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Image 4 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), February 10, 1944

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

THE MOUNTAIN EAGLE, WHITESBURG, KENTUCKY THURSDAY, FEB. 10, 1944 Sunday that Rev. Charles S. Spencer will be with us as pastor of our church, he has planned to hold the quarterly communion service on that day instead of at the usual lifts ' WM&'iX'Wt'jft ti&mt i.'me. Mrs. Winchester Coker and Mrs. T. S. Moore, Matrons of the Boys' and Girls' Dormitories, and Mrs. W. L. Cooper are suffering from cases of flu. Mrs. Moore's mother. Mrs. C. H. Hungarland, of Lexington, Kentucky, is with mmmmm column. Sometimes I'm disappointed when I find there is no Line Fork column. I want to thank you for the article of Dec. 23rd. It was appreciated. Keep up the good work, pal, by giving us the news. I suppose you saw Wallace Ison's article a few weeks back. He is also over here. A friend, m Miss Ruthiva Caudill, the Mr. and Caudill has reMrs. Buddie little daughter of covered from the bronchial pneumonia enough to enjoy her little brother, Dodd Lee PanHill's hirthdav nartv on Feb. 5, 1944- - Dodd Lee was nne vear old. A large crowd of neighboring kids attended and refreshments were serv ed. All present reported a fine time and a party long to Dodd Lee hp remembered. could have enjoyed his birth day party better if his three brothers who are in tne Army had been present His oldest brother, Set. Baxter D. uau- riiii corvinrr with the Ameri can Fifth Army in ltaiy; an- -' other brother, Cpl- - Claude Caudill in New Caledonia Island and his other brother, Chap. Clyde Caudill, station ed at Shreveport, .La. Miss Mary Lou Banks of Carbon Glow, is visiting relatives at Jeremiah, Ky. Mrs. Buddie Caudill, has re turned irom a short visit with her parents of Pulaski County, Ky. Pvt. Winslow Caudill and wife have returned to Texas irom a very short visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. David D. Caudill. Mrs. Bonnie Caudill left for Detroit, Mich, to seek employment, Feb. 4. Mr. and Mrs. Buddie Cauthird dill celebrated their wedding anniversary on Feb. Men aie cyng...are you buying ? to say, "I IP YOU'RE inclinedBonds," just can't any more take .another look at the casualty lists. At least $100 extra in Bonds over and above your.regular buying is needed as your part in putting over the Le t$ Fourth War Loan. At least $100, $200, $300, or $500 if you can possibly scrape it up. Look at those grim lists in today's paper. Buy your Bonds while the names are still fresh in your mind. BACK TH E ATTACK ! MORGAN SHOE SHOP W. E. Morgan, Mgr. Kentucky-Whitesburg, Feb. 5th. Miss Stella Smith is now Car-- ! Mr. Dudley Combs of employed as bookkeeper for bon Glow was hurt in the Stuart Robinson School. mines on Jan. 31. He was of taken to the Harlan Hospital, Miss Vonnie Eldridge Harlan, Ky., for treatment. Turkey Greek is visiting relaJake Large is recovering tives at Carbon Glow. . from a long illness. Mis Mollie Boone joined Eugene Banks, small son the Wacs on Feb. 4th. of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Banks Buddie Caudill has recent has been seriously ill with ly joined the Carbon Glow pneumonia. He is slowly re string Band as a fine banjo covering. player. In the past he has John Back was reported won many prizes in banjo knocked unconscious Satur- playing. Miss Mary Liou .banks is day night, Feb- 5th and $500 a successful sales lady. She is taken trom him. John Fred Gent and Roy selling merchandise for the Howard of Carbon Glow left Melville Company of Cincinfor the induction center at nati, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Henry C, Ft. Thomas, Ky., on February Campbell who recently start 4th. John Flannery, Jr., son of ed into the merchandise busiMr. and Mrs. John Flannery ness. Mrs. Becka Back of Carbon is in from the Navy at Great Lakes. 