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Image 2 of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.), February 12, 1925

Part of Mountain eagle (Whitesburg, Ky.)

Swisher, C. H. Back, Henry Whitesburg, Letcher Co. Ky. and J. D. W. Collins and others by posting notices thereof at I An Independent Weekly Newspaper and filed in open court their petir voting places in each voting preIssued by tion signed by themselves and cinct and ten public places in the The Mountain Eagle Publishing Co. more than 150 legal Jbonafide county more than 30 days before (Incorporated) citizens, residents, land owners said election. N. M. Webb, Ed. & Mgr. and tax payers of Letcher counPRO- The bonds to be issued shall Subscription price 1.50 per yearin adty, ancf moved the court and be in denominations of $1,000.00 FANITY vance; six months 75c. made application for an election each, .and to be sold for not less second-clas- s matter Aug. Entered as is a weapon to be held in Letcher, couny, Ky. tan par, and to run thirty (:0) postoffice at Whitesburg, 28, 1D07, at weak, of Ky., under act of Congress of Aug. at each and every voting precinct years, one half of which bonds 9, 1873. and men otherwise in said county for the purpose of are redeemable at the expiration strong, weaken the force taking the census of the legal of twenty (20) years from date our own way and in our, of their conversation bu the In .voters in said county on the que- of sale and elivery thereof, and words at every return of the stion of issuing two hundred the remainder at the expiration own trimmings of profanity. The $y v day of Abraham Lincoln,1 one thousand dollar 5 per cent or thirty (30) years from date natal name of our Creator is to hp. hzpA taken occasion to sayj road and bridge bonds, and the of sale and delivery thereof. we have vi reverent understanding of what something in honor of or write Court advised is of the opinion It is further ordered by the He msans to us. How much cleaner is Kentuckian. True, be filed is Court that the Clerk of this this ereat that the, petition this day the "God bless you" than the silly patter signed by more than 150 legal Court, Archie V. Sergent. prefore Abraham's boyhood days! of meaningless profanity. departed he was taken by voters and land owners of Letch- - pare for said election the neces-sar- v had to the adjoining! j er county, Ky., which is in words his parents pell book for the holding of Indiana, but not until State of and figures as ioliows: said election on the question as which much of ruggedness for "To the Hon. J. D. Fitzpatrick, to' whether or not the Fiscal he was in after life so celebrated Judge of the Letcher County Court shall issue and sell and denature. Not- - j had come into his liver the two hundred thousand Court: withstanding the fact that he! cent (5 per cent) "We the undersigned, number- dollars five per went away and notwitstanding read and bridge bonds to run as ing more than one hundred and pet forth and to be held on the fact that he afterward rode fifty (150) citizens, legal voters, above triumphant into the White, March 21, 1925. The said Clerk Fjree holders and tax payers of to have preHouse as the Chief Magistrate l,etcher county, Ky., do hereby is further ordered eyes pared proper instruction cards of the Nation, Kentucky's i espectfully petition and request "Wjkite: Ky. were always upon him and Ken-- , and educational ballots for the the Hon. J. D. Fitzpatrick, Judge purpose of said election as is re r ,,rm tucky's heart never failed to o ! the Letcher County Court, to quired by law in general election. for his "success. From the j Bill Brown, Leonard Collins and getting ready to set fire' to ;the and enter proper orders as day he was born in the little out-- Marion Blair, met and began its woods when I make my an- n ake It is lurter ordered by the calling an elec- The nouncement I take it that all rc jquired by law county, Ky. on Ccuit that the Clerk of Lebalwr smoky log hut m review of the tax books. on in Letcher County Court copy this order and Kentucky till the time the as- Board will be in session for per- will know what office I am going ti tl :e 21st day of Morch 1925, be-- ; deliver an attested copy thereof vihaps 10 days, after which it will to claim. I am actually looking sassin's bullet entered his ir.j not less than sixty days aft-- 1 to the Sheriff of Letcher county tals his life and career is a mys- adjourn for a week or ten days. for a clear track. If I don't I application and petition as soon as practicable after the tery. That a boy born of ignor- Then it will meet again and be will be so far ahead of the other er this lodged and filed with the same is sined and to have this ant parents, without an oppor- in