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Image 7 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), September 11, 1952

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THURSDAY. SEPT. THE 11, 1952. MOUNTAIN EAGLE. KENTUCKY WHITESBURG. time when people can get into their homes and refuse entrance of an officer who has warrants to serve on them. In the hearing that was held before the County Judge, Robert B. Collins, against the people who refused entrance to the officers these people were turned loose to go back home and not even bound over for a grand jury investigation. I am thankful we have a higher court where justice can and will be brought out at a later date. Respectfully submitted, HASSEL STAMPER, Sheriff. Letcher County. Statement of Sheriff Hassel Stamper: r-- mm We fill all Doctors Preset 44 mmwm m , - years experience, p&wttfetf in old and new medicines. If you don't know your drugs be sure to know your $upf&Vif SELECTIVE 3iciS6?Ai Druggist. Henry 0- Topp, Pharmacist Phones 23513911 FUND DIVERSIFIED SERVES V.INNEAPOUS 2. WNNtS:A Or till our. tfip and mait lha covpofl bWovi Topp's Pound out-doo- Phone Neon 3881 Box 358, Cromona, Ky. LONELY: I Meet someone desiring j marriage near your age not! too far away. Sealed de-- f tails free. Or send 25c for Isample list names addresses 1 of opposite sex. Depend-lable reliable club members I everywhere. 1 Kentucky's Exchange profpectaa describing or eompaniea company Mutual Stock Fund Sclectiv Food Sjru of Am. Jan HolfL. R, I will not be responsible for any debts made by anyone other than myself as of this date, August 18. JOE E. BOGGS, Roxana, Ky. NOTICE! Johnny's Dairy Bar Jenkins, Ky. One boxed house, newly furnished except stove. Located at Blackey, Ky. Price $1100 for house and furniture. DELLA ISON, 1106 York St., Cincinnati, Ohio. Phone Parkway 6909 4tpd. here. WELL DRILLING Anyone desiring water well drilling, see John Belcher of Jackhorn, Ky., or Don Steffy, of Neon, Ky. We will travel anywhere and drill your water wells at a reasonable rate. Write Box 18 or Phone 4491, Jackhorn, Ky. JOHN BELCHER. FOR RENT Is Now Open For Eight room FOR SALE house on Doctor's Hill at blinds, Venetian draperies, wall to wall rugs, newly decorated, not waxer heater, stoker heat, city water, yard landscapped. If interested call 2782 Whitesburg. Mc-Rober- apartment. furnished. Heat and water Located on concrete street in Whitesburg. $40.00 per month. Phone 2684, Whitesburg rtc Business. Neon, Ky. (ADMINISTRATRIX'S Two nice office rooms, and one four room apartment with bath and steam heat in the W. E. Cook Building in Whitesburg. See; RALPH BATES, rtc. Neon, Ky. FOR RENT Three bed room apartment Apt. for Rent Over heat and water furnished. Home Grocery at Haymond. Located on concrete" street in Hardwood floors, Electricity, Whitesburg. $35.00 per month Hot Water furnished. Clean, Don Brown Phone 2684, Plenty of Wardrobes. $25-0Whitesburg, Ky. rtc. Per Mo. See FOR SALE One new five-roo- m W. B. DAY, West Haymond 2tp. house, a hall and bath, plaster, hard- MALE HELP WANTED THE RAILROAD NEEDS YOU NOW We can qualify you at HOME. The NEW WAY in 4 to 6 months for a job as wood floors, newly decorated, good drilled well, plenty of water electric pump, concrete block "basement, good location, one mile east of Whitesburg at Junction on Highway 15. Telegrapher-TowOperatorMust see to appreciate. If Station Agent Jobs waiting interested call 2718, day or qualified operators, $75.00 to night-$90-0per week. We place rtcc you when qualified. For information write Box, 208, Whitesburg. Ky. lxp. 11 WANTED Two pigs, Barrow litter FOR SALE mates, near same size between 45 and 70 lbs. Purpose Nice resident property for to run live pig demonstration sale. Liberal terms. If interin store. rtc. ested, Call 2187 or see: B- P. SERGENT. FARMERS SUPPLY CO. CODE-O-STRUCTO- R - er - FOR SALE ATTENTION new portable type Two houses and lots in house writers ior sale at The Moun Blackev. A house. See tain Eagle. May be bought on and a time Dy dependable students Gophpl nr Mrs Stamp, rtcc. NOTICE All persons