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Image 8 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), January 17, 1952

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Page Eight THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY Carcassonne News by Marie Fields Mrs. Corene Williams and children, Betty Ann and Earl Glen, are visiting her parents, Mr- - and Mrs. Estil Jent. Mr. and Mrs. Arvil Newman and Jackie, were visitors in Hazard Monday. Polly Louise Jent, of Carbon Glow, visited her cousin, Alice Jent, last week end. Mr. Woody Mith returned to Detroit Wednesday. John M. and Polly Sue Fields visited Mrs. Ethel Polly Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. C Combs and children, of Detroit, spent last week end with Mr. and Mrs. Tommy JentMr. and Mrs- James attended church at Indian Bottom Sunday. Mrs. Volina Francis is in a Harlan hospital. Arville Newman, Green Fields and Hanaford Fields visited Beckham Fields Friday LETCHER THURSDAY, JAN. 17, 1952 Lackland Air Force Base. CO Owen Wrights Attend Western Auto Show Mr .and Mrs. Owen Wright Haleand Owen Wayne attended by Mrs. Virginia Combs Mr. and Mrs- Robert Madden the Western Auto Association are the parents of a baby boy, Guests recently of Mr. and M. Day Store Spring Merchandise J. B. Eversole, J. born last week at Fort Knox. Mrs. Parnell Johnson were and Tommy Collier have re- Show at the Sinton Hotel in Sgt Madden is stationed at Mr. and Mrs. Parnell Johnson, turned from Florida where Cincinnati, Ohio, the past Great Falls, Montana. week. Jr., and two children, Jerry they spent several weeksBowling spent Lynn and Camille of Dayton, Miss Eunice Raphael Salyer made a busi-leMr. and Mrs- James Brown the week end with her sister, Ohio. trip to Hazard on Monday. Friday and Saturday January 18-1- 9 attended a dinner party at the Mrs. Bennie Boyd, of Paints-villJimmie Bert Tolliver was home of Mr. and Mrs. C. rated in Ruby's Column of last in Hazard given Loren Bentley Entertains A box and pie supper was week's Courier Journal as one 2 Big Features 2 Mr. and Mrs- Loren C. Bent-le- y held at Carbon Glow Satur- of the three best basketball in honor of the Hazard staff of the Life and Casualty Inentertained with a buffet day night. Proceeds will go players of the year 1951 surance Company. dinner on New Years Eve- At to the Carbon Glow school. Congratulations and best wishtending were Mr. and Mrs Mrs. W. G. Wampler and es that the year 1952 may Dinner Party and Reunion Powell Walker, and Robie, 8'-'-Mrs. Wilson Hays, who have bring as much honors to Mr. and Mrs. Ed McKinney (O been ill, are improving. Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Adams Jimmy and the Pigman turkey dinner and Nancy, Mr. Clarence Har of Mr. and Mrs. D Yellow jackets. Guests entertained at a low and Deane. Mrs. J. DN. Asher, Sunday, were Mrs. at their "home on Sunday. The Johnson Jr., and Jeffry, of Long, Princeton, Ind., Belle Bennetts Entertained Commander Dessel Fields Kingsport, Mrs. Ivan Kim-brel- l, Mrs. Alma Heisler, Etna Archie Reid Fields, CommonMrs. J. B. McAuley and 8. Elsie McClure entertained wealth Attorney Emmett G. l Mr. and Green, Ind., Connie. Elcanev Potter and Fugate, Chicago, 111., Mr. the Belle Bennett Circle of the Fields and Mr. Orell Fields of and Mrs. Wardie Craft, and Methodist Church with Faye Lexington, were the honor Elizabeth Lee, Mr. and Mrs evening. Guy Jackson and Adrianne, as assisting hostess. Ralph Jent, son of Mr. andjMr- - and Mrs. Clifford Benton, Adams included Elline Salyer, guests, being together for the Mr. and Mrs. J. N. uoode and of Others first time since the close Mrs. Johnny Jent, is in the e, Adrianne, and Mrs- J. B. Lorena Mount Mary hospital with