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Image 20 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), October 11, 1956

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN MRS. ROGER KERSEY REPORTS ON CONFERENCE should have gone fishing with Albert. General has the program next week and we are sure it will be On October third and fourth, I spent two most interesting and a good one so come on out and "FOR THE HOMEMAKERS" stimulating days in Louisville at let's keep our attendance up. by Lois B. Robinson the Governor's Conference on Extension Secretary Education. I was sponsored by BOOKMOBILE SCHEDULE Some of the homemakers the State have not picked up their caL and was recommended to them by Mrs. Fred OCT. 8th and 22nd. endars yet. If you're in Whites-burg- , G. Morgan, Tenth District Pres- Marlowe you may drop in and pick ident. I am certainly grateful to Little Colly yours up. They're very handy Mrs. Morgan and the state or- Daniel to keep with. ganization for the privilege of Isom SOMETHING NEW participating in this conference. Blair Branch If your're planning to refin Doty To open the conference, the Sycamore ish that piece of furniture that keynote address was given on is hid somewhere in the attic or Wednesday morning by Dr. Rob- OCT. 9th and 23rd basement, you might be inter ested to know that the most ert R. Martin, Superintendent of Stuart Robinson popular pieces of furniture on Public Education, whose chal Elk lenging theme was, "Advancing Carcassonne the market today are replicas of Dixon wnat our grandmothers used. Education in Kentucky". Bluefield In order to bring out the beauty At the afternoon session, we Campbell's Branch of the wood, you need to know met in our designated groups Turkey Creek three things. These are: "How of about ten people each, at 30 Cedar Grove to Remove the Old Finish", tables, in the grand ballroom. Big Branch "How to Condition the Wood These groups were composed ot Fleming Grade for Refinishing" and Applying educators, businessmen, A Fleming Colored New Finishes." We have leaf leaders and lay people, and were Tom Biggs lets in our office, giving this a blend of different locations, as McRoberts information in detail. Why not well as professions. We discuss- Little Creek come in and pick one up and forty-fived, for minute periods Hemphill see how easy it is to makei two of the four main conference Democrat i something old look beautiful topics, Our Beaverdam Should "What again, and give you years of Accomplish?" and Colson Schools service. "What is the Role of Education Camp Branch Above High School Level IncludANOTHER IDEA ing Adult Education?" Our re- OCT. 17th and 31st Have you thought of giving your children gifts for handi corders took notes as we talked Kingdom Come Settlement to each other in regard to the Hurricane Gap craft this year. There are sev. questions relating to the topic Bear Branch eral things your youngsters headings. At the end of the dis- Coyles Branch might like, such as making alum cussion periods, our group lead- Ingram's Creek inum trays, painting wooden ers met, and a consenus of all Whitco trays, making a straw purse for groups' feelings and remarks OCT. 1th and 29th the spring outfit, textile paint were compiled. ing, etc. These items provide Kingdom Come Creek At the banquet Wednesday Hot Spot hours of interesting, creative night, Mr. Jesse Stuart, Ken- Middle Dry Fork work. tucky's famous author, was our Upper Dry Fork AN IMPORTANT EVENT and his Smoot speaker, principal In a few days, you will be address was highly entertaining Mill Branch getting a notice about a meeting and informative. Tolson in your community. This meetThe next morning, our discus- U. Z. ing is for the purpose of letting sion groups met again to debate Lower Kings Creek you know the signs to look for the latter two topics, "How Can Middle Kings Creek to detect cancer at an early We Get Enough Good Teachers Upper Kings Creek stage and thus getting treatment Can Upper Cowan and Keep Them-- " and "How in time. As you know, an adWe Obtain a Continuing Public Middle Cowan vanced stage of cancer is usInterest in Public Education in Little Cowan ually fatal. It's very easy to not Order to Build and Operate Our Ermine notice cancer, because some Schools?" All the topics were Middle Colly times it fails to cause any pain and the supplement- Upper Colly provacative or discomfort until it is in an ary questions produced many Cram Creek advanced stage. So make it a recommenda- Pise Creek suggestions and point to