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Image 6 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), March 18, 1954

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY Pine Mountain Baptist Sunday School Lesson VFW AuxiliaryAssociatonal Missionary International Uniform Series Elects Officers By by Rev. C. A. Lingle, Jr. March 21, 1954 LESSON VERSES: John (To be read and studied m your Bibles.) SCRIPTURE: PRINTED 13-1- 4. John 13:12-1- 7; 14:21-24- 34-3- 5; fpard and - - One of the hardest lessons of the entire New Testament is incorporated in the Scripture which, we are studying for today. Men have a natural inclination to hold themselves as highly as possible. They have a turn of mind that leads them toward superiority and away from any servitude and yet the christian way is clearly presented as the way lsaacs- By Rer. John R. of the servant. The Kingdom If you had been in hell for of God will not be measured a thousand years, then if in in terms of this world. Great the Providence of God you ness will be measured by could come back and have both the willingness and one more opportunity to ac capacity for service. As cept Christ as your Saviour Christ was willing to humble what would you do-- ' himself to serve mankind so Remember the Training must the Christian be willing Union Mass meeting at Lynch, to devote his life to the serv ice of his fellowmen. Ky., at 7:30 (EST). Service can only become Sunday was an interesting me. I went with Ray real when that service is day for Jesus puts Venters to Pert Creek and based upon love. his disciples Gap. I enjoyed that truth before Thornton nreachincT. at in the "New Commandment". i-fi Jesus had once before sum both places. med up the law and prior We are still working at our revelation of God in Love for Associational survey. I went God and love for fellowman with Byron McVey over in the but there he gives himself as Pine Mountain Settlement the example of how that love School area. This is a beau will be expressed. It is never tiful country and one which hard to love God. That love needs a lot of mission work is but a reflection of the con stant love that is being show done in it. So that we may begin to ered down upon us- but it is get ready for it The State quite different to love your is fellowman who is many times Secretary Brotherhood not only not showing love to coming to speak to our Jesus erouD meeting at you but actual hate. Whitesburg on May 6- More even loved the Jews who were will be said about this, but to put him to death. He even reserve May 6. at 6:30 (CST) loved the people so wrapped on your calendar and plan to up in sin that he had come come. This invitation goes to earth to defeat. He loved out to all our churches and to completely and lived that Brotherhoods in particular. love. We as Christians are We want a Brotherhood in called to live according to his every church in our Associa example, to love as he loved to live as he lived and more tion. We are living in a time of than that by his life he show uncertainty and the minds of ed us that we can do it. Jesus We reveals himself to those who people are disturbed. are looking for security and love him and through that peace, but where can it be revelation we receive the found. There is no peace or capacity for love that lifts us security for a person outside above this world and brings of surrender to God and us into direct communion obedf.ent service to Christ. with God the Father, who is People will do or try to do always best described as "The most anything you ask except God of Love." a spiritual responsibility. Ask CAMP BRANCH a person to go out and teach a Sunday School cljass, or NEWS superintend a Mission Sunday School and they use all Sunday School attendance for March 14 was 35. kind of excuses. Miss Versa Profitt visited Now, a thought for this week. Would you serve the Nannie Lou Sergent Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Bill P. SerLord if you knew you couldn't lose? God guarantees that gent visited Mr. and Mrs. you will save your life if you Kelly Ison and Oma at Kirig-doCome Sunday. loose it and service to mm. God has the only perfect ecoMrs. Ira Muliins and boys "He that visited Mr. and Mrs. Harrison nomic system loveth his life shall lose it; Profitt Saturday. and he that hateth his life Mr. Oscar Profitt has been in this world shall keep it very sick but is better' at this unto life eternol" (John 12: writing. 25). God guarantees that if Miss Oma Fae Ison visited you save your life you will Mr. and Mrs. Bill Parnell Serlose it, but if you lose it you gent and children Tuesday will save it forever you can't and Wednesday of last week. beat that for economy. The Carol Sergent returned home world says save you will be with her and spent a few rich, but God says lose it so days. rich forever. you will be MrsArnold Lowe and God's economic system is the Arnold, Jr., visited Mrs. surest of any and yet costs Enoch Sergent and Nannie the least. His system requires Lou Tuesday. you first, then what you have. Mrs. Enoch Sergent and The world is waiting for Nannie Lou visited Mrs. suckers, but God is looking James Ralph Clay and for servants. Deborah Wednesday. See you next week. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Lowe i and Arnold, Jr., visited Mr. BEREA COLLEGE HONOR- and Mrs. Richmond Lowe and ED BY SENATORS Vona at Colly Friday. Senator Earle C. Clements Mrs. James Ralph Clay and and Representative John C. Deborah Joan and Mrs. Bill Watts today introduced con- Parnell Sergent visited Mr. current resolutions in the and Mrs. Enoch Sergent and United States Senate and the Nannie Lou Friday. House of Representatives Mr. and Mrs. William Taycommemorating Berea Col- lor and family are visiting lege in Berea, Kentucky upon Mr. and Mrs- Frank Taylor its 100th anniversary. and family. The resolutions introduced by Senator Clements and TROUT RELEASED Representative Watts extends Ten . thousand additional the best wishes of the Govranbow trout, about 5 inches ernment and people of the United States to Berea Col- long, will be released below lege upon the observance of Lake Cumberland Dam in its Centennial Anniversary in Cumberland River within the 1955. The College has plan- next few days. This will be ned Centennial celebrations' the second addition this during 1955 in order to ap- spring, since 10,000 of the same size trout were added propriately honor the last week. - Asso-riation- al - m VFW The WWitesburg Ladies Auxiliarv met at the Post Clubhouse on Thursday night for the purpose of elect- -. ing officers for 1954. Elected to serve during the coming year were: Irta C. Hunsucker, Presi- dent; Madge H. Combs, Sr., Kathleen Vice - President; Campbell, Jr., Fields, Treasurer; Rudell Mildred B- - Jenkins, Secretary; Stansberry, Chaplain; Juanita S. Pitts, Conductress; Nellie E. Adams, Guard; Carolyn Frazier, Inez Wil- liams, and Percie Hunsucker, Trustees; Historian, Katheryn btallard; Patriotic Instructor, Juanita Holbrook; Wanda Hogg, Lottie Dixon, Percie Hunsucker and Ruby Combs, Color Bearers; Flag Bearer, Banks; Banner Bear-Carolyn Frazier. er, Plans and the menu were completed for the Athletic Banquet which will be pre- sucker, and Loretta Banks, Vice-Preside- Spring-Conferen- nt; , ce frost-Loret- ta LETOHER COUNTIANS MAKE PLEDGES TO PIKEVILLE COLLEGE Dr. A. A. Page, president; of Pikeville Junior College, to day released names of 307 alumni, including five Letcher. Countians, who have made pledges in the school's "living endowment campaign. Letcher County alumni who have made pledges are Eulah P. Maggard, Isom; Franklin W. Sanders, Jenkins; Mrs. W. D. Sanders, Jenkins; Mrs. Boaz Smith, Levi; and Roxie Sumpter, Gordon. Several hundred Lexington-ian- s and high school students from throughout the state were guests this week at the University of Kentucky's annual Biological Sciences Open House. for the open house were the UK Bacteriological Society, the Keeneland Foundation Electron Microscope Laboratory and the departments of anatomy and physiology, bacterology, botany and zoology. Co-hos- ts FURNITURE BARGAINS LIVING ROOM SUITES 12 pc. New Wine Tapestry Cover $ pc. Biege Wool Freize Cover. Used like new 13 Reg. $289.50, Now pc. Green 13 New, Reg. Floral Tapestry $299.95. Now 99-5- 0 $189.5Q Cover. Used Like $199.50 12 pc Sofa Bed Suite New. Reg. $199.50 Now $139.50 BED ROOM SUITES pc. 13 Reg. Bed Room Suite, Wal. Finish $159.50. Now $119.50 pc. 13 Reg. Bed Room Suite, Walnut Waterfall, $139-50$199.50. Now pc. 13 Reg. Bed Room Suite Walnut Finish. 129.50. Now $ 69.501 Good selection of dinnette suites, kitchen cabinets, and many other items at bargain prices. Trade in your old furniture on any item in our store. ) FORD FURNITURE COMPANY NEON, KENTUCKY LETCHER COUNTY DEVELOPMENT, ASS'N., Inc. INSURANCE BOARD OF DIRECTORS ALL KINDS I Nolan, Pearl Whitesburg Oldham, John C. McRoberts Polly, Randall Whitesburg Price, Russell Whitesburg Price, Roland Whitesburg Potter, Bill Jenkins Polly, John H. Mayking Quillen, Dr. Sam Neon Spears, Ora D. Seco Tucker, Bill Neon Tarletpn, George Day. Raymond Whitesburg Dann, Carl McRoberts Adams, Moses C., Fleming Adams, Ben A., Fleming Ammerman, Lewis, Whitesburg Banks, Arthur T. Whitesburg Baker. Dan Neon Bumgardner, T. V. Day, W. B. Cromona Fitzpatrick, Carl Jenkins Fields, Bert Jenkins Gish, B. F. Jenkins Cromona Holstein, Coy , Whitesburg Holbrook, Jesse Millstone Isaac, T. D. Deane Jackson, Guy W- Neon Johnson, Ezra Jenkins Jordan, W. R. Burkich, Jack Blackey Belcher, John Jackhorn Combs, Kermit Whitesburg Collins, Arnold Whitesburg Crosthwait, Kenneth Whitesburg Caudill, James M. Neon Craft, Jack Neon Craft, Dave L-Mayking Caudill, Charles Blackey Cooper, Dr. Lee OUR SERVICE PLEDGE To merit your lasting friendship to merit your lasting geedwiiUwe wperwte our service business in accordance tnth the foUowinq principles- WE WILL accurately diagnose to the best of our ability the repairs needed on your car. If you request it, we will give you in advanca our analysis of the work to be done. WE WILL write up your order clearly, completely and legibly; and secure your authorization to do the work before starting. i WE WILL your approval before proceeding. perform all work on your car as efficiently and as economically as possible. We will replace only those parts which in our judgement need repacing. your car after the work is done WE WILL road-tes- t and before we return the car to you, if the nature of the work requires it. WE WILL endeavor to have your car ready on time. If the work takes longer than we estimate, we will advise you as far in advance as possible. WE WILL provide you with an itemized bill showing exactly what work was done and exactly what it cost. We will gladly explain any item or items that are not clear to you. Jenkins WE WILL Witt, J. L. Jenkins Webb, M. L. Mayking Wormsley, Harlan Fleming Wright. Dr. B. F. Jenkins Lewis, Gordon R. Whitesburg Seco Crase, B. H. Jenkins EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Pres. and Chairman 1st Vice-Pre- s. KENNETH J. CROSTHWAIT GORDON R. LEWIS 2nd. 3rd SETH KEGAN DR. SAM QUILLEN GUY W. JAOKSON notify you in a&vance of any additional work'we think should be done, and secure Wilfong, A. B. Johnson, Morgan 'McRoberts Kincer, Hillard Neon Kegan, Seth Letcher See Garnett Insuramce Agency Telepkene 326 KENTUCKY HAZARD Jenkins Jenkins KYVA MOTOR CO., Vice-Pre- s. Vice-Pre- s. Executive Secretary and Treas- - WHITESBURG, he. KENTUCKY ' I EXECUTIVE COUNSEL (P Kenneth J. Crosthwait Ben Sergent Dr. B. F- - Wright Robert Williams James M. Caudill Roland Price Gordon R. Lewis Seth Kegan Dr. Sam Quillen Guy W. Jackson W. P. Nolan J. L. Witt , Roy Gilley Dr. Lee Cooper v I Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Industrial Development Committee I I Coordinator Walter Koch I ' Paul Vermillion George Tarleton Archie Craft John Dan Baker PRESIDENT Kenneth J. Crosthwait - - served by the members of the Ladies Auxiliary at the Post Clubhouse, Fri- day, March 26th. Each member was urged to prepare something for Satur- day's tsaice bale, from this sale will be donated to the Red Cross, of the A Ladies Auxiliary and the VFW of the Department of Kentucky will be held in Haz- ard, March 26, 27, and 28th. All Department officers will be present. These Cohfer-Iren- e ences give a better under- standing of the work being done throughout the Depart- ment. The Whitesburg Auxi- liary urges as many of their members to attend as possible. This is the hrst Department meeting in Eastern Kentucky since 1949 and will prove to be a very interesting affair. A delicious salad and ed cupcakes were served to: Katheryn Stallard, Nellie E. Adams, Faye Goff, Juanita Pitts, Lottie Dixon, Mildred Jenkins, Ina Hunsucker, by the hostesses, Percie Hun- - THURSDAY, MARCH 11, 1954 Executive Secretary Guy W. Jackson GENERAL COMMITTEES AND CHAIRMEN Housing and Civic Improvement Committee: Ben P- - Sergent, Pres. Home Lumber CoHealth and Sanitation Committee: Dr. B. F. Wright Seco Hospital Publicity Committee s W. P. Nolan, Publisher The Mountain Eagle Tourist Promotion and Recreation Committee: Robert Williams, Disk Education Committee Dr. Lee Cooper, Pres. Stuart Robinson School Agriculture Committee Roy Gilley, Owner Farmers' Supply Co. Transportation Committee J. L. Witt L. & N. Representative Business and Industrial Development Committee: Executive Council and George Tarleton, Pres. Consolidation Coal Co. ' Oil Co- Paul Vermillion, Asst. Cashier, Municipal Planning Committee Bank of Whitesburg James M. Caudill, Judge Archie Craft Letcher County Finance and Membership Committee State Senator John C. Oldham Roland Price Coal Operator Coal Operator Dan Baker Merchant - Rep-Standar- d FOR THAT RAINY DAY! The wise man doesn't wait 'til the rain falls before he gets himself an umbrella. Same sound sense applies to financial j "rainy days". The money you meant to save but didn't won't do you a bit of, good. Only money that will count is' what you DID save . . . regularly, system- -' atically, every pay day. Let your ever-H growing- savings account be your "urn- IJbrella" . . . and you can take life's "rainy days" in your stride. . - - ' Bank Of Whitesburg limber Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY

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