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Image 1 of The Adair County news., August 1, 1906

Part of The Adair County news.

r I f ht < r< 24f itt< > ft 9 COLUMBIA ADAIR COUNTY KENTUCKY T 1 DIRECTORY LEFT TOE CHILD DEPUTYI t andwas remain over night Mr Combest got up opened the door and instantly a woman brushed by him laid a bundle on the table and without speaking hur ¬ ried out Mr Combest examined the package and found that it contained a live child A physician was summoned who stated that the infant was not more than three hours old It was cared for until morning then turned over to the Judge of the Caesy county Court The people of Dunnville say they have not the least conception as to who the mother of the child is ClerkT B Stulta J alterA W Tarter G W Pike Assessor SurveyorW M McCubbin School Supt Mrs G Rl Shelton W Rowe Coroner C CITT COURT f MayorCapt Judge Attorney W W Bradshaw f Gordon Montgomery MarshalS C Strange CHURCH PRESBYTERIAN STREETRev W C Clemens Services second and fourth Sundays in each month SundaySchool at 9 m every Sab bath Prayermeetinsr every Wednesday night BURKESVILLB pastor BEN F HUNTER DEAD METHODIST STREET Rev A R Kasey pastor BURKESVILTJS Services let 2nd and 3rd Sundays in each month SundaySchool every Sabbath at 9 L m Prayer meeting Thursday Mr Ben F Hunter who left this county thirteen years ago going to nightBAPTIST Texas but shortly returned to Ken ¬ tucky locating at Bradfordsville in pastor r GREENSBURG STREET county died in Hendersonville First and third Sundays in each month Sunday Marirn every Sabbath at 9 a m Prayermeetang N C Friday morning School He was a vic ¬ Wednesday night tim of pulmonary trouble and had been CHRISTIANCan invalid for more than a year He AMPBELLSVILLE PnczEId ZT Williams pa- ¬ Sundays in was about thirtysix years old and be ¬ st or Services second and Fourth each month SundaySchool every Sabbath at 930 fore his health failed was an active s m Prayermeeting Wednesday night business man He was a brother of Messrs J J and Josiah Hunter of LODGE Gradyville and the latter was with him when the end came MASONIC who is The deceased leaves a wife flegnlar LODGE No 96 F and A M COLUMBIA Friday night a daughter of Mr J C Yates and meeting in their hall over bank on on or before the full moon in each month three children The interment was a Gordon Montgomery W M Secretary Bardfordsville last Saturday many EG Atkins relatives and friends being present COLUMBIA CHAPTER R A M No 7 meets Friday Consumption is a flattering disease SAM LEWIS H P night after full moon Horace Jeffries Secretary victims of it generally believeing that i they will recover One week before CO NCiJJU Dmeets 2nd Friday COLMBIA v the death of Mr Hunter he left Brad ¬ night after full moon in each month E G ATKINS TXt M fordsville forHendersonville N C be T R STULT- RECORDER lieving that the climate and water in that locality would benefit him INSURANCE CO aCITIZENS LIFE Our sympathy is extended to the wife children brothers and friends KY LOUISVILLE I t Hotels Restaurant nProprietors I 1I r r I C r j r t 2i fdik oF 0 l ti iii i i 4 hjJ thI fi Y SY J 0 Yy x M GRIFFIN SPRINGS Mof mostI spendo 1stISund Ir latee 38I 6th day of August I I stoppedt ¬ auctiond t J VJtook r j g NUMBER 38 = I KyI ¬ r f rescuedj Forks Jt i G < Butlersa s Last Thursday morning iiffeport was spread over this community that Mr I am representing the above named company in Henry M Kemp of Columbia but who Adair and adjoining counties It is one of the has been employed as bookkeeper at best companies doing business and has written an Athertonville distillery for several an immense lot of insurance since its organizayears was dangerously illand that tion It is a home company and home people friends were accompaning him to this should place their business with it Fnr fur¬ place This intelligence brought sor ¬ ther information see row to the whole town and greatly alarmed Mr Kemps immediate family J H QOFF Agent Mr Geo A Kemp father of the young man quickly called up Atherton ¬ ville and was answered by his son who stated that he was at his desk and in his usual health This of course was a great relief The occasion of the re ¬ W N Brlnton Soport is thought to be this Some days ago Mr Kemp was violently attacked with flux and was seriously ill At that Lund at all Boms Day or Night time he was contemplating coming home A friend who lives several miles COMFORTABLE ROOMS from Athertonville and knowing of The trade of Adair and adjOiLin couuties solicited Henrys condition and the proposed trip home wrote to a friend here LEBANON KENTUCKY stating that he was dangerouly ill and asked if he had reached Columbia We GREEN RIVER FARM FOR SALE are truely glad that the report was unfounded and hope that Henry will My farm 1 mile south of Little Cake