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Image 7 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), December 3, 1925

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG. KY. KENTUCKY ILDll AT TIMES "There Is a connection between good roads and safety," says Charles M. Hayes, president of the Chicago Motor club. "When a new road Is built it is generally the practice to see that It Is properly marked, that curves are gentle or that they are that as many railroad crossings as possible are avoided; In other words, the highway engineers of today bring to bear upon their work a knowledge of accident prevention. "It does not matter what kind of a road the new road Is, if it is merely changing a cow path Into a country lane, the builders of the lane will elim inate some of the hazards that ex isted on the cow path. Roads have a close relation to time and time is related to safety. We have only time to spend, we lire and have our being In time, and time nowadays is reckoned not so much In distance as In roads. "If the road from, the motorist's home to his office is bad In places, he tries to make up for the time lost on the bad spots by going faster than he should where the road is good. If the road were all good, he should most likely travel at an even and moderate rate of speed. Bad roads urge driv ers to extra speed. "Bad roads damage cars; they in jure brakes and steering mechanism, and thus are Indirectly responsible for many accidents. "The menace of the glaring head light Is more deadly on the unimproved road. The element of danger that is present In hill climbing is almost entirely eliminated on the Improved road. The danger of skidding on Improved roads is not nearly so great as it is on the unimproved. "Many old roads, built in the horse- days, crossed railroad tracks diagonally; this is, of course, dangerous, and on the new roads one will find that wherever the engineers found It possible crossings are con structed at right angles with the railroad. "Where expensive roads are built, maintenance must be carried on, and as this necessitates a crew of workmen, washouts, and other dangers frequently met with on unimproved roads, are eliminated. If a portion of the Improved road is made impassa ble, construction gangs Immediately post detour signs. "As Improved roads are uniformly wider than the unimproved road the danger of the narrow road Is less ened. We need more consideration of the physical aspects of streets and highways and less of an inclination to crowd laws and ordinances on our books in the forlorn hope that our safety lies in many laws. The building of good highways by competent engineers will decrease accidents." Knoxville, Term. "I took Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Componnd while going tnrough tno I nervous, vu very sleep and could not bad melancholy pells. In fact, I was nearly insane at super-elevate- times and my memory was almost a blank. I was bo weak I could not do my housework half of tha time and suffered dreadfullv with my back. My doctor said I would have to worry it oat and I went through this for three years before I began taking the Vegetable Compound which I saw advertised. I think t was eight bottles that I took. It has been two years since I took any and I haven't had a doctor since for that trouble, I do all my washing and ironing and I have gained from 116 to 188 pounds. I feel so well I think I do not need any medicine now, but I advise all women who suffer physically and mentally as I did to give the Vegetable . Compound a fair trial. I hope it will do as much for them as it did for me." Mrs. T. A. Saunders, 711 E. Depot Street; Knoxville. Tenn. vour noises working witn I "BKJHN'S." Standard rem- 4 TM.AM.n 1 8tranalL InQusnxs, Cough and ex- tColds. i.eea Give to lick and those poMd.Gfr HsPOHN-SforDojtDU. 