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Image 4 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), June 23, 1927

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

It.-.- - or A! s Thornton at Mayking Saturday Feeds is ot the very highest visited her parents, Mr. and ,. 'aid Sunday. Elders J. W. Stal-- ! quality. Klindly look up the ad-- 1 Mrs. Martin Wright. v , , XT . laivl onf! T? A Swirmml nt Wise, vprnspmAnf in fhia fcaua Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wright, 1:1 mins No. 15 at McRoberts. ,, . ... A - give this line of feeds a trial. Jr., virited Mr. and Mrs. V.'. B. Va.. r.r.d J. T. Whitaker 01 uuickCollier Sunday. conducted the services, W J ToHH nf Npnn is wnrkinffi thft! Prof. R. ean Squires, who is to i There was one addition in the Williamson, W. Va., field. Mrs. Henry Johnson, of Haz- a spienaia meeting the newlv elected suDerintend- church, and ent of schools of Whitesburg, ard, is visiting her grandmother, Jack Webb is visiting his sis- was reported. vr sited here for several days last ',Mrs. Mattie Fields this week, ter, Mrs. G. H. Picklesimer, this Rev. E. M. Fossett is visiting week. Mr.: Squires will move week. week. in Winchester this his family here from Richmond See adv. of Larro Poultry feed early in August. tin this issue. Supt. Arlie Boggs spent the MissLavinia Cook returned week end in Richmond visiting ATTENDS MEETING Mrs. Boggs Who is in school at from Kentucky Wesleyan Col WINTER RATION lege for summer vacation. summer. that place for the J. L. rawford, managing ediBEATS PASTURE tor of the Mountain Eagle, left Sergent is visiting his Wednesday for Mayfield, Ky., to Lewis of Mr. and Mrs. James John IN FEED TEST meeting Frankfort, and Homer Lewis of brotherj Arch Sergent, at.Esser--' attend the Experts Georgetown, arrived yesterday. ville, Va., and while there plans of the 'Kentucky Press Associa the exact hare neTer agreed as to value of pasture as a tion. After the meeting he summer ration for dairy cows. An coming through in a car by way to land some 'nice fish. will return by way of the home nnusual test conducted at the Larro of Jenkins. Research Farm, Rcdford, Mich., of his parents at Gameliel, Ky. seems to settje conclusively any disCarl Pigman, who . has been pute, about the relative merits of for a visit of a few days. grain and grass. Mrs. M. N. Todd of Neon is attending the University of Ken Karl E. Davis will be' in Eight cows were chosen for the at McRoberts in the Mill Bot- tucky, has returned tospend the charge of the plant while Craw- trials four and four grade Holstelns, all of which had tom house No. 2017. and is e summer with his parents at ford is away. freshened within a few weeks in March and April, 1026. These eight nlain sewinir again for her Sergent. cows were divided Into two croups of four, as nearly equal in milk ca NEON support. pacity and production as possible. Atty. Harry L. Moore made a s Two and two grades Mrs. Dodge Banks, who has were placed in each group. Misses Myrtle Hammock, Inez Irip to Frankfort last week in One herd of four was turned ont Cook and Mr. Lester Hammock the interest of road repair work been in Seco hospital sometime, on Tery good .pasture June 1, 1026. Throughout the summer the pasture r. snent Sunday evening at the in the county. While on the trip, returned to her home much was better than the average. On September 27, two of these home of Misses Elva and Efilc Moore consulted with Con-- 1 proved. pasture-fecows were taken off I Scco grass. The other two came off pasMorgan of Mayking. gressman J. M. Robsion of the! Mrs. Paul Stapleton is in ture October 0, and all four have Eleventh district, who express-- 1 hospital for treatment, since been fed on the regular winter ration. Miss Effie Lowe visited Mrs. Preston E. Sloan's moth- "d a desire to do all within his The four cows in the other half er, Mrs. Mattie F. Gray, of St. of the test herd received no pasture at the extra session of stone Sunday. at all during the summer months, Mrs. E. J. Stallard, who has but remained on their normal ration Albans, W. Va., arrived last -- cngress this fall to get Federal hay and week for a visit of probably six Pid. been with her daughter, Mrs. of grain, period. silage throughout the test Moody McCormoik acweeks. Dodgp Banks, returned home. When the cows to be pasture-fewent on grass, June 1, they avercompanied Mrs. Gray to ?.?sist The Lewis Wholesale Corn- Mrs. Sam Webb and children aged 1.161 lbs. in weight, while the four cows to be stall-feaveraged i)i driving the car, but returned pany has just received a full visited at W. M. Quilleh's. 1.1S3 lbs. In the next four months line of Larro Poultry Feeds, initfiss Willis, the Red Cross the four pasture cows lost an by train Monday. 68 lbs. In weight, while the grain-fecluding Chick Starter, Growing nurse, was in. Neon Tuesday. cows made an average gain of 82 lbs. a difference 150 A crowd of about 400. attend- - Mash, Laying Mash and Scratch Mill lbs. per cow In favor of grainoffeedMiss Nannie Graft, of i ing. The pasture cows', on March ed the union meeting of the Old j Grains. Like the Larro Dairy ?Jtone, visited Mrs. D. Banks. 