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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), May 13, 1948

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Prepare for the Drive Clean-u- p May in Jenkins Seniors To Hear DeHoney And Kincaid In Finals John Henry Johnson Dies At Hemphill High School The Jenkins Seniors will have as speaker for the baccalaureate service Reverend Wayne Dehoney, Pastor of the First Baptist Church, Pineville. The baccalaureate service will be conducted in the high school auditorium at 3:00 P. M. Sunday, May 16. On Tuesday evening May 18 at 8 o'clock the seniors will hear Dr. Robert Kincaid. President of Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, Tennessee deliver the annual address. A fine class of 42 pupils will be graduated'. Diplomas will be presented to the class by Carl Fitzpatrick, Chairman of the Jenkins Board of Education. Honor awards and the American Legion Award will be presented at the close of the commencement exercises. Freak Accident Johnson of Jackhorn, and Mrs. Clarissa Francis of Blue Diamond, and two brothers: Clark Johnson of Splight, Ky., and Mander Johnson of Virgie, and a host of relatives and friends. He had been a member of the Church of Christ of Hemphill, for 40 years and lived a devoted christian life. He put Christ first in his life and reared his them the family, teaching ways of a good and righteous life. He was a wonderful father a good husband and a fine neighbor. His sudden death has been a sad shock to his loved ones. Funeral services were held at the Church of Christ, Hemphill on Sunday May 9th, with Revs. Noah Bentley and Roy Hill officiating at 2:00 P. M. O'clock. Burial in the family plot of the Hemphill Cemetery. Craft Funeral Home in charge of funeral arrangements. Johnson of John Henry Jackhorn, passed from this life on Friday morning May 7, 1948 at his home. He had been in reclining health for the past three years but able to be up and about. He arose early on Friday morning to help do the chores about the home when he suffered a light stroke of paralysis. He died1 shortly afterwards. He was the son of the late Scott and Lovene Fleming Johnson and was borned on April 10th 1878 being 70 years and 27 days of age at his death. He was married to Leona Potter Johnson. He leaves to mourn his loss his wife, four sons Frank of Dunham, Morgan and Daniel of Jackhorn, and Gad of Seco. Three daughters, Mrs. Bessie Buchanan of Midway, W. Va., Mrs. Rosa Quillen of Jackhorn and Mrs. Nettie Fox, of Jackhorn two sisters, Mrs. A. L. Hospitalizes Young Barney Sizemore Whitesburg J. C. C. Letcher County Man To Present, "If You Claims Bride From (A freak accident hospitalized Knew Susie." Blue Grass Barney Sizemore employed at of With the fine the Public Square Service Sta- Mr. J. E: Isaac the Whitesburg Jr. Chamber of Commerce will present at the Kentucky Theatre Tuesday and Wednesday May 18 and 19 the fine production "If you Knew Susie." Starring in this picture are Eddie Cantor and Joan Davis. A story that sparkles from beginning to end and with the incomparable Cantor at his This is really one picbest ture not to miss. The Jr. Chamber of Whites burg is taking the lead in bet- teringtering the City and with County Lot Sold To the fine aid and assistance of the other civic groups of Aunt Sally Jenkins Whitesburg,, we feel that we Letcher County Judge Ar- can and must not fail the citi thur Dixon and County Attor- zens of our city in fast cleanney Burley W. Hale on Mon- ing up, and painting up day of this week sold the Whitesburg. It not only will County Lot where the Jailer's attract more people into our residence burned some time community, but will aid in ago. The highest bidder was building a finer town for our Aunt Sallie Jenkins who for younger people to grow up in. years has operated a home Mr. Isaac has taken the lead style boarding house on her in providing the means to property adjoining the county raise funds to keep on, now property. The lot sold for that we have undertaken our $2,000. first project. There will be Mrs. Jenkins states that she other projects that will require plans to use the lot for a yard the aid of every citizen to and garden. really make this city our Whitesburg the fiinest in this MRS. MARK FULTON part of the tSate. Come on out IMPROVED IN HEALTH to the Kentucky Theatre next Mrs. Mark Fulton of Neon Tuesday and Wednesday and who has been quite ill is