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Image 4 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), January 31, 1946

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE. WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY PAGE FOUR OUfr.PEMOCRACY- - Burdine, Ky. Cpl. Herbert Ray Short and Miss Rudell Tucker were united in marr- age Friday evening, Jan. 25, by the Rev. H. B. Scott, of Wico, Ky. Mr. Short spent three years in service, two overseas- At present they are with the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Tucker. by Ray Where Opportunity Beckons In a democracy, opportunities for. inpividual pro&ress are inherent. large businesses often grow from a small store great industries from a single idea. theke are risks. but there is also promise of reward. - John F. "Bug" Huffman telephoned his parents. Mr. and Mrs. John Huffman of McRob-ert- s, Ky. He is now stationed in the E. T. O- The call was put through from Switzerland. He was in good health and is very anxious to get back to the home soil. Formerly with the 36 (Texas) Inf. Div. John is now with the 625 Ord. - i 111 ii i us Movement to Grow "Trees for Tomorrow Washington. D. C. The rapidly spreading, nationwide movement to grow "trees for tomorrow" has a new leader in Colonel William B- - Gree- ley, prominent American for- ester, it was announced Friday night, January 25, in Portland, Oregon. Colonel Greeley's appointment as chairman of the board of directors of American Forest Products Industries, Inc. was disclosed at a dinner given in his honor, attended by foresters and forestrymen from all parts of the nation. Colonel Greeley will retire from the position of secretary-managof the West Coast Lumbermen's Association, which he has occupied for 18 years, to accept the appointment. In his new work, Greeley will head an movement sponsored by all the forest industries to stimulate the growing of more trees on privately owned forest lands. Corydon Wagner, Tacoma, Washington, chairman of the administration committee of AFPI, announced the appoint er THURSDAY, JAN. 31, 1946. ment, paying tribute to Gree- ty of California in 1901. He ley by saying, "No man in this entered the U. S. Forest Sercountry is so generally known vice in 1904 and in 1911 was to have more understanding appointed Assistant Forester knowledge and to have exert- in Washington, D. C. After serving with distinced more constructive leadership in the establishment of tion in the first World War, as practical and progressive for- chief of the forestry section of estry principles than Colonel the division of 'construction and forestry, he was decoratGreeley." In accepting the appoint- ed by America, France and ment, Colonel Greeley stated Great Britain. In 1920 he bethat in the tree farm move- came chief of the U. S. Forest ment America was fast mov Service and in 1928 moved ining toward a forest economy. to the position which he now sucn as is practiced in Swed- leaves to accept his new post en and Finland. He pointed with American Forest Prodout that those two countries ucts Industries, Inc. were known to have forests which today still yielded unCard of Thanks diminished crops after more We want to express our than 400 years of continuous gratitude to all who were good cutting and growing. to help us during the sickness "Our job is to grow more and death of our husband and trees," he said. "America's father, Billie Williams. forests are one great natural Your kindness was a great resource which need never be comfort to our hearts, also we exhausted." want to thank each and every Colonel Greeley was gradu- one who sent flowers, also the ated with a degree of Master Brethren who spoke so many of Forestry from the Universi kind words, the ones who and savings accounts -- to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead. DIMES BEAR PORTRAIT OF LATE PRESIDENT A limited supply of new dimes bearing the portrait of the late President Roosevelt is being distributed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland to all banks in the Fourth Federal Reserve District which request them. These new dimes will be made available beginning Wednesday. Janu30, 1946. Distribution of the new .coins is being made to the banks on the basis of population to enable the banks to meet the probable initial de mands of individuals who desire such of the present Liberty-head dime, first minted 29 years ago, will continue to be used for trade requirements, Treasury officials said. Only three other Presidents have been honored similarly by the Treasury Department. The portrait of Lincoln is on the one cent piece, that of Jefferson is on the nickel and that of Washington is on the New York, Jan. 29. Harry st For Sale One new modern home built of native stone, located in Lewis Harvie Addition of Whitesburg, Ky. If interest-Pho9 or see Mr. or Mrs. Noble Wright. ne assistant to the late President Roosevelt, died at 11:35 A. M. today at Memorial Hospital. Hopkins entered the hospital last November. He had been in ill health for several years and resigned his White House post last July 3, saying, "I must take a rest." A hospital attache said the nature of Hopkins' illness had not been determined. He had been reported in serious "but not critical" condition early today. Since leaving Washington Hopkins had been impartial chairman of New York City's cloak and suit industry. He succeeded former Mayor Jas. J. Walker to the post. His salary was reported to be about $25,000 yearly. Born in Sioux Citv. Iowa, he became federal relief administrator during the depression years of the 1930's and later became President Roose velt's closest confidant- ' - Naval Staging Center, Pearl Harbor, T. H. Johnny Fulton Jr., pharmacist's mate, first class, of Seco, Ky., is getting ready to rejoin the ranks oi civilians, together with thou sands of others going through this Naval demobilization cen ter headed for the States. At this staging center, the are prospective discharges grouped according to what separation center they will re port to for their final papers They are placed