewife, the farmer and the business man payboth faculity and students have fal24. Blackburn Hogg v len victims. None, however, have been business-lik- e ing by check is the way of handling financial 25. Lucian Winchell f seriously ill so far. 26. John W. Day ' affairs. Blaine Griffith, a big 27. D. D. Blair succumbed to the very childish disYour money on deposit in a checking account is safe from 28. John Hays the' day before he ease of chicken-po- x 29. Isaas Day loss or holdup. should have returned to school and 30. Andy Cook has not yet sufficiently recovered to 31. Joe Draughn A cancelled check is a receipt of payment come back. 32. R. D. Holbrook Mr. W. L. Cooper. Jr. made a busiYour check book record gives you an accurate account of 33. J. D. Tucker ness trip to Winchester and Louisville 34. Melvin Potter your expenditures. last week. 35. Corbet Hammons Our boys met defeat for the first 36. John Venters time this season in ahard-fouggame of basketball with the Rock-houReds Saturday evening in the Our warm personal friends Stuart Robinson gymnasium. The Curtiss and Herman Caudill, pop score was 21 to 20. "SECURITY RELIABILITY COURTESY" ular teachers of the County were! We were glad to have as our guests up from Roxana Saturday and a few days ago three of our former students, Dawson Back, Hiram Hogg were callers on the Eagle. and Vernon Dixon. Ib m m. FURNITURE FOR SALE NEWS LETTERS FROM OUR CORRESPONDENTS ht se Institutional 203 A CORRECTION In our write up of the death of our good friend Felix G. Fields by a slip of the pencil, the name of Mrs. Allie Lewis of our city a sister to Mr. Fields was left off the list. We know Mrs. Lewis who is one of our very nearest and best friends will pardon us. 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