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Image 11 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), December 24, 1942

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN J Christmas History in swaddling clothes, lying in even unto the end of the a manger. And suddenly world." And He is here in there was with the angel a our midst bringing joy and multitude of the heavenly peace to the world except host praising God and saying, now the terrible forces of Glory to God in the highest evil led by the Devil, and his and on earth peace,? good will adversaries, have plunged the toward men. And as soon as world into war and are dethe angels were gone away stroying nations and executl'rom them into heaven, the ing and starving to death milshepherds said one to anoth- lions of people, men, women er. Let us now go even unto and children, and even dared Bethlehem and see this thing to make war on us, and we wnich is come to pass, which have been compelled to spend the Lord hath made known billions of dollars and send unto us. And they came with millions of men and women haste and" found Mary and to defend our land, our liber- "There was a war in heaven. Michael and 'his angels fought against the dragon; and the flragon fought" and his angels, Tind prevailed not; neither was there peace found any more in heaven." "And the dragon out, that old serpent, calleci the Devil and Satan, which aeceiveth the whole world; was cast out into the earth l.iJ his angels were cast oui with him-- ' Rev 12,-- 7, 8, 9". Christ said, "I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.'" (Luke 10; 18.) Satan hated God and resolved to destroy man, God's crowning work of creation. He suc ceeded in causing the fall of Adam and Eve and all humanity inherited, the fall and the whole human race would have been destroyed forever if the mercy and love of God had" not prepared a salvation. PROPHECIES. . 703 years before the com iing of Christ (Isaiah 7:14 and 7 11, 1, 2, 3) prophesied that Christ would be born of a vir Joseph and the babe lying in a manger. And when they nad seen it, they made known abroad the saying, which was told them concerning this child- And all they that heard it wondered at those things which were told them by the shepherds. And the shep- nertis returned glorifying and praising God, for all the things that they had heard and seen as it was told unto them." And this was the birth of the child Jesus. We celebrate the anniversary of his birth on wV ful ffrt,ii? December 25, and call it Christmas. We celebrate the CHRIST the SAVIOUR j Qf because Febr &0 in aue lime according 10 Washington was born on that the prophecies in the- city of day, and did more than any Bethlehem, Christ was born one else to give us Freedom of the virgin Mary. Both from an insane, tyrant King. Joseph and Mary knew from And we celebrate the 4th of dire"ct communications with July because on that day LibGod that this babe was the erty was born in the United promised Messiah, the Saviour States. But greater than the of the World. freedom of America or the A short distance from this deeds of a Washington is what city were "Shepherds watch- Christ brought to a lost and ing their flocks, and lo, the sinful world SALVATION. angel of the Lord came upon The most beautiful song that them and they were sore human ears ever heard was afraid,- and the angel said un- the one the shepherds heard. to them, fear not, for behold 'Glory to God m the highest, I bring you good tidings of peace on earth good will to great joy, which shall