George Matt Hogg, of Blackey, Sybil Dawahare, Faye Goff, World War II- Other guests Collins, of Dayton, Ohio. Ruth Rice, Mrs- Felix Brashear, oi Viper, inlndprf Mrs. Arcnie neiu pneumonia. Mrs. E. Brashear of Fusonia, Kathleen Campbell, Rudell iwrc RmTTiPtt Fields. Emmett Mrs- Jim Eldridge Mr. and Reid, Ky., and Mr. and Mrs. Tay Fields, Beatrice Webb, Virgin Stuart Robinson Pat and CO' were' visitors in Hazard lor Mclntire and family, of ia Craft, Doll Blair, Sybil Fields, Archie Jo Alan Dr. Fields, Burke, Wednesday. School News Brown, Bonjjia Combs and and Mrs. D- M. tieias, ivirb. Jackson. (O Mr. Estil Eldridge visited A large crowd attended the? Carol Brown. Jean Smith and son, Michael Mr. W. L. Cooper, Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Noah Eldridge HamDton. Mrs. Bill fi services Iheld at the Little Emmett, of Cumberland, mr. (O this week end. WALTEH PiDGEON Ruby Church Sunday. After Mr. and Mrs. David Roe W Mrs. J. M. Adams, Mrs. Adams and Mr. Clyde Back COl Stirring visited Mavis Holcomb ClHECOLGfl the service, Mrs. Virgil Wheat Fields are welcoming a son on Tv,oi .Adams. Mr- and Mrs. took a group of students to Sarah Mae and Gladys New- ley was baptized by Reverend Saturday, January 12, at FlemANN WING Bert Fields and family and Fleming a. n d MCKODeris man Sunday. DANE CELARCfv Basil Hall. Hospital. Thursday, January 10 to give s ing Mr. and Mrs- Ted Yonts. Mr. and Mrs- Clifton Caudill on furis Barry SULLIVAN Bill a Folk Game program for the (O BEN JOHNS?" and family visited Mr. and lough, Madden hishome parents, Mr. visiting Mr. and Mrs. Hugn Adams Mrs. Edison Caudill is a pa - two schools. The programs Mrs. Will Haynes Sunday. 'PETER GRAVED and Mrs. John Madden. and Mrs. George Adams enter- tient in the St Josepn nospi- consisted of Morris, Sword and Mr- - Beckham Fields wishes TRACE Y ROBERTS A birthday party was given tained to dinner on Saturday, tal in Louisville, loliowing a English dances. They were to announce the marriage of in honor of Barbara Faye January 5 Mr. and Mrs. Oscar major operation on Tuesday warmly received at Fleming his daughter, Jean R. Fields, Blair on her seventeenth Added Attraction Cartoon: Nit Wilty Kitty and Lewis and Barbara, and Dr. morning by Mr. and Mrs. W- - B. Hall s to Mr. Morris Rainess, of birthday Saturday at her and Mrs. T. R. Collier, MargChapter No. 8 MlvSTERIOUS ISLAND. and Miss Rita Reecer of Flem-ni- g Baltimore, Md- Jeane is a home. She is the daughter of (? and Mr. Watts of aret Faye and Rosemary. Guests over the week end of graduate nurse. Mr. and Mrs. Brady Blair. Fleming will probtTt-- and Mrs. A. J. Leach were Mr- - Beckham Fields attendHence Stidham is in the and son, Michale, ably bring to Stuart Robinson (0 ed church at Hurricane Gap pital, suffering injuries hos 20-2- 1 Sunday and Monday-Janua- ry Mrs- Oscar Lewis and Mrs. Astor Collins re as their exchange program a 8 of Lexington. this week end. thejr w an automobile acci T. R Collier entertained tne one act play. We hope Mr. and Mrs- - Edgar Whit-ake- r, ceived in dent Saturday night. Junior Grace Hudson Circle at the Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sergent students will enjoy their visit and son, visited on Smoot Browning on lues- and Arthur Rammel home of the former have moved to their very wit hus as much as our did Creek over the week end. ca received minor cuts and day evening, January 8. Mrs. beautiful new home on Ver- with them. Mr. Willie Caudill, of Prem- bruises Hazel (Jniiaers was prugicuu min ps Pike near Lexington. in the wreck. Mrs- Brack Cornett who has ium, is visiting his daughter, leader. There were 19 guests Their son, Ronald Lee, is at been ill is back in school this Mrs. Edgar Whitaker. present. NOTICE