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Image 1 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), August 19, 1909

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

BIG INDUSTRIAL, Advertise f EAGLES OINbY 10 GENTS EACH Jibe a Year to All. 6 Months 50c. $1 ITHourttafn BSaglc Whitesburg, Volume 2 Letcher County, Kentucky, August 19, 1909. SOUTHERN LIFE INSURANCE & & o Editorial From Courier-Journa- August 8, J 909. l, One prominent New York com- - striking illustration of this Pany twenty years ago had a latter day tendency to curb sus- - little over SG.000.000 of asset?, picion of enterprise and welcome Its statement showed assets in Southern enterprise came recent-- 1 1908 of $230,000,000 and the y with the announcement that sets have probably increased to plans are under way for the or- - about a quarter of a billion dollars Four prominent metro-anc- e ganization of a great life insur- - today. company for the South, with 'politan life insurance companies It in 1908 had a total income of headquarters in Kentucky. s Allowing 300 is significant that the proposition $337,837,188. been received by the many iness days for the year this means as seriousli as it was launched that these, four companies alone Twenty, pumped through the arteries of hv the few sincerely. ten or even five years ago the New York City's financial and announcement would have met business system last year I as-l- bus-ha- up-wi- th ' Today it scant welcome. seems to have been received with a cordiality not unmixed with, Men recognize in it enthusiasm. agency o f benefit for both Kentucky and the South and con- sequcntly a personal friend. ! moment the swaddling, . r,'nnl nfFfhn Hit!, zens National Life. Insurance Co. organization which is to have $5,000,000 of capital stock and $5,000,000 of surplus-peo- ple began to lift up their heads and take notice. Since then it is declared letters and telegrami have poured in on the promoters from every section of the South to d actually wishing That the interthe enterprise. est has not been limited to merely verbose sentiment is demon-itrate- d by the substantial financial support proffered with every arrival of the mail. .wu T-- an wards of $1.12G,000 every day. Indianapolis.whioh is only a little over 100 miles from Louisville has something like twenty life insur-a- n ance companies and the business in Indiana has been growing fast, Ti,0 amount paid for lifeinsur-Th- e ance premiums in Kentucky last year was $7,275,822, and the South is now paying out for life insurance about sixty millions of dollars annually. Kentucky should have a big life insurance company. It is the first Southern State to offer to policyholders the guarantee of a compulsory reserve deposit law. The statute now in effect was It proenacted Mar. 21, 190G. vides that every domestic life insurance company must deposit with the State Treasurer for the security and benefit of all its policy holders an amount equal to or greater than the ascertained net cash value of all such comIt is pany's policies in force. worthy of note that the men who fought for this law were the managers of tho Citizens Life Insurance Co. and tho same gentlemen who arc now promoting the Citizens National Life. The man who is even more than a casual student of current events is impressed when introduced to the magnitude of the lifn insurance business in the United States. Out of apparently bewildering volumes of statistics he can readily gain, however, a conception dazzling in and particularly useful in an understandable contemplation of the real meaning to the erritory south of the Mason and ixn line'of the establishment herein of the proposed Citizens ' Rational Life! impres-sivene- I The plan in brief of tho Citizens National Life Insurance Co. is first to merge it into the CitiAs zens Life Insurance Co. already indicated the same men who during the past five years have, made jfe insurance hjstory through the exceptional develop mcnt of tho latte.r company aie ho guiding spirits p,f tho new organization. The further purpose of the new company is to fake over other companies of tho outh and elsewhere which may decide to discontinue business or may find it more profitable to consolidate with a company of great strength. There seems to bo nothing impracticable about the plan, nor docs it appear wiiero anything butadvantagocancome In 1873 tho total amount in to the policyholders and stockpolicies reported to tho New York holders of tho Citizens Life or Insurance Department was $2,- - any other companies which may This