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Image 5 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), June 3, 1926

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

The best denture or plate that THE AMERICAN BEMBERG TRUSTEES' SALE can bt constructed is none too COMPNY'S GREAT SILK MILL good. Teeth play an important is now under construction at United States District- Court The condition of Mrs. Tom part in our health today. Good Two corrspondents from out!' Wayland came to Seco deter- ELIZABETHTON, TENN. Eastern District of Kentucky. remains about the same with no teeth are essential for good West write to know if James Col-- ! mined to win the baseball frame and is said to be, when completn In the matter of Nagola improvement. health. If you ara preserving lins, the ancestor of many of the 'iagt Sunday but was met by one ed, the largest plant of its kind Coal Co., bankrupt, i n your natural teeth have them in the United States people of that name in this 0f the fastest teams in Eastern bankruptcy. Of all the taxi men in our sec tions and by the dentist who - Kentucky. Seco has five players You have a special invitation to Councountry' was not the By virtue of an order of sale tion if there is a particularly n tt T realizes the patient's health is call at uor office in Elizabethton, made May 11, 1926, by Sam Col- careful one it is Otis Back. ty juoge ot ietcner county. from Milligan College, and one entirely in his hands. Teeth exJames Collins, a Methodist East Tennessee State Col- - Tenn., located on ground floor of , lins, Referee in Bankruptcy, dir We've tried him. tracted painless by our new conister, came from North Carolina iege Johnson City, Tenn., as fol- - First National Bank building, ected to us as trustees, we will on DR, A. F. SANDERS ductive method. about 1805 and settled near the iows: Brown, Springfield, Fergu- - and give us an opportunity to, wm on Monday, June 7, 1926, at The Hampton Co. is putting and Main Office Fleming, Ky. mouth of Campbranch of Rock son, Thompson, Grant from Mil- show you this great silk mill the hour of 1 oclock p. m. at in a new stock of general merDR. F. M. ELLIOTT At Millstone every Thursday. o$ house. At that time he was a ligan, and Mooney from East now under construction. We feel the front door of the Courthouse chandise at mouth of Doty on DENTISTS each week. Rcckhouse. Mrs.Melda and Dew-- man with a family. There he Tennessee. Milligan College won sure that ti will surprise you and in the city of Whitesburg, Letch'lived to a ripe old age. At the the State School championship that you will a tonce make up er county, Ky, expose to public ey Hampton are the owners and time he settled the Kentucky last year by. copping 12 out of 13 your mind that Elizabehtton will sale to the highest and best bidmanagers. river valley and tributaries was games. Jim Mooney, 19, was the soon rank among the largest and der the following described propV county, created 1797. In pitching ace at his school, and is best cities in Eastern Tennessee. erty d P. H. Bates & Sons, of it became Perry and in 184labout ready for the big leagues. We also want to show you the First, all the property describstone, hustling sawmill and 1 Letcher county. It has been our Sunday he struck out 13 and did choice lots and truck farms that ed in a deed dated August 26, ber men, are getting ready for a heavy business this summer and!information that his son, Nath- - not allow a single run, only six we are selling on the 'LILLY AD- 1922, from A. F. Parsons et al to a young man at the time hits being made off him. Seco DITION to Elizabethton, sold on Nagola Elkhorn Coal Co. recordwill have mills in various tions. Mr. Bates was loading a tne county was formed, became scored 17 runs and all the Seco terms of 5 per cent down and 2 ed in deed book 63 page42. also Along boys played in tiptop form. Espy 2 per cent each month, without all the property described in a the first County Judge. big mill at Blackey yesterday. before the war Nat Collins was played best for Wayland. The interest or taxes and in case of deed from Logan Elkhorn Coal o yqur death the property is deed- Corporation to Nagola Elkhorn It is rather expected that El- elected to the State Senate and box score: ed to your beneficiary without Coal Co., recorded in deed book ders Dave Maggard, John and was probably elected afterwards ab r h Seco any further payment. 85 page 50, also all the property Tom Hopkins, all upwards of 80 as County Judge. It may be that Biggs 3b 523 These lots and truck farms rae described ni deed dated August years of age and who have each &ev- - James Collins was our first Brown ss 5 selling very fast and we mean 26, 1922, from Logan Elkhorn spent 50 years or more in the 'vounty Judge. If anyone has the Springfield lb 6 0 business and will pay your Coal Corporation etc to Nagola ministry, will be present at the facta, please let us know, 5 Ferguson If' Regular Baptist services here on 0 transportation both ways by giv-- 0 Elkhorn Coal Co., and record3 Thompson rf ing you a receipt on your first ed in deed book. 63 page 41; also next Saturday and Sunday. 