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Image 3 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), January 20, 1955

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

'THURSDAY, JAN. 20, 1955 HOMEMAKERS CORNER by - Roberta few 1 Halcomb fpfi' Home Agent THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY one by coming into the Extension Office (ibasement of. the Whitesburg Post Office) or writing your County 'Agent, Robert H. ij'ike, or me. Fruit for the home is another important part of farming. We aiso have a good bulletin on "Trie Home Fruit Garden." o STAIN REMOVAL Do you get your clothes stained with fingernail polisn'r Here is how to remove- th stain: GARDENS Acetone or These mornings may seem mighty nippy, but this is a removers. aceOn any material exca-pgood time to plan your garden if you haven't already tate rayon or vinyon, sponge done so. In most places the the stain with acetone or a garden should produce enough commercial nail poilsh" removfood for the family all sum- er. mer and an extra amount to Grease solvent and banana oil can or freeze to last through (aniyl acetate) the winter. Make your plans Use this treatment on any including acetate to include at least 15 vegeta- material bles at least one of which rayon and vinyon. First wet is a new one to you. The bul- the stain well with carbon letin, "The Vegetable Garden tetrachloride or gasoline; then Month by Month," is a very apply a drop of ibanana oil to good one and you may have the stain. Brush lightly with a - nail-polis- h t soft cloth, using an upward motion to pick up the dissolved polish. For heavy soap stains use with .the banana oil. dry-cleani- ng Bleaches To remove any color remaining after the polish itself has been dissolved, apply a bleach. Test the oloth for change in color first. Hydrogen peroxide perborate and solium Sponge with clear water and then with a solution of one teaspoon perborate to one pint hydrogen iperoxide. I f the stain still shows, sprinkle Powdered sodium perborate on the stain and let stand half an hour. Rinse well with clear water. meet at 9:30 Wednesday mor- thickened. Add seasonings. ning, January 26 in the Coun- Line greased casserole with ty Agent's Office; half the 'buttered crumbs. Top with layers of eggs, peas and white sauce, ending with eggs. RECIPE: Gentle cooking is the only Cover with remaining butterway to make an egg delicately ed crumbs. Bake in medium tender, say home economists oven, 350 degrees until sauce at the University of Kentuc- bubbles and crumbs are ky. Whether the egg is fried, brown. Serves 8. poached or hard cooked, it Menu: Scalloped eggs and should be cooked at low o peas, green beans, ibuttered medium temperature to pre- carrots; grape fruit salad, biscuits, buttered chocolate vent toughening the white. 6-- Scalloped Eggs and Peas 6 eggs 2 c cooked 3 t butter 1 SECO HOMEMAKERS peas t minced onion 4 t flour milk t salt. Hydrosnlfite 18 t pepper Apply one of the hydrosui-fite- s 1 c buttered crumbs Cover eggs with cold water, available at drug stores as a color remover. Follow di- bring to boiling point, then reduce heat to simmering for 20 rections on the package. o minutes. Cool in cold water, SCHEDULE: peel and slice. Melt butter, add onion and cook slowly There are no regular meetings next week, until clear; blend with flour, but the council is scheduled to add milk slowly and stil until home-make- 2c 1 rs The Seco Homemakers met at the home of Mrs. Opal Tuggle on January 13, for their regular monthly meeting. The meeting was called to order by the president, Miss Charlotte Daniels. The scripture was read by Stella Smith 'Psalm 111. The Secretary and Treasurer, Mrs. Irene McClelland gave a report of the treasury and minutes, and called the Earnest Hall, 18; Sycamore Delmar Adams, 26; Smoot Creek Tommy Fugate, 15; Whitco Shirley Joyce Banks, 39; Sergent 20; Twin Bridge 7; Thomas 12. MOTTO: TO MAKE THE BEST BETTER. Let us give our boys and girls every possible opportunity for a well rounded education and chance in life.t U your H Club "doesn't have the officers listed send them to the County Extension Office, Whitesburg, Ky. These are needed. roll. Those present were the following: Mesdames Carrie Banks, Odie