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Image 5 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), January 23, 1947

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG. KENTUCKY JAN. 23, 1947 THURSDAY. basketball game at Jenkins on 17. The score was 46 to 29 in favor of Jenkins. The Cavaliers played Dorton at Dorton on Saturday, Janu- ary 18. The score was 43 to 41. in favor of Jenkins. JENKINS NEWS January Betty Jane Fugate Mrs- - Steve Varson was shop- - end- ying in Pikeville last Friday. i - Frank Lewis of Florida Nelson Sabin, Distinguish- Mr. C. E. Hennen and Mr. and Damascus, Va., was the D. C. Duncan were business guest last week end of Miss ed American Baritone, ac- visitors in Louisville last, Dorothy Jean Chewning at claimed by American audi- the home of her parents, Mr. ences from coast to coast will week. at the Jenkins High Guy Collins of the UniverSchool Auditorium on the sity of Kentucky spent last Harold Greer was visiting evening of January 29. Mr. week end here visiting his his mother in Coeburn, Vir- babin will give a matinee ior ginia last Sunday. wife. children in the afternoon. To and Mrs. J. Chewning. S- - -- PAGE PTfE Turner, of Lexington, and Mr. had charge of the final rites. and Mrs. Mort Long of near Mt. Sterling. CARL MOORE ' Carl Moore died at his Mrs. George Fugate was a home at Shelby Gap, Ky., on' visitor in Whitesburg last December 29, 1946. He was Thursday. born October 22, 1913, being 33 years, 2 months and 7 Mrs- Jack McClellan and days old at the time of his daughter, Martha Jane, have death- He was the son of Mr.' gone to Omar, West Va. to Cleveland Bentley. He was r join husband who accepted buried in the Contrell a position there several weeks tery at Shelby Gap, Ky. The ago. The McClellan family McCoy Funeral Home had will be missed very much in charge of the final rites. Jenkins, - - Ceme-appea- MRS MARY accompany Mr. Sabin, Joseph PAULA JEAN JOHNSON ELIZABEHT HALE Martin, outstanding pianist Paula Jean Johnson, infant Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Hale, will be at the piano. The pro- - daughter of Mr. and Mrs- of Salyersville, Kentucky, gram is being sponsored by Charles Ross Johnson, died died at the Jenkins Hospital the seniors of the Jenkins at the Jenkins Hospital on on January 5, 1947. Mrs. Hale high school. Tickets may be Dcember 24, 1946. She was was born August 20, 1888, at the hospital on theiine 58 years, 4 months and 25 from anv senior-borThe admission for children at same day. She is survived by! days old at the time of her tne matinee will be fifty her parents. death. She was the wife of centsThe admission at thej She was buried in the Dun-- 1 John H. Hale and the daugh-e'venjperformance will be ham cemetery on December; ter of Mr. and Mrs. William $1.25 for adults and 75c for 27, 1946. The McCoy Funeral Green Cooper. She was The proceeds will Home had charge of the fin-- ied in the Cooper Cemetery go toward tne senior trip to al rites. at Lickburg, Ky., on JanuWashington, D. C, and New ary 7, 1947. The McCoy FunTHURMAN EUGENE York City next spring. eral Home had charge of the GALLIAN final rites. DON GAY WH1TAKER, Thurmond Eugene Gallian, SUCCUMBS died at the Jenkins Hospital DONNIE ROSE Don Gay Whitaker, on December 27, 1946. He was Donnie Rose, infant dauold son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl born at the hos pital on De- ghter of Mr. and Mrs. Noah Whitaker, died at the Jen- cember 25. He was the son Rose, died January 3, 1947, kins Hospital Sunday morn- of Mr. and Mrs- Thurmond at the Jenkins Hospital. She ing, Jan. 19, as a result of in- Gallian. was born the same day at the juries received in an automoHe was buried in the Can- - hosmtal. ishe was buried m bile accident a week before. trell Cemetery at Pound, Va.Cantrell Cemetery at Shelby He is the third person to lose. McCoy Funeral Home had Gap, Kentucky. McCoy Funtheir life as a result of the charge of the final rites. eral Home had charge of the same accident. Two members