having claims against the estate of General Meade, deceased, are request ed to prove their claims as required by Section 396.010 Kentucky Revised Statutes, and file same with me, and all persons indebted to the estate of General Meade, deceased, will please call and settle said debts. Administratrix, EUNICE MEADE, 3tc. Millstone, Ky. 0 NOTICE OF BIDS County Judge Robert B. Collins has been authorized by the Fiscal Court to advertise for bids for a new roof on the Letcher County Courthouse. Sealed bids on the roof should be turned in to the County Judge before noon September 25, at which time the bids will be opened. FOR SALE OR RENT white modern Beautfiul rambler house with five rooms and bath in the best section of Whitesburg. Fully equipped bath, electric hot water tank, fuel oil heat. Situated on four large lots in CollinsHarvie addition. See Mrs. Lucas Ph. 2550. rtcc. - Two five-roo- m I have just opened an office in Neon,' Kyi to practice Chiropractic and Electrotherapy. I will be in my Neon office on Tuesdays and Fridays and in my Pikeville office Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & DR. L. C. LEGER, Chiropractor. i , rec-og-niti- i MEAL 25 lb. Bag $1.69 1-- Neon-Flemin- g t ten-roo- Saturday. tJ - FOR RENT FOR RENT yKS5S,P X-ray- ts, rtc- - Two bed room downstairs DON BROWN DR. J. E. SKAGGS Dentist THE CHILI BOWL Neon. Ky. SnstW three-year-o- ld FOR SALE open for business and is more modern and up to date than ever. We have complete new fixtures in a new modern building. When in Neon comi in and visit us. You are always welcome the 8--11 4tp. The Chili Bowl is now until Sixteen-Month-Ol- d - NOTICE ifitiimiiitimiiinniiiiiiiiiitiiniiniimminmniiniiniiiiiiimnmMnimit probably here HAZARD-JENKIN- S run Ky. I 15 ATTENTION ! ! ! A lot of good news had to be left out of The Eagle this, week because that news came in late. Please get your news in by Tuesday afternoon if possible. Girf DieS This Week were Church obtains a new pastor. LINE, Inc. & job as I thought it should be1 Anna Lou Caudill, sixteen- SHORTWAY LINE, Inc. daughter of Mr. done and thf wav von pond month-ol- d r ni nil a straight Will i citizens armroven of. npraiisfi and Mrs- - Jim Caudill of through bus from Whites- Seriously Injured !l told you I would take and Blackey, died at the Good burg to Louisville and one Mrs- Gerard Morin, wife of welcome your recommenda Samaritan Hospital early this week after an illness of to Glasgow, Ky.. for your Dr. Gerard Morin of Jenkins, tions at any time. The Sheriff's office is one of several months. convenience. Schedule suffered serious injuries when She is survived by her parwill be announced later. an ambulance in which she was the most important offices be ents, two brothers and her cause if a sheriff is so minded riding with three other per2tp. grandparents-- Mr. and Mrs. sons struck a bridge at the to go wrong he has every Tip Cornett. opportunity to do so. I have Powell-Clar- k County line heard it rumored that I would Funeral services were held Monday night. the residence Tuesday by Others in the ambulance at give down and get into the at racket before long. I know, Elders Cullen Hogg. Caleb the time were Sharon JenCreech and Basil Hall. Burial Letcher and God knows, I have done was in the Caudill Cemetery. kins, the very best that was within County polio victim, her Craft Funeral Home was in father. Walter Jenkins of Dun me, and you will hear one charge of the, body. story and then another, but ham and ambulance drivei the last day I serve I will be Robert Anderson of Neon. Rev. Caudill Visits The polio victim, who suf the same as the first. fered only minor injuries in Letcher County is a big Presbyterian Church the wreck died from polio at territory to work from my the St. Joseph's Hospital, Lex office but I try. to get over it Sunday, Sept. 14 as often as possible and any ington, Tuesday night. Reverend O- - V. Caudill, of UNDER NEW time you need help in your Salisbury, North Carolina, i MANAGEMENT J churches, schools or your will be guest Health Group . . . munity, let me know a com- Whitesburg pastor yat