visit his old home at an early day on Green river containing 304 acres 1 Mrs May Harvey who is recognizedmile from church and school Good as one of the best teachers in Adair buildings of all kinds 2 good orchards cOWltyopendschool in the East Co and is a desirable home Has ample lumbia precinct with flattering pros timber for keeping up the farm and pects The attendance at this time is 400 of merchantable timber standing much larger than usual evincing that There are 48 acres of bottom land the teacher is highly appreciated by worth more than I ask for the en¬ parents and pupils as an instructor tire farm This s your chance Mrs Harvey takes a eat inttrestvin if you want a good home and profitable her pupils and isa disciplinarian eec irm w L RIG y y1 one to no teacher in the county HAPPY RECEPTION OBITUARYI heavent I 1 1906 1 countYIowing a I j1i ff Adair County has access to a summer of June 12 resort that is fast becoming popular with Special to the Louisville Times the people in Southern and western por ¬ Midway Ky July 24Buford Judge Baker will opencourt at Tomp tions of the State It is Griffin Springs Lodge No 494 F and A this kinsville next Monday J about nine miles north east of Colum ¬ city gave an informal reception last The Standard Oil Co is surrending night in their hall in the Masonic Tem ¬ its leases in Cumberland county ple in honor of the Hon James Gar Kentncky The sulpher water is invigor- ¬ Rev Jo Goodman is conducting a nett of Columbia Grand Master of ating and health giving and it is an ideal Kentucky who has been the guest of series of meetings at Clear Spring place for persons so relatives here this week About sixty a few weeks during the hot summer Buy your fruit Jars rubbers and guests were present including the Stone Jars at SINCLARS 381 wives and daughters of many of the months Mr R L Faulkner is owner and proprietor of the place and he has a members of the lodge A mock session Mr John Morrison has about com ¬ large and commodious hotel for the ac ¬ of the lodge was held which afforded pleted his beautiful residence near the great amusement to the visitors Short commodation of guests and the courte ¬ sies extended to the visitors are many roller millimpromptu speeches were made by and of the highest order The luxurious Information has been received by some of the leading members The the management that there win be an principal address of the evening was table that he spreads before his guests made by Grand Master Garnett who is one of the main features that is pleas ¬ abundance of stock atone Fair captivated his hearers by his eloquence ing to the eye of the sojourners during WANTED Two white girls for wait ¬ Light refreshments were served and their stay there During the past week ers at the Columbia Hotel Come well the occasion was greatlj enjoyed bv all the hotel was crowded with visitors and sons delinquents who have not paid recommended among those registered were the fol ¬ SMITH NELL The full damage done by the heavy before that time lowing Several of the Mr Sanders and Next Monday will be County Court rain of a few days ago is hard to esti ¬ families Mr and Mrs Edwards Misses The above notice is intended for every you come to Columbia and are in ¬ mate but to say the least of it the Nell Sanders Nina Taylor Burnice 1If to the News call and make section in its main path never had such Chandler Messrs Leslie and Lee Gowdy a downpour The hillsides overwashed Will Hoskins Jas Meader Chas Coak as never known before crops in the treated alike no favorites in it I am The premium list of the Columbia bottoms were swept away and much ley Jo Sims of Campbellsville Mrs not at the present time looking for Fair is published elsewhere in this fencing disappeared We are informed Cabell and daughter Miss Nora of Bow¬ votes or promises but Tases only paper The catalogues are about ready that Mr Henry Hensons loss on his ling Green Miss Warden and Mason of > W B PATTESON Sheriff Louisville Misses Cocoran and Finucan to sendout Green river farm is near 500 On a July 5 1906 of Lebanon Miss Lorena Pile and Miss I have today marked down a lot of small creekthat empties into the river Virginia McLean Mr and Mrs W A lawns and white goods to close out at Coffeyand Mr and Mrs Jo Coffey Jr bargain 8c lawns go at 512 lawns creek all the crops fencing and many of Columbia Tennis Croquet and Cinch other things were washed away Clem W L WALKER July 17 1906 the sweet baby spirit 7J cents are the principal amusements while Barnetts Kitchen and smokehouse of little S T Irvin flitted across the over Russell creek on the with all their contents were destroy ¬ swimming is indulged in a great deal The bridge fair river of crystal wandering water FM L Stanford road has been given a fresh ed by the flood Chickens and turkeys into a flowery