tending U. of K. Mr. bergeni week. will continue his business here In Illinois and West VirginAll members of the Woman's Club to Meet Early and will be here during the Mrs. Harvey Lowe of Avaia coal mines, field tests are Club will "please take note Woman's wam, Kentucky, visited Joyce 7 o'clock January 19, at rented and Jimmy Lowe on the cam proving the possibilities of a that the. January meeting will at On home of Mrs. Lewis week. They have the Whitsburg home to Mr. pus Saturday. remarkable new be held, on January 19th at the Woman's Club tehir device for breaking down 7 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Ammerman one week earlier and Mrs. Jack Swisher. The Women ot tne unurcn meet will coal. held their monthly meeting in Lewis Ammerman. than scheduled in the Year Mr and Mrs- Hugh Adams The program, took the drum majorettes and the Home Economics Depart ment Tuesday, January .15. arranged by Mrs. Forrest crtnn tn take Mrs- Cooper gave a interestspecial work under the ing program on Foreign Mispoems of hand maior of U. K. band, sions. Refreshments were E. H- Barnette, pastor of the They left early Saturday Methodist Church, a musical morning and returned on Sun- served by Miss Charlotte reading by Mrs. Don Brown, day. Mrs. Charlie Hall ac- Webb5 Stuart Robinson defeated and a saxaphone solo by companied them in her WHITESBURG, KY. here Friday Leatherwood Bronston Clay. Refreshments who went were committee is Mrs. Hazel Shannon Fields, , G 1 e n d a night, January 11. Miss Nina Sergent visited Childers, Mrs. F. F. Pendleton, BrooHs, (Lynette Amburgey, Mrs. JohA Brown, Mrs. Archie Barbara Holstein, Ann Cox, her parents over the week EGGS TIDE end. Craft and Mrs. Sam CollinsPhyllis Hall. The Home Economics DeFresh! partment, under the direction Soap Powder Guests of Mr. and Mrs- T-- C. Lottie Moon Circle Meets VVVIIIUUI I IIIUI Vllllbl IIUIIII IIUIUM . of Mrs. Jack Burkich, enter- l Grade A Large Adams are Commander Archie The Lottie Moon Circle of tained a group of teachers Added Entertainment: Flntopia Fete Smith Specialty Reed Fields, U. S- Naval Air the First Baptist Church met P on Friday, with a 30c Large Box Corps and Mrs. Fields and on Tuesday night, January 3, January breakfast 55c Dozen And News. 12. Those attending their children, Pat and Alan 1952, at the !home of Mrs. were: Miss Reid. On a month's leave Lewis Ammerman, with Mrs. the breakfasr Miss Agidel Florence Gray, they are being transferred Maurice Lewis as Palmolive Soap FRYERS Moore, Mrs- Glenn Hampton, from Point Muga, California, program leader, Mrs. Mr. W-- L. Cooper, and Mr. and 5 Tuesday & Wednesday January 22-2-3 Bath Size to Norfolk. Windus Williams, opened the Mrs. J. M- Burkich. Acting as Fresh Killed DOUBLE FEATURE PROGRAM meeting by having members hostess was Mary Jane Ed0 2 For 25c Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pigman sang, "Stepping In The Light." wards- Waitresses were Miss 55c Lb. of Covington announce the Mrs. Lawrence Lewis led the Betty Adams and Miss Faye birth of a son, Ishmael, on devotional and Mrs- Don Dunn. The girls who preCharmin Friday, January 11. Named Collins led in prayer- pared the breakfast were Lois in honor of his grandfather, I At the close of the meeting Banks, Symoline TISSUE - refreshments were served to Back, Helen Mr. Ishmael Pigman of Whitesx Young & Tender Sibson, Carol Adams and Jose4 Rolls Bundle 40cl burg. His mother is the the following: Mesdames T. C. phine Bowen. Williams, former Ella Mae Hampton of AdamJs, Hiram Miss Maggie Bailey spent 55c Lb. Jeremiah. Charlie Blair, Bob Stansberry, Sunday on the campus. Lee Adams, Ted Bentley, Jonnsons g Fri. & Sat. The Church of God mem- Windus Williams, Don Collins, Funds contributed to the Liquid Floor Wax $ bers have purchased property Sam Collns, Ray Venters, 1952 March of Dimes this Your heart on Church Street near the Lawrence Lewis, W. G. d month will become home of Sam Blair. They are Frozen Kermit Combs, Dow c yjz. an will sing-barrages in the war making tplans to build a con- Collins, Emmett Blair and the on polio, Russell Rice, Letcher 16 oz. Can Paste 65cK crete block church there. Your eyes hostesses, Mrs- Lewis Ammer- County campaign director, deCut Up man and Mrs. Maurice Lewis. clared today. 