be to ward men." He came to all neople, for unto you is bring peace. He came to born this day in the city of bring joy- David, a Saviour which is CHRISTMAS Christ the Lord, and this shall be a sign unto you, ye Christ said to his disciplesshall find the babe wrapped I "Lo, I am with you, always - I - - ties, our democracy, our religion and our churches from these ruthless and barbaric destrcyefs of civilization. We believe that Christ breatTies upon our people a spirit of love and kindness and sympathy" and brings joy to the homes oi rich and poor throughout our land. "I have a few dollars saved up," says one, "and I am going to buy each of my little girls a doll, and each boy a train or a wagon, and Mary, what dress did Well, you say you wanted? you shall have it." And Mary said- - "John, dont forget the widow and her children next door, for they are very poor." And John said, "You attend to that, here is the money." SANTA CLAUS Is he still making toys up in the North? Does he still drive reindeer and does he still come down the chimneys7 Well he ishere all right, and who is Her He is the Spirit of Christmas, "and brings joy to the world. The children are singing it in the churches, It is the time for Christmas carols- Songs about the Saviour and his birth. No time for firecrackers, save them for the 4th of July. Have a good chicken or turkey dinner, and see that the poor about you get something too. During the Civil War one day there came a lull in the battle and the Union band played Yankee WJflTESBURG, KENTUCKY EAGLE, and Southern band played, ''Dixie" And then somebody started a song like, "Home Sweet Home," and both sides, Yankees and Rebels joined in and all sang together. And now I hope that on this Christmas day that the armies will sing carols and they will have a truce in honor of the Christ. And may His spirit prevail and may we soon have a just and righteous "Peace on Earth and Good Will Toward Men-H- H. HARRIS. Doodle, " - Smoot Creek News THURSDAY, DEC 24, 1942 Nov. 4 : Henry H. Hurby, 27, Fort Knox, Ky. ; Lexie Hall, 21, Jenkins, Ky. October Nov. 7 : James W. Brummett, George Delph, 21, Dunham, 26, Viper, Ky. ; Christine En-Elizabeth Sweeney, 15, Dun gle 21, Viper, Ky. ham. Nov. G: Berlie Boggs, 17. Dishmon Collins, 18, Polly, Pound, Va. ; Audrey May May Caudill, 19, Crown. Church, 15, Pound, Va. a, Ellis Anderson, 40, Nov. G: Stephen Back, 75, Susie Jane Webb, 32, Roxana, Ky. ; Martha Caudell, Cromona- 72, Eolia, Ky. Marcus Barger, 21, Bowling-towNov. 6: Earl Everett Keen, Ky., Cleo Bowling, 29, 32, Dry Hill, K3-.- ; Alberta BaScottsburg, Ky. ker, Watson, Ky. Nov. 7 : Haskel Boyd Bar- Banner Day, 26, Wise, Va.; lowe, 29, Christopher; Mary Pearl Maggard, 16, Eolia. Phillip Dillon, 26, Ivel, Ky-- , Lawson, 21, Walkertown. Jettie Coleman, 21, Brood Nov. 7 : Robert Lee Newsom, 23, Melvin, Ky. ; Nannie Can; Bottom, KyCalvin Howard Evermon, 32, trell, 21, Pound, Va. Nov. 7: Bradley Niece, 46, Harlan, Hope Hensley Vaugh-aColson, Ky. ; Verna -- Thomas, 31, Harlan. Hermon Pergin, 23, Clinch, 21, PollyKy. Nov. 7 : Ray C. Pilkenton, Va., Alice Davis, 17, Clinch, Marriage Licenses Cro-mon- n, (Irene Maggard and Ruby J. Frazier) Mr. and Mrs- - Kennie Adams are the "proud parents of a new son at their home named Douglas Jean. 21, McRoberts; Dorothy Ket- At thejiome of Mr- - and Va. Maggard, Sunday Miss Clifton Adams, 20, Dunham, cher, 21, McRoberts. Nov. 7 : Johnny Mullins, 19, Carlene and Irene Maggard Geraldine Wyatt, 18, Dunham-WilliaE. Wyatt, 26, Dun- Sassafras; Arminta Couch, 20, and Miss Ruby J. and George' Defiance. Ann Frazier had a nice time ham. Nov. 7 : Bryce Mann, 23. Cov making pop corn balls.