bower of paradise from coat of paint changing its color from were nearly all destroyed A mill be ¬ COMMISSIONERS SALE whence it came black to red longing to Mart Corbin on Snake Little S T was the youngest child creek went with the tide Nearly ev ¬ The District Conference of the Min ¬ af Mr and Mrs S T Irvin of Baker ery person in the Green river section of ADAIR CIRCUIT COURT ton Ky He was born November 2nd isters of the United Brethren Church the county sustained considerable loss OF KENTUCKY1905 Though his stay on earth was was held at Nell this county beginning Those whose loss was greatest and most I 3 T J EPPERSON ETC Plaintiff short those precious baby hands and last Thursday acute are being helped by their neigh ¬ vs pratling voice left their mark on heart All notes and accounts due me must bors who are rebuilding fences and C F EPPERSON Defendent and brain and the love that once was t giving other aid The fact is that By virture of a Judgment and Order hid will now be links of gold to bin you may expect a personal dun or calamity has driven the people back to of Sale of Adair Circuit Court rendertheir old brotherly way of doing statement W L WALKER ed at the May Term thereof 1906 in Ah dream too bright to last the above cause I shall proceed to pf Ah starry hope that didst arise The old horse will not be compelleday night was on covertness and he But to be overcast to face an empty rack in this part of fer for sale at the CourtHouse door in Dear parents the mournful night you the state next Winter There are brought out a number of strong points Columbia Ky to the highest bidder at beheld the withering blight upon thy many big hay stacks in every direction- against hording up for self As we understood him doing something for Public Auction on Monday the darlings fair sweet brow your heart- s your fellow man without material in- ¬ were torn with untold pain but sine 1906f convenience to self was a greater pass ¬ the first keen burst of anguish is ove person knows where it is the in port to the celestial city than laying up at 1 oclock p m or thereabout being can you not say our Fathers will wa Sany To have consid ¬ County Court 2 riches for future use upon a credit of six best since you possess so great a jeweeration for your fellows is a noble months the following described proper in heaven In the future when mem- ¬ FOR SALEMy house and lot in the principle The speaker said that at one ory turns to gaze upon the past when Tutt addition onequarter of mile from time there was a bind beggar seated ty to wit Two tracts of land located angel wings hovered round the tiny Courthouse in the town of Columbia on the corner in a large city He had in Adair county Ky on the waters of coffin bed you will think of heaven Russell creek 1st tract contains 139 W H EUBANK 1363t an old violin but he was not a musician with thankfulness for freeing your ba¬ acres the 2nd tract contains 107 acres and the instrument was out of tune by from the wildering maze that bounds The two tracts join and was the home Neal Allen of color charged with lifes thorny track and giving him a being implicated in a murder case wa but he was trying tomake music for farm of the late J J Epperson The home of happiness and rest Oh what tried in the Cumb eland Circuit two tracts will be offered separately e conversa joy twill be when with little brother last week and given five years in the and then together and will except the tion and in the talk he said I have bid or bids bringing the most money and sister left behind you tread the penitentiary no money he took the violin but path that leads to the golden gate ana For the purchase price the purchaser In with approved surety or securities The statement made in last weeks tuned it and commenced playing receive a loving welcome from little paper that C C Christie lost thirteen a few minutes a large crowd had gath must execute Bond bearing legal in ¬ ST A FRIEND mules in the flood was incorrect The ered and in a short time the blindmans terest from the day of sale until paid cup was filled with coin This was an In printing the News it some timeH T BAKER Master Corn evidence of sympathy The blind was were occurs that two papers go through the but JAS GARNETT Attorney not only relieved but the musician was press at the same time leaving on- e Lace curtains at a bargain All lace made to feel good Last Saturday night as Mr R H side of one of the sheets blank In Price was returning from a fox chase curtains in stock have been cut down The Public sale of lots last Thursday making the last run this is not noticed and when near town he passed three to a remarkably low price Now is the was fairly well attended but only five and occasionally a subscriber receives men one of whom threw a rock hitting time to get a bargain were sold ranging