3 Grant rf ANNOUNCEMENT monthly instlment, fare not to all the property described in deed : 5230 Tolliver2b dated August 26, 1922, from Lo 5 3 2 0 exceed $7.00. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Fiedls, of To the Citizens of the Tenth Cornelius cf We also want o call your at gan Elkhorn Coal Corp., etc, to .'. 2220 Harrison c- Lexington, will arrie this week to Congressional District: Mooney p r... 4 2 2 0 tention to the choice fots and Nagola Elkhorn Coal Co., recordspend a few slays. A little later . Throucrh the courtesy of the truck farms we have for sale ed in deed book 63 page 44 recthey with their children will re"press I take this method of an in the great industrial city of ords of the Letcher County Court Totals 43 17 22 turn here to spend the summer. nuoncing myself a candidate for Wayland Roanoke, Va., on easy terms. If Clerk's office. ' ab r h, In the words of Aristotle, Socrathe Democratic, nomination for. Bohannon ss interested call at our Roanoke Secon, two stocks of merchan 401 tes and Uncle Alex, "Welcome, Congress. We people have al office on sixth floor of MacBain dise, one at Jackhorn, Ky., and Lyons 2b 300 welcome, thrice welcome !" ways stcod for a higher, nobler Building. one at Feming, Ky., 17 head of 4 Espey 3b .0 citizenship, for equal rights for mules, 1 pony and 1 horse. 400 In this issue Hon. Douglas Burnett rf LILLY LAND COMPANY, all and special privileges for Also all property, real, personKnott-Floy400 Hays, of the Moore cf secd Home office, Princeton, W.Va al and mixed owned by banknone. If I get this nomination I tion, announces as a candidate 401 Prtater c will fight to the last ditch to rupt in Letcher county, Ky., at 3Q0 for the Democratic nomination Davis lb win in November. If I win count the time it was adjudged a bank300 Porter p for Congress. If Doug, as we all me on the battle.line for our peorupt. They will sell mine No. 1 000 Moore p know him, is nominated he'll put . ple. ' Very truly, at Jackhorn, including the lease000 Shepherd p more "spunk" into the Novem--! Douglas Hays. A special invitation is given to hold, leasehold premises, tenant ber fight than anybody we Weeksbury, Ky. the public to attend all services. know of. "The Hayses never Totals 33 0 6 5 Sundayschool and preaching each houses and all mine equipment therewith and surrender," has long been a jrmngs Sunday morning, preaching and used then mine No. 2 at Whitaker, $100.0Q REWARD Seco ... maxim in this country. Best that hands and tools can do 017 Epworh League Sunday evening. including the property owned in Prayer meeting Wednedays. Ev Wayla'd 0 ery Methodist iving within reach fee, leasehold and leasehold preIn the person of Paul Collier j Will be paid for apprehension of LOCATED BACK OF COLLINS' BAKERY th chrchare asked to place mises, tenant houses and all Whitesburg has a new policeman. party and location of Ford coupe -Fo- rty-three applicants for mine equipment used in connec He has been tried before and it' stolen from my garage at Flem- - teachers' certificates, entered thethe WILL APPRECIATE YOUR CUSTOM church and will help'ou Do tion therewith, on a credit of wen Known macne never ias ing, Ky., on night ot May UYtn, examination here Friday and this at once, is three, six and twelve months. or sleeps on the job. Always 1926. Description of car 1926 Saturday. The work of the Thos. D. Walters, Pastor After receiving bids on both manly and determined, the' model Ford Coupe, motor No. 'plicants as is generally known, is city and its good officials feql just 12516042, balloon tires, FoFrd ' sent to.Frankfort for grading. It A number of live Whitesburg mines separately, as heeinbefore i n .i xne like they are safe when he is snubbers, rux-steaxle-mwill be some davs before tho re- - peopie aenaealit auction sale directd, tney will then offer them as a whole, and if they around. In order to make good. shift, cirrar lighter. T&witiirfrv T.l.'sult of this i irwr, iat lackey yesterday. bring a greater price when of as he wishes, he needs the back- - cense 1926, No. 2 when fered as a whole, than separateing cf every person in the city. stolen. Understand Florida li- ly, in that event said trustees who stands for law and order cense substituted. Dr. E. H. will sell them as a whole, to the Our City Council has made no Maggard, Fleming, Ky. liighest and best bidder, taking mistake in choosing Mr. Collier! May 31, 1926 from purchaser or purchasers, a sale bond or bonds with approved personal security, bearing interest at the rate of 6 per Commencement exercises at reception was given to the rt cent per annum from date until Robinson