- Ezra Smith, 21, Sergent, of Mr. and Mrs. Eunice Fields, 18, Whitesburg- - ington; Mariorie Owens, 21, At the home Saturday Clarence King, 21, Sergent, Jenkins. George Frazier, Nov. 9: Elmer Adkins, 24, Ruby and! Ruby Adams, 18, Sergent night, "Misses Bur-dinGeorge Ann Frazier had a Paul Kenneth Collins, 19, Jenkins ; Jane Lawson, 17, candy party. Several were Dunham, Edith Adams, 16, Nov. 10: Cecil Pierson, 21, present and had a nice time. Dunham. Ft. Blackmore; Lovely Jessee, Franklin Hays, 49, Letcher, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Felt-n22, Clinchport, Va. and daughter, Joyce left Julia Caudill, 44JLetcher. Nov. 10: Cline Webb, 22, 22, Soldier) Astor Brown, for Detroit last Thursday, Kingsport, Tenn.; Lorene CarPfc. Elza Caudill who is sta- Fleming, Maurihe Wright, 18, ter, 21, Horton's Summit, Va. tioned in Florida is home now Fleming. Nov 12 : Hubert Odle, 24, Jasper Holcomb, 43, Gordon, Coeburn, Va. Erankie Johnfurlough. on .a nine-da- y Dempsey Maggard who has Essie Bowling, 34, Cornetts-vill- son, 21, Crane's Nest, Va. been in the army two months Nov. 12 : Robert Hecker. 23, St&llard Pannell, 23, Big Cleveland, Ohio; Eaye Adkins has made Sgt- - in the U. Corps, Cpl, Bruce Banks Store Gap, Lillian Tolbert, 21, 21, Crane's Nest, Va. who has been stationed at Big Stone Gap. Nov. 13: Clarence Boles, 21, Fort Leavenworth, Kans, has William Norton, 49, Quail, Jonesville, Va. ; Audrey Louise been transferred to Fort Cus- Ky., Lena Yonts, 38, Sergent. Dodd, 21, Jenkins, Ky. Hassel Collins, 22, Pound, ter, Mich. All the beet pickNov. 14: Nelson Wampler, ers have arrived safely home Va., Reba Maggard, 23, Pound, 25, Norton, Va. ; Marie Carter, Va. once more. 18, Norton, Va. Jack D. Stallard, 21, Coe- Miss Geraldine Maggard Nov. 14 : Clyde Edwood left for Detroit last Tuesday. burn, Va., Delia May Chaffin, 27, Kingsport, Tenn.; Veneta Ethel Wright, Cpl. H, C. Maggard has been 21, Coeburn21, Junior Wagers, 18, Crown, Kingsport, Tenn, transferred from Washington Venia Wells, 18, Crown, Nov. 14: James Asher, 27, to North CarolinaEverett Adams, 41, May-kin- Rhode, Va. ; Jewell Carter, 16, Misses "Ruby and George-an- n Ella Roberts, 26, Flat Glamargon, Va. Frazier spent Sunday with Nov, 16: Crate Miller, 22, Irene and Colene Maggard, Gap, Va. Hazard, Ky. ; Emma Hollon, James Mosgrove, 19, Mr. Ballard Maggard spent Blanche Roberts, 17, 16, Hazard, Ky. last week with his brother, Nov. 18 :Clay Engle, Jr., 17, McRoberts. Llovd Maggard. Hillard Roberts, 20, Flat Carbonglow, Ky.; Donola MulCecil and Ballard Maggard, Irene Maggard and Ruby J. Gap, Helen Parsons, 19, Eolia- lins, 15, Carbonglow, Ky. Nov. 18: Mason Estep, 43, Robert Little, Jr., 24, RichFrazier had a nice time playmond, Lucille Hensley, 25, Detroit, Mich. ; Pearl Bowman, ing snow ball recently. 24, Detroit, Mich. Mr. Ivol Maggard is still Glomawr. Nov. 20: Chester White, 19, Dave H. Lewis, 39, Hyden, working at Hamilton. Nancy Roberts, 21, Hyden. Jackson; Florida Meade, 19, Mr. Van Combs is in Louis Chester Smallwood, 20, Dor- - Jackson. ville at this writing. Nov. 21: Blaine Williams, Mr. Hite Maggard has been ton, Leona Yonts, 18, Neon. of Estil Leach, 21, Premium, 30, Fleming; Margaret Know-le- s. in Louisville for a couple 15, Fleming. Oma Gilliam, 22, Premium. weeks. Nov. 21 : Coney Cornett, 25, J. B. Newsome, 51, Melvia, Hindman; Jewell Sutton, 21, , Delia Hall, 30, Melvia. Dec 17, Vest. George Collins, 66, Polly, Ky. Nov. 21 : Curtes Hall, 27, Martha Breeding, 66, Crown. Dear Santa Claus: Clarence York, 28, Scuddy, Brentley, Ky.; Matilda Sheptwo years I am a little boy Jeremiah, oldI have been very good Ky., Eva Holliday, 24, Scud herd, 17,27: Thomas Ky. Brain-ar- d Nov. R. dy. all the year. I want you to Isoldier), 23, Wise, Va. ; Dewey Rose, 20, Kona, Eva- a big one. I bring me a truck, Betty Maness, 21, Harlan, Ky. can ride. Bring me a ball and lee Carter, 16, Jackhorn. Nov. 23 : Wintford Collins, John W. Morris,. 