'temper. Sold by your drursUt. Q not. tmm of. Email twttli 60 easts, large nnu tat free Doesiet es q iiiim. " w rOHN MEBKM, ssssV " " CODt. GOSHEN. WD. faHaSQ I "Cutting teeth u made cast" J MRS.mgLOWS Tke Maatf mnd CMUm'i Ktmlator At all druggists If Oakland, Ntbr Feb. 28, 1323 n Drug Ca. Gentlemen: lemmoTethenSladtounroo I of the experience end result obtained from your wonderful Bhy Medicine. Our second bsby k now seven month cia end ha nevir given us a moment" a trouble. The first and only thing aha has ever taken waaMra. Window's wtufc. ejuc ai tout rerrn nn JS al ways KoiUng and pUyinff. Cutting the use of Mrs. UHlfflCtniT. Won ox mputQ ANGLO-AMERICA215-21- 7 DRUG CO. N Faltea Ste. New York d, Construction of Roads in Arkansas Progresses Light and Shadow in Actors' Lives Charlie Chaplin hurried Into hlg n luxurious suite at the in New York, and an actor said: "Charlie's a good actor, and he de serves his millions. But what a dif ferent fate good actors had in the old days I "Stephen Kemble was a good actor as good as Charlie, maybe. "Well, one day Stephen met a friend, and the friend, a tragedian, complained that he hadn't had a square meal for three days. "'Come with me,' said Kemble. 111 take you to a place where you can eat your fill and it won't cost yon a penny.' "The hungry tragedian laughed for joy, and Kemble led him to an enor mous turnip field on the outskirts of the city. " There,' he said. "Go to If "It was October, a cold October twilight, and the turnip field looked very dismal and uninviting. "This is a cruel Joke, said the tragedian bitterly. Tou've played a cruel joke on me, Kemble.' i "'Joke nothing,' Kemble answered, AS be pulled up a turnip. 'I've dined here myself all the week." Rltz-Carlto- There Is excellent progress through out Arkansas In road building. In 1924 a total of 1,590 miles of Im proved highways were completed and it Is estimated that between seven and ten million dollars will be expended by the state highway department during the present season and that approximately 4,000 men will be employed. This will bring the state's mileage from virtually nothing in 1015 to more than 6,000 miles at the end r period of modem of the first highway building in Arkansas. The formal opening and dedication Springs highof the Little Rock-Hway, which has Just taken place, was one of the most Important events In the highway building history of Ar kansas. ten-yea- ot Billion Dollars for Roads It is estimated that more than one billion dollars will be spent on road construction in the United States in 1925 to build 30.000 miles of new highways. More than 3,000 White trucks are now in use In Michigan and other states In the construction and maintenance of highways, and they aid mightily in the American ideal of good roads built quickly, built for permanence and kept efficient. Louisiana's Hope The small bead-eyemuskrat may yet make Louisiana one of the richest states In the Union. Last year residents along the Gulf coast sold 1,000,000 muskrat pelts for 51 each. Now In England there are small lights on the Department of Agriculture has em ployed a naturalist to see what he can the front fenders of all automobiles to do In making this new Industry per- Indicate the extreme width of the car. d Good Roads Hints - manent Sure Relief 6 Bell-an-s Hot water Sure Relief D FOR ELL-AN-S INDIGESTION 25 and 75$ P ktfs.Sold Everywhere ej KIN IRRITATIONS For their immediate relief and healing doctors prescribe Resinol Generous Christmas Gift Offer Only $3.00 An attractive assortment of our finest toilet good! foronlTja. Included are IUS box of KremolaTft-o- s. 3mntj1l TYlt. Wliaf. 1 cake rrar Oomnlexlon Hoitl (Oa box Delicti raee Powaer, and beaoUf nl Delicts Uonge uompact, suae unnstmas snopping easy d: nMrlna- Mreml of theae exceptional sifts. We wl ftroA each to a different aodreaa If you say ho. Ad HOWi Supply limited. Write for free booklet. C.U. Berry Oct, 9 1 S Michigan AT,CMcm(0 BRIEFS MADE IN KENTUCKY Mrs. Saxmdera Tells How Lydia E. Piakham' Vegetable Componnd POOR ROADS URGE Relieved Troubles of Change TOO MUCH SPEED of Life ige 01 Loie. KILLS WIFE WHO STRAYED, THEN SEEKS OWN LIFE PROGRESS IN FORESTRY NEARLY INSANE American highways are less than half used, but American car owners pay for as much maintenance as though they enjoyed full use of the roads. Nearly half the total Indebtedness of the separate states of the Union was for the construction of highways last year. The states most In debt, it appears, are among the most prosper ous. recent develonment in highway guard protection for motorists is the discovery that a heavy wire link fence can be built strong and resilient enough to withstand the