session until the business is horses I can just shamisk along ir. J udge of said county for the pur--i order together with the petition Fess Whitaker. tunity or .an evenueleading to finished. We have the greatest to the pole. jose'bf taking the census of the Blackey, Ky. whic is made part hereof, pub anywhere could accomplish any- faith in this Board and believe !eg?.l voters of Letcher- county lished at length in three (3) con thing is'one of these mysteries; they are determined to actually J!or the purpose of voting Donas that after forging ahead in spite equalize the value of proprty in N. Wise, merchant at Neon, is iv. the sum of Two Hundred secutive issues of each of the newspapers published in Whites circumstances and finding Letcher county, a thing that has ofiering some rare bargains in Thousand Dollars, to be issued, burg, Letcher Co., Ky., towit the :imc.eTf ' surf punded by the wis- -. probably never been done. The general merchandise that will be sold and the proceeds applied to Mountain Eagle and the Letcher dom'of the world, college gradu- men are determined to represent a money saving to you. the building of roads and bridg County Leader, before, said elecates and trained statesmen, he all the citizens and see that each es in Letcher Co. Ky. tion. could "ball the jack" and out- bears his share of taxation FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY "They request tahsuch JNO. D. FITZPATRICK, strip them all is another unsolv- a problem that is difficult to To the Voters. of Letcher Co.: such nro- j Judge Letcher Co. Court t i t ed problem. The rabble and the solve. The ccal and land values lamtaKing tnenoer.yo. ybg had ag ar3 required Copy Attest: jeers, the fun making, the ana- in Letcher county are so varieiv HIG Archie V. Sergent, Clerk. themas hurled and the forensic gated and diversified that, do all for County Attorney of on fciipirv 4CiltJ Vi in such cases made and roaring of the thunder was so they can, and yet there will be county. I am a Republican, purposes here In the UNITED STATES DISTRICT far beneath his thoughts that he complaint, and burdens will fall was reared from childhood in provided for the in mentioned. COURT for the EASTERN DISnever trembled or wavered once. on many who are scarcely able te mountains and have been a The axe of Providence had mark to bear them. The Board under true blue citizen of Letcher' "We respectfully' represent TRICT OF KENTUCKY. ed the way of his feet and the stands all the circumstances and county for more than ten years. that wcare interested in the In the matter of Blackey Coal Cor(Good Road Movement in Letch poration, Eankrupt, in bankuptcy. Jamp" of Jehovah, tin whom was will- spare no effort or time in My business has been such that I to Notice of Trustee's Sale. lis implicit faith, lighted up doing the proper thing. have had but little opportunity er county, Ky., ,and desire the for the bond issue for to go into your homes and com hat way. That he was a partiPursuant to an order entered herein cular child of Providence, born to mingle with you, purpose herein named. munities and in by S. Monroe Nickell, Referee but being almost daily in your (Publication of names omitted) Bankruptcy, as of Feb. 5, 1925, the a purpose, designed to a certain county seat, it has been one of It is therefore ordered by the crisis, and for a certain day, is a in L. J. Maden, Trustee my greatest pleasures to meet Court that said election be held Bankruptcy, will on Monday, the 6th harbors itself deepthought that Dear Eagle Here's my subThe in said county at each and every day of April 1925, at or about the ly in te human mind and ast the scription. I want to keep my and knaw many of you. conditions eyes on the different candidates truth is, I do not consider myself coting precinct in said county on hour of 1 p. m.- at the ages roll and the door of grow more specific the wisdom of in the August primary. I have a stranger to many of you. I am the 21st day of March 1925 for the Courthouse at Whitesburg, Letchhis Creator shines in his car- had a good quiet sober rest and a married man 'and have a wife te purpose set forth in the peti er county, Ky., sell at public outsry to and children, just like most of tion this day filed and made a the highest and best bider all of the eer. When civil war like the DON'T GET UP NIGHTS our people have. Before the time part of this order. lightdeadening blast of the holdings of the Blackey Coal Corporacorns for ycu to select the man Itis further ordeed by the tion, located on the North Fork of the America and ning's fury, shook John Lumpkins, Dayton, O.,' to defend your rights and - up- Court that James Combs, Sher Kentucky river near the town of rent in twain its oo&y politic, 7 St. and hold