attend one of the Fork Bottom tions. During the afternoon session, Mayking an analysis of the conference. Maggard's SANDLICK AND COLSON was presented by Dr. Frame Kx. Pert Creek HOMEMAKERS JOINT of the Univer- Thomas Dickey, President MEETING sity of Kentucky. We then heard Lewis The Sandlick and Colson Home reports from the Eolia the consensus makers met jointly on Thurs Upper Cumberland various discussion groups. day, October 4, at the home of an assem- OCT. 16th and 30th Meeting so diverse Mrs. Glenn Clay, who is a mem blage of people, all so vitally Sergent ber of both clubs. was a Thornton interested in education, Mrs. Hattie Profitt, President experience. I feel op- Lower Millstone wonderful of the ColsonCamp Branch Club in Upper Millstone timistic now that education called the meeting to order and Kentucky faces a happier, more Millstone Camp presided. The lesson "Trends in productive future. Kona Home Furnishings" was given Mrs. Roger Kersey. Seco by Mrs. Irene Reynolds. Haymond Delicious refreshments were Potter's Fork WHITESBURG served by the hostess to sixteen Dunham members. Jenkins Colored The next meeting of the Sand Burdine ROTARY lick Club will be with Mrs. Marshall's Branch Evelyn Caudill. Payne Gap Fish Pond EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY THURSDAY, OCTOBER. 11, 1956 ment should contact Sergeant Cook at the Army Recruiting Office locatesd at Whitesburg, P. O. Each Monday or by tele phoning Hazard, Kentucky main Homemakers News 1075. Children left alone and trapped by fire accounted for one out of every three child fire victims last year in this country estimates the National Fire Protection Association. P-T- c. we are interested in! up-to-d- P-T- e ClUB Little Cowan Homemakers WHY I LIKE THE BOOKMOBILE By Philip Kincaid Isom School YOUR ROTARY BULLETIN Next Meeting Tuesday Oct. Five members of the Little Cowan Homemakers met at the like the Bookmobile because home of Beulah Caudill for the it brings good books to read October meeting. The program was conducted in the usual man They have stones about cow ner. boys, Indians, and other stones The October lesson being on like Geography, and History. "1956 Trends of Home Furnish The bookmobile has a very ings", was discussed among the . nice book Keeper, iney ai&u ict members. you have the books you want Since some of the members and that you like best. I have were energetic enough to obtain never seen any store or shop or public work, it was decided any business that I like better among the group to meet at than the bookmobile. night at 6:30 O'clock so these In your summer vacation you ladies could help with the pro- more pan make the' summer pleasant by reading the books. T 9. Speaker General. Subject Optional. Guest Dewey Absent Lewis, Dr. Bach, D. W., Huston. As we promised you last week Myrel was all ready and waiting for this talk on Insurance hav ing spent the past twelve days in battling the flu. Anyway, his illness hasn't dulled his enthusiasm for insurance it seems. At least, he did his usual excellent job of giving us an interesting program. Jimmie reports our average WHY I LIKE atteandance for the past quarter THE BOOKMOBILE was 88.87 percent which isn't By Sue Hammonds, Isom School too bad but could have been betThe first reason why I like ter. Nine members were 100 per the bookmobile is that it is free cent for the quarter. THANKS. for all the schools of Letcher We are glad to welcome Rev. County to get books for the puMeyers as a member of our club ipls to read the entire school Gene having been a member of vear. Thev have interesting the Olive Hill Club before com- books, they have books that are ing here probably Coy won't suitable for all ages and grades get a chance at him. He may be and through reading and stuay able to instruct some of us in ine books you can gain knowl edge. Some schools do not have Rotary. . having some aiuicuny nhnrips and if it were not for We are pupils of in finding out the facts of the thP hnokmobile the Jimmie, Dave, Otis that school wouldn't have books "bird deal." and D. W. all went bird hunting to enjoy and it would be hard to but we haven't been able to find for some pupils to find books English. out which one holds and which make reports on in they one shoots. Someone suggests Another reason is that at $5.00 per, everybody change the books every month that tVint Pives more man one wanted to hold. Sounds too com us. Maybe we person a chance to read a book. plicated for I FTT 1 POLLY HARDWARE BIG FALL DURING good ... so delicious everv sir t t ou7 wear a smile of Grand Champion Shorthorn female of the 1956 Kentucky State Fair is Acadia Rosewood Rachael 4th, owned by Cyrus Eaton, Northfield Ohio. 