58, Imbo- some fire crackers. Don t for2G, Pound, Va. ; Gladys Kiser, get Uncle Bob and Aunt Myr- den, Va., Polly Anne Adams, 24A Rock House, Ky. tle in Baltimore and also re- 52, Whitesburg. Nov. 23 : Alvin Turner, 29, Sam Pihman, 57, Roxana, member Aunt Esma in Cin Cumberland; Alta Jean Shepcinnati. Ohio- - Bring her Matilda Shepherd, 72, Rox- herd, 21, Cumberland. something and remember lit ana. Nov. 23: Lieut. Kenneth nave Paul Smith, 19, Eolia, Bon- Back, Jeremiah; Marie Sheptle Sue and T. K. nie Boggs, 19, Eolia. been good too. , herd, 19, Jeremiah. Elmo Coates, 18, Eolia. Your little mend, Nov. 24: Jame3 Turner, (U. Charles Bowman Collins-Isom- , Ruth Short, 16, Mayking. S. Navy), Hazard; Mildred Ky- Glenn Combs, 21, Kings- - Risden, 18, Lothair. port, Tenn., Audrey Hill, 21, Nov. 26: Bennett Sexton, 20, Dec 17, 1942. Kmgsport. Hardburly; Mary Belle Webb, Jonah Fleming, 18, McRob 20, Mayking. Isom, Ky. erts, Sarah Belle Profitt, 18, Nov. 26: Ernest Matney, Dear Santa Claus: (soldier), 21, Patterson, Va.; I am a little girl three years Jackhorn, Robert M. Stephens, 54, Wanda Cornett, 17, Cornetts- old. I want you to bring me al- Baltimore, Md-- , Eunice Tuck ville. a writing desk- - One chair, Nov. 28 : Howard Taylor, 55, so bring me a doll and any- er, 34, Wise, VaClarence E. Spangler, 21, Polly, Ky.; Arana Bowen, 42, thing else vou choose to bring will please me. I. have a uncle Harveyton, Helen Rue Collins, Polly, Va. Nov. 28: John Sutherland, in sprvice in Liincoin, incd, 18, Blue Diamond, Garland Gibson, (Soldier) Jr., 23, Finy, Va. ; Juanita and a uncle over sea, don't for , t?et them. And Santa Claus, 31, Fisty, Florence Cornett, Counts, 18, Splashdam, Va. Nov 28: Edward Duff, 24, remember my dear 19, Sassafras. Lawrence Joseph Boiling, Allock, Ky.; Edna "Daniel, 17, old Grandma.. and Grandpa something to 19, Big Laurel, Va-- , Ida Mae Happy, Ky. Bring them Nov. 30 : Leonard Addington, please them, so don't fprget Roberts, 14, Norton, Va. Buford Meade, 22, Jackhorn, 22, (soldier), Southdown; for 111 be good ana ds iuu. Vonda Johnson, 18, Hartby, Irene Haynes, 18, Southdown. ing for youKy-Your little" Friend, Willie Hall, 26 (Soldier), Simian Logic Blanche Collins. Myrtle Joseph, 19, Viper. Isom, Ky. Linda Boone Saxon Arnold Sexton, 21, Sackett, Elsie Niece, 17, Isom. A sneaker was irritated by Andrew Jackson Fields, 38, An old Malayan monkey the noice made bp the assembSat upon a limb, Lothair, George Burger, 39, lage. "Silence," he roared. "I And contemplated bullets Lothair. want this hall to De so sun you Speeding under him. Nov. 3: William Rose, 22, can hear a pin drop." There was Long Fork, Va. ; Laura New- He studied group behavioi: a deadly quiet for a moment; d strong then an irrepressible youth pip- - berry, 23, Long Fork, Va. : James Epperson, 45, Then said, "That fellow Darwin Nov. 4 edup, "Let 'er drop." Must have figured wrong; Letcher; Mary Ellen Berchum, Tt couldn't be our family 17, Letcher. Man's descended from Nov. 4: Richard T. Glenn, FOR CHRISTMAS 