now lets fill the HOUSE for every able to be out again. Mrs. performance. Tickets may be obtained Fulton is suffering from heart from any member of the Jr., ailmtne and had a relapse afChamber of Commerce, and at ter the death of her father. the following places. Pennies JR. CHAMBER OP COMMERCE Sundries, The Whitesburg Cut Rate Store, The Dr. Pepper HEWS SPONSOR CAMPAIGN Bottling Works. The admission AGAINST RATS The Jr. Chamber of Com- price will remain the same .45c merce is helping this week to for adults and 20c for children sponsor a campaign against under 12. Buy your Tickets rats. Everyone should lend early and come early. This is his support in helping to com- four your town not for private bat these pests which are a use. We . will all share in the profits . . Let's make Whites' menace to society. burg the envey of the State, lets all get behind this and MRS. PARNELL JOHNSON really make this the best town UNDERGOES OPERATION m Kentucky. So we hope to see Mrs. Parnell Johnson under- you at the KENTUCKY next went a major operation at the Tuesday and Wednesday, May Hazard Hospital on Monday of 18 and 19. this week. At this timme she The Jr. Chamber of Whitesis reported doing fine and re- burg wish also to thank publicly for his fine cocuperating nicely. Her son, operation and help in getting "Buddy" and daughter, Jerry came from Dayton, Ohio to be for us to show you this feawith her through her illness. ture. tion on Monday when he was repairing the Roxana Bus. It seems that the tire was not fixed exactly right and the rim flew off when the tire blew out hitting the young man in the face and causing him to lose four of his teeth and have to spend the night in the Jenkins Hospital. At this time young Sizemore is on the road to complete recovery. With of course the exception of the loss of his teeth. Mr-Isa- KINDERGARTEN COMM. Miss Gibbs will present her kindergarten pupils in commencement exercises Friday, May 14, at 7:30 P. M. at the Baptist Church. ac Thomas F. Brooks of Thorn ton, Ky., left this (Thursday) morning for Danville, Ky., to make necessary preparations for his wedding on next Sun day, May 16th, at 3:00 o'clock P. M., in the Centenery Meth odist Church at Danville (Rev. J. Ralph Wood Pastor) .. Mr. Brooks and Mrs. Molhe Williams of Junction City, Ky., will be united in marriage. The bride is the attractive widow of the late Edd Wil liams of Junction City and Boyle County, Ky., her late husband about twenty years ago was connected with the L. & N. R. R. Co., and lived at Neon., where she made many friends, she being a sister to the late Luther Roberts who was connected with the L&N for more than 30 years as engine foreman. The bridegroom is one of the best known men in our county, coming to Letcher County in 1917 and as a coal operator following the first world war. In later years Mr. Brooks relinquished his connections with the mining industry and resumed his trade and profession as draftsman and supervisor of construction, having erected some of the best residences in our County. Mr. and ' Mrs. Brooks will be at their home at Thornton, Ky., after May 20th. CLEAN-U- P DRIVE Get Busy! If there are any questions Gall 175, if the trash trucks miss your place give a ring and a truck will be sent Congratulations to the Band on the fine Parade Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Wright of Neon are this week receiving congratulations on the arrival boy. The youngser of an has been christened Jesse 8-l- b. Derrel- For Re-Buri- The mother and baby are reported doing fine, but friends say it is hard to keep Jesse in cigars since the arrival. The Wrights have five girls, this being the first boy. AIj major purchases j. l. bentley building Mr. Al Major on Wednesday of this week purchased J. L. Bentley Grocery the bncle Wiley T4SGT. ROliAND ISON T4Sgt. Roland Ison, son of Sherman and Arminta Ison of Premium, Ky., was returned home from France for in the Family Cemetery at Premium, Ky., on Tuesday, May 4th, 1948. He entered the U. S. Army Service in January, 1943, and was killed while on active duty on July 7, 1944. He was born on Dec 26th, 1921 being 22 years, 6 months and 11 days of age at his death. Before his education in the Army he attended the Whites burg High School. He leaves to mourn his loss the bereaved parents, and the following brothers and sisters Dexter Ison, Pittsburgh, Pa., Mrs, Pearl Lucas, Crown, Ky., Clif ton Ison, Whitesburg; Mrs, Lou