in price from 35 to his paper with two blank pages This one of Mr Prices dogs This of course W L WALKER 115 misprint however does not occur more It appeared that the people were incensed Mr Price and he stopped his than once or twice in printing to nSTRAYED From our pasture a re buggy and made inquiry as to who gave them an opportunity so the sale thousand papers This notice is direct ¬ mute about 6 or 7 years sorrel horse threw the rock One of the parties was declared off The location is 3 ed to any subscriber who may receive i old A brown mare mule 7 years old came up and addressing Mr Price beautiful one and Mr Mulligan had the News with two blank pages in or¬ YOUNG COFFEY said Perhaps you dont know who I the property in nice shape except the der that he may come to the office and am Im Chewed Rusum a bad man main street to be opened intersecting be furnished with a complete sheet IInsure in The Farmers Home Insur the LindsayWilson street in front jot Yes said Mr Price and if you my whip The Standard Hardwood Lumber ance Company of Junction City Ky- the college building He had a state dont get away I will wear No other persua out on your back l Company of Buffalo New York The only company in the State that ment from Governor J R Hindman and the man < have a saw mill in operation in this makes any claim of paying their losses regarding this that should have satis ¬ sion was place in a few weeks It will be located in full S L BLAIR Agt fied prospective purchasers but in our tf speed It is thought that Mr Chewed near the roller mill Mr WDFrazjudgment this was the only hindrapce ierof Pulaski Tenn is the manager Tin Work roofing guttering and all to the sale When that street is open Rusum is a resident of Big Windy vHe has arrived in Columbia with his kinds of work in tin done utfirstclw ed we predict that the Mulligan addi ¬ On Saturday August 11th 1906 at 2 4 family and is occupying the residence order We are ready to meet the de- tion will prove one of the most inviting oclock at the late residence of Simon on Jamestown street owned by Mr mands in town or country We make localities for beautiful residences inCo Lester 1 will sell 2J acres of land one Ray Gonpver Mr Frazier comes to well tubing buckets etc If you need lumbia The opening of that street horse one Jersey cow one hog and Columbia highly recommended and any tin work call on us Located over will be of much worth to all partie in other articles of personal property our peopleare gUd to have him and hig Bennett s store LOWE 4k ier ted in that ectioBf or into1rowth Trmemidi known on day of sale Buosl s estimable little family with us SIMON LniTE s ExECUTOR 3 2t 86i m i h MOORED Columbia Kyv y I have just received from the State Board of Equalization notice of the property valuation as fixed by the Board for Adair County Before re- ¬ ceiving this notice 1 could not under the law collect the taxes As the time is so short in which to collect them I ask the tax payers to be prompt in the payment of them that I may be ready for the settlements and payments required of me by law My office at Columbia is open at all times for the collection of taxes I will also fix times and places in the different precincts at which I or one of my Deputies will expect all parties who have not paid before to meet us and pay Under the present law Sheriffs are required to report and pay the Auditor State Taxes a month earlier than heretofore and to report all per ¬ 1 Junius Hancock County Attorney G P Smythe AUGUST k Hf This office wants a copy of the News An occurence wraptedin mystery has OFFICE put the whole Dunnville country to its JPOST wits and it looks like the mystery will JM RUSSELL POSTMASTER remain in darkness The story which PETE CONOVER is perfectly reliable days is as follows Office hours week Last Thursday night Mr B F Rake COURT I straw the wellknown lumber dealer of Campbellsville and a high gentle ¬ sessions a yearThird man was stopping at the Combest CIRCUIT CouRTThree Monday in January third Monday inMay and Hotel in Dunnville and from him this third Monday in September C Baker Circuit JuckcB information is gathered About the A A Huddleston Commonwealths Attorney midnight hour there was a knock at SheriflW B Patteson Circuit ClerkJ F Neat the hotel door Mr Combest asked the occasion of it and was told that it COUNTY CouRTPirst Monday In each month Judge WEDNESDAY Twenty days until the Fair TO THE TAX PAYERS OF ADAIR COUNTY O V tJ H R VOLUME bai 1on In b i C4tlw 4r f tJ3 r- t t R 3B 4 P v f > < ry- < i r 4tP 4 4 iYis a ftr tvX- 1 r = ivi Tt r r 6 k i t F v 7 IT y < v 7i e wV- t- r If i cc 4 tf iiii K r R il f tt r < a i 4 t i 1 t lf < E 1IC ti Ar ti a z µ t v lrJ i J 1A 4 5 t y a- 1 >3 11 t rk 1 ti k tr t i MTh < t 1 t 1 r7 l c a 41

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