Impact of a car traveling as fast as 40 miles an hour without breaking and without damaging the vehicle to any extent. A A large part of the gasoline taxes paid by motorists are being used for other automotive or highway purposes, charges the American Automobile as of the gas tax. sociation. in seven states, went to other state payments. One-seven- The Pennsylvania department ol highways operated 307 motorcars ol various makes a distance of 3,167,000 miles last year at an average cost of 4.01 cents a mile. The cars averaged 14.5 miles to the gallon of gasoline and 88.1 miles for each quart of olL State Made a Farsiahted In Danville Thirteen couples In the, Perryvllle section of Boyle county Move have been married more than 50 years. Forestry Department. Sparta Thru an arrangement with the Kentucky Power Co., Sparta will Louisville, K. Kentucky made a have electric lights and power within farslghted move In Its the near future. forestry department, H. N. Wheeler, Bowling Green C. A. Thomas of Federal Forest Service lectur said the Oakland section, paid $750 for an here recently in an address. With a State Forester and an As Angora goat, which was shipped to sistant Stat" Forester," he pointed him from South America. out, "a nursprv alreadv established, Columbus A Negro laborer, who and a State-wid- e organization about went to sleep on the railroad track to be perfected, real progress In y here, had both feet cut off when he should be made." It Is time that something should was run over by a small railroad mo be done since, the original timber tor car. growth Is about exhausted, and tires Mt. Sterling Mrs. Mary Senff, 84, each year are making heavy inroads mother of County Judge E. W. Senff into the remaining timber, and are do and G. B. Senff, member of the State stroylnjr thf young trees and the vege- Racing Commission, died at the Mary table soli. Some farm land has.become hospital here. exhausted or so badly eroded, It will Chile's produce nothing but timber, so the Lynch A forestry movement comes at an op Appalachla, celebration was held at marking the completion portune time and can help materiallv of the bridge across Clinch river and In working out n plan to again make productive Kentucky's idle land of the opening of the new highway between Lynch and that city. more than 9,000,000 acres, or d of the State. Under forceful pro gramme of fire suppression, which Is 48,Lebanon Miss Clara Belle Leaks, an Invalid, was burned to death 00 per cent of forestry, and replnn'ng when the home of her brother, Wil barren eroded hillsides, It will be pos liam Leake, was destroyed by fire sible to bring the State back to Its while Miss Leake was alone in the once magnificence, so that its forests house. will produce lumber for the local hwue builder and for export. O. It. Scroggins, Williamstown When Kentucky's forests are again sheep breeder of this country, has pura reality and are filled with the wild chased a carload of Imported hamp- things, people will come from far and shire sheep from England to add to his near to enjoy them, and the Sta'e flock of more than 200 pure-brewill become a real mecca for tourists, sheep. who will leave minions of dollars with her good citizens, the small hotel keepLouisville James B. Smith 60, was er, the mountain farmer, the gasoline seriously burned und his wife, Mrs. vendor, and the small store keeper. Catherine Smith, had her index finger Why not develop the tourist resources burned off in rescuing her husband of Kentucky? Forests pay from every when his clothing caught fire from an point of view. Idle acres and barren open grate. hillsides pay nothing, not even the taxes. Forests make a better and Hickman Mrs. J. O. West, sheriff more contented people. of this county and one of the three wosten sheriffs In Kentucky, made her first arrest when she took a young "SHOOT TO KILL" IS NEW man charged with stealing shoes, off ORDER OF CHIEF TO MEN a train here. Who Worked Two Jobs to Provide for Her, Could Bear No More. Man Jersey City, N. J. "Margaret has started smoking and using a lipstick, perhaps not harmful, but where will it lead to?" wrote George H. Winters, twenty-two- , to his wife's mother. "Oh, Mother Cowles, If Peg ever needed you, it is now. What can we do to get