'She is pictured above being admired by a group of Shorthorn Lassies, ladies auxiliary of the Ameri- can Shorthorn Breeders Association. Left to right; Mrs. J. H. ' ver5a,le "irs, james in. mtk, maysvine; wirs. jonn T. Campbell, Ghent: Elizabeth Tandv. Aurora. Ind.: Mrs. Wal lace Campbell, Frankfort, Mrs. Thomas Piatt, Lexington with R. Y. Welch, Madisonville, Ky., purchasing agent of Mr. Eaton's West Kentucky Coal Co., at the halter. gram. Since this is the beginning of a new year let's all work hard and strive for a successful year during the abence of our Home Agent, Roberta Holcomb. Our next meeting will be at the home of Louame Banks, Nov 7th. FAT HOG SHOW HELD The TrLCounty 4-Fat Hog Show was held October 6, with honors going to member Albert Engle of Perry County. The grand champion weighed in at 320 pounds and brought Albert prize money of $17.00. The reserve Champion owned by Willke Mitchell of Roxana, Letcher County weighed 210 lbs and gave Wilkie $12.00 in prize money. members out Eight other standing hogs at this annual Members. for 4-- 4-- H 4--H ' X pi easure and satisfaction in the premium flavor, of JFG Special.' SGT. COOK ANNOUNCES ARMY PLANS The United States Army is ac cepting enlistments in the 11th Cavalry Regiment, Armored which is scheduled to go to Germany in the fall, Cook local Army recruiter announced today. The 11th will join the 7th Army is Germany under the Army's Unit Rotation plan. Sergeant Cook explained that men enlisting under this plan will take their basic training at Camp Chaffee, Arkansas, and will join the 11th after the com pletion of their basic training. The 11th presently is training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Unit Rotation, Sgt. Cook said is an Army plan devised basically to replace an oversea unit, with a freshly trained and strengthened unit. Individuals who desire further information about enlistment in the 11th Armored Cavalry Regi M-S- gt. .. and wve money on many valuable article SAVE JFG COUPONS for home and family. Write for Slustrated catalog. JFS Coffe. Company, lac KnoxnQa. NOTICE These days you'd rather take it easy somewhere than be thinking about your furnace, But H.B. Reedy Plumbing and Supply on Webb Avenue in Whitesburg Kentucky wants to remind you how quickly the first chilly dayi can come and then the rush will be on, with everyone wanting heating plant service of one kind or another. This is the perfect time of year to get ready for winter. H. B. Reedy Plumbing and Supply can completely check your fu ranee or heating system, and by doing it early saves you dollars in fuel costs later on. Then too, H. B. Reedy wants to remind you that waiting for parts you may need may take a few days, and in the coldest weather this could cause you more expense and inconvenience Call 2621. Make an appointment to have your furance controls checked, your boiler drained and cleaned by expert service men, who can make sure you avoid some of those uncomfortable experiences furnace trouble can bring. If you wish to convert to automatic heat, now is the best time to do it, while your heating plant is shut down. For any type of furnace or heating plant installation, and service on your furnace, call 2621. That's H. B. Reedy Plumbing & Supply on Webb Avenue, in Whitesburg Kentucky. 2xc - 27 11 AND FURNITURE FESTIVAL THE U Hera's why Blue Chip GMCs It's no secret that Now GMC Blue Chip haulers consistently outperform their class. read why they're also the Better gas mileage engines teamed with gear ratios produce maximum fuel efficiency. Balanced power trains Transmissions, axles and power plants are matched. 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'Optional at extra cost COMPANY SALE WILL CONTINUE MONTH OF OCTOBER Visit our Store and ask to see our special Sale Cataloges Special ito Truck Mines Pperations: We carry a complete line of Mine Fans, Motors, Sheet Metal. We carry a complete line of Hunting Supplies Record-Breake- rs GMCs F370, at in Their Class. GVW, and the 19,500 450 at 2z,ooo, are famous for work in the construction, city delivery and general hauling fields. d, low-co- st Come in and check on the real economy of a Blue Chip buy 1". POLLY HARDWARE Opposite the Courthouse FIELDS MOTOR CO. wjL and SUPPLY COMPANY Whitesburg, Ky. Whitesburg, Ky. Webb Avenue 1

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