School began uates. At this time an alumni POORf ORK, or CUMBERLAND, is the coming paid, Sunday, May 23, with the bacca-- , association was formed with or which shall be town in the mountains. Opportunties for busi-payab- le laureate sermon preached by .Vincent Caudill. '23. within three months, ness success are greater there than resident. at any otner one third in six months and one1 youngr city anywhere. Rev. E. V. Tadlock, of Winches- - and Mrs. May, '24, secretary. All is the turning nomt for It thid within twelve months, said. Virginia and the ter. The musical recital Monday present made talks. Loyalty and entire South on the great Appa-bond bearing interest at the rate lachian Way, lately evening under the direction of j enthusiasm for Stuart Robinsoii routed from Chicago to Jack-of 6 per cent per annum from sonville. Miss Gladys Chewning showed expressed by each alumni, It is a bier railroad town and r.hanrps date until paid. careful work on the part of both .The following young people bright for it to be connected soon with the are They will next sell the live Kentucky River Valley and students. Miss ceived diplomas: --Custer Back, of the L. & N. R. R., makstock at both mines, and then ing it railroad Alice Williams, Miss Mary Ellen Miss Norma Brohard, Arch center. In this coming city the a the mechandise at both mine', undersigned has for sale: Miss Carrie Lee Whit- - dill, Miss Gladys Caudill, Hargis cn a credit of three months, tak aker and Miss Barbara Wood all Caudill, Foyster Stamper, Miss ing from the purchaser or purshowed excellent training. On Mary Ellen Whelchell, Miss Alice chasers a sale bond or bonds, lots Tuesday evening was the senior Williams. locatpayable to themselves, and bearprogram. Instead of the usual o ed, L. N. ing interest at the rate of 6 per prophecy a short play was given, Many improvements Jiave been cent per annum from date until is entitled "A Reunion of the Ciass made in Stuart Robinson the past paid, and a lien will be retained ofl926 Ten Years Hence." Won- - year. A larger student body is on all the property to secure the derful things will happen to the expected than ever before Al-be payment of said bond or bonds. eight members of the class dur- - ready applications for rooms are ' J. H. Young, ing the next ten years and even'eming in. The new library build-mor- e French Hawk, R. B: BOBERTS, Judge 33rd Judicial District wonderful changes and g andnew books to be added Stephen Combs, Jr. provements are to occur at be a great help. A course in TO THE PEOPLE OF THE TENTH DISTRICT: ' art Robinson. We are hoping at stenography and typewriting is Trustees. town In announcing my candidacy for .Congress from the Tenth least part of their prophecy may being added. Young people of District, I want to say to the voters that if I am elected, and I is. FOR SALE come true. One feature was the this section who wish the ad- - expect to be elepte intend to show the people what it is to have a presentation of a beautiful desk antajof a business course wiM Congressman who will work for them."" I propose to strive early 441,000 feet ("estimate) of , the PeoPle of my strict. I am phys- the and Iate to the Haney Memorial Library not have clfy and pay! majority white oak and pop- ically able to work for the best interests of my district. I have ,lar. Located 2 2 miles by the class, the presentation a high rate for beard and tuition, from the will to do ,it', ahd I haveithe purpose td put the Tenth District speech being made by the class for the same opportunity is to State HiShwav near Pound. Call on the political and governmental map. Vote for me in the Republi-- ! president, Foyster Stamper. Im- - be offered at Stuart Robinson n can primary on August 7 next. Yours sincerely, or write CHANT BRANHAM, mediately after the program a much lower cost. I POUND, VA. Co. R. B. ROBERTS'. and we congratulate action. NEWS it on its SECO WINS - - Elk-hor- ; - I .1 i min-'fro- m I to-w- it: Mill-'F1y- AT THE lum-182- 1' sec-'""6- JIM DAY 1-- WANTS TO SEE YOU AND TALK OVER YOUR BUSINESS PROBLEMS 13 15 11 11 11 - Call Any $ i 1--: Wei come Time $ FIXIT AT Fletcher'sBlacksmithShop 123456789 00000 0000 03-02381- 0 I Shelby Fletcher ap-co- cl, . el WHITESBURG, KY. . ar 520-00- FOR O pportunit Y CONGRESS STUART ROBINSON NEWS Real Estate for Sale grad-Stua- one-thi- rd ! re-teac- ll, ir im-'in- Stu-'wi- ll J ' fr I 1-- im One 4 room residence, six residence under fence and beautifully one business lot near & depot, with pavements in front. This the equal of any property in the town. Property will sold reasonable. If necessary easy terms will be allowed. Reason for selling, Owner wants to build a home and live in his home Whitesburg, where his business For further information call on or write, G. D. POLLY, Whitesburg, Ky. care Whitesburg Wholesale

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