her on her right bearings again?" The other day police entered the Winters apartment at No. 109 Van Wagenen avenue, to find Mrs. Winters, twenty-one- , hacked to death with a kitchen knife while above her body swayed her husband, gritting: "I did it, I did it," through teeth clenched with the pain of a knife wound from which it is said he cannot recover. Worked Two Jobs. Winters worked days as a clerk In the City Hall station of the New York post office and night in a Jersey radio fur-estr- TTliifffl self-inflict- 'Caboose' Work Rubbers ""Wear 2 to 3 times longer than ordinary robbers. You need only to take our word for the first pair. Any of thousands of railroad men, postmen, and others, get such wonderful )who from 'Caboose' Rubbers will tell you this same story. Extra thick and tough white tire tread soles and the heavy y uppers. 'Watershed' a strong cloth top four-pl- with a sheet of waterproof material betwoen castuxMratte nppr and tha Retcm lining. Tela girea absolute protection and axtra warmth. Look for tha 'Big C on tha solo of all Converse Shoa they are etra valo shoes for every member of tha family. ASK YOUR LOCAL DEALER W. Jmckon Blvd, Chlo. m. Foctaryl Ualdao. Him. CONVKS8B RUBBER SHOE CO, BBBBBBBBBBa. one-thir- Wise Guy Frank Lawrence had been trying to W2g- - d Tor orerslctit rsllet to laOamftd eya and ties tu Roman Ere Balsam. Ones triad, always prefarrad. IT Pt&rl St, K. T. JLir. one-ha- lf given Satterly and Robert Ky., "I Did It, I Did Bloomfleld, tions of manslaughter. PARKER'S HAIR BALSAM E&Ir Bsboot m Dandroff-Stor- Chf four-year-o- Wta HINDERCORNS pain, loose, ate, stops convic j Vsllaa; a Rastoras Color and Baantr to Gray and Faded Hair tOeaad O 00 at Dronists. BTaeOT bogaa.N.V, . Ptf Corns. 01- ensures comfort to tha all feat, makes walklsc easr. Uo by mail or at Dree-(lat- a. Blsoox Chemical Works. Patcbogse,M.T. It" store. Before he lapsed Into coma he told police he needed both jobs to support his wife, himself and Mrs. WinLexington A building permit for, ters' son by a previous $50,000 was issued for the building of, marriage, Conrad Williams. From his gasping story detectives the Oleika Temple Shrine Hospital for Crippled Children at the rear of the pieced together the following: ings. Winters returned from work at 3 :30 Maj. John B. Younger, acting chief Good Samaritan Hospital. Work will In the morning to find the child asleep of police, has thrown the entire be started Immediately with the prosweight of the force Into a citywlde pect that the building will be ready alone In the apartment He went to offensive against the criminal. Poss- for occupancy In the coming summer. the flat of Mrs. James MacCrickard and her two daughters, Cecilia and es swept questionable resorts. Scores Danville S. A. Hill prominent form Margaret, in the same building, nnd of suspects were stopped and questioned. Negro floaters were the chief er on the. Shakertown pike, suffered asked for his wife. He was told she targets of the drive, police heads be- an accident to his left hand which was not there. Suspicious, he sought the patrolmar lieving that this class is largely re- necessitated amputation Just above sponsible for the unprecedented out- the wrist. The hand was caught In a on beat and demanded he search the cornhusker and wag badly mangled. MacCrickard apartment. The policebreak of violence. Sergt. Ira Lipscomb and Mr. Hill was tuken to the local hos man refused, without a warrant, and Detective Detective Joseph Hepp, assigned to pital where an examination disclosed Winters went' home again. There he found his wife had returned In the night duty, have been given the task the necessity of amputating. meantime from a party, he said, with of combing negro dives for vagrants. Both are experienced in this line of McHenry Rhoads, state the MacCrickard girls and two men. Frankfort work and promise wholesale arrests. superintendent of public Instruction, She smelt of liquor, Winters sobbed. "The floaters have been caught by has appointed Miss Mildred Lewis, of Frenzied, he killed her. The unmalled letter to Mrs. Winters the sudden cold spell," Major Young- Lexington, state director of music, er said, "They are out of money, won't effective January I, to succeed Miss mother, was found in the