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Image 2 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), January 3, 1929

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

A Friendly Page 2 THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE Locals Bunched. Community Facr A Friendly Issued Weekly By The Mountain Eagle Publishing Company MEMBER KENTUCKY PRESS ASSOCIATION Non-Partis- Community Paper an A Friendly THE MOUNTAIN EACLE NOTICE Community Paper ANNOUNCEMENTS !! oak below for candidates who are in the running for nomination at the Primary next August. By Order of the State Board b. Thursday Evening,. January 3, 1929 CKac Ot unhia UKflggS & DCDHey Dentists 666 is a Prescription for of Health , I am directing that Colds, Gripps, Flu, Denof Crafts-vill- e there will be no comrrecration of gue, Bilious Fever and F0R SERIFF and Harvey Ison of Blackey Churches and Sunday Schools m NEON, KENTUCKY Wc are authorized and paid to an. Malaria. N. M. WEBB, Editor and Manager were in to get on the Eagle list. Whitesburg or Letcher County, nounce It is the most speedy remedy Office Hours 8 a. m. to 6 p. m J. HENRY BROWN J. P. JOHNSON, Job Dept. on January 6th. This on account known. of Whitesburg, Ky., as a candidate Sundays 8:00 a. m. to 12:00 a. m.! Uncle Sam Webb, ninety years of the rapidly spreading flu in Subscription 1.50 per year, 6 months 75c for Sheriff of Letcher County subject old, or over, is reported danger- all sections of .the county. to the Republican voters at the AuEntered as second class matter August 28, 1907, at postoffice at Whitesburg, gust 192D Primary. a ously ill at his home on Thornton Kentucky, under Act of Congress of August 9, 1873. Dr. R. E. May i t HENRY DEAL Director County Health Board We are directed and paid to annonce CIVIL AND MINING ENGINEER Mr. and Mrs. David Speaks, THE YEAR ENDS J. MARTIN POTTER 19 YEARS EXPERIENCE ' who have been in Lothair for the ?t!?:!anj5and!d-at?LFjf LAKE RATES STAND iui uuciiii. d'f aTxjuicuvi jvuiu,y ssuujcti Monday deep gloom hung low over Whitesburg ALL day ui Examination and Valuation of Coal past ten days returned home T fto the voters at the Primary to be and the surrounding sections. All day the last dying gasps I. C. C. Allows Timber and Other Properties Sunday. in0n . of the old year were growing further and further apart till Construction Estimates Supervision ential to Go in Effect VSSZXit in the last wee hours of the gloomy night the old year ceasPREPARATION OF COAL Te F. & W. Construction Co., Washington D. C. Dsc 31 ComFOR COUNTY COURT CLERK ed to breathe entirely. Looking back all saw it crowded with By direction of my many friend I here CONCRETE AND MASONRY is completing the residenc of Dr. promise lake cargo coal rates by announce myself a candidate for fond as well as sad memories. With it went the high the SURVEYS-MAPS-BL- UE Boaz Adkins on River Front upon last summer by north County Court Clerk of Letcher County PRINTS low, the brave, the rich, the poor. With it went the sighs, Street. era and southenrn railroads were subject to the action of the Republi Whitesburg", Kentucky-officParty at the the laughter, tears and sweet memories. in Mountain Eagle Building permitted to go into effect at mid canAugust 1929. Primary to be held in May the One, the great One who hold the winds in His Well, now, we'll begin to think night tonight by the interstate L. BERT TOLLIVER fistq and t'he storms in His grasp deal gently with the -' candi- commerce commission, and talk of Spring and regardstumbling children of earth and lead them to brighter boons FOR JAILER date will begin to pile on top of less of protest against them , We are paid to announce and richer fields! . each other. made by the Pittsburg and Ohio BILL REYNOLDS ' of Whitesburg, a Candidate for Jailcoal producers. Success is seldom achieved over night. It comes as a reWe trust all our corresponBy the schedules presented, er of Letcher County subject to the sult of constant effort and continued growth. THE 1 9 2 9 . Republican Party and his friends at dents will com across with their coal for lake cargo from West the August 1929 Primary. Think how easy it would be to walk into this bank .today TUESDAY morning and we have just ambled up the lTcrtinl nil c rtnvf Va., Tennessee and Kentucky wmito and start an Interest Account by deposing street and into the little red brick where the Eagle is given one dollar or more week. We want it all. wiil bear a rate 35 cents in ex- I am a Candidate for Jailer of Letcha fresh tonic each week. Casting an eye around we find that rates on like traffic orig- er County on the Republican ticket to cess of be voted for at the August 1929 Prisome ruthless hand has turned t'ne face of December and the M. M. Adams of Mayking, one inating in the Pittsburg and Ohio mary. Will appreciate the help of all. glaring 1928 to the wall and a clean new page with big red GEO. W. NEWSOM of our more than twenty year territory. letters 'January 1929," marks attention. Kona,. Ky. subscribers, was in to make his How much like life are the years as they come and go. 3 JP TVT r '1 I Eagle good for another year. FOR JUSTICE BLACKEY DIST. ivciiii uau 'Twas but yesterday and 1928, like a dancing breeze, pure Engineer Killed' Wc are authorized : and