your laws as the Attorney iff of Letcher county, Ky. be Blackey, in Letcher county. Ky. Said when the Old Ship of State was says: "Come to Carrie 25 pieces of of your county, I hope "to be and he is hereby ordered and dir floundering on the waves, when I will show you Trustee will first sell the personal taking able to come to your homes, ected to cause an election to be property of said bankrupt, consisting men like Davis, Robert E. Lee, gravel that psased after Formu- learn mere about you and have held and a poll opened in each and Stonewall Jackson were de Lithiated Buchu (Keller of coal cutting machines, convertor, serting that ship and clinging la). Had to g2t up 15 times at you learn all about me. In the and every voting precinct in electric loader, transformers and meAlright meantime, I shall be glad for Letcher county, Ky. on the 21r,t to the phantasy of State Rights, nignt for two years. ters, one four ton Jefferey locomocleanses' you to inquire of me and my day of March 1925, and that he behold on deck stood a man with now." lithiated Buchu tive, .steel mine ties, one set Morrow Epsom salts do' standing as a citizen. Thanking advertise at least 30 days before a face of marble, with arms the blader like Shaker Screens, loading boom with micrhtv as those oi the oak tow the bowels, thereby relieving ir ycu and soliciting your fav aid election the time, place and Shpherd hoist, electric motors, copper purposes of said election in the wire, office equipment and numerous ering above those of his peers ritation, driving out foreign mat ors, I am, Your friend, Harry L. Moore, Mountain Eagle and Letcher other items of personal propo'ty. by reaching ter and neutralizing excessive and giving commands acids. These are the causes of Jenkins, Ky. County Leader, weekly newspa selling each article severally and then round the earth! It was our unnatural action of the bladder pers published in the town of collectively, accepting such as shall Kentucky boy, born where the wolves howl, it was the Nation's at nigt. Lithiated Buchu (Keller realise the most money. He will then Application Tor the the Formula) is not a cheap med-- i In re: sell the real estate, including the of the the lawyer, the cine. The tablets cost 2 cents calling of an election to vote on tesman, the World's Emanci- - each . Sold at leading drugstores the question of issuing 200,00 It was Abraham Lin- - or Keller Laboratory,, Mechanics- Read and Bridge Bonds. Came F. F. Pendleton, R. N. Overlooking the muddy burg, Oio. f the Potomac stands a 1 arble memorial lately n honor of our hero. The 8 9 H g "I have used as stood at the foot of S when needed for the past 25 g derful ; structure and t years," says Mrs. Emma fl 9 Grimes, of Forbes, Mo. "I K its it is began taking it for a bad case H Q of constipation. Georgia marble, pure I would get ,Q fl constipated and feel just mis- - jj atjmmi, tne Troauct oi a 2 erable sluggish, tired, a bad P 9 taste in my mouth, . . . and 8 State that Mr. Lincoln died to B soon my head would begin B save. It is the Nation's shine, 2 hurting and I would have a 5 but noble as it is, gand as it is, severe sick headache. I don't n anyfi know just who started me to Q enduring as it is, it poorly xep- S B taking eveE'yihmg-IoQs- e, () resents the greatness and noble There's relief for you ( ness of the man in life. On toThedford's () housewives who suffer from day, his birthday, the nation's fiches and pains. heart will pusate in his honor, sell. When lack of fresh air, the broken links that once fetworking over a hot stove I tered and bound and shackled and the odor of cooking m will grow wider apart and the it, I make your head throb, but it did the work. It ju3t impulses of the world will love seemed to cleanse the liver. your back ache, your limbs Very soon I felt like new. liberty the more. The Eagle of- tremble, just take or 2 When I found so easy to take and ,';rs this little tribute, humble as DR. MILES' I began to use it in is, to this Kentuckian and im- time and would not have sick headaches." jgns its readers, its boys and Constipation causes the rls to walk in his footsteps. They'll relieve you quicklm poisons system to Hol-com- b, Hmmtaw name the Xx f ' j j j , -- -. mi-amm-b- eat sburg, J ay i - or-a- . 1 1 irviv-.