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Page 300 of B.O. Gaines history of Scott County / B.O. Gaines. (vol. 2)

300 MOUNT ADMIRABILIS. MOUNT ADMIRABILIS, FOUNDED IN 1673. White Sulphur, Scott County. t HlP school now located at Cardome was founded in 1875 at White Sulphur. Few of the educational institutions of our country have more interesting settings, historically considered, than did our "Mount Admirabilis." White Sulphur is inseparably associated with the history of the church in Kentucky; and it likewise represents a page of the State's social life. Pupils of "Mount Admirabilis" will remember the old Sulphur Spring in the narrow dell just beyond the convent grounds, and the pile of stones on the hill above, the ruins of the hotel built for the accommodation of guests when the White Sulphur Springs of Scott county annually drew large crowds to their healthful retreats. K z -l IIs 1111E First Catholic Church in Kentucky. It was at White Sulphur that one of the first churches in Kentucky was built. For a number of years the little log structure did service; but increasing membership and prosperity enabled the congregation, in i8i5. to build a new, more substantial and appropriate house of worship, which was placed under the patronage of St. Pius. Thirty- eight years afterwards the Covington Diocese was erected, with the Rt. Rev. G. A. Carrel as first bishop. The retire- ment found at White Sulphur was congenial to the scholarly prelate, and here much of his time was spent. He built an episcopal residence near the church and opened a school for boys. The instisution prospered until the breaking out of the war for Southern independence, when the students laid down their books to take up arms for the South and her cause, or against it. An asylum for orphan boys succeeded the college, bat this, too, failed, and in i875 the Sisters of - z I i i i

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