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Page 370 of Some celebrated racehorses of the past centuries : with their respective pedigrees and performances recorded in full (vol. 3) / by Thomas Henry Taunton.

370 CELEBRA TED RACEHORSES. 1870. At Newmarket (First Spring), Sst iolbs (French), ran third in the 2000 Guineas (val. 4400), won by Mr. Merry's b. c. Macgregor by Macaroni, 8st iolbs (Daley), heating Normanby, 8st iolbs (J. Grimshaw), in a canter, by five lengths, Sunlight, Hawthornden, Claudius, and four others not being placed; 75 to 40 against Kingcraft, loo to 30 against Macgregor, and 66 to X against Normanby. At Epsom (French), won the Derby, of 6'175, beating Mr. W. S. Crawfurd's br. c. Palmerston by Brocket (Chaloner), by four lengths, Lord Wilton's br. c. Muster by Tim Whiffler (Maidment), third; also, Captain Machell's b. c. Bonny Swell by Macaroni, Sir R. Pigot's b. c. Bay Roland, by Fitzroland, Mr. J. Ellis' ch. c. Cymbal by Kettledrum, Mr. J. Dawson's b. c. King o' Scots by King Tom, and his ch. c. Camel by Thormanby, b. c. Macgregor (Fordham), Mr. W. Cartwright'sb. c. Ely Appletonby Ely, ch. c. Normanby (J. Grimshaw), b. c. Nobleman (J. Morris), Mr. J. B. Morris' b. c. Prince of Wales by Chevalier-d'Industrie (Cannon), and two others; 9 to 4 on Macgregor, loo to 9 against Camel, ioo to 8 against Prince of Wales, and 20 to X each against Kingcraft and Palmerston, Muster not being quoted. Muster, Normanby, and Palmerston, were the first to show in front, the last-named eventually taking the lead, which he held to Tattenham Corner, followed by Macgregor, who dropped away the moment they commenced the descent. When fairly in the straight, Bonny Swell headed Palmerston, Muster then being third, and Macgregor, already in difficulties, fourth. At the distance, Fordham called upon Macgregor for an effort, but unavailingly; and soon after, Bonny Swell, who till now possessed a chance second to none, suddenly cbllapsed, leaving Palmerston with half a length's lead of Muster, Kingcraft at this point being behind Lord Wilton's colt. All eyes were now fixed on Palmerston and Muster, who had commenced a most exciting struggle, when Kingcraft rushed to the front, and without the slightest effort, drew away and won with con- summate ease, Palmerston securing the second money ( 300), by a neck from Muster, who received 150 sovs., Macgregor was fourth, Bonny Swell (who had won the Dee Stakes at Chester, beating Muster and others), fifth, and Prince of Wales sixth. S. mg., w.o. for the Great Surrey Foal Stakes, of 25o. At Doncaster (French), ran second in the

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