23, Burdine; Avenelle Wywit An evolutionary, ape NORTON FLORAL COMPANY 19, Burdine,.s-Wouldn't act that dumb" - n, Mrs-Joh- n e. er a. Ras-nak- e, - - g, Mc-Robe- rts, - 1942-Isom- - h iS ''Ur s:incrc "Mi that we may J,ave a part making j our Christmas full of S00d chcer and Jowsliin W f CVei v I . iel- - tins rommunity Periiap. this little message will he!n vn f "arrays. May brighter day be the compensat for your sacrifices toward makin, th M P S, of life around you and the sece it affords. yu nnd - the beauties opportune TTi. e ,M .t. 1 "KT 1 - i" WHITESBURG ROTARY CLUB Fnoay, Dec. 18, 1942- - "America". Pledge to The Flag. Invocation. Introduction of Visiting and Guests. Program: This will be our Charter Luncheon. The program will be led by Coy Holstein, speaking on "Why I Am A Rotarian." Other speakers will be called upon "to speak on some phase of ROTARY. Let us yes we must have 1.00 per cent attendance! LAST MEETING: Rotarian Herman presented a program that was worthy of our attention. Questions on Rotary. This would be a good program for every club to have at least once every three months. Funny But tragic how little we reallydo know about our organization which has more than 5,000 Clubs, with a membership in excess of 205,000, in some bO countries- Rotary is not a secret organization nor is it a religious organizatiSn- - It assumes that its concepts are in accord with all religions. Rotary does not concern itself with a Rotarian's religion or politics, but expects him to be faithful to his religion and loyal in his Thanks Rotarian Herman. SPECIAL: There will not be any meeting on December 25. This "will not interfere with our scheduled program: The speaker for Friday, January 1st, 1943 will be Pearl Nolan. ABSENTEES: Only three absent last meeting. "Make up" fellows If at all possible. VISITORS: We were delighted to have Archie Craft with us at our last meeting, Archie was the guest of Dr. Ro-taria- ns citi-zentn- ip. B. C Bach. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE. Sackett, Ky., Dear Santa Claus: I am alittle boy four years old and as it is very near Christmas hope you will visit with me. Santa I have been a real good boy. Dad and mother says I Have been good too- - So I will tell you what I want you to bring me, first a tricycle, a Soldier Suit for I want to" be a real Soldier sbme day. A toy bus, candy, apples, oranges. So this is all I want you to bring me-- I want you to not forget all good little boys and girls, visit them and also please don't forget my dear old grandfather and grand mother, Mr. and Mrs- - Wesley Combs. And please don't for get my uncle, Morgan Combs, he is m the army m British Please visit West Indies. him. I must close. Good Bye Santa, BOBBY COMBS, Sackett,. Ky. Befriended (F. J. Worrall Dejected he came to my window sill, Timid and thin and old ; Every step cautious and consummate skill Vied with hunger and cold. Each day he grew bolder and stronger with care And a little more trusting, I think His ration of food is always placed there And plenty of warm milk to drink. His fur is softer and thicker to- day And his eyes are no longer afraid He now has a friend and it's . needless to say That friend feels amply re- paid. Twenty-thousan- AMMERMAN MOTOR COMPANY LOUIS AMMERMAN, Mgr. WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY FLOWERS f The railroads of the country issue and distribute some timetables annually to keep the traveling public informed concerning passenger train schedules. 80,-000,0- 00

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