111. He will return on Glow has returned from a rest cure in Florida. Before reb. 11. Miss Mollie Boone of Car- Mrs. Back left she was on bon Glow, announced her 'en the verge of a nervous breakgagement Chap. Clyde Caudill down. Miss Mallie Banks is now son of Mr. and Mrs. Buddie employed in a defense plant Caudill of Jeremiah, Ky. Mrs. Joe C- - Branson of Car in Detroit, Mich. Little Miss Helen and Miss bon Glow has returned from a short visit from Texas. She Ann Banks of Carbon Glow enjoyed her visit thoroughly. enjoyed themselves at a birth Miss Lelah Branson left for day party given by Dodd Lee Dayton, Ohio, to seek employ- Caudill of Jeremiah on Feb. ment. She is a former prin- 5th for little son of Mr. and cipal of the Carbon Glow Mrs. Buddie Caudill. Dean Branson, son of Mr School. Mr. Buddie Caudill of Jere ana Mrs. J. C Uranson is miah, Ky., visited relatives of a successful salesman for the Carbon Glow on Saturday, Gait Paper. Carbon Glow News - -- AT THE CROSSROADS.. WHICH WAY ? Public Auction Troy Lucas, our soldier boy, who is runnmg the Recrea tional Center needs some Saturday afternoon, help. 2:0U o'clock, and Saturday night at 7:iU there will be a sale of anything that is given to sell. Foods, pies, cakes, candy, etc Oddities: vases, antiques of any kind. It may not be so valuable to you but it might be worth a $100! One boy has given an old red rooster. That is it anything to sell. Come and buy. Bring or send what you give to be sold to the Recreational Cen ter by Saturday noon. If you can't get it there call 57 and it will be sent for. World Famous Auctioneer Major Day will cry "the sale! A great number of service men have been in the Recreational Center. These are givn en soft drinks, and free. We want to be able to continue this. We need some equipment in order to have the place in condition to best help our service men. This sale will help do this. Tell your friends about it. Come and enjoy this sale. 5th. Mrs. Willie Caudill has been on the sick list for some time. She is slightly improving. Mr. Buddie Caudill who has recently returned from Can trip ada is Jenkins Methodist Harborplanning aa Uivu to earl to seek service job. Church Rich Caudill helped Mr. Houglin, Pastor Rev. A-Dick Keith butcher four fine hogs on Jan. 31st. The best answer to Juvenile Rich Caudill is now em delinquency is a working, ployed by his brothen Jim praying Church bringing the Caudill of Jeremiah as a de children to Church anc b"!U livery boy. This is the first day School every Sunday. real job he has ever had and Sunday School children seL he likes it fine. dom go wrong. So go to bun John Engle of Jeremiah day School Sunday. left Feb. 4, for induction cenORDER OF WORSHIP ter at Ft. Thomas, Ky. SUNDAY Mrs- - Grant Blair is im J.0 A. M. Sunday School. proving from a long illness 11 A. M. Morning Service, She was formerly Miss Irene "The Christ of the Common Polly of Carbon Glow. People." Mrs. Ellen Caudill has purYouth chased the property of Carl 6:45 Methodist Fellowship. Caudill of Doty Creek, Jere7:30 P. M. What Jesus miah, Ky. Mrs. Caudill pur Taught About Possessions-chased the property so she When the outlook is dark, could be near the church and try the uplook. Go to Church, take part in all the church ac Sunday. tivities. r " pop-cor- The Business Woman's Cir cle of the Presbyterian Church met in the home of Miss Mary Glenn Jenkins on Wednesday evenmg of Feb- - 2, 1944. Miss Gladys uombs was program Refreshleader. ments of chicken salad and coca-colwere served to the following visitors and mem bers: Mesdames J. S. Robinson, B. C. Bach, Lee Moore, Archie Craft. Ted Bentley, Fields. Woodrow Follace Webb, CeciTBaker, A. C. Jen-Misses: Gladys Combs, Yarlettj Louise Holbrook, Swisher, Helen Wells and Lu cille AdamsThe Rev. J. S. Robinson came in at the close of the program for a friendly visit. as - FOR SALE One 