tot,al had in-- , be merged into tho new company, 080,027.128. pleased at tho end of 1908 to No doubt tho stockholders will New York City's Bec to it that a thoroughly equit-lif- e $10,023,733,785. insurance assets aggregated i able arrangement is carried out in 1908, $1,725,000,000. Hartford ,for the exchango of holdings in Conn, has a populalioa of 80,000. iany existing company for stock It is It had life insurance assets in 1908 in tho new corporation. Montpelier.Vt. I pointed out to policy holders of of $260,000,000. has a population of 7,000 and in the Citizens Life in particular $l"a YeaPto'AU. 6 Months 50. Numter 102 Saturday's Mass Convention; , The biggest crowd within the ver, John Adkins, W. H. Blair, past twelve months camo to John Banks, R.B.Caudill.Gabricl Whitesburg Saturday. Not a I'lughes, Alex Ison, Elijah Ison, creek or branch in the entire Jordan A. Holcomb. F.M.Boggs. county was unrepresented. There ,A1I these retired to a room and were Democrats and Republicans in about an hour reported resoluand Independents. There were tions and presented the following candidates and candidates and ticket to be groupod and placed candidates. The Eagle had under some device suited to tooted and tooted the purpose of I themselves: the gathering and they camo. County Judge About the hour of 1 o'clock a Dr. J. D. Fitzpatrick seized the rope and the Circuit Court Clerk big bell in tho Courthouse utWilson C. Mullins tered a few plaintive bangs and County Attorney before you could say 'scat" Robert Blair there was not an inch of stand ing room in the big court room. Sheriff Harrison Banks , All was breathless and expectant. Hon. Ben Caudill, Chairman of Jailer L. Dow Collins tho Democratic County Committee, called the vast assemblage to No candidates were nanjed for order and Justice Tom A. Dixon the other county offices. Amid was elected temporary chairman. the furor and noise then going Attorney David Hay? in a few uii in wiu fuuiii uiiiuiiun viia carwell chosqn words cxpiaincd the ried to indorse the candidate's purpose of the meeting. It was named and the big gathering decided to name two committee- was soon out on the street in-- , all men, a Democrat and a Republi- kinds of humor, some glad, some can, from each of tho eight vot- sad, some mtl and some whating precincts ot the' county and not. What the prospective re they to select the various candi- sult of the work of the day will dates. Chairman Dixon read be this deponent saycth not. ' ,', read aloud the names of tho men selected to serve on this commitFor tho benefit of our readers tee as follows: D.W.Webb, n wo give the names of tho Repub-ca- n Franklin, Sam Caudill, Elisha nominees for county and disCollins, N.R.Craft, Marion Tolli- - trict offices: The dollars of life insurance. ,s stupendous, yet it is pany when seeking life insur. amount cent, of the Thus the new ,only about 3 per ance protection. carried company will not only secure total nmount of inwranco in tho Un,tcd Slates' con-- , business from those who are tent to buy insurance from a "The big banks of the North small company but to those who and East have been built up want to purchase very large or 'largely by lifo nsuranco money even small policies and demand with the South all these years the freight, as it were, great financial strength it will stand tho severest test. But' and tho banks 'themselves have there is a deep interest and sig- - in turn been a powerful factor in nificanco to the general public in tho commercial .development of Yet the the organization of a ten million lhe Nortn and East. out enough money m dollar insurance company in the South South and an added local interest, Premiums for life insurance to when it is considered that Ken- - build up some of the strongest tucky will be the home office of j hanks in the world in the South." The business associates and the company. Mr.W.II.Gregory, president of the Citizens Lifo the friends of Mr. Gregory, Mr. and one of the guiding geniuses Helm Bruce, Mr. Charles D, in the advancement of the new Pcarce and tho other gentlemen company, has in a recent letter who are striving industriously to the policy holders ol his own for the success of this great en company called particular atten- terprise have confidence in their tion to what might be styled the ability to carry it out. Kentucky Southern phase of the situation. will apparently have every good The points cannot be well stated reason to pride herself on being more clearly, and we quote from able to furnish the home for tho company. But greatest good