Dingus, Irene McClelland, Polly Davidson, Stella Smith, Eva Spicer, Ol-l- ie Kate Boggs, Oka Wright, and Miss Charlotte Daniels. Miss Martha Fitch brought as her guest to the meeting, Mrs. Bonnie Sue Stallard. OPal Tuggle gave a very interesting talk on house plants and how to care for them. Since our lesson was on sewing equipment, and Opal being a seamstress, she discussed the different kinds of scissors that would be the most useful, the kinds of pins needed, and also explained the Tracing Wheel. Delicious refreshments were served by the hostess. Plans were discussed on how to raise money. Mrs. Lola Hopper Chairman of Publicity 4-- Poster Boy FARM POTES ROBERT H. FIKE H Clubs can be an portant part of any 4-- im- 1 Now. a 12 bottle J! DeThe main objective veloping Boys and Girls. There is a part in a H Club for every individual of a community. Are you taking your part? The following is a list of nts and enrollment of the club: Others should be. organized ; with everyone's help more can be organized. Bear Brandh 12; Bottom Fork Wendele Sparks, 19; Carcassonne Tommy Ray Francis, 31; Colson. Judy Lane Kiser, 47; Coyles Branch 8; Dixon Peggy Sue Dixon, 20; Eolia (Cumberland Valley) 'Roberta Ann Smith, 64; Haymond 39; Kingdom Come 19; Little Colly 27; Lower Kings Creek 19; Lower Millstone Jimmy Bentley, 30; Marlowe Betty Jo Hat-to23; Mayking Stane Adams, 22; Mill Branch Billy Dean Adams, 19 ; Pert Creek 4-- clubs-jpreside- GALEN MILLER THURMAN HI, Murray, Ky., polio patient, is too late for the newly developed Salk polio vaccine, but has high hopes of some day walking again without braces. He is the "Poster Boy" of the Calloway County March of Dimes for 1955. n, The world's largest undera ground mine locomotive six hundred Horse-powgiant capable of hauling HO loaded coal mine cars, each of nearly 15 tons capacityis in use in the Mathies Mine in Pennsylvania. er REPORT OF CONDITION OP THE BANK OF NEON, INC. OF NEON IN THE STATE OF KENTUCKY AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON DECEMBER 31, 1954. 1. 2. 6. 7. 11. Assets Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balances, and cash items in process of collection $ 397.67&30 United States Government obligations, direct 449,427.50 and guaranteed 367,422.55 Loans & discounts (including $1,140.61 overdrafts) 3,450.77 Bank furniture and fixtures 4,200.00 Other assets 12. TOTAL 13. 14. ASSETS $1,222,179.12 Liabilities Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, . and corporations $ 727,784.3'5 Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 242,597.10 Deposits of United States Government (including postal savings) 18,073.33 Deposits of States and political subdivisions 80,210.45 Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc.) 14,499.91 TOTAL DEPOSITS $1,0S3,165.23 Other liabilities 26.40 ! 15. 16. 18. 19. 23. LIABILITIES (not including subordinated obligations shown below $1,0S3,191.63 24. TOTAL Capital Accounts Capital .. 2G. Surplus 27. Undivided profits 25. $ 50,000.00 50,000.00 3S.9S7.43 ; 29. TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS 30. TOTAL LIABILITIES and CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $1,222,179.12 $ 138.9S7.49 This bank's capital consists of 500 shares common stock with total par value of $50,000.00 MemorandaAssets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and - 31. for other purposes So easy to take home. So welcome when it gets there. OITtlO Coca-Col- a SHOCK ADHOIHT Q TIM COCA-CO- U COMPANY above-name- herein-containe- (SEAL) d d GUY W. JACKSON D. V. BENTLEY JAMES M. CAUDILL 0vt.MCdCAKA $ 315,000.00 I, Loren C Bentley, Cashier, of the bank, do solemnly (swear)(affirm) that the above statement is true, and it fully and correctly represents the true state of the several matters and set forth, to the best of my knowledge and belief. Correct Attest: LOREN C. BENTLEY X Bottling Works , Wliitesburg, Kentucky 1 ) Directors. ) ) State of Kentucky, County of Letcher, ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 17th day of January, and I hereby certify that I am not an .officer or director of this bank. My commission expires December 20, 1955. W. S. TOLLIVER, Notary Public 1955,

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