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Image 5 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), April 12, 1956

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THURSDAY, APRIL 12, 1956 THE MOUNTAIN Alfred Adams and children, Flo and Linda, of Jackhorn; Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Quinlan of Fleming; Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Spill-maof Wayland; Mr. and Mrs. Elain Mills and daughter, Cam, Goode of Jackhorn and the family. Last Friday evening, Mr. and Urs. Joe "Dub" of Goode Mrs. Jr. Thomas, Saturday his mother are doing fine at this night. writing. We were sorry to hear about Mr. and Mrs. Anzil Ison, Mrs, Mabel Absher being in the Mem WHITCO NEWS Jr. Thomas, Danny Ray and orial Hospital, she has been op Larry Clay spent Sunday with erated on for appendicitis. We Mrs. Jr. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Hense Eversole in all wish her a very speedy re Mr. and Mrs. Chester Thomas Grundy, Va. After dinner they covery. are the proud parents of a new all went riding to Vansant, Va., Mr. Ralph Day visited his baby boy, weight seven pounds. Oakwood and Richlands, Va. They have chosen David Bryan They all reported a good time. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Day, Sunday. for his name. David was born at the Fleming hospital. He and Clady Hatton visited Mr. and Mr. Luther S'ergent, Mary Sergent, Hugh Pennington spent Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Jr. Profit and family. derful ham. Those who enjoy- ent and we are looking ed the meal were Mr. and Mrs. ward to another soon. NEON NEWS Ne- on gave the party of the year for several of their friends. The people arrived about 6:00 o'clock and shortly thereafter Pearl served a delicious dinner n consisting of steaks with and all the trimmings and for those The marvelous dinner who couldn't handle steaks, warm companionship was there was a big platter of won thoroughly enjoyed by all pres ne EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY for- Come see, youff save at AP...ivti Mr. and Mrs. Ballard Niece, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Taylor and family, and a neighbor, Love! Collins, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jr. Profit, Saturday night. I if-- 1 M Visiting Mr. and Mrs. Steve Sunday, were Mr. and Mrs. James Adams, Richard Adams and family, also Pearl Adams and family from Little Col Quality "Super-Right- " MEATS! For good, solid value, you can't beat A&P's " quality meats. You always get fine quality cuts, trimmed to give you most for your, money. For tops in taste and value . . . you're risrht with "Super-Righ- J "Super-Right- TRAY PACKED CUT UP l r it Frying Chickens PAN READY . a m am am A stork shower was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Adams, April 6th in honor of Mrs. Leon Adams. Several gathered and had an enjoyable time. Lots of nice gifts were received. m mm m m m mm Mr. and Mrs. William Shade (Ruby Lee Sizemore), who have been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Sizemore, here, have returned to their home in Wheaton, Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Blair Mr. and Mrs. Archie Potter and family visited Mr. and Mrs. are the new parents of a big Bradley Blair of Ary, Sunday. baby girl born at the Fleming Hospital. Mrs. France Blair has been a patient at a Lexington hospitFriends and neighbors enal for more than a week. joyed a stork shower for Mrs. Jasper Campbell at the ComA stork shower was given munity Hall Saturday night. April 8 at the home of Mrs. She received many nice gifts. James Blair in honor of Mrs. Rex Blair. Several gathered, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Varson are games were played and all en- the' proud parents of a new bajoyed the day. Lots of useful by girl born at the new hospital gifts were received. at Whitesburg. Hale", TRUST IN PUT YOUR YOU CAN I 111 . Mrs. Usley Adams, Sunday. Friends of Katherine Greer will be glad to know she is much improved and hopes to be home in a few days. Fleming and McRoberts Baptist News Cinda Lou Hensley and Joan Trent attended Sunday School The Lord gave us a good day at UZ school, Sunday. Sunday in spite of the bad weather. We had 85 in Sunday Ala Trent visited her son and School at McRoberts and 40 at Clyde Fleming. Our Mission at Hemp-- 1 family, Mr. and Mrs. Trent, Sunday. hill Grade School reported an attendance of 30 in their Sun Rev. and Mrs. Robert Wilson day School. If you are not at visited her sister, Mable Absher tending Sunday School we at the Memorial Hospital, Sun- would like for you to come out day. to one of our Services. Mrs. Goldie Dorton has gone to Cincinnati to work. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Howard have gone to Hamilton, Ohio where he is now employed. Mrs. Nelson Webb has quit her job with the Ky.-VPost and has accepted a position with the Elizabethton News. She left Saturday for her new job. The family will join her when school a. I is out. Rev. Clel B. Rodgers will be Thomas attended church at Pert Creek, Sunday. in a Revival Meeting at the Mc- McRoberts Roberts Baptist Church, April The meeting was called to Bro. Rodgers comes to order by the President Warnie feelMrs. Dan Thomas is not us from a ncn oacKgrouna ot Flint, Jr., prayer by Hargis ing well at this time. preaching and pastoral work in Brewer. Kentucky. He served as a Chap The of BLAIR BRANCH lain during World War H. Serv readings program consistedYonts, by Donna Kay ices will begin each evening at Cherry Riddle, Judy Mercer, by Minnie Adams 7:30 p.m. (EST). Rev. G. Nel- Jean Phillips and Charlotte son Webb will be leading the Sanders which were given at the Verlon Vaughn Adams, the congregational singing. Reading Festival. baby of Mr. and Mrs.' Gehiza Several pupils who were in There will be a special em Adams, has been a patient at the Whitesburg Memorial Hos- phasis each night. You can't the Musical Festival sang songs. afford to miss any of these serv The following pupils sang solo: pital for several days. ices of our church. We are ex Audrey Potter, Miss Aimer's Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fields pecting to have at least 200 in Second Grade sang three songs; have a new arrival at their home Sunday School, April 22. We Duet Diane Konoff and Bren-d- a Jones, double duet Joan on Blacky Road. A girl born at ask you to join hands with our people and help them in this Morgan, Helen Wright, Julia Fleming hospital, April 5th Crusade for Christ. Our mem- Brashear and Elizabeth Clark. named Debra Carol. bers and the Pastor extend a Everyone present enjoyed the very much. Minutes of n warm and hearty welcome to alii program Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth last meeting read by Secretary, in our community. of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, The dramatic film 'IBattle Mrs. Vina Riddle. visited Mr. and Mrs. John P. ground Europe," produced by Mrs. Flora Scott gave a- reAdams and family, last week. the Billy Graham Evangelistic port on the Spring Conference. Eugene Adams and Mr. and Films, Inc., will be shown in Our unit won the Gold Leaf Mrs. Carl Adams and Janis Ad- the McRoberts Baptist Church award and also the Health ams visited Mr. and Mrs. Jack Tuesday, April 17 at 8:30 p.m Award. Frazier and family of Charles-town- , (EST). The public is cordially Mr. Johnson the Principal, invited to see this great film as suggested the Indiana, last week-ennot give this is the first time it has been the patrol boys an award since Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Adams and shown in this area. You will ac- they have the privilege of seeboys and Mrs. Cinda Adams tually see Billy Graham preach ing all the activities free during visited folks in Lincoln County, to hundreds m Germany. the school year. for Easter. Mrs. Vina Riddle read the Mr. and Mrs. Hatter Cook "Nine Basic Needs of Children," Hettie Stewart, Beatric Stew- were Sunday evening guests of taken from the Magart and Minnie Adams visited Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Sparks. azine. The Nominating Committee recommended that the same offa i ficers remain in office for an other year. Motion was made to n Miss Auxier's Second Grade this effect and passed by vote, won the Attendance Banner for having the most parents at the meeting. Meeting was adjourned. Mr. Dan P.-T.