paid to an-'- ' as the primal snow, came like a gallant lover upon the scene , tut; JJliUlt. !,,. If iiliU tt .J .1... .,,,1.1 bllcl! ixr:n. iltllll- ''Mrs. Arlie Boggs returned to and bade us a halcyon of Dty Creek, is a Candidate It was soon a dashinj Ptou ' IS THE SECRET OF her home here Monday night John Daily, aged about 50, ell- - for the Democratic Nomination for , youth, a strong giant, a waning, burdened invalid and now j iuc-gmeer on tne T ana Tr i Jnsico of the Peace in Blackey Dis- Lexington after spending the Holidays with it folds back a lifelees corpse. It is a reminder only now. Will Roberts train No. 4, was killed tr;ct, August Primary 1929. home 'folks at Covington. it stand to us a memento of what we might have done but when train was derailed at FOR JAILER did not? December and the old year High Bridge Monday near twelve Thoma3 R. Collier, of Millstone The Eagle would like this morning to bury down desp all authorizes and pays us to say that he closed their gates gloomy and o'clock. He jumped from, his cab i3 a Candidate for Jailer of Letcher the things that bring sadness to the heart or vex the mind ; chilly and January and the New when the train derailed striking county subject to thhc Republican it would like to enter upon a new era, ah, truly, a new mesYear spred wide theirs in the his head against a rock crushing Party at the Primary to ba held Aug senger of love, comfort, sunny news and rivers of happy his skull. There were no other in ust. 1929. same way. laughter. But inspite of us there is a chain, a strong unjuries. His home was at Lexing FOR JUSTICE 8th DISTRICT breakable chain that lies us to the old year now lying crushandGrats Rates of Jaekhorn pays us to There was a great rush to fix .on and he was well known annjjnce that he is a Candidate for ed and crumbling ati our feet. We are, in a way, sorry that the Republican Nomination for Justaxes with the Sheriff up to the .veil liked up this way. we must speak of the things or" yesterday instead of . the tice of the Peace in the 8th Magistervery last minute but many just ial District .nl would like to have the things of today and tomarrow. We regret that all is not sundidn't have the wherewithal and Wants to Run the Jail suppoit of all. shine today in every heart and over every head. But it is the could not. To the Voters of Letcher Co. John Holcomb, of Cromona, world and its ways and willingly or; otherwise we must iong "employed as a miner, was I hereby 'announce myself a . tackle it and battle with it as we find it. . , There seems to be but little n to have us tell Letcher County j Candidate for Sheriff subject to Dear reader and dear friend, join with us in making the let up on the rage of flu in town citizens that he is a 'Republican the action df the Republican n joy for this Eaglcf a new paper, a new light, a and in the country. Several of jandidate for Jailer. He paid us party, to be voted for at the gladsome New Year. those reported ill last week are his ten dollars and we gladly pub August primary 1929. now "ghosting" about. Ring out the old, ring in the new, The influence and help of each lish his announcement in this Ring out the false, ring in the true, issue. Eight years ago this Can-- , and all will be solicited and great Mr. and Mrs. Freeman who Ring oi't the evil, ring out the vice, Jidate made a whopping racehy appreciated. Hoping to see have been with the A & P in Ring in'the sunshine, ring in the spice. race for this nomination and lost (each individual voter and have a A BANK Account is a faithful Whitesburg are locating in Hazwith only a few votes to the j talk with him before the election friend. It never deserts a man until ard where Mr. Freeman will be in ether fellow. We commend him I am . THE OLD YEAR AND ETERNITY a man deserts it. When everything charge of their Store there. Very Respectfully Yours to our citizens and trust all will clip the following from the December 29th. 1910, iselse goes back on him, the man with "WE Delzy Collins, ?ive him due consideration. F.cadj sue of the Mountain Eagle. This is an editorial "gush" when It is announced from Pro- what he has to say. money in bank here still has a FaithCromona, Ky. Dec 7, 1928. hibition National Headquarters the present editor was younger than he is now.-I- f the sentiful Friend. ments expressed in it were true then they are likewise true that physicians are allowed to Announcement For Auction Sale Stand back of your Bank Account on this beginning of the New Year, eighteen years afterward prescribe more than the quotas of Automobile Jailer NOW and it will stand back of you "The old year, 1910, will soon have passed into history. We of whiskey during the flu epiThe undersigned will sell at it's part with it as with an old friend. To, some it has brought demic now raging. This will help To the pcopl of Letcher County:-garagin WhitesLurg, Kentucky, on THEN. the 9th. day of January 1923. at or a much joy, to others sorrow. Yet we are reluctant to say farethe drug stores and doctors I take this method of announc-in- g bout the hour of one o'clock P. M. at well. Like a palsied man it totters as it nears the end of life's whether benificial to patients or myself as a candidate for public auction to the highest and best journey and goes