Brans, Premium; Walter Ison, Whitesburg, and Ralph, Margaret and Virginia at home at Premium, and many friends noiana was a hne young man. He was upright and lived a clean, moral life. He had a winning personality and many friends easily. He was always a good boy, obedient and kind to his parents. He gave his life bravely for his Country. His loving memory will never die in the hearts of his family and loved ones. Funeral ser vices were held at the Resi dence in JtTemium, Ky., on Wednesday, May 5th, 1948, with Elders G. Bennett (Adams and Cullen Hogg and Kirby Ison, officiating. Burial in the Ison Cemetery, Premium, Ky. Craft Funeral Home in charge of funeral arrangements- re-bur- ial Distributor And Bride Return From Honeymoon Coca-Col- a Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Polly returned to their home here this week after an extended visit and honeymoon in the South-Mr- . and Mrs. Polly, looking tanned and husky, reported a wonderful trip and a grand time, but also stated, "that there is no place like home to them." The happy couple also state that they will be at home to their friends at their summer home on Pine Mountain. WHS Commencement Exercises School Auditorium 7; 30 P. M. Sunday evening, May 16th Baccalaureate Sermon, Rev. Ernest Wilson Monday evening, May 17th Eighth Grade Graduation Salutatorian; Janet Combs Valedictorian: Ann Ronell Hogg Junior Chorus. Tuesday evening, May 18th Senior Class Night: Wednesday Evening May 19. High School Graduation Exercises: Speaker: Dr. L. G. Kennamer Eastern State Teachers College. Salutatorian: Wilma Faye Sumpter, Valedictorian: Nell Vermillion Glee Club. Final Call To Clean C. Gibson 78, Dies al - and building located in Whitesburg near the Kentucky Hotel. Mr. re- Major was a former business ported killed this week when man here for many years. Ache fell from a highway bridge cording to Mr. Major the Gronear Vicco. Bryant was a ceries will be sold and a new clothing store established. native of Jenkins. MAN KILLED IN FALL FAIili FROM BRIDGE Reeson Bryant, 48, was Deceased Veteran Returned Home NUMBER 46. MAY 13, 1948. WHITESBURG, LETCHER COUNTY, KENTUCKY, THURSDAY EVENING, VOLUME NO. 41. 10-14- th Uncle Wiley C. Gibson of Bottom Fork passed from this life on Sunday Morning May 9, 1948 at 12:20 A. M. He had been failing in health for the past three months, suffering with his stomach. He was taken to St. Joseph Hospital in Louisville where he under went an operation. He rapidly grew weaker during the past month of his life. He was the son of the late Ison and Puth- ara Webb Gibson and was borned on Feb. 11, 1870 being 78 years, 2 months and 29 days of age at his death. He was married to Nellie J. Spangler on Feb. 12th., 1889. He leaves to mourn his loss the widow eight children, Robinette (Rob) Gibson, Kona, James H. Gibson, Whitesburg, Fitz- hugh Gibson, Puthara Jane Kincer, Ora Webb and Kather-in- e White all of Mayking, Mollie- White of Norton, Va., and Lucille Webb of Kona, Ky. four brothers; Nelson of Cow - At Mayking an, George, of Thornton, and John Q. and Winston of Indiana and four sisters; Mrs. Claririda Bentley of Whitesburg, Mrs. Ellen Wampler of Blackey, Mrs. Jane Webb of Mayking and Mrs- - Mary Morgan of Craft's Colly. Uncle n Wiley, as he was to all his friends and relatives was a fine old gentleman. He made many friends, but if he had an enemy he never knew it. He minded his own business, was kind to every one and a good moral citizen. He suffered much during his last illness, but was patient and kind and uncomplaining. Funeral services were held at the Residence on Bottom Fork on Tuesday May 11, at 10: 00 A. M. O'Clock with Elders G. Bennett Adams, T. R. Collier and Willis Tolliver officiating. Burial in the Webb Cemetery, Mayking, Craft Funeral Home in charge of funeral well-know- Up Whitesburg The Big week is about gone, many things of value to the City have been done. Several outside toilets have been torn down, many telephone and electric posts have been whitewashed, many lots have been cleared of trash, many others should be cleared, is yours one of these? The town has been baited with rat poison. This is one step in controlling the rats. They are like people; if they have a home and plenty to they will stay as long as they have these. The answer to this is to get rid of the hiding places and the food supply. Keep all garbage cans covered. Keep rats from entering