apartment. work and are desperate." Caroline Bourgard of Louisville. Miss So it is against the negro vagrant, Lewis has been supervisor of city nn armed and dangerous individual, school music at Ashland, Georgetown Doctor Restores Part of that the latest police offensive has and Lexington. She is a graduate of Tongue Eaten by Microbes been launched. Every member of the the Chicago Conservatory of Music. Tokyo. Strange things In medicine force, forsaking thoughts of regular and surgery are often reported from hours, labored throughout the day, Lancaster Millard Baker, 44 years' Japan, but one of the strangest Is the and far into the night searching cheap old, tenant on the farm of John Eagle, recent case of a girl whose three-Inc- h rooming bouses "flop Joints" and other four miles from here on the Lexing- tongue was eaten up to one inch by resorts where the tramp Is usually ton Pike, was arrested by Sheriff microbes. By cauterization, the surfound, for suspects tallying with de- James Robinson on a charge of mal geons report, they began to restore one scriptions of the men wanted in the icious shooting and wounding. Baker Inch of the organ so that the girl now crimes. Is alleged to have shot Mr. Eagle, has a tongue two Inches in length. The Baker and Officer killings are 52, twice with a gun following an al The patient. Miss Sonoke Torii, police classified as "complete" in the tercation over the division of a crop eighteen years old, found while she ledgers. That Is to say. the slayers of corn which Baker was raising on was attending school that her tongue are In Jail and have made confessions. shares. apparently was getting shorter. WithThe shooting of Emberton, who Is in a few months the tongue had debelieved to be dying from a ghastly Frankfort The State Highway Com creased to such an extent that the girl wound inflicted by a negro bandit. bridge had difficulty in talking. She consultwas the result of n tussle between mission closed the old Hickman county. ed a number of doctors who said they Nelson, Jassamlne the victim and his assailant. Ember at Camp by the commis could do nothing for her. Finally one ton was on his way home when ac The action was taken sion following a report by H. R. Creal, of the most prominent Japanese surebon-huefootpads, costed by two B. Smith geons decided the tongue was "colonboth armed. Instead of obeying their bridge engineer, who with T. engineer, made ized" by unknown microbes. He tried commands to "stick 'em up", Ember' of Winchester, district bridge. cauterization and a "cure" apparently ton grappled with the taller of the an Inspection of the old covered struggle the The bridge was built In 1838 and is was effected. Japanese scientists say two highwaymen. In the negro's gun was discharged. The bul the longest span wooden cantilever there Is no record of a similar case. let pierced Embertons stomach nnd bridge in the United States. he fell to the pavement. Pedestrians Williamstown In n battle with tur- Lived on Berries called police and Emberton was taken thieves. O." M. Herron. 35. son of Vancouver, B. C. Advices received Hospital, where nn operato the City The bullet. John M. Herron, prominent Grant here from Prince Rupert say that a tion was performed. which had lodged near the spine, was county, Ky., farmer, was shot and crew of three of the fishing vessel sprlnnslv wounded. The thieves, a Tilly S. has been rescued after the removed. Sergeant Carmen, long an active fig' band of four men armed with revolv trio had survived on berries on Hippo ure In the police campaign against ers, escaped In an automobile. They island, off the northern coast of Britliquor traffickers, was wounded m a drove rapidly In the direction of Covish Columbia ten days. The men pistol battle following a posse's entry ington, Ky. Later, Sheriff H. C. rowed to the island In a small boat of Grant County, arrested a sus- when their ship was destroyed by an Into the room In which a crap game pect and held him for Investigation. was being conducted. explosion. They were found when searchers were attracted by a huge Louisville Detective William Stler fire they kept burning on the Island. Court of Appeals Reverses to have rec Sheriff's Fee Rule Case is thought recovered established aauto five