forward toward the vast vault wherein not. And it may increase the Jailer of the County subject to bidder, the following described motor vehicle: doth' lie the forms of dead dynasties and sheeted centuries number of flu cases. the action of the Republican One wrecked Dodge touring car, "A Friendly Bank for a Friendly Community" swept by the remorseless hand of time to, that great graveParty at the August Primary, Serial No. A 292027 Motor No. 510578 Whitesburg, Kentucky ' Kentucky Perry County License No. yard at the entrance of which rises the imiginary tombstone 1929. G3G. Announcement For upon which is inscribed these words: THE PAST. There is a I have never held an office Terms, cash; said sale being made Jailer sublime solemnity in the slowly moving, yet never varying and am 56 years of age. I have for the purpose of satisfying its claim for labor, repairs and accesories aptide of years. Men has marked its course into hours, days, always been a working man and plied on and furnished for said To the people of Letcher County: in nersuance to thn provisions weeks, months, years and centuries, yet it rushes on, on, on, 'lave made my living by the I am a candidate for Jailer of !of the Kentucky Statues governing 3weat of my brow. I have been a such matter. and still on, utterly unmindful of t'he puny marks raised to Letcher County subject to the member of the Old Baptist This the 2nd. day of January 1929. .measure the tide that never tires. Dynasties have rose, action of the Republican Party KYVA MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Church for 1G years, and refer flourished and decayed; cities have sprung from fertile at the Primary to be held in. By Ward Rcr.aker, Vice Pres. you to all who know me as to my plains and then sank beneath the desert's drifting sands; Aucust of this year. Many of and qualifications. continents have reared their lofty brows above the ocean's you will remember that over character ANNOUNCEMENT If nominated and elected, I pro the coral caverns from trackless waste, only to return-tTothe voters of Magisterial twenty three years ago I was e- mise to make an honest and effi- Distric No. 1. Whitesburg: whence they rose; races have risen to the noon of splendor lected Jailer of your county. cient office, and those who are so have decided to announce myself -and become lost in the depths of night, but Time, patient, Business:- served the public faithfully and unfortunate as to fall into the as a Candidate for Justice of the plodding, tireless Time, sweeps on with the same regularity honestly then and if honored clutches of the law and confined Peace in your District, subject as when it first issued forth, form the hollow of God's hand, with this ollice again 1 will in jail will receive proper and to to the chant of the morning stars that proclaimed creation's the action of the Republican make your county a good kind treatment. The county pro paity and my friends at the Audawn. And yet time is but the image of eternity, the shadow now and faithful officer. I am perty will be properly cared for gust 1929 Primary. am thirty-fiv- e df a shoreless sea, the type of a duration for w'inch all the fifty-eigyears of age, have I and kept in a decent condition. ages past and all the aeons to come would not make or conyears of age, a son of Bill some bad misfortunes in had CAPITAL l7,ooe.w Your support and influence is Tields, a well known citizen and stitute the first faint flush of the first streak of the dawn the past two years and I am not mcst earnestly solicited and will was raised in your district. As of its early morning. "Eternity! Thou pleasing, dreadful able to labor as I once did. I have SURPLUS be greatly appreciated. thought! That never ending l'eign succeeding the crash of to my reputation and character always been faithful to my party Respectfully Yours I leave that to all those who have matter and wreck of worlds, suns systems ! Intelligence has and would" like to honored by it Ben Potter known me all my life. again. achieved wonders. It has read the stars in the heavens and Jackhorn, Ky: I will be glad to receive the Trusting to receive the whole can foretell to a second when the great fiery sun will be hidhearted support of all and trustIts this year now and not nexfjhelp and support of all. I am arden in eclipse; it can read the history of the creation on the ing to see and talk with you all, year when you speak of county dently for the building of good rocks and unfoldj the thing secreted in the bowels of the elections. People are all watching road. Trusting to receive the I am. Oldest Bank in Letcher County earth, but when it attempts to grasp the significance of etern Your friend . t'he Eagle for candidates and help and support of all, I am. ity it stand abashed and dumfounded at its inability to comVery truly Bona Ison. they are coming dawn the stretch Walter Fields Elsiecdal Ky. prehend the Infinite Plan. at a gallant rate. W. M. Hampton 00 -- 00 ....,,. ? 00 e 00 . 00 r4-- 00 00 . good-mornin- STARTING U I g. ACCUMULATING - 00 FIRST NATIONAL BANK 00 FLEMING, KY. 00 I A new-bor- j 00 j FAITHFUL FRIEND 00 I Letcher State Bank auto-mrbi- ls FIRST NATIONAL BANK Jenkins, Kentucky :We appreciate your ht -

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