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Image 5 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), November 9, 1961

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE . . . WHITESBURG, Admissions: Henry Brown, Rebecca Houston, Margaret Jane Smith, Mary Haynes, Roy Shores, Myrtle Tackett, Cuba Bolln, Jacqueline Cornett. Dismissed: George Adams, Polly Ann Ritchie, Sherry Barnett, Urilla Thomas, Jack Adams, Judith Caudill, John Back, Eliga Fields, Cynthia Bishop. Oct. 17. Admissions: Flonnie Burke, Uyles Bailey, Addle Adams, Larry Caudill, Hazel Woods, Earl Haynes, Floyd Farley, Rita Jackson, Marceline Breeding, Caudill. Jeanette Dismissed: Dow Isaac, Dewey Gibson, Charles Holbrook, Betty Adims, Roger Ison, Robert Smith, Mary Potter, Elsie Hutton, Jacqueline Cornett, Cathern Ann Hutton. Oct. 18. Admissions: Edna Duff, Effie Williams, Dismissed; Vernis Back, Forester Combs, Larry Caudill, Alice Potter. Oct. 19. Admissions: George M. Adams, Bobbie Faye Napier, Virgie Collins, Tora Cantrell, Bonnie Lou Cole, James Goodman, Maudie Combs, Jim Haynes, Marie Daniels, Lena Galloway, Jacqueline Cornett. Dismissed: Henry Brown, Isaac Cantrell, Addle Adams, Beverly Collins, George Adams, Myrtle Tackett. Oct. 20. Admissions: Fields, Isaac, Bernice Audrey Combs, Mildred Ramona Miracle, Dis- missed: Margaret Jane Smith, Sarah BreedJames Robinette, Marce-len- e ing, Eliza Richmond, Breeding, Esther Collins, Jeanette Caudill, Jeffrey Lynn Caudill, David Glenn Collins, Shirley Ann Breeding. Oct. 21. Admissions: Dewey Whitaker, Norma Wojciechowski, Ethel Sanders, Dismissed: Rita Jackson, James Elkins, Charles Dobbins, Bobbie Napier, Farris Bates, Edna Duff, Rebecca Houston, Mary Combs, Mildred Isaac, Alberta Kay Isaac. Oct. 22. Admissions: Junior Bentley, Gordon Meade, Cora Maggard, Leonard Moore, Steven Hall, Carllne Slone, Otis Ingram, Frank Dixon, Lula Meade, Dismissed: Junior Bentley, Marie Daniel, R.P. Blizzard, . WHITESBURG Whitesburg Memorial Hospital Notes Oct. 16. KENTUCKY Caudill, Mary E. Bentley, Carl Arthur D. Profitt. Dismissed: , Floyd Fadey, P. Caudill, Jr. Otis Ingram, Cora Maggard, Sherd Martin, Female Sturgill, Juanita Sturgill, Dewey Whitaker, Norma Jean Wojciechowski. Oct. 28. Admissions: Male Mahan, Hettie York, Elva Taylor. Dismissed: Mablc Absher, John Wesley Freeman, Vernon Noble, Jennifer Jane Tucker. Oct. 29. Admissions: Robert Stansberry, Norma Wojciechowski, Lynda Tyree, Louise Dismissed: Sherry Ambur-g- y, Uyles Bailey, Arthur Lucas. Oct. 30. Admissions: Rudolph Collins, William Goins, Janet Clendenen, Creed Hughes, Eveline Meade, Burnett Tackett, Norma Hall, B.N. Polly, Elijah Fleming, Male LIttrell, Dismissed: Mary Bentley, Minnie Caudill. Maudie Combs, Frank Dixon, Patsy Lou Dye, Lillie Polly, Dolores Rucker, Carl Profitt, Ethel Sanders, Lynda Tyree, Effie Williams. Laura Oct. 31 Admissions: Roark, Richard Niece, Basil D. Llt-tre- ll. The one . . THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 1961 ition of fulltime general physician at the hospital, effective Oct. 10. Dr. Pritchett received her premedical education at Birmingham Southern College, Birmingham, Ala., and her medical education at Medical Potatoes, plentiful now, are cook's friend Potatoes are a cook's friend. be baked or fried, or creamed boiled or Serve potatoes often, in the way your family likes them best, for they're They can scalloped hash-brown- plentiful andeconomically priced right now. Adkins, Braska Stewart, Cap-la- in M. Booker, Verdie M. Davis (deceased). Dismissed: Flonnie Burke, Nannie Craft, Jim Haynes, Male Mahan, Christine Mahan, Norma Nichols, B.N. Polly, Carllne Stone. as lively as it . . PAGE 5 MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MAKES STAFF APPOINTMENTS Four appointments to the medical staff at Whitesburg Memorial Hospital were announced this week by hospital officials. Dr. Frances" Roberta Pritchett has been appointed to the pos- low-pri- ce . College of Alabama, Birmingham. Shs served her internslilp at Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Va. Dr. Pritchett is making her home in housing on the hospital grounds. Dr. Pritchett is single and her family is presently residing in Birmingham. Dr. Ernest E. Musgrave