will his letter: to the largest number of "The tremendous power gained, by Southern people in the organ- - People of tho South being able to ization of this company is the lay l'"ud claim to one more great check it will put on the flow of and powerful institution.dcstincd millions of dollars annually in to go through generations to life insurance premiums from the come as a monument erected to There is no better emblem that Eagle, Whitesburg, Ky., South to the North and East. I Southland development and could be devised to guide the Enclosed please find one dollar confidently that this willltRrPrise. destiny of any piper than the one for which please send mo your be one of the greatest things) so elegantly porched upon that is valuable paper for the ensuing ever done linanciaiiy lor me the paper that is printed in the year. Hope that you arc meet' SOUU1. town of Whitesburg. She soars ing with the greatest success "The South is coming to, the where she can be seen and is with your publication. front. It is making more prog- To Whom it May Concern: always ready to comfort the Yours truly, I will be in Whitesburgtotake home of anyone, let it bo ever so ress than any other section of J. E. Lyiiranu, Southern people photographs on the third Satur- humble. She is a common bird the country. I guarantco my amid a common habituation. have been awakened to the great day in August. I Indianapolis, Ind. uowcr they have once they band pictures to bo better than those earnestly hope she will never together. Take other lines of made by any artist in the county. loso her prestige but that her Is business tho cotton mills for Here are some of my prices: limit of circulation will be indefi C for $ .75 nite. The South once sent 31x11 instance. My ambition i3 to do all I G for .50 can for tho uplifting of tlq bird its cotton to New England. There 24x21 Mr. Editor, 0 for 1.25 that she may sta.nd second to it was manufactured and sent.4Jx0J 1 sowed five bushels of goose profit. 5x7 . back and sold at a goodly Gfor 1.50 npne in tho country. wheat in rich cove land on sunny 3 for L00 The South paid tho freight to 5x7 W.C.FltANCIS. i side of hill, fair to morning sun. New England on the raw mater Cajl at thp Eagle office and sec Bed Fox, Ky. It turned out 120 dozen and will hack pn he samples. lie ready to have all ial, paid the freight thrash out about CO bushels. It finished product "and paid tho your work done at tho above cost mo about $7 to get it in the Very truly. manufacturer in Now England a time. shock and I think it is worth $65 profit on the goods handled and 1 K.N It Y TOLL1VER. now. s aim to sow ten bushels capital invested, to say nothing Horn, Ky. this fall and will sell the rest to of the millions and millions, of Uncle Tom Hagnns is sick people who want to sow as re as dollars left there to, pay Northern Noah Jent is very busy in the onablc as possible. I am well labor, Hut it is changing the apple market. pleased with the crop just har ojrder of things, Tho capital of .Resp,, Jordan Fipps is working on the vested. twentyone millions once invested church building. W. E. Wright. in cotton mills in the South has Thursday morning last just as in recent years increased to 300 tho Whitesburg baseball team Jim Back is progressing nicely Baker, Ky. millions. The people of tho South iifio irttitlrnr rnndt tr cfnrf tn with his new residence. atone time did not appreciate ,Iazar(1 on the ncxt morninf, Riley Smith passed here on his The Secret of Long Life just what the cotton crop amount-- 1 word can)c by )hono am by lut, way to Whitesburg, 1 daresay soma do cd to, and A French scientist lias discovered one not; ter lhat at ,)rescnt , laMrd was yctanpreciatejustwhatitmcans. unabl(J to pIay ourboys. Several ' long life. His method deal Green Adams and Mary Ann with thu blood. Hut ong ago million! Some probab y do not know that bafyQWn; wero. Combs passed going to Letcher of Americana had proved Electric Hit n3 for the every panic this country haa tera prolongs life and matte it worth and a8 wo U)ink our boya to get married. penenced in. years, has hconj woul(J hav(J bcaten tho Vc(r;itca Billygoat. living. It purifies, enriches and vitalcot-- 1 izes tho blood, rebuilds wasted nerve checked and stopped by the are sorry lho gamo wa3 pul cells, imparts life and tone U the en ton crop. The people who raise o(L No (!3a tban g hun(rC( of Any. intelligent person may tire system; Its a godsend to weak, cotton are a power. Ana iney ,our citizens woul( have atlende,i "Kidney sick and debilitated people. beginning to realize