buildings and basements- Keep lumber piles off the ground, tore owners keep things off the floor and rats will not bother you as badly. We congratulate every one on their fine cooneration and urge each citizen to keep awake to the problems in connection with the CleanuD Drive. - U. A. W. Asks Pay Raise Of 30 Cents WHO From Ford Detroit May 3 The CIO United Automobile Workers today demanded a hourly wage increase for the 105,000 employees of the Ford Motor Company. The national U. A. W. Ford council, representing workers in 40 plants, fell into line behind other automobile industry U. A. W. departments with a flat demand, plus 'fringe" benefits such as health insurance, a guaranteed weekly wage, and a three-wee- k vacation with pay. The delegates also voted to ask Ford for equalization of job rates, a cent night differential, and return of a paid lunch hour. Ford was the last of the "big three" automobile producers to receive the union's 1948 third round of wage demands. The U. A. W. is negotiating with General Motors for a increase and with Chrysler Corporation for a raise plus similar "fringe benefits." A. W. The. present Ford-U- . contract does not expire until July 15, 1949, but they may he reopened on economic issues on July 15 of this year. Ford is producing its models, s. of Fords, Lincolns, and The new Fords are scheduled to appear in dealers' showrooms next month. Chrysler Corporation already faces a strike threat from 73,000 production workers in 13 plants. The U. A. W. policy committee has set May 12 as a strike date unless a wage settlement is reached by that time. Negotiations between G. M, and the U. A. W. have been going on since March 12. The union contract with G. M. expires May 28. 30-ce- 30-ce- nt 25-ce- nt 30-ce- nt Mer-cury- FIELDS TRIAL POSTPONED UNTIL SEPT. V5TH The Fields trial which was scheduled for this term of Pikeville Court has been postponed until September 15th, according to Attorney Harry L. Moore. STEELWORKERS STAND EXPECTED TO SHAPE 1949 KENTUCKIAN? JINGLE I have always lived in Old Kentucky, I am a brave man, but not single, My initials are in this Jingle. FIRST WAGE DEMANDS Boston May 11 After demanding that the country's steelmakers increase their annual production by nearly 10 per cent the CIO steelworkers which is due to shape one of the major patterns in 1949 wage demands upon American industry. CLUE-RO- WS are news, and we have no news in my business. nt 10-p- er IS THE LITTLE Sioux City Sue.' THIRD CLUE-"- My Work Up North Continues to be, While the People Back Home Depend on Me-New Clue: I am old yet young, my work has always been by brain and tongue. SECOND CLUE " FIFTH CLUE At my parties we have fun, but the ones I enjoyed most were in Georgetown, Frankfort Washington. NEW CLUE In 1919 I was in Washington with Wilson, but in 1948 I had to vote for Clements. The little Kentucklan is not W. Howes Meade or Lt CoL Narse Whitaker, Dr. E. G. Skaggs, John Young Brown, Fred M. Vinson, M. J. Sioux, Jon Y- - Brown, Albert Benjamin Chandler, Alben W. Barkley, W. Howes Meade, Bill Monroe, Adolph Rupp, Keen Johnson. Jesse Stuart, Jack May, John Sherman Cooper, Cotton Nbe, Harry L- - Moore, John Young Brown. ENTRY BLANK BENEFIT SENIORS CLASS, JENKINS, KY. Mail To: "CONTEST" Whitesburg, Ky. Care MOUNTAIN EAGLE Here is my entry. I am enclosing $ to help the Jenkins Seniors. Die Little Kentuckian Is My Name .". Address 2ity State PRIZES ARE Dormyer Mixer Donated by A $29-9Quillen Electric Co., Neon, Ky., and A Sampsonite Handbag, donated by Dawahare's, Inc. ADDED PRIZES Green Metal Lawn Chair, donated by McRoberts Self Service Store. Ham or More donated by Food Shop 10-L- b. ADDED PRIZES Album of Hiwaiian Records Donated by Whittaker Music Company, East Jenkins, Ky. $7.95 Blue Silk Gown Donated by Conley Clothing Store, East Jenkins, Ky. Added prizes this week: $5.00 in dry cleaning donated by Mullins Pressing Shop East Jenkis. $10.00 Fonutain pen donated by Childers Drug Co., East Jenkins. Read The Eagle weekly for new clues and prizes. The first correct name sent in will, be the winner. (In :ase of duplication the one post marked first will be the winner.) Watch your local paper each week for new clues, new prizes and name of winner. CONTEST NOW GETTING INTERESTING WHO WILL BE THE FIRST TO NAME "THE LITTLE KENTUCKIAN" SEND IN YOUR ANSWERS. YOU MAY WIN THE VALUABLE PRIZES DON'T DELAY.

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