stolen ord when Frankfort, Ky. Questions raised n compromise settlement of cases mobiles within six hours. To Try Nose Prints against former Sheriffs T. C. Bradley Antwerp. Cattle rustlers on far Louisville Federal authorities nre western ranges mav be confronted by and J. W. Bodes, of Fayette County, were disposed of by the Court of Ap of the opinion that they have found the nose prints of stolen animals If a peals in a decision In the case of Scott the sixth member of a gang of ten au suggestion mede by the Antwerp County against former Sheriff F. V. tomobile thieves operating thruout the Chamber of Commerce proves practiNunnelley. The decision is of interest central part of the United States, fol cable. The chamber has sent a comto all Sheriffs In the State, since it lowing the arrest here of a man said munication to the minister of agriculdetermines that county officers must to be John Dew, nllas John Drue, 35. ture urging that substitution of Infenot draw more than the constitutional He was arrested charged with trans- rior animals may be prevented If legislimitation of 55,000 annually, plus a porting a stolen auto from Kansas lation is enacted requiring that nose City to Louisville. reasonable sum for expenses. prints be made of all cattle. Falmouth Class work at the Fal Leaps From Ambulance Strangled by Collar To Escape Operation mouth high school was Interrupted Twickerham, Eng. Thomas Parker Ashland, Ky. When Jerry Jenkins, while Rev. Gabriel C. Banks, pastor chemist, of the Christian church and teacher Cook, colored, of Russell, came to conscious ness and found hlmeslf In an ambu in the school, married Floyd Settle, was strangled fo death by his own cols Nellie Cornwall lar. "Accidental strangulation" was the lance on the way to the hospital, he 20, of Berea, verdict returned at the coroner's inasked the attendance what they were 17 of Morgan. quest going to do. Upon learning that they Louisville Don W. Fowler, who operate, he leaped from were going-twill represent the 51st District In the Killed by Nut the ambulance and ran for home. few minutes before that a crew of house f representatives at the com Chicago. A pistachio nut which Assembly, was former lodged In his throat proved fatal to men dug frantically to unearth him lng General from a heap of coal where he had deputy governor of Solu and Cotabalo Edward Swanson, five, of 3019 Osgood been buried for forty minutes, and Philippine Islands, and Captain of the street who died at the Children's Me- -' First Phlllplne Division, U. S. Army. mortal hospital, j taken out unconscious. McCrocklin, and antiseptic proptrtits. Raeommandad for tmraa, cuts, brnlaas. soras. wounds, ch&ppad and cracked skin, bolls, piles, talons. Itch, cold on tbe chast, croop, lumbaao, Tsrlcoae valna and tciemt. Had of neallnc; drags combined with UnoUne (pare wool tat). Wifey Some Hearer Blake Did your wife hear yon when you came home late last night? Briggs Did she? Why, man, she wakes up when the thermometer falls. Life. Frankfort Governor Fields Four Are Dead, Two Are Shot, years commuted to two and In Long Series of Gun the five years' penitentiary sentences Battles Clyde Louisville, Ky., "Shoot to kill" or ders were given to members of the police" department as a result of the crime wave, which has resulted In four murders, six shooting affrays and a long list of holdups and house break- Green's teach Viola to drive his car, and for a August Flower while VI practiced and practiced. Then, one day, she quit cold, and nothorCanstiBatlon. ing would Induce her to take bold Indigestion ana of the steering wheel. Torpid Liver "What was the trouble!" asked Relieves that fellne Blanche, Micky Neilan's cutter. "Did of having eaten unwisely. 30c and you get cold feet or have an accident?' 90c bottles. AT ALL DRUGGISTS. "No," explained VL "But I found why Fronkie wants me to drive. out He said that if we ever got Into n jam In Case of Accident any traffic cop in CaliI could out-tal- k Wherever there are children, accifornia, the mean thing." Los Angeles dents are likely to happen. Portera Pain Kins' Salve has powerful heallnsr Times. PATENTS! LeJvttM BamoTse free. XUgbect ref eraooen. results. noniDUieu u-WiTSO J X. COLDUl, TmUm TTMHtf, & G f.4 8 KEEP EYES WELL! Dr. Thompson's Hre Water will mem. arugguis or rirengiuen Troy, N. T. liookltt. Will Bay Vour Florida, Aereace and Lota It priced rlrnt. Write full description, price terms. Stettler. 