final ritesof the party are still very ill CAROL SUE PERRY at the Jenkins Hospital. Carol Sue Perry, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs Burford Turner went to Ralph Perry, Jr., died at the Franklyn, Ky., last Thursday Jenkins Hospital on Decem(by Jonelle Collier) to bring home his wife and ber 28, 1946. She was born at A large and interesting daughter who have been vis- the hospital the same day, iting Mrs- Turner's parents-O- tsne is .survived ay ner par crowd attende'd church services Sunday night at the their return they will vis- ents. it Mr. Turner's brother, Chas. The McCoy Funeral Home Baptist church. We were very glad to have our teachers from Fleming Music was furnished by Miss I Lester Graves spent last Mr. and Mrs- Truman Gibson and Mrs. Fugate David- Sunday in Bristol, Tenn. son of Wise, Va., were the quests last week of Mr. and Bernard Kegan of Gallopo-li- s, Ohio, is visiting his sons, Mrs. C. L. Greer. Mr. Seth Kegan and Mr. Ber 'Mr. E. Paul Lyon was a nard Kegan, Jr., and their business visitor in Louisville, families. "Ky., last week end. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mullins anMrs. C. V- - Snapp was vis- nounce the birth of a daughiting relatives in Van Lear ter Glenda Gail, born on vand Paintsville last week end- Jan. 12, 1947. - - Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gillis, who The Supervisory force of "have been visitors in Jen-Ici- Consolidation Coal Company for the past several weeks (Ky) held a meeting on Jan. ns returned to their home in ,19, at the Masonic Hall. A dinner was served by the Boston, Mass., last Sunday. Methodist WCSC to about Miss Clara Shaw spent last 175 members. Sunday in Bristol, Va. Mrs. O. O- Parks entertain- visited his ed the Thursday bridge club Mr. Lee D Ciniff tfamily in Indiana; Pensyl- - at her home on Thursday, January lb. Mrs. Margaret vana, last week. Stump won high prizeMargaret Ann Lawson was the week end guest of Jose- A delicious salad course was served to the following memphine Fugate last week. bers: Mrs. Margaret Stump, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dunn and Mesdamea T. M. Perry, H. L. children of Shinston, W. Va.,iBurpo, F. H. Price, M. Mr. and Mrs- Leonard Prunty, H- - L- McClure and A. Parinash and son. Jimmy, of.C. Dittrick. "Whitesburg, Ky., were tne week end guests of Mr-- and The Jenkins Cavaliers met IMxs. O. O. Parks, last week the Fleming Pirates in a - -- - E-an- - - -- - n bur-childre- 12-ye- ' SWASHER ng - n. i5 ta ar - - SEE IT NEON - IN ACTION TODAY! n McAbee. Mrs. Elmer See it wash dirty clothes clean. . . atitomagicatfy See its exclusive automatic rinses and daughter, Delores, of Ravenna, See it spin clothes better than wringer dry Ky., were the week end guests of Mrs. Sallie D. Bent-leTHEN and family. See how it changes from clothes washer to The Farley's formerly lived here. dishwasher in Pk minutes Mr. and Mrs- - Dick Craft and children, Dickie and Mary Seeing is believing, and when you see the new Thor Automagic Jo, were shopping in Bristol Washer you'll believe in miracles. A simple change of inner Saturday. tubs and this streamlined, compact Thor changes (in Wl minMiss Geraldine Billups is utes!) from automagic clothes washer to automagic dishwasher. guest of Mrs. Charles the Washes clothes or dishes at the flick of a dial . . . and washes Belamy and W. B- Collier this them cleaner than you ever dreamed possible. See its many Billups resides week. Miss exclusive features ... let us show you how you can buy it as at Wheelwright. a clothes washer, or a dishwasher, or both! Virgil Yonts was the Sun r i ir j TOnnm'ifi inininiiiiiinii wiiiiin nil day guest of Mr. and Mrs. v Shatter Davidson of Jenkins. The latest report on Dr. J. E. Skaggs is that he is able to be out again and is very much improved. Mrs. James Isom of Whit aker was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ishmael Napier Sunday. Mrs- - Sherman Cox visited Whitesburg, Kentucky her daughter, Cleda Rae, who is a student at