the : THEMAYKING few P r e s b terian f Continued from page one) days ahead and I will arrange Church Sunday. September CAFE the county next week. He for some officer to be with 14, for Sunday School and I Drop In And Eat With Us urged that members help pub- you. church services. I Wo Specialize In All Types Of J licize the units and try to get I am proud of Letcher Friends are invited to hear as many citizens out as County and. its people but I do Reverend Meals j Caudill, former possible. Cold Drinks & Sandwiches want to ask a little more help pastor and builder of the A special effort is to be from the public. We have Whitesburg Presbyte rian J Anita Holbrook, made to encourage teachers closed down most of the hell- Church. J Mgr. and food handlers to have holes where a number of s made. lives have been taken and the President Dan Baker, of weeds are growing up around Knott Youth . . (Continued from page one) Seco, presided at the meeting, the front doors- - If something Bronston Clay Leaves For Others present were: Mayor is wrong in your community charge hit the youngster, who University Sunday and Mrs- - Arthur T. Banks, of 1 want you to report it and was lying with his brother beBronston Clay, son of Mr. Whitesburg; Mr. and Mrs. Dan stay behind me and we will hind and beyond the log and Mrs. C. B. Clay, leaves Baker Mr. and Mrs. Clabe clean it out. I get a number watching for another squirrel. Sunday for the University of Adams, Mrs- Gordon Lewis, of letters without any name The boy evidently raised his Kentucky where he will en- Mrs. Hewey Smith, Mrs. being signed to them. I think head just as Adams fired and roll as a freshman under a James Brown, Mrs. Kermit; you as citizens should sign the shot hit him in the back full scholarship given in of the head. Combs, Mrs. Mary Terrill, your letters let of his musical abili- Russell Rice, Mary Vincent law violatorsand just we the know are Adams didn't know his shot ties. and Mrs. W. B. Halcomb. after them. had hit the boy until the Bronston, who excels on the Our Circuit Judge, Courtney brother called out to him- - The saxophone and clarinet, will FOR RENT: C. Wells. is behind law en- accident occurred about- - 2:30 become one of The Marching Above Pigman's Dry Clean- forcement and for a better o'clock Saturday afternoon. 100, the University's march- ers, four rooms and bath, hot government in Letcher Coun ing band. He is a graduate water furnished. Also have ty. I am sure with his help BOX SUPPER of the .Whitesburg high school electric stove if needed. Phone and the help of Commonrtcc.-9-l- l. school, class of '51. 2285. wealth's Attorney 'Emmett G. AT BLACKEY Fields and County Attorney On Saturday, Sept. 20, J. L. Hays, who are doing a there will be a box supper at good job in their respective the Blackey school. All offices, the job will be done mothers and former students better with the help of you are invited "to bring boxes or good citizens who believe in pies. good government, for we must have your help. You can pick up your news Recruiters Announce 1 papers and read where officers Schedule of Visits have gone bad all over the Whitesburg's four US Army State. I feel like honesty is and US Air Force Recruiters . the first qualification any offi have announced a schedule of cial should have. They should operations from their head-99c be big enough to meet prob j quarters in the Frazier Build 10 Lb. Sugar lems square in the face and ing. 2 Lb. Peanut Butter 69c tell the public the truth. On Monday two recruiters which they are entitled to the 2 Oz. Apple Butter (Dutch Girl) 22c know. After all it is your will be at 10:00Jenkins Post a. m. to 2:00 Office from money that is being spent and you have a right to know p. m. and on Tuesdays all oi 3 2 Lb. Sunlight White Chicken $1.69 where and how it is being the recruiters will be in the Whitesburg vicinity. Oxydol Large 29c N spent. Now good citizens, it is Two men will recruit in the area, at Tucker's getting time you realize you are going to have to hold to- Cale in .Neon from 10:00 a. m. HERE'S gether, for the law violators to 2:00 