aboard cargo ships headed for the States as soon as shipping space is available. Behind Your Bonds lies the Might of America Pearl Harbor, T. H. Willie Green, Sic, of Fleming, Ky., is one of 1,059 Navy veterans returning to the States for discharge aboard the USS Hornet, a carrier of the "Magic Carpet" fleet. This ship left Guam, January 15, and is scheduled to arrive in San Francisco about January 29. Kentucky State Eastern Teachers College will offer a special short term beginning February 6 for teachers in county and independent school systems which close in January or early February, and stufor veterans and dents who wish to begin their college work t once. That Runs Itself L. Hopkins, 55, former special coins-Stock- s ar SET FOR FEBRUARY 22 The second annual University of Kentucky Founders Day will be celebrated on the State University campus February 22, according to an announcement by U. K. officials. Features of the celebration will include a convocation in the morning with Governor S. S. Willis as speaker, a complimentary luncheon to the Governor at noon, and a broad-oaat night. Dies in New York e mi-ye- U. K. FOUNDERS DAY Home Harry L. Hopkins Lexington, Ky., Jan. 30 J. E. Palmer, Federal labor conciliator, announced a joint conference would be held Thursday afternoon at Pine-villin a further effort to settle wage differences between Kentucky Utilities Company and the United Construction Workers. The meeting was requested by the union, which reported it' would offer a new proposal to the company, Palmer said. A 30 per cent wage increase was asked originally, but in conferences last week the union agreed to accept 15 per cent. The company stuck to an offer of approximately 10 per cent, however, and the meetmg ended m a stalemate-N- o new deadline has been set for a strike, which would blackout nine Kentucky and Virginia counties, paralyzing coal mines and other ary ;T MAKE YOURS A During the war years, Americans have saved more money than they ever. saved before. they are prepared financially -- through the money thev have put into war bonds, life insurance, Kentucky Utilities and Union To Meet came into our home and helped us in so many ways. May God bless every one, and help our broken hearts over our great loss. Mrs. BilliV Williams ' anfi Family. That will be THE DAY -- - - the day when your Electrical living begins WE OFFER A COMPLETE LINE OF ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES AND APPLIANCES. ELECTRICAL ITEMS. THOSE HARD-TO-GE- T HERE IS A PARTIAL LIST OF OUR STOCK -- COMEIN AND ASK FOR ITEMS NOT LISTED. Water Systems: Ground Rods: Switches: Kalamazoo Deep Well Water Systems Cook Shallow Well Water Systems Cook Deep Well Water Systems Extra 42 Gallon Pressure Tanks Thirty Gallon Hot Water Tanks Pipe and Fittings up to One Inch Pipe Size. Wire: Ground Wire Entrance Cable Armored Cable Romex Cable Single Strand Wire GreenYellow Lamp Cord Rubber Appliance Wire Gold Braid' Appliance Wire . Small Appliances (We Have The Manning-Bowma- n Line of Small Appliances) . Lamps: Desk Lamps Table Lamps Table Lamps Dresser Lamps Intra-Re- d Health Flashlights Wiring Devices & Supplies: Outlet Boxes Switch Boxes BX Connectors Romex Connectors Steel Conduit Lock Nuts Staples Straps Tubes Knobs Fixture Hickey's Ground Rod Clamps Switch Box Covers Receptacles. Porcelain Receptacles, Duplex Outlet Receptacle Covers Key Sockets Rubberized Tape Friction Tape Solder Pigtail Allweather Sockets Cartridge Fuses Round Fuses Doubl" Sockets Plug Bases u' Iron Cords Extension Cords Trouble Lamps Table Taps Fluorescent Light Starters Mogul 3 Way Light Sockets Swivel Sockets Copper Rod, 8' Galvanized Rods, 6'. Service Switches, Surface Service Switches, Flush Light Switch, Three-Wa- y Light Switch, Toggle Light Switch. Pull Chain Light Switch, Round Surface Knife Switch, Single Pole, Single Throw Knife Switch, Double Pole, Double Throw Knife Switch, Double Pole, Single Throw Fuse Blocks Nice Assortment of both Fluorescent and Incandescent Fixtures for all Rooms, Halls Porches or Wherever a Light is Needed. (These Items are Scarce and Supply Varies From Day to Day.). "Associated Items: Estate Heatrolas Stiglitz Warmaire Heaters Kentucky Delight Heaters Ranges Pointer Coal-WoFractional Horsepower Kennedy Tool Kits Mirrors Asphalt Rugs od V-Be- lts HOPKINS BUILDING EAST JENKINS, KY. . : ; Major Appliances: v Crosley Kitchen Units Crosley Shelvador Refrigerators Crosley Electric Ranges Crosley Washers Crosley Ironers Crosley Radios Estate Electric Ranges ic Estate Combination Ranges Estate Electric Hot Plates Estate Electric Water Heaters Apex Washers Apex Sweepers Apex Ironers Armstrong Ironers REGISTER your needs so that you may have early delivery of one or more of these modern labor saving appliances- - Clip this coupon and mail or bring it into our store. When the appliance is ready for delivery we shall notify you and after your inspection and approval deliver the appliance to you. Please reserve the following items they are ready for delivery. for me and notify me when ) ) ) () () () () () () Refrigerator Electric Range Electric Washer Gasoline Washer Electric Ironer Electric Sweeper Electric Radio Battery Radio d Cooking Range ( ( ( LET US SOLVE YOUR WIRING PROBLEMS! We Will Do Your Wiring By The Hour or by Contract. Consumers Electric Store Hot Plates Toasters Fans Irons Percolators Coffee Service Waffle Irons Grills Room Heaters Convection Heaters "Dixie Maid" Churns Coal-Electr- Complete Line of GE BULBS FUTURE IN LUMBER Pin-U- p Lamps Bed Lamps Floor Lamps Electric Lanterns Lamp Fixtures: Bulbs: Always one oi Its main sources ol revenue, lumbering In the. state of Washington holds unlimited bUlUes. Of Its original stand of 530 billion board feet. 280 billion remain. Demands for soft wood, pulp, plywood in industry will expand with peace and add profits to contribute to national wealth behind Victory Bonds. - - 17.-- S. Treasury Depirtmtnt SEE US FOR Coal-Woo- NAME ADDRESS Attach Letter giving size model ordescription and date wanted.

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