1 Herbert Banks with the U. "Every dime and dollar FRYERS 8 Ideal Dog Food v S- Air Corps stationed at Fort Mrs. Wilfong Entertains finances care of patients, reDAVID RIVEN Lowry, Colorado, was here for With Household Shower search, epidemic aid and edu70c Lb. , Era visit with his parents. 16-oMrs. Austin Wilfong-PBS, Can 16c cation of much needed profeswith a sional personnel," he said. mine, entertained rrrnn nnnrnn icjhr nuniEnu Lois Banks left this week household shower Thursday Fifty per cent of the funds 9 for Eastern to enter second night at her home in honor remain here to finance care of CABBAGE LARD term there. She will study in of her daughter-in-law- , Mrs. local polio patients needing s the art department. ice such help or, in an emergency, Ann Wilfong. Cake, cream and tea were served to are made available to the naFresh 50 lb. Can 8.99 Mr. and Mrs. Buford Gilliam the following: Mrs. Iris Camp tional epidemic aid fund. V and baby daughter returned to bell, Mrs. Nola Combs, 15c Lb. The other fifty per cent is Chicago fater spending several Amburgey, Mrs. Ruby sent to National Headquarters, jOUIS GALHERN 4 25 lb. Can 4.60 LESLIE CAROR chTECHNICOLOR 6 days with her parents, Mr. and Gibson, Mrs. Nina Wilfong, where it is used for research Mrs. R- B. Caudill. Mrs- Florence Smith, Mrs. and professional education. APPLES V Huey Smith, Polly, Mr. Rice 8 lb. Pail 1.65 I Mr. and Mrs- Ritchie David- Mrs- Sue Mae Mrs. Nona Misses "the number emphasized that Blair and AH Purpose of 8 son have chosen Ronald Lyn Janice and Doris Stallard-Mrs- . every year, plusnew patients Thursday, January 24 One Day Only! the tens of 5? as the name for their son born Wilfong received many thousands of patients jfrom 2 Lbs. 24c 0 Robert Louis Stevenson's Masterpiece of Terror! last week at Seco Hospital. nice gifts and everyone had past years still needing help, Zesta an enjoyable time. have left the March of Dimes One baby whose birth has in debt at the end "THE STRANGE DOOR" CELERY each of not been announced in this Pvt. Charles W. Catron, 20, the past four years. ofThus the CRACKERS Starring: Charles LAUGHTON column is Michael Lance Cor- - son of Mr. William H. Rankin 1952 appeal must surpass any Pascal Boris KARLOFF, nett, son of Mr. and Mrs. 4400 Daleview Ave-- Castle-woo- of the past." Sally FORREST Richard STAPLEY. Charles Cornett. born on No 1 Lb. Box 30c Trailed Ct., Dayton, O., 25c Stalk The March of Dimes Added: Stage Struck and Chapter No. 7 Pirates Harbor. vember 16. Mrs. Cornett is is completing his AF basic air- continue to the end of will the former Mildred Thomas. the men indoctrination course at month. Sgt. David Hale is visiting his mother, Mrs. Maggie 0) o o o o o o M. A1H - - CO o o - ss - 3 e) e. O O O O - o o - - - - - sons, iPPlwJ Mrs-Este- - Bar-nett- - - - CD CO CO - CO CO CO - mm km i CO CO - - CO CO CO - CO CO - Mc-Robert- s. CO CO CO CO CO - CO CO CO Cc - i'fefiJl "THE non-explosi- ve bt - Book. DAY'S GROCERY I - fv.some - - car-Studen- f - llblk - - 3 S o - - I - i Hol-broo- I i o G) double-barrelle- ! cSRSS - - z. CP I 1 - j re VERA-ELLE- N CO Mrs-Ma- - e - - - - , d e

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