p. m. A are well organized. When we Thursday's recruiting will catch one of the big boys you send one man to Jenkins, in should look around to see who the Post Office again from V. he gets to sign his bond and 10:00 a. m. to 2:00 p. m., and on the day of his trial they one man in Hindman at the are somewhere in the back hours. The latter re8 ground working for him to same will be in the Knott cruiter EXCLUSIVE LOCAL DEALER 9 dodge justice. For example County Courthouse. it two deputies went to serve Blackey and vicco will De SPECIAL BLUE PLATE some warrants a few nights sited on Friday for one recruit9Qn A PPT .T75 TRT T .V Pm-9 T fi ago and post offires of those people refused to Strawberry Preserves Pure, 2 Lb. 59c let them thethe house to serve er in theThe recruiter will be in towns. S Peach Preserves Pure, 2 Lb. 46c the warrants on them and the at Blackey from 10:00 a. m- - to man of the house got hie gun 12:00 noon and in Vicco from and the officers had to leave 1:00 p. m. to 3:00 p. m. and get help tb go back and A recruiter will be on duty arrest the defendants and had at the Whitesburg Office at all to force their way into the times during working hours. ZENNETH BENTLEY, Mgr. house to arrest them. Some Whitesburg Phone 2771 $ members of the family shot Subscribe to The Mountain & into the officer's car. I pity Eagle and keep up with the 1 51.s -MM livuxs uvixuuy wneu ik tunics a latest county news. THE for residence or business. Will sacrifice. Call 95-Jenkins, I Get your Royal China, Homer Laughlan, Muria Glass, LeNoir Fine Arts, and Marigold Glass at The Jenkins Dairy Bar. Beautiful items for wedding and other kinds of gifts. As well as sets of dishes suitable for all types of homes. Visit Us when in Jenkins. Starting September FOR SALE OR LEASE At Jenkins. B&O Hotel. 13 rooms, stoker heat. Suitable Nama Or NOTICE 4tp-10-- 2. J Sergent, Kentucky j j the investment - Veil below: Q Inventor n Investor! Investor Investors es come to see GLADYS JOHNSON, Deane, Ky. tllllllllllllliUilllHIIIIIIHIIIliuillllllUIUIIIlllllIllltltllllllllljiilllinillll'H I Basement of Daniel Boone Hotel five-roo- m George F. Schaefer Drug Store FEDERATION Property of Gladys Johnson located on Right Beaver in 11 aott County at Hall, Ky. One House, Barn, Free Gas for the House and r a1 buildings. Land, 2 Acres Bottom Land and 23 Acres Timber Land. Anyone wishing to buy this valuable property please 4U4G e, CHILDREN FOR SALE OF AMERICA tat proaptctuiti and rW Mermatlom wrta Pound, Va Send your prescription by mail, order filled promptly Skirts and Shoes SAVE THE 4xc. STOCK FUND SYNDICATE - Reg. No. MUTUAL SPECIAL SALE used studio Gulbransen, mahogany in excellent condition. Price $335 write J. M. Daniel P. O. Box 831, Hazard. FOR SALE console piano, Citizens of Letcher County: Almost three years of my term of office is past. I have ASSUMES MISS HART tried hard to live up to every CHURCH DUTIES HERE promise I made you in my Miss Matti Hart, of campaign. I promised you Georgia, arrived in four years ,of clean, honest the county Friday to take over (government from the Sheriff's ipastoral duties at the Whites office. I know I have been burg Presbyterian Church in honest and fair and have tried place of student pastor Burris not to be radical about law Bender who returned recently enforcement. I realize the to complete his training for law violator is a problem, and the ministry. they have tried to buy, bluff A graduate from Agnes and threat to get a hold of the Scott College in Decatur, Ga-- , law enforcement from my in June of this year. Miss Hart office. has been in Kentucky during the summer, working in Haz-an- d You gave me the office visiting Jenkins and without any strings tied to it Pikeville also during her with a nice majority, for which I am proud, and I hope work. She will also work with the you, as good citizens never Sandlick and Isom Presby- have cause to regret your terian churches, remaining support. I have had to dis 1 I o ran Royal Crow Bottling Company Whitesburg, Ky. t BENTLEY'S MARKET I

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