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Image 10 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), November 9, 1961

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE Heart attack fatal to R. T. Holbrook 1 MISS BLEVINS 1 Funeral services for Ransom T. Holbrook II of Whitesburg were conducted Wednesday at Thornton Regular Baptist Church by the Rev. Ray Collins, the Rev. Bill Sparks, the Rev. Tommy Sparks and the Rev. John H. Polly. was Burial WHITESBURG, in the Mayking Mr. Holbrook died unexpectedly of a heart attack about 4 p. m. Sunday. . He was a native of Letcher County and a son of Ransom T. and Elizabeth Hughes Holbrook. For nearly 30 years he had been an employee of the Louisville He was and Nashville railroad. a civil engineer. He was 66 at the time of his death. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Leona Mae Powell Holbrook; two daughters, Mrs. Goldla Lewis, Charleston, S. C., and Mrs. Wisteria Blackson, Dayton, two sons, R. T. Holbrook and Sylvis III, Whitesburg, Holbrook, Detroit, Mich., and four grandchildren. Mrs. Carl Layne An autumn theme marked the wedding of Miss Nancy Rose Blevins and Worley Joe Hodges, solemnized at 4 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 21, at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Blevins, on Lakeside Drive. TheRev. Carl Layne officiated By o; ,41 -J-V-N-r'J REAL ESTATE three bedroom one home home, located at Old Pine Mountain Junction. Hardwood floors, tile baths, heated by gas furnaces. Call Jack Little, 2525. FOR RENT - -- One -- and m Miss Faye Blevins was her of honor. ter's maid THURS DAY, sis- Freddy served Gibson of Pound, Va., as best man. Mr. and Mrs. Blevins were hosts for the reception after the ceremony. The couple left for a wedding trip in Virginia. The bride is a graduate of Jenkins High School. The bridegroom is also a graduate of Jenkins High School and attended Clinch Valley College. He is now serving in the Army at Fort Knox. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Worley Hodges o. NOVEMBER 9, 196 Plans "THanksgiving." were made to help several needy families for Thanksgiving. 1 Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Yonts and Mrs. Dennis Dixon spent the week end visiting their daughters, Diane Yonts and Peggy Dixon, at Lincoln Memorial University at Harrogate, Term. Visiting in the home ot Henry Taylor this week is his son, Tony Henry of Trenton, Ga. Avery (Buddy) Ellis and Elmer fester are both in the Whitesburg Memorial Hospital at this writ-.n- g. Their friends are wishing .hem a speedy recovery. Mrs. and Midge Tackett daughter, Nancy, are in Sharon Heights Hospital. A speedy recovery is wished for them. Mrs. Vernle Quillen has returned home after vsliting her son and family, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. (Rob) Jr. Quillen of Pittsburgh, Pa. of Detroit. Visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wilson last week end were Mr. Wilson's nv ther, Estes HELP WANTED Hours: 9-- 12 preach. Services will start at 7 o'clock each night. 1:30 to 5 Evenings 6to8Mon., LETCHER CIRCUIT EXECUTION COURT FOR DEBT Plaintiff McKinley Sparkman VS. Arlie Richardson et al Defendant TilFWHiTF Notice Phone 4381 Mrs. Pearl Storey of Barbour-vill- e, mother of R. W. Storey, was a visitor in the Storey home here last week end. Mr. JtnothinoI I Rgttijrie! County, 4 after Oct. 24. Notice I am no longer responsible for any debts made by Add Polly. Hattle M Polly Notice' Anyone having claims against or owing money to the estate of W. E, (Bud) Fugate, will contact me before Jan. 12. Mrs. W.E. Fugate 2109 St. Michael Dr. Lexington, nCHtflCOLORfOTALISCOPE WARNER BROS. Mark Joseph. The Ladies' Missionary Circle of the Central Missionary Church held and Zachary Scott in "Natchez Trace" Sun-We- Nov. d NOTICE CATERPILLAR their regular meeting Thursday morning at the home of Mrs. George Fleming. The topic of the program was GENERATORS Thelma MSI iter SaHMUjh Arthur (Met Immediately available from stock at kw.' new low prices Also: A. C. gener250 volt D. C. ators from 30 kw. to 600 kw. Low fuel consumption, long life, ow 75-100-- iblll pirJirfiM if COAL MINING 12-- 15 GabieM Jlbl Eli Wallach rrafccadty Frank E. Tayler Ky. Sarah E. Caudill of Blackey has been appointed executrix of the will and administratrix of the estate of R. B. Caudill, deAll persons having ceased. claims against the estate or owing debts to it should contact her before Jan. 10, 1962. WARRJOR and Mrs. Dewey Sturgll? Jr. are the parents of a son born at Sharon Heights Hospital Oct. 28. They have named him virtue of EXECUTION FOR DEBT, which is issued from the Letcher Circuit Court in the above styled case, I or one of my deputies will on Saturday, Novemberl8, 1961, at the front door of the Court house in WhitLetcher Raymond Bays will not be responsible for debts made by Dor-:th- y Bays y maintenance Call 125 now: Ashland-324-211- 4 Paintsville-789-345- 8 DncMty John Huston WHAYNE SUPPLY CO. and "When Clock Strikes' By esburg, MOTICES Wed., and Fri. Harlan. Sheriff's Sale Revival services will b6 held Sunday through Friday at Isom Presbyterian Church. The Rev. Robert Owens of Whitesburg will Neon, Ky. Visiting in the home of Mr.i SAAC'S'ALENE THEATER and Mrs. Ted Brumtnitt is Ma. Emil Jenny of Sheridan, Wyo. , Thur.-Sa- t. Nov.. 9-- 11 a sister of Mr. Brumtnitt. A guest in the home of Mr. and STEVE REEVES Mrs. Wilmer Yonts last week was Mrs. Yonts' father, Estill 4pinm oa Mala SMct in WMtMbarf . Call 30t7'or mi Rr.Wi 9. Urn. Young man, must be high school graduate, for work in established Whitesburg firm, Please submit application in writing, with recent photograph, to Box E, co The Mountain Eagle. Revival at Isom Chiropractor Dunham; Mrs. Curry Wilson, and her son, Norris Wilson, Nashville; Mrs. H. C. Fortune, Mrs. Wilson's mother, and Mrs. Bill Bennett, Mrs. Wilson's sister, both of FORRINT--rntol- PAGE 12 Dr. V. Cartwright WED AT JENKINS at the ceremony. cemetery. KENTUCKY YOUR CATERPILLAR DISTRIBUTOR Cat and Caterpillar are registered trademarks of Caterpillar Tractor Co. Ken- tucky, at the hour of 10 o'clock a.m., ESTV expose to public sale to the highest and best bidder the following described prop- erty, Certain Mine Equipment, to-w- it: 2 battery meters 4 'mine cars (rubber wheels) Levied upon as the property of Arlie Richardson, Amount to be raised: Principal Interest MAMED $684.00 13.68 30.00 30.83 7.50 Court Cost Sheriffs Com Cost of Sale TOTAL $766. 01 be made for cash in Sale will hand, Given under my hand this 2nd day of November, 1961. Johnny Fulton, Sheriff Letcher County, Ky. it wRusm . Movtt power forward for arrow - ttraltht ioing MORE WAGON ROOM . . . MORE WAGON ZOOM I g Know why Brick's new Invicta Estate Wagon has so much more 8 forward over the room? Advanced Thrust! It places the mighty Wildcat the floor nearly Hat! It also gives you straight going even front wheels-mak- es in crosswinds, and faster wheel response. 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