Stewart Rob inson, bne reports mat cue-d-a Lady's Arm Waa is making a splendid record, and also doing well in Bent Up Double music. Like a Jack Knife Mr. and Mrs. Jim Creech and children were visiting One lady recently stated that the latter's parents in Jen her arm used to become doubled up like a e. kins, Sunday. She couldn't Speaker for Thursday Jan. move her arm up or down beMrs. Myra Riggs of Lex cause her muscles were stiff ington, has been visiting 23, J. Blaine Polly. with Speaker for last meeting joints rheumatic pains and the friends and relatives in Neon of her elbow and shoulder Lion Charlie Hall. were swollen. She said she was the past week. Subject: Local School Ath- ashamed to leave her home beMrs. Riggs was formerly would stare at her Miss Myra Collier, of Hemp letics and the dire need of a cause people got RHU-AIand gym, so the boys can gain Finally she hill. says she now can raise her arm The business house of J. A. their practice at home instead above her head and the swellelbow Craft is nearing completion. of driving eleven miles to ing left her"pain and shoulder. The awful and stiffness Is Judge Noah Bentley has Fleming, etc. New Members: Walter Ful- gone. She is enjoying life once moved into his home at the ton, more and feels like "some other Veteran Advisor. woman" since taking this New mouth of Little Creek. Mr. Bentley has had a lot of Special Meeting: A com- Compound. work done on the home re- mittee will meet with other RHU-AIcontains Three cently, which is a nice asset commutes at the Boy Scout Great Medical Ingredients which meeting at Jenkins next Wed- go right to the very source of to the home. rheumatic aches and pains- - MisMrs. F. V. Adams nesday evening. Dr. and The Lion's Club donated erable people soon feel different of Hazard, visited the form- $50.00 to the Mile of Dimes all over. So don't go on suffering! Get RHU-AIQalllen's ers mother, Sunday. Mrs. Campaign. Drag Store. Will Adams of Road Ave. Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand Moore and daughter, Vickie, A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY have returned from a pleas ant visit with Mrs. R. H. Taylor Lexington. Mr. and Mrs- - Hillard Tay lor made a business trip to Lexington, last weekMrs. Lon Blair, of Living ston, visited her daughter, Mrs. Victor Quillen. the past week. Farley y - in POui REEDY'S Plumbing & Furniture FORD Car Prices Reduced Company LIONS CLUB jack-knif- D Ford Dealer. 1' itl the recent announcement of the Ford Motor Company, "We are reducing prices of all Ford cars as much as $50 on some models," as the most important postwar step taken by the automobile industry. In making this precedent-shatterin- g move another "Ford First" the Company, with which we are proudly associated, is making a "down payment" toward a continued high level of production and employment in the months ahead. We are proud too, that the Ford Motor Company was the only automobile manufacturer which did not increase p'ces of cars after decontrol last Fall. Like the Ford Motor Company we have decided that now is the time for us to make an investment in the future. As Ford Dealers we pledge ourselves to cooperate with Ford and with our customers to do everything within our power to hasten the return of the economic pattern which has helped to make America great. Since war's end we have delivered many new Fords to waiting customers. We hope it will not be too long until all who have Fords on order will have their new cars. D D. Meat combined deliciously with - COMBS MOTOR CO. Phone 123 Whitesburg, Kentucky ffli Cooks quickly to plump, HOW FROM PAW FUl) Frav rr.tin.Ainrw fiSSCflU MEPiBlTICXI CtT ki I.MCII9 taste-tred It's a thrifty, with nourishment and hearty satisfaction for the eotaM family. Delmonico's finer quality means ridtr flavor, always! full-bodie- COLD MISERIES) fnCH. u: creamy tendermn! Ordar mini pockogat Urn your racer today I raoaucT or diimomco foods, at inc lowuvtut, r.

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