171 N. E. 1st St., Miami. Fla. Wardrobe Trunk St.00. Pitted eult case 11.00. Write todar for oar easy plan. MUTUAL COUPANT.Pateraburr. Va. WIDOWER, Garfield Tea Was Your Grandmother's Remedy For every stomach and Intestinal I1L This good herb home remedy for constipation, stomach ills and other derangements of the sys tem so prevalent these days is in even greater favor as a family medicine than in your grandmother's day. Complete Outfit "Some day," says the editor of the Erie Record feelingly, "a smart man will wake up and make a suit that consists of two coats, one vest and three pairs of trousers". . . . There's only one smarter thing he can do, omit the vest. However, if his smartness rises to the point of genius he will throw in three pairs of shoes with the suit. Capper's Weekly. no Incumbrance, mlddle-age- wants partner real eat. btxs.; healthy place. Home for MOO cash. baL easy. For partnership $10,000 req. S. Weaver, Istachatta, Via. Farms Wanted Want to bear from owner O. R. of rood farm or ranch for aale. Rex, SIT Youngerman. Oea Volnea. Iowa. EXORIDA if yoa own property there, we can aell for you. Bend description, we will advise value, etc CARL MURER. Box 1TI4. West Palm Beach. Via. California flower Beads for Xmna. Beautiful perfumed necklaces. Sample FREE. Ten cents to cover postage and handling. Paclflo Bead Co.. 1110 PaelSo Ave.. San Diego. Cal. Christmas Package containing 2S asst. Greeting Cards with envelopes ana 10 asst. Holiday Postcards 11.00 prepaid. GROSS at CO.. Bta. D. Box 1M. New Tork. N. T. OS-AR- D Bend for free Jewelry Catalog. Merchandise wholesale. Earl Jewelry Juar. Buy at Bldg.. Washington, D. C. Ox. PATENTS Don't risk delay In protecting your Ideas. for FRH9 book,How to Obtain a Patent aodMBecordotInTentlonMorm. No charge tor Informs. Hon on now to proceed. confidential, Carefnl .efficient serrtce. CLA BUNCH A- - O'BBIBN, Befls-tere- d Patent Attorney. Z43-- Security Bank Bnildins' (directly across street trom Patent umcej WAaiiXHUJ.'un.iJwU Bend sketch or model tor instructions or write You Won't Have To Teacher William, use Idaho In a sentence. William Idaho lot rather answer One difference between marbles and another question. billiards Is the age of the players. TXtmjmb ttuij A tf ejeeaev tit trutk tf litis from Ouiftwmm ftrintt. d v FI1-so- n, twenty-three-year-o- ld and-Mis- I "But constipation is serious, Grace" "Not so long ago I was like headaches a good deal of the time, sleeping badly, and the least bit of housework tired me out. My complexion too, was bad. you "Finally, I went to see Dr. Farman. He showed me that it was constipation that was back of my troubles. He said that it was a very serious thing because poisons from clogged waste matter were picked up by the blood and carried to every body organ. And if I didn't correct it in time I might become a victim of one of those terrible organic diseases. "He made me drop laxatives altogether, changed my diet, and put me on Nujol. I don't think I've ever felt better. I sleep well, my headaches have iNJl 1 improvement there is in my skin. Nujol has done wonders for me." Nujol Works Like Nature Constipation tt dangerous for anybody. Nujol is safe for everybody. It b neither a food nor a medicine. It does not gripe. It a gentle and natural In its action and is prescribed by leading medical authorities. Nujol simply makes up fir a deficiency temporary or chronic in the supply of natural lubricant in the intestine. It softens the; waste matter and thus permits thorough and regular elimination without overtaxing the intestinal muscles. Nujol can be taken for any length ill effects. To insure interna cleanliness, it should be taken regularly, in accordance with the directions on each bottle. A Nujol is not a laxative, it does not form a habit and can be dis" continued at any time. Aak your drqggait fee Nujol todaj and begin r t .1 i t .i of time without 01 ZT3jL disappeared, and you can see. for tk txhal lub.camt yourself what .an for Comttfation l.l efojtjoa fa normal aad regular.

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