1. 1027, weighed 107 lbs., more than Regular Baptist church of seed this 'Larro Poultry line of l Miss Hazel Hall visited here they did on the previous June 1, ; cows averaged whereas the stall-fe141 more pounds In weight. Tuesday. striking still Mrs. M. F. Tolliver and Mrs ofMore production of Is the record milk the test herd. During April and May, 1020. the Martha Holcombs returned here i I j I semi-annu- al pure-bre- d do-in- pure-bred- im-M- d Mill-pow- I er d d aver-age-- d I FISCAL COURT man iBKaoBsss: GUESSES LOSS Judge Noah Bentley Reads Resolutions Before Business Men's Club. ihc Letcher Fiscal Lourt, m week, esti an extra session last Jyc, Jar, Jfosc mated the total damage to the county by reason of the flood to be more than a million dollars, according to resolutions read before the Business Men's Club Saturday byj Judge Noah Bentley. A total of 500 miles of road will have to be repaired, the have to be repaired, the resolutions' stated, at a cost of not less than $175,000. The resolutions further stated that the county tvas already bonded to the limit and could not raise the money for this work. Petition Aid The State Highway Commission was petitioned for aid, as well as the National organiza tion for good roads. The esolutions of the Fiscal Court, as read by Judge Bent- ey, were unanimously adopted as by the Business Men s being accurate and forceful! settinjr forth the actual situa tion in Letcher county. f When those chicks that have been thriving so well reach the sixth week, their diet should be shifted to Larro Growing Mash. tor tney are just entering a very important period of their lives, when their future production depends directly upon their present growth. Larro Growing Mash is a d ration containing minerals and a generous amount of dried buttermilk. Also other choiceingredients,in just the right proportions to assure big bones, firm flesh, good feathering and the abundant vitality that guarantees profitable laying. Skimp them now and all your g trouble and expense is wasted. Feed them the best you can get and they'll repay you handsomely. time-teste- chick-raisin- Monday. Mrs. Morgan Johnson visited Mrs. Melvin White. : Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stratton were in Seco Monday. and Mrs. Wesley Tolliver daughters were guests of Mrs. Richard Quilldn. Mrs. Anna Sue Potter visited Mrs. L. J. Francis. Mrs. Acie Mise and children four stall-fe- d only 1G5.7- - cows had produced lbs. more milk than the other four. In the period from June 1 to October 1, these stall-fe- d cows produced C.480.8 lbs. more milk than their rivals who were on pasture; and from October to January, produced 4,158.0 lbs. more milk 10,639.7 more lbs. of milk from the stajl-fecows in the eight months d starting June 1. While the cows which performed so splendidly, through the summer nnd fall months had no pasture at all, it is not to be expected that the average dairyman will eliminate pasture from his feeding, schedule, but these results prove beyond dispute that it pays to feed grain as ft supplement to pasture. 1 Lewis Wholesale Co. Dealers Whitesburg, Ky. pitll lie at (Spinning GROWING MASH osptial Pime 28, 29, 30 anb Kulg I niiiMiiliiiwiiil!intiitatnliiiiitiilMiiiliiluitiiuiniiiiuii!liiliiluiniiiiiniHi'iiniuiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiuiiitiiiiiuiuiuiuinlii I'Everv Great Fortune Has Been Founded upon Economy w with you in fvr Hvulrlrncr un an Interest-Bearin- e v Account. We never overlook the human side of banking affairs. That is why hundreds of people enjo y doing business with the wmVinfT rmf o nlo Copies of these resolutions will be distributed throughouf the state and nation. W . FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SQUATLOW VISITS WHITESBURG "MAYOR" Gasoline A It is easy to play safe in buying gasoline. i - Grown pumps are everywhere, and Grown Gasoline is uniform. It is all tested and retested to insure you full power and big mileage. Oscar T. Koon "Mayor" Joe Reynolds of Squatlow visited his son. Sher iff M. T. Reynolds, Friday night. This jolly old gentleman reported that business was good in his territory. When pressed for an explana tion for the name of his city, Mayor Reynolds divulged the se cret. A man there was whose characteristic pose caused this nomenclature to be attached to him, and when the settlement reached the size dnd dignity to demand a name, Reynolds suggested that it be called Squat-loin honor of this man. The suggestion was such a good one that its originator was exalted to the position of mayor for life. 8 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Jenkins, Kentucky "oldest bank in Lc.tcker gcuntv $ CAPITAL SURPLUS i ....$75,000.00 S50,00n.00 Southern Telephone Heroes are Honored T. KOON, West Palm Beach, section lineman of the Long Lines Department of the Bell Telephone System, has been awarded the Theodore N. Vail gold medal with a cash award of $500 for courage and Initiative in his effort to maintain the lines of communication during the Florida hurricane of September, 1925. Clyde Grover McDonald, of Charleston, S. C, lino and station installer of the Southern Bell Company, and Samuel Frank Bowsher, of Versailles, Ky., combination man of the Fayette Home Telephone Company, were awarded bronze medals for courageous action In saving the lives of others at the risk of personal Injury. Honorable mention In connection with the Theodore N. Vail awards for the year 1926 was given to twenty-fo- ur other Bell Telephone employes In the South for conspicuous and noteworthy service in the performance of their dally work. The Vail Medal Awards are made annually, and under the terms of the Vail Memorial Fund bronze, silver and gold medals are awarded to members of the Bell Telephone organization throughout the United States for acts of service which conspicuously illustrate Mr. Vall's ideas of public ser- OSCAR vice. Standard Oil toM pany INCORPORATED IN KENTUCKY T 037 AUTOMOBILE ROAD MAPS of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and Mississippi may be had Free at any of our service stations. The gold medal awarded to Oscar Koon, of West Palm Beach, Is the highest possible award and was won when he made his way alone between Miami and West Palm Beach during the Florida hurricane and gave a prompt and detailed report which greatly expedited the work of restoration and made it possible for the telephone company to provide facilities for Its own service, as well as for that of the Western Union Telegraph Company. The. restoration of com- munication, which was due largely to his courage, played an important part birthday of her husband, Watson G. Caudill, on Friday, June 17. The guests included: Prof. H. H. Harris, Eld. James Collins, Karl E. Davis and others. A special feature of the i. dinner was a mess of green beans furnished by a daughter, Mrs. B. F. Holbrook, of Clinton, Tenn. Most of the children, and grandchildren of Mr. Caudill were also present. All had a good time and a good dinner. $ seventy-eight- h Samuel Frank Bowsher In mobilizing the relief forces who were sent to the aid of the thousands of people who had been rendered homeless by the disaster. Clyde Grover McDonald received the bronze medal for rendering first aid which saved the life of a man who had been seriously injured by an elec tric shock, while Samuel Frank Bowsher won the award by breaking the fall of a fellow workman who had been rendered unconscious while working at the top of a pole. Among the telephone employes of the South who were given honorable mention for conspicuous acts of loyalty, to the'Eervice were the following: Mrs. Lela Horton, operating agent, Zebulon, N. C; Llla Horton, daughter A. Bascom Cllns, of Mrs. Horton; George brldgeman, Miami, Fla.; Harshburger, lineman, Miami, Fla.; R. C. Elson, lineman, Miami, Fla.; Drew Kent, central office repairman, Pensa-col- a, Fla.; W. L. Walker, line and Bta-ti- on installer, Pensacola, Fla.; Henry Schenburn, line and station repairman, Tensacola, Fla.; Grace Daspit, operator, Gulfport, Miss.; R. F. Mcintosh, combination man, Gulfport, Miss.; H. F. Faucett, located lineman, Birmingham, Ala.; Fred Enger, central office repairman. Mobile, Ala.; Floy Julia Glass, operating agent, Centcr-vill- e. Miss.; Jcnnis Glass and Joella Glass, sisters of Floy Glass; Thelma Stanton, operator, Clio, S. C; C. G. Sh Tner, combination man, Winona, Miss.; J. B. Gibson, combination man, Mrs. Eula Vera Orr Winona, Miss.; (and assistants), operating agent, Fer-ridLa.; Mrs. Maud Atkins, night operator, Ruston, La.; Oda Freeman, operator, Bcrea Telephone Company, Berea. Ky.; Esther Brown, operating agent. Island, Ky.; Maud Phillips, operator, Rockingham, N. C; Mrs. Anna C. Hawkes, operating agent, Jacksonville, Beach, Fla. -- :We appreciate your Business:- - home-growp- BABY DIES The small son of Mr. Mrs. Tom Hale of Sandlick Thursday and was buried day. The child was about year old. Intestinal trouble the cause of its death. and died Fri puiuiimiiuiiiinuiuwiuuumuiiiiiiiiiuiniiiiKzaiu 1 I WOMEN Who need a tonic should take ICARDUI ay. Made of Purely Vegetable ingredients contains no dangerous drugs. ! h Use Orer 50 Years ii FLEMING, KY. Aunt Sabina Caudill entertained with a dinner in honor of the Clyde Grovsr McDon AA Let us BIRTHDAY DINNER Crown i i i limKB!RiiHiEKaSiBi'B!iM:ii::in:B:KB:i;eis w, farr& Specialist of Jloutsfotlle d It Pays to Keep Them Glowing mtjj tEIiroat I 1 . CLOTHING SALES and4 a bargain in each sale dne Suits was Dresses Shirts Collars Hats Coats Shoes Inn Stockings lies Every Saturday 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Stuart Robinson School Blackey, Kentucky The short train gets to the Stuart Robinson at 8 a. m. and leaves at 4:p.m. making it very convenient for residents of McRoberts and Whitesburg, nearby points. f

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