of Jenkins has been appointed to the courtesy staff at the hospital, effective Oct. 9. Dr. Musgrave received his premedical education at University of Chicago, and his medical education at University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine. Dr. Musgrave has a Masters Degree from Harvard in Industrial Medicine. He served his internship at U.S. Public Health Service Hospital, Baltimore, Md. Dr. Musgrave was chief of clinical investigation, U.S. Public Health Service, air pollution medical program. He served previously as a member of the courtesy staff of Pikeville Memorial Hospital from October, 1957, to June, 1959. He is at present in general private practice at Jenkins and shortly, his new office will be in the Jenkins Clinic at Jenkins. Dr. James B. Tolllvcr, Whitesburg, has been appointed to the courtesy staff effective October 0. Dr. Tolllver tecelved his premedical education at Eastern State College, Richmond, and his medical education at the University of Louisville. He served his internship at St. Elizabeth Hospital, Louisville. Dr. Tolllver has also been appointed to the medical records com- mittee of the hospital. Dr. Arthur J. Nash, Jenkins, has been appointed to the courtesy staff effective Oct. 9. Dr. Nash received his premedical education at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and his medical education at the same university. He served his internship at Santa Fe Hospital, Los Angeles. He served his sur- gical residency at the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Employees' Hospital in Clifton Forge, Va. and the Veterans Administration Hospital, compact that's every hit looks -- Valiant '62! Roy Shores, Hazel Wood, Lena Galloway, Elizabeth Ann Galloway. BIRTHS: Oct. 17: Shirley Ann Breeding, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Breeding, Isom. Oct. 19: Charles Ray Cornett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cornett, Whitesburg. Oct. 20: Alberta Kay Isaac, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alberta Isaac, Hall. Oct. 20: Elizabeth Ann Galloway, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Estill Galloway, Partridge. Oct. 25. Admissions: Dolores J. Rucker, Vernon Noble, John W. Freeman, W.E. Wilson, Cecil Davis, Thomas Jolinson, Dismissed: Betty A. Hampton, Gordon Meade. Oct. 2C Admissions: Sallie Collins, Patsy Lou Dye, Christine Mahan, Dismissed: Mirtha Bates, Edward Boggs, Cuba Bol-li- n, Tora Cantrell, Bonnie Cole, Thomas Johnson, Irene Rosen-baum. Oct. 27. Polly, Admissions: Norma Nichols, Lillie Fulton compact You're looking at the sports-lovin- g car given an award of merit by the Society of Illustrators for design excellence! Come see it! Unlike some compacts, Valiant will take off like a scared kitten at the drop of a "Scat!" You'd have to pay extra for an optional engine in most any other compact at Valiant's price to match Valiant's Economy Six. standard 101-hA modified version of this engine shot Valiant to victory over all American compacts competing in the 1960 and '61 Daytona Beach compact car competitions! Yet, for all its go, Valiant puts plenty of carefree miles between gas pumps. A Valiant scored 26.13 mpg in the last Mobilgas Economy Run! p has the distinctive good looks to match its gumption. America's most famous artists recently honored the 1962 Valiant. For the first time in seven years, the Awards Committee of the Society of Illustrators has bestowed its coveted citation on a car Valiant! And this new Valiant That's even more proof that the 1962 Valiant is indeed the Style Leader of the Compacts! For looks and liveliness, you just can't match Valiant at Valiant's low initial price! And this year's Valiant offers a bundle of economy extras. Like 32,000-millubrication oil changes and almost-neveon major chassis points. See your Plymouth-Valian- t compact that's dealer. Drive the by Chrysler Corporation. Find out why . . . half-as-ofte- n r low-pric- e Nobody beats VALIANT STYLE LEADER Col- umbia, S. C. Dr. Nash is at present in private practice as a general surgeon at Jenkins and shortly, his new office will be in the Jenkins Clinic. e quality-engineere- d for value OF THE COMPACTS

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