- leef Roost BLADE CUT CHUCK . LB. Pork Loin CUT LS. 45 SUPER BIOBT SMi Bacon ANT SIZE CUT RIGHT Canadian Style Bacon SUPERSIZE CUT AKY 39 35 . Roost urn END 79 Skinless Wieners SF.ES1 Spiced Luncheon Meat Pork Chops (JSS 39 ) c Thick Sliced Bacon sSSs:rr 45 3c? 79 79 2 lbs. 79 i. CAP'N JOHN FRIED 111 11 BIG Fish Sticks 8tcause meat represents about 25 of nnwn vw ivwu uwuycii iiiijui twin f . . . AW't Quality is a relUblt standard of top mat value. "Suptr-Rijht- " 10-O- Z. PKGS. ' assuret "Super-Rig- you at AltP .. choose onirouea-txign- i Right and Prictd-Righ- is that whatever Vll ai cVtC . . . UMHtHI 9MJ . . . io;o- - i you QuMlity-Ritf- rttputa-Kign- i it I L Oyster Stew Soup Ocean Fish 2 5 JOHN lb. 15) CAIIS BOX 49 69 GOLDEN RIPE ANN PAGE PURE PRESERVES (10c off Deal) Bananas as? 2 29 dirawDerrv & Apple Sauce 4iss496 Asparagus CALIFORNIA EXTRA LARGE Cucumbers EXTRA FANCT WAXED Carrots FRESH . SWEET Green Onions tender Lemons Oranges COrn FOR 10 bunch 10 CELLO BAG FULL OF JUICE Egg Plant 29 25 49 29 DOZ. 2 FOH 8 BAG 4 EARS 100 h 459 FANCY QUALITY JUICY FLORIDA FLORIDA SWEET YELLOW Seed .Potatoes u 29 25 LB. . SS0 VINE RIPENED JUMBO TEXAS - 36 fr 45 SIZE Cantaloupes VIGORO REGULAR 10 LB. BAG 29c The Complete Plant Food REGULAR 79 I 50 rag I 219 I GOLDEN 50 bag $2" i A&P FANCY Pinto Beans driSp WHITE Grapefruit Juice AfcP 4PKGS conlctiuosn Marshmallows CAMPFIRE ECONOMY PACK Paramount Pickles Fluffo Shortening BOX 35 33 Swanee Toilet Tissue Pinto Beans BiiSp Peas & Gerber's as 12 '3 Sweetheart Soap Cassiay Soap It Afax Cleanser JUNIOR CANS 39 29 29 & JANE PARKER ENRICHED 17 Bread JANE Rhubarb Pie REG. 49cPARKER VALUE Orange Chiffon Cake RsW Danish Nut Ring JANE PARKER PASTRY Cocoanut Bar Cookies PARKER SIZE a- - EA. PKG. 39 45 33 25 59 3clabn 93 BQouARLTB 63 Domestic Swiss Cheese SiSvsrbrosk Buffer QUALITY Cortege Cheese DEAN'S Rob-erto- - d. P.-T.- A. Ky.-P.T.- ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD Cheddar Cheese 59 4 pack 2 blabg Carrots SSEffi ES 33 2 S& EGEETT can Wesson Oil 16-O- Z. 19 10 CAN Orange Juice Apple Jelly FARM BRAND 2 JAR Sunnyfield. Flour 25b159 dexo Shortening OWN VEGETABLE 3 CAN 73 Eight O'clock Coffee 3 231 2 79 S Premium Crackers 25 Townhouse Crackers STRIETMAN BOX 33 Hydrox Cookies SUNSHINE BOX 25 WHITE Cracker Jack S Luncheon Meat White Corn STYLE 49 29 5 16-2- 5. 49 23 21 STRAINED s4i 5 3328 49 IV 2 2 BARS SHARP lard's Biscuits ROLL 61 PKG. 1 26 one month, all - expense - paid adventure trip for you and your immediate family anywhere in the world, plus a beautiful 1956 De Soto Fire-fli- te 2 PKGS 25 Krafts Macaroni Dinner 32 2 3Sk 29' KRAFTS MIRACLE WHIP' Sedan. Easy to win. See your DeSoto dealer for all the details. 'Iron Curtain countries excluded QLf 16-O- V JAR All Prices In This Ad Effective Through Saturday, April 14th MEIICA1 27 IV 59 Krafts Parkay Oleomargarine1 Salad Dressing Paris in the Spring strika your fancy? Or maybe you'd' like to play it big on the Riviera? Don't limit yourself, the grand prize in De Soto's exciting new "Winning Ride" contest is a ajHHa-la-iL-HHLM-HLHL- KHEMOS1 OOD MTJU1.H . . . UNCI 1 15 . POTTER MOTORS Jenkins, Ky. ia TO CHI AILAMUC ft rACIQC TU COWPANT Obituary of CHRISLENA MAE TURNER Our beloved wife and mother, Chrislena Mae (Teana) Turner was called by her Maker to her final rest on Friday, March 23 at 1:30 p.m. at Philipsburg, Pa. She was born at Pine Top, Ky., on March 28, 1896 to Martha Ann Collins Richardson and John C. Richardson, youngest of eight children, on June 20, 1917. She married Aaron M. Turner but remained in the Whitesburg area until 1930 when she moved to Pennsylvania. She is survived by her husband, Aaron M. Turner, Julian, Pa., and the following children: Mrs. Martha A. Mellon, Pa.; James P. Turner, Pittsburgh, Pa.; John R and Betty Louise at home. The following brothers also survive, Shade Richardson of Philadelphia, Pa., William R. Richardson, of Los Angeles, Calif.; Chester Richardson and Ewens Richardson of Cumberland, Ky., two grandchildren and a host of relatives and friends. She was laid to rest at the Julian Cemetery, Julian, Pa., with Rev. J. A. Mellard of Pa., officiating on Mon., March 26, 1956 (1:30 p.m.) Sadly missed by all who knew Am-bridg- Am-bridg- her. e, e,

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