- store building, twcnty-i'r- e miners' houses, tipple house, tipple fice and and eighteen, months respectively from tl c date of sale, each bssrjflgj tipple trestle, pump house with pump interest fr. the rate of 6 er c?.it per1 line, blacksmith shop house and subannum date of sale iriil paid, station building and all tracks and and he will require en each of said tram loads which are fastened down sale bonds good and suffichnt personal to the ground, and the lease owned ty security for payment thereof. said Company in iiulk, and then offer In event the personal and real propfor sale all of th.3 both real erty and lease shall all be sold to-and personal as a whoic for sale and gctner, ,tnen the purchaser chall b3 accept the bid which shall bring the required to pay 10 per cert of i most money. Act eptance of bids on purchase price at the time o" sale ar said property when sold in less quan to execute three sale bonds for 30 p tities than the whclu of the entire es- Jce'-- t of the amount of the r naind tate shall ' j tentative only until ali of .b? purchase price and v.vthh sfcaJ has bsrn offered and until it has b?or be due and payable six, ,twehx ar realize.! the eisliteen months from data of sale r el determined which r SUCetivcJv. each to bear S Tie" c n i most money. The terms cf said sale shal; bo as tcrest xrem date of sale until said Jbon-i- s follows: As to personal property have'bcsn paid and the Trustee 10 per cant of the purchase prL3 shall will trj.e flora the purchaser thereo bT paid in cash iipon the day of sale such bonds with good and sufficient ir.J at the time of sale, the rema'ndei security for the payment therof. Any f the purchase price of said persnoal purchaser or purchasers of 3aid propproperty, if sold separately, from the erty, either personal or real, who shall lease and real estate, shall i 2 cviJcn:-e- d be the accepted bider therefor, shall by two bonds bearing date of sale, have the right r.vtl privilege of paying each for 45 per cent of the purchase cash in whole cr n part therefor and price, due and payable six and twelve he will only bo required to execute bond for tiv unpaid part of the pur months from date of sale, each tho rate of 6 or cer.t chase price, and after the execution of at per annum from their dte r.jJ psi the said bond or bonds, for any of and good and salEciv.- - p2rcora; k,j- - -- said property, ,any purchaser or purity shall be required on each of sai" chasers, shall have the right to pay iff same or any material part thereof bonds for payment thereof. As to the coal lease s.nd real propany time before maturity and erty of the bankrupt, the Trustee wii! shall not ba charged against require tho payment of 10 per cent of him I'pcn the part so paid by him from the purchase price ' in cash at the date c such payment. time of said sale, and for the remain All cflhe above property is tio. bo der of tho purchase price, he will take sold free of all liens of every kind from the purchaser three sale bonds, and tliracter. Bearing date with the said sale of 30 Cira under my hand this 7 day of per cent each of the price of said February 1925. property, duo and payable six, twelve L. J. Maden, Trustca in Bankruptcy & s bear-ir.ginter- 1 nd - u Unless all signs fail, mless all business prophets are wrong, unless everypresent indication is out of fins, tto year 1925 vill see the rail transportation lines of this country confronted by the rnocb enormous task that has eve. fallen to their lot. Handling feight expeditiously - -- and satisfactorily requires superior equipment rnd constantly-maintaineroadbeds. The Louisville & Nashville Railroad Company, with Waves Flat d f.-o- - V'-S- great railroad lines of this nation, iz spending enormous sums cf money in order thafc it may do its chare in the great iob of transporting merchandise, food and other commodities from places where they aro Produced to j j places where thov are consumed. THE OLD KEUABLE rail-splitt- eck-han- d, nce-build- Sick Headache . Black-Draug- r and Headache 1 Black-Draug- , upervisors Meet rly this week the County rtf Snnprvisors., consisting C3 I Uson Dunlap, Itivry Smith, ' ht easy-actin- 1 Whitesburg, 33 ht Housework Reaiestate, tangibles and List thing and witn me if yon want to buy or Bargains always to be had. sell the earth and everything See me, have that home on yon have always wanted. l3 9 g, AntiPam Pills I - i Your druggist sells them at prices 25 doses pre-wperits. Economy package, ar dpes rb that may cause jrcat pain and safely. Kentucky ,rea Cry for 0 $1.00. Bold by 525 iaj ' and much dansrer to your Take Ihedford's 9 t. It will stimu- late the liver and help to S Q drive out the poisons. Sold by all deM. Costs (i health. Black-Draugh- A pleasant, harmless Substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops and Soothing Syrups, especially prepared for Infants from one month old to Children of all ages. Fletcher's Castoria contains no narcotics It has been in use for more than 30 years to safely relieve . Wind Colic . Constpation Flatulency To, Sweeten Diarrhoea Regulate p MOTHER! Aids in the assunualc.n ot Food, promoting CneVnd raturalSleep without Ojpiatd

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