25 gallon drum of Liquid hand soap also dispenser and 1 case paper towels. If interested call 95 or call at The Eagle offic Also a complete line of staples and staplers. Reasonable price. Anything you need in the way of office supplies we have them or can get them on short notice. PackFOR SALE '37 ard car, good tires in good running condition. Price $400. Reason for selling, owner called tovservice. See Mrs. Glenn Calhoun, Isom, Ky. pd. Administrator's Notice This is to notify the public that I have been appointed administrator over the affairs has of my father the late J. C. Miss Minerva Adams been sick with a vprv had Brown, and any one owing case of influenza but is some-kin- s; said J. C. Brown or having claims against said estate will what improved. iile and properly prove same LOST No. 3 ration books in according to law. Signed: name of Mary Lois Stephens SIM BROWN, and Linda Carol Stephens.) Administrator of the Finder please return to Mary Estate of J. C. Brown. Lois Stephens, Neon, Ky. YOU'LL FIND Perennials in the Officers Club This space orchid floral print crepe is truly the first breath of spring. A perennial in fashion and in flattery because it's a Gay Gibion it's orchids to you in Black, Aqua, and Red. Sizes 9 to 17. Juniors A must for every springtime wardrobe is this two-pieGay Gibson. Fitted butcherj linen jackec and buttons oi' wood and parl add charm to the printed flofal jersey skjr. :n Russet iarth, Kelly Green and Red, Stees 9 to 17. ce Nice to Come Home to Line Fork and Pine Mt. News Stuart Robinson School News (by Boone Hall) Most everybody has been sick around this part of Line Fork. Pvt. Wilbert Cecil Hall and Pvt. Odis Bradley have been sent from Fort Lewis, Wash., to Shreveport, La. 2 Columbus Blevins is fighting with our Navy in New Guinea. He is the son of Mr. Bill Blevins. Cpl. Olan Cornett is now in England. He is the son of Mr. Chester Cornett of Gordon. His brother, Jr. Cornett is in Africa or Italy. Rev- - Glenn Crawford held church services at the Bear Branch church during the week end of Feb. 5th. Miss Lucille Beeler of Cum berland, Ky., is the new cook at the Pine Mt. School. lhe following letter was received from a soldier: Most of our boarding stu dents enjoyed visits in their respective homes during the past week-enbut as usual, a few remained with us to carry on the necessary work. After the morning serVice .it the Doermann Memorial Presbyterian Church in Black-aySunday morning, an elec tion or church otiicers was held, and the following were chosen: Mr. General Crouch- .t as an Elder, Messrs. John D. W. Collins and Winchester Coker as Deacons, and Mes ames James May and Bas- uom Mclntyre and Messrs. Winchester Coker and James Greer as members of the Pas toral Committee. Rev. Charles S. Spencer has rendered his resignation as pastor of the Doermann Memorial Church, and has acCpl. Olan Cornett cepted a call to a church in A.' S- N. 15373312 Greenville, South Carolina. 179th Sig. Rep. Co. We shall miss Mr. and Mrs. APO 505, o P. M. Spencer and their three at New York, N. Y. tractive little boys very much Jan. 25, 1944. indeed. This family has meant a great deal to our Dear Boone: rhurch and community dur- - Today I received the Mt. ng the two years they have Eagle for the week of Dec. 23. When I get the paper my ob. heen with us. Since February 13 is the last ject is to find the Line Fork d, S-- , The Strategy of It All Like all things good young ideas begin with romance his furlough begins with you the strategic moment is evident make it a Gay Gibson command in this two-pieevergrand crepe. The Venise lace snaps with glamour over navy or black. Sizes 9 to 17. ce - c-- hMtUMdBeMkrt EAST KENTUCKY BEVERAGE COMPANY, Hazard, Ky. by Mat OLAN. her during her illness. Jeremiah News OUR DEMOCRACY DAWAHARE DEPARTMENT STORES Whitesburg, Ky. Neon, Ky.

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