it. And, the gamo and of course were earn a good income correspond- (roubles had blighted my life for are experience' months" writes UM. Sherman, of Cush ing for newspapers; likewise, Southern people are disappointed. unnecessary. Send stamp for. Me. "but Electric Hitters cured beginning to realize their power in the insurance world. egtlrel." lull particulars, cmi'iru Middle-port- , Whitetburg Drug Co. N. Y. V'J' "The thing we wish to accora- - KAdU: fl A YEAJt IN ADVANCE Syndicate, bell-ma- n Pa'? , Wil-so- God-spee- ny ot j A he'East in particular has until most recent year? enjoyed what almost be described as a of the life insurance S'bnopoly Vhile Easterners have drawn with tremendous profit to themselves tho money from Southern policy holders, they must also be credited with possessing increasing faith in life insurance. i 1008 had life insurance assets of and the same conditions must plish now is to have a company These e apply to the policyholders of any strong enough to take care of the $ 1 1,000,000. I ever, do not convey their full other company merged into the immense volume of business in You can appreciate significancc until contrasted with big company that thecontolida-tio- n the South. At the will mean to them insurance just what that means. Louisville's aggregate life insurance assets in 1908 of about in one of the strangest companies time the Citizens Life was organ$2,000,000 with a population of in tho country, and for that mat- ized the Southern life insurance companies ,hatL practically no ter in the world. about 250,000. There are purchasers of life business on their books. You There is no end to the evidence therefore, that life insurance business is insurance who do not care par- may be surprised, ticularly for a big company. when I tell you that the Southern profitable for a community. We companies today are carrying are wont to turn t0 New Yotk Some on the other hand will in, tudy thin g nnancial. sure in no other kind, but no one, nearly oncthird of a billion of whe From timo to time there comes along a substantial testimonial of South's financial progress. Development is a word constantly increasing in usage in our voOpportunities cabulary. that were once permitted to come and go unheeded arc now caught and nailed down. Languid indifference more frequently than for merly gets a jolt from aggres- siveness and the Southern busi- ncss world profits as a result of the encounter. It is well to bear in mind that J I Subscribe 1 Likes the Bird. I Thanks! for Circuit Court Clerk Stephen- Combs. For County Attorney,. R. Monroe Fields-fo- r County Judge, ,. Henry R. Yonts , County Court Clerk R. B. Bchtley for Sheriff Louis Cook1 ' ' Superintendent of Schools Henry C. Dixon For Jailer ""' William Hall - ' for Assessor ' ' " George M. Adams For Surveyor' J. H. Blair, Jr. ' For Coroner Joseph Yonts Circuit Judge L. D. Lewis ' ? " Commonwealth's-Attorney- r Ira Fields o . .. The folfowing were candidates before tho convention Saturday nnd we presume aro still befdro the people to be votod for at; the November election 1909: , . . Sheriff Lewis Hall County Clerk. John SWeb . Jaicr . Hirapi WjHinmj Chas. L. Collins David C. Brown County Judge, John A. Craft' . . . . , Jeremiah Jingles! ; ' INUllUlli! Pleased. , . 1 Witch Didn't Get Off 't The storko dropped a fine boy . j Marshall, tho little son of ,W. Hampton, is ill of typljoid. Mrs.J.D.Stamper and children returned to Texas after a vjsit to relatives here. i at Ben Mclntirc's. Green Adams of this plaoo arid Mrs. Mary A. Combs, of. KnO,tt, were married recently. Mrs. Fcss Whitakcr, M Big Springs, Tex., is visiting; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Ison. Farmers arc sitting back. and dreaming, dreaming dreams, gnjl seeing visions, ihey are most all going to sow wheat. , Jerymire. Revolts at Cold Steel , "Your only hope" said, three doctors to Mrs.M.E.Fisher, Detroit' Mich, suffering from severe rectal trouble "lies in an operation, then I used Dr. King's New Life Pills" he. writes ."till wholly They prevent appendicitis, cured." ' cure constipation, headache. 25 at Whitesburg Drug Co. ' Memorial Service The general public will please take notice that on Aug. 1909, memorial services .for the late Isaac Huff will bo held., The ceremony is to bq conducted, at the residence of his widow op Poor Fork of Cumberland, in Harlan county. Sermons by Elds. Chas, Blair, of Ypweil,, John Creech, of Larue, and several others. Everybody invited, Jas. J. Huff,. It. 21-2-

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