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Image 1 of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.), April 16, 1970

Part of Jefferson reporter (Buechel, Ky.)

.itacd as ttcdvod IVcrl: to bo ty Carlo prc::r.?d By Glee Crutcher Staff Writer delightful and colorful swan song for Mrs. Kenneth A. Robbie will occur April 24 and 23 on the stage of Kentucky Home School with the production of "The Admirable Crlchton," written by James A it?; Barrle. Voice photo by Marilyn Frederick WORKING ON ONE of the decorations for the charity ball of the Younger Woman's Club are. from left, Mrs. James Hardy, Mrs. Victor S. DeGeorge and Mrs. Louis Dolt. 11 will be "A Heritage to Remember" on this Saturday night at the Executive Inn Canterbury Room, Making the scene will be the members of the Younger Woman's Club of St. Matthews and their guests at the club's ball. annual charity 11th The theme, all historic, was selected in keeping with the Kentucky Federation of Women's Clubs' 75th anniversary. The "efforts to make history live again-f- or one evening anyway have been endless. From the village, guests will enter an actual living . room decor centered the Canterbury Room's huge fireplace. There on each side will be gs titled "Declaration of Sponsors." Here, too, sponsors' names will be listed, as well as on trlcorn hats placed stateglcally on hat racks, wall-hangin- Mrs. Duke Owens and her committee planned this setting. Centerpieces described Centerpieces for the tables have been made out of hurricane lamps surrounded The uniqueness of the decorations; all created by members under the guidance of chairman Mrs. James Wrlsht, will be c' rly evf nt t tve entrance to r; r 1. .: Ts v 31 ' i....ualure will ta set up. - 1 "We're calling this sponsors alley," Mrs. Wright said, "a place where our backers can be featured on the tiny store fronts and signs." Mrs. Earl CBannon, In charge of this facet of the decorations, has kept herself and her committee busy painting huge refrigerator cartons to transform them into authentic - looking Williamsburg homes. Medicine bottles were used for the tiny outdoor lights and coat hangers form the wrought-iro- n railings. Flower boxes filled with artificial flowers and brass door knobs of the stores (they're really polished buttons) add the finishing touches. HERE'S ONE of the centerpieces for Saturday's ball a hurricane lamp with magnolia leaves, other blossoms. a wonderful play," says Libby "It begins in the drawlngroom of Lord Loam's mansion ln London with Crlchton as the perfect butler. Then the scene moves on to the barren Island and depicts how the aristocrats and servants shift positions and Crlchton turns Into the perfect leader while still remaining a servant." Hunt Mlddleton plays the Earl of Loam and other leading parts are taken by Becky Denham, Katsy Johnston, and Barbara Tafel, who play the Ladies Mary, Catherine, and Agatha Lasenby. Robbie, Gray Is the Hon. Ernest Woolley, Hunt Helm Is the Rev. John Trehern, and Caldwell Wllllg is Lord Brockle-hurs- t. Proceeds from the sale of patron and sponsor tickets already received or pledged total $4,804. Mrs. Joe Chiles was chairman of this committee. Hostesses for the affair will be dressed In Colonial gowns. Two husbands volunteered to wear powdered wigs and uniforms and stand guard at the door. Members acting as hostesses will be Mrs. Michael Kavanaugh, Mrs. C. Edward Davis, Mrs. Robert Southall, Mrs. Edsel Rawllngs, Mrs. Letcher Collins, and Mrs. Burton Ross. The dance Is open to the public. Reservations are being taken by Mrs. Gerard Parker, 403 Cherrywood Rd., and Mrs. Edward Davis, 4087 Gllman Ave. '' Especially for he Family LJ LJ Li Li I J outstanding women asked to join 10 Fillies as Derby Ball hostesses semble bright butterflies as they hand silver programs. Mrs. Oscar C. Wright, Jr., 33 River Hill Rd.. Is chairman of the hostesses for the ball, given annually by the Fillies, the group of young women who start off the Derby festivities each April with a dance and the exciting spin of the wheel which points to the name of the Derby Festival Queen, prior to the the Fillies, In secret conclave, elect five outstanding college girls, representative of Kentucky, as princesses. One of them will be chosen queen. This year's hostesses are Mrs. John Akers, Jr., Mrs. Byron Brubaker, Mrs. Fred Burdorf, Jr., Mrs. Basil P, Caum- out the Staff Writer Ten outstanding women in the community have been Invited to Join 10 Fil- lies to act as hostesses for the Derby Festival Ball April 24 at Convention Cen- ter. The decorations all will be black and white and silver with two accents in the cloths on all red the tables and the capes that will be attached to the evening gowns at the back of the neck and at the wrists of the hostesses. When the women escort guests to their reserved seating arrangements, the capes will open up and re- - . r-- J J fop s i daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Theodore DEBBIE RICH, Rich of 9818 Somerford Road, was congratulated by master of ceremonies Van Vance after she won the first preliminary of the 1970 WHAS Crusade Talent King and Talent Queen Contest. Miss Rich, a Junior at Westport High School, won over seven other girls with a routine. She will compete in the final contest 4 on Mfy 17, , tap-dan- ce L ns, as speaker. Registration may be made by 2. the council office at Luncheon tickets will be $1. tela-phon- lng 451-071- lo m Li Li LJ Low price cltaning charges V .'71 ) V Mc-Gra- th, . . end get Mrs. John W. Rulketter, Jr., 4246 Westport Ter., is president of the Fil- 4 PdQT PldfC MoldCTS lies. Princesses listed Christie Barrett Crutcher, : Women, li.j plus usual The five Derby princesses were announced last week. Four of them are residents of this area of the county. They are: X'' ?''' u. Li Li Li --J mlsar, Mrs. Richard B. Condon, Miss Elizabeth Crady, Mrs. T. William Cra- dy, Mrs, Daniel W. Hallenberg and Mrs. James D. Hicks, Others are Mrs. Richard Jelsma, Mrs. James R. Kane, Mrs. James P. Kelly, Mrs. Herman M. Kessler, Mrs. Donald B. Kurfees, Mrs. Edward J. n, Mrs. John W. Manning, Mrs. Earle H. Runyan, Mrs. Y. Peyton Wells and Mrs. Miller Wyatt. . The annual meeting of the Kentucklana Girl Scout Council will be held at 10 am Monday, April 20, at the Buechel "l Ctmrch, 2317 K'.Ves, VnUl La., v.... i chair man of the Kentucky Commission on H(l' uO LJ , Girl Scout Council r- iiiOro your family's II Bab-cock- "We were able to dig up a few authentic costumes, but not nearly enough," Mrs. Cooke said. "So the members of my committee put our heads together and had the most fantastic luck. On mother appeared with Issues of a fashion magazine published ln New York in the 1890's, complete with color plates. We worked directly from the plates and bought silks and other materials and r '"-'- . "- r- fwrri,, c' t a . i,uuoi hi i..j rooLumes lioin scratch, mora than 30 of them. Some of the girl leads have four change; rve had plenty of help or It couldnt have been done." r," v' Other mothers, Including Squire 's, are laboring with hammers and saws and paint brushes over at Kentucky Homo, building the sets for the London drawlngroom and the stark Island and coming up with the proper props for each scene. Ray Boring of Country Day Is a consultant. Llbby Robbie will have a real send-o- ff on her 15th production. Llbby, who lives at 432 Kaelln Dr., Is ln a final whirl before moving to Minnesota this summer. In addition to directing "The Admirable Crlchton," she is the drama and art teacher at KHS and Is directing a play that will be presented April 22 by the Woman's Club of Louisville. "I'm hoping to become connected with school and little-theat- er groups at Minneapolis as soon as we become settled," she says. Proper costumes scarce Suburban 10 By Glee Crutcher Debra Anderson is the Countess of Brocklehurst and Ann Nevlls plays Tweeny. There are 22 other speaking and parts ln the play. Meantime , sewing machines have been humming away, running up the beautiful silk and satin costumes called for ln the four acts. Mrs. Albert M. Cooke, 3718 Crocus Ln., whose daughter has a walk-o- n part, Is ln charge of making the gowns for the girls, and Mrs. Kenton D. Leatherman, park Boundary Road, heads the committee for the outfitting of the boys. Cf Th Cc.'orsicl touch Ceiled sponsors elley from "The Admirable Crlchton" are, from left, Barbara Tafel, Katsy Johnston, Hunt Middleton, Ann Nevils (in rear) and Becky Denham. The play is by James Barrie. 'It's ot) IS IN THIS SCENE Robbie. by live magnolia leaves and artificial blossoms made by members from crepe paper. For a backdrop surrounding chet Cllne's orchestra, Mrs. Louis Dolt and her, committee have painted a typical scene from the early era on nine (9 cardboard frames. "The beautiful thing about this backdrop Is that next year we can use them again," Mrs. Dolt said, "simply by painting over this year's scene." Mrs, Jerry Wlebusch is of the decorations committee. According to Mrs. Thomas W. Blackwood, general chairman of the ball, proceeds from this year's event will go to Jewel Manor Girls' Center and Central Kate Hospital; All money donated by piniresses goes to tnecnartty fund except i Llbby. "A wonderful play" Vounger Woman's Club 11th charity ball Saturday Marilyn Frederick Staff Writer v Squire Babcock, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry K. Babcock, will tread the boards in the leading role of the Admirable Crlchton, the butler of an aristocratic family which becomes shipwrecked on a Pacific island. He turns into the leader of the desperate group and saves the day for everyone. 'A HERITAGE TO REMEMBER' By This will be the 15th annual play lib-b- y Robbie has directed and will be her last ln Louisville. She and her husband and family are moving to Minneapolis in June. Rehearsals have been going on Monday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings for weeks. The cast was chosen from the Junior classes at Kentucky Home and Louisville Country Day School and dozens of mothers have pitched Into make the 1890 costumes and build and paint the sets. It seems as if everyone has gotten into the act to make this the best production ever put on by the two schools and a real tribute to Made of Heavy Plastic Clothing is inspected, disinfected and deodorized with disinfectant and hung individually on hangers in our spacious vault. Your garments are protected from moths, theft, fire or other summer damage. You pay nothing until fall. Clothing can be taken out singly or in groups provided the storage charges are paid. Extra boxes are available at no extra charge.' dry-cleane- d, 20, the daughter of Mrs. Thomas Baber Crutcher, Jr., 182 Bow Ln., is a Junior at the University of Kentucky where she is majoring ln sociology, She Is a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority. Joy Lynne Holmes, 18, is a freshman at Indiana University, a major ln philosophy and a Pi Beta Phi pledge. She attended Eastern High School, Middle-tow- n, and Is the daughter of Dr, and Mrs. Eugene M. Holmes, Anchorage. as a Starr Sprlgg, 19, Is well-knobackstroker on the swimming team at Plantation Country Club. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William W. Sprlgg, Jr., 2406 Brannlng Rd., she is a freshman at the University of Alabama and a member of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. Barbara Harding Mangel, 18, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Castle man Mengel, Jr., Prospect, attends the University of Louisville where she is a psychology major and a pledge of Kappa Delta sorority. The fifth princess Is Susan Thoma-so- n. 19, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William W. Thomason, London. She Is majoring ln merchandising at the University of Kentucky and is a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. For Indoor and Outdoor Serving SPECIAL LADIES' & MEN'S RAINCOATS Beautifully cleaned and . ihewar proof l. Itgular 5l $2.35 volu- .- if I.U7 Phone 533-762- 1 At Your Door or Neighborhood i M peoDfe ) ' Start